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274: Involve Yourself In As Many Things As Possible and Don’t Be Intimidated By Job Titles with Julian Sequeira

IT Career Energizer

Phil’s guest on today’s show is Julian Sequeira, a Python coach and co-founder of PyBites, a platform that he and friend Bob Belderbos created to help others to learn Python. Julian currently works for Amazon Web Services where his responsibilities include running the AWS Data Centre Operations Trainee Program Julian joins Phil to discuss the importance of leaving your comfort zone and building your communication skills by involving yourself in as many things as possible without becoming overwhelmed. He also talks about why we should never be intimidated by job titles, and to remember that even those in positions of authority are people, too. Full show notes and links to related resources are available on the IT Career Energizer website - https://itcareerenergizer.com


2 Nov 2020

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127: WFH, WTF? - Tips and Tricks for Working From Home - Reuven Lerner & Julian Sequeira

Test & Code in Python

Many people have been working from home now that are not used to working from home. Or at least are working from home more than they ever did before. That's definitely true for me. Even though I've been working from home since March, I wanted some tips from people who have been doing it longer. Julian Sequeira, of PyBites fame, has been working from home for about a year. Reuven Lerner, an amazing Python trainer, has been working from home for much longer. We originally had a big list of WFH topics. But we had so much fun with the tips and tricks part, that that's pretty much the whole episode. But there's lots of great tips and tricks, so I'm glad we focused on that.Special Guests: Julian Sequeira and Reuven Lerner.Sponsored By:Talk Python Training: Online video courses for Python developersDatadog: Modern monitoring & security. See inside any stack, any app, at any scale, anywhere. Visit testandcode.com/datadog to get started.Links:PyBites — Julian's site for teaching PythonTeaching Python and data science around the world — Reuven LernerBonbon - WikipediaTest & Code Mailing List — Join for your chance to win a free course from Talk Python Training. One course given away every week for 6 weeks.


24 Aug 2020

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100 Days of Code - Julian Sequeira

Test & Code in Python

Julian Sequeira is Co-Founder of PyBit.es (a blog/platform created to teach and learn Python) and a Python Trainer at Talk Python Training. He's also a survivor of the 100DaysOfCode in Python Challenge. We talk about the 100 days challenge, about learning Python, and about how cool it is to learn within a community.Special Guest: Julian Sequeira.Sponsored By:DigitalOcean: Get started with a free $100 credit Links:PyBites BlogPyBites Code Challenges PlatformTalkPython + PyBites 100 Days of Code in Python CoursePyBites 100 Days of Code RepoPybit.es Slack Community


28 Dec 2018