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Building Smart Marketing Campaigns with Dan White

Anstice aCast - Candid Conversations on Modern Marketing

Dan White joins host Marc Binkley for an in-depth discussion about his brilliant Smart Marketing Book: The Definitive Guide To Effective Marketing Strategies.  Dan and Marc use the most well-researched concepts and models in marketing science to outline how effective marketing campaigns are designed.  Those new to marketing will find this conversation a very practical shorthand for campaign planning.  Those of you with more experience in marketing will find several rich ideas to add to your toolbox and enhance what you're already doing. BioDan is a seasoned marketer with 30 years of experience. He's currently a Brand Consultant & Trainer, formerly head of Expertise @ Kantar Market Research Firm, former CMO of Millward Brown Strategic Marketing & Management Consulting  Timestamps0:48 – Intro to Dan White and The Smart Marketing book3:48 – Who could benefit from the Smart Marketing book5:47 – What motivated Dan to write a book7:52 - How brands become memorable in a customer mind 11:16 – A modern approach to brand management 12:29 – How small brands or challenger brands can compete against a large competitor14:33 – How to set advertising budgets using market share and excess Share of Voice (eSOV)20:54 – A second way to set advertising budgets using cost per acquisition26:14 – 7 steps to assess creative ideas27:35 - Assess Creative: Does it resonate33:06 – Assess Creative: Choosing a role for a brand 35:30 – Assess Creative: Brand associations and links36:27 – Assess Creative: Distinctive assets40:51 - Assess Creative: Generate discussion42:47 - Assess Creative: Inspire creativity45:13 - Assess Creative: Easily adapted49:54 – Reach and frequency optimal ad response curves 56:33 - The long and short of multi-media campaign strategy58:52 – Principles for maximizing ad budgets throughout the yearLinks Dan on LinkedIn The Smart Marketing Book on AmazonDan's LinkedIn post about Ad Exposure and Response Curveshttps://www.smartmarketing.me/ Illustrations from DanCadbury’s Gorilla AdEhrenberg-Bass Institute’s Distinctive Asset GridThe most ‘ownable’ distinctive assets

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14 Apr 2021

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Pet Semetary with Dan White and Tim Lyons of Improv is Dead

My Neighbors Are Dead

This week the gents from the always hilarious Improv is Dead podcast stop by to talk horror and more. We hear Dan's take on what he thinks Pet Semetary is about and Tim's love of the genre before we are introduced to two brothers (and roommates) who think the local cemetery gets a bad rap. -- SHOW INFORMATION Twitter: @MyDeadNeighbors Instagram: @MyNeighborsAreDead Email: MyNeighborsAreDead@gmail.com Merchandise: TeePublic Subscribe: Apple Podcasts Subscribe: Spotify


6 Apr 2021

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Episode 8: Dan White; Pulitzer Prizewinning Photojournalist

Live Longer: The Podcast

Join me in conversation with Dan White, a Pulitzer prizewinning photojournalist, who has captured the essence of many people from the jazz musicians of Kansas City to Professor Stephen Hawking at Cambridge University, from behind his lens. Dan thinks the biggest thing we can all learn from a photographer is how to look a little more deeply as we wander through our lives. He tells us to look where the light is to see the beauty around us. "The big lesson from photography is looking at the little things closely to see the bigger picture of life." Dan White


5 Apr 2021

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Inspiring the Future through Game-Based Learning, with Dan White, Ep #77

The Development Exponent: A Leadership Perspective

Subscribe to The Development Exponent Creation is the key to learning. When we can apply what we learn, we make knowledge our own. My guest takes that belief to new levels. Dan White is the founder and CEO of Filament Games where their ultimate goal is to inspire people to learn more on their own. I knew I needed to speak with Dan White after watching his video about how to embrace failure. In the video, Dan shares his belief that failure should be expected and celebrated rather than avoided. I know you’ll be inspired by his passion for effective learning. Outline of This Episode [2:18] What does Filament Games do? [7:20] The importance of learning based games [12:04] Learning games now vs the past [18:07] Dreaming of the future of gaming [21:32] Moving from concept to client [30:24] Teaching robotics digitally [42:43] Where is Filament Games going next? [44:53] The power of failure Connect with Dan White Dan White on LinkedIn Filament Games SPONSOR: eWebinar – “Automated webinar” solutions are out there. Sadly, they’re little more than videos playing alongside some fake attendees. They achieve their basic purpose and provide information, but let’s face it... they’re one-sided and boring. We’ve made them fun and engaging. Check out https://www.ewebinar.com/ for all the details! Connect With Bruce www.ContractedLeadership.com Facebook LinkedIn Twitter Subscribe to The Development Exponent Audio Production and Show notes by PODCAST FAST TRACK


30 Mar 2021

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#1 "Nudging" with Dan White, CEO of Signol

The Net Zero Life

Dan White is a behavioral and environmental expert with extensive experience creating successful innovations to save large amounts of carbon, quickly. His company Signol, is founded upon peer-reviewed research with Virgin Atlantic, which in 8 months saved over $6m of fuel, 24,000 mt of CO2 and made pilots feel better, a unique triple bottom line. This work is quoted as the lowest ever measured cost to reduce carbon. Dan joins the show to talk about "nudging," meshing profitability with mission driven work, sustainability in the travel sector, and a whole lot more. You can reach him on LinkedIn or via email at dan@signol.io.  Additional Reading: Scope 1, 2, & 3 Emissions as told by The EPA Signol's research paper with Virgin Atlantic Keep up with the show by following The Net Zero Life on Twitter, Instagram and Clubhouse (@thenetzerolife).  You can also get in touch at www.thenetzerolife.com or via email at nathan@thenetzerolife.com.


2 Mar 2021

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Magician Dan White Returns


Want To See A Watch Appear Out of Thin Air? Show NotesWatch Dan’s On Air Magic Effects(0:40) The Magician, Online (0:45) Talking Watches: With Dan White(0:50) HODINKEE Radio: Episode 38: Dan White(0:55) Jimmy and Magician Dan White Read YOUR Mind at Home(35:00) The Watch, Thoroughly Revised(46:50) Dan White's poster


22 Feb 2021

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316 The Smart Marketing Book by Dan White

The Marketing Book Podcast

The Smart Marketing Book: The Definitive Guide to Effective Marketing Strategies by Dan White In today’s complex commercial environments, marketing has become a central aspect of every successful business. Businesses need flexible, effective means of gaining commercial traction by managing their relationships with audiences, stakeholders, and competitors. They require effective marketing and branding that move beyond the standard forms of brand orientation and commercial interaction. New marketing models must think smart to create innovative strategies that have long-term sustainable economic goals. The Smart Marketing Book is a practical, reliable, and concise title that offers the core marketing principles applicable to anyone who wishes to improve their organization’s financial and creative values. It is a straightforward guide that avoids unnecessary and time-consuming practices. An illustrative handbook that covers marketing principles and topics through visual innovation. A credible statement to all marketers trying to source the most relevant strategies from a field cursed with infinite information. Click here for this episode's website page with the links mentioned during the interview... https://www.salesartillery.com/marketing-book-podcast/smart-marketing-book-dan-white

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29 Jan 2021

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Episode 6: Actor and Comic Dan White

52 Sketches

Conversation about creativity with actor and comic Dan White


12 Nov 2020

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The Original Simps with Dan White


Stan Fanwhite (Dan White, Improv is Dead podcast) loves the simple pleasures... a little too much.Dan White: @atdanwhite--SHOW INFORMATION  Instagram: @MegaThePodcast Twitter: @MegaThePodcast Support Us on Patreon For Mailbag Questions and Other Inquiries: megathepodcast@gmail.comMerchandise: https://store.dftba.com/collections/megaFollow Holly and Greg Holly Laurent: Twitter | Instagram Greg Hess: Twitter | InstagramMusic by Julie B. Nichols. Artwork by Geoff Tice. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


1 Nov 2020

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211: How to unlock effective marketing strategies with Dan White

LID Radio

The Smart Marketing Book is a practical, reliable and concise title that offers the core marketing principles – applicable for anyone who wishes to improve their organization’s financial and creative values. It is a straightforward guide that avoids unnecessary and time-consuming practices. An illustrative handbook that covers marketing principles and topics through visual innovation. A credible statement to all marketers trying to source the most relevant strategies from a field cursed with infinite information.Dan White is a marketing connoisseur, established thought leader and independent brand consultant. He carries a 25-year career as CMO and methodology specialist within the Insights division of Kantar. Follow him on LinkedIn.


22 Sep 2020