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Overcoming Endometriosis: Live More With Less Pain | Jessica Murnane

The Exam Room by the Physicians Committee

For years Jessica Murnane struggled with endometriosis. Now she is sharing the secrets of how food, movement, and managing stress have helped improve the chronic pain and agonizing periods that crippled her quality of life. The author of the bestselling book Know Your Endo joins “The Weight Loss Champion” Chuck Carroll to continue her mission of helping others who are painfully struggling in silence. Plus, a new study may also unlock answers that women living with painful symptoms for years have been searching for. If you are currently suffering you could help researchers find the solution that could improve the lives of millions of others. Dr. Hana Kahleova is leading a study that examines the extent to which a diet affects the debilitating disorder. Her team of researchers are exploring whether changing the types of foods endometriosis sufferers are eating could reduce their symptoms and regain their health. Find out whether you are a good candidate to participate in the study. — — — Endometriosis Study https://www.pcrm.org/endometriosis — — — Jessica Murnane Know Your Endo: https://amzn.to/33mfllE Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jessicamurnane Web: https://www.jessicamurnane.com — — — Chuck Carroll Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ChuckCarrollWLC Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/ChuckCarrollWLC Facebook: http://wghtloss.cc/ChuckFacebook — — — Physicians Committee Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/physicianscommittee Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PCRM.org Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/pcrm — — — 21-Day Vegan Kickstart App iOS: https://bit.ly/VegKStrt-iOS Android: https://bit.ly/VegKStrtAndrd Web: https://www.pcrm.org/kickstart — — — Barnard Medical Center Appointments https://bit.ly/BMCtelemed 202-527-7500 — — — Share the Show Please subscribe and give the show a 5-star rating on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or many other podcast providers. Don’t forget to share it with a friend for inspiration!


26 Apr 2022

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Episode 374. Advocating Women’s Health: The Impact of an Endometriosis Diagnosis with Jessica Murnane

The Radically Loved® Podcast

It takes an astonishing 8-10 years to get a proper endometriosis diagnosis. Meanwhile, many women suffer through what they think are period issues. Know why it’s important to learn about your body and take charge of your health. Jessica Murnane discusses the facts and misconceptions on endo. She also shares the community she formed and the books she wrote to help others who have endo.Visit https://www.radicallyloved.com/episode-show-notes/ for the full show notes and action guide download.


18 Aug 2021

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BONUS Episode: Living with Endometriosis with Jessica Murnane

The Doctor's Kitchen Podcast

Jessica Murnane is an author, speaker, and creative consultant who has written two books, the cookbook One Part Plant: A Simple Guide To Eating Real One Meal At A Time and Know Your Endo: An Empowering Guide To Health + Hope With Endometriosis.A fantastic resource for people with endometriosis backed up by research, personal experience and true compassion. Jessica ran a course for those suffering with endometriosis and the book is scattered with stories, information and shared experiences that make it a great resource for anyone living with pain.We talk aboutDelayed diagnosis and Jessica’s story of EndoInflammation and endometriosisThe science of self compassion and motivationFood and endometriosisExercise and how to start You can check out the book on the website show notes at www.thedoctorskitchen.com Our GDPR privacy policy was updated on August 8, 2022. Visit acast.com/privacy for more information.


2 Aug 2021

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Living With Our Pain with Jessica Murnane

Sober Curious

My guest this week is Jessica Murnane – a podcaster, author, and women’s health advocate, who is also one of the most down-to-earth and non-preachy people in the modern wellness space.Jessica’s and I met when were both promoting our first books four years ago. I had only just started speaking about being sober curious publicly and Jess was one of the first people I’d come across who had cut booze out of her life for health reasons – namely as part of the holistic protocol she had embraced to manage her endometriosis. For the unfamiliar, endometriosis is a chronic condition where the lining of the womb starts to grow on other organs of the body. It affects over 170 million people worldwide with sufferers experiencing excruciating pain—but it often goes undiagnosed for decades. It’s also the subject of Jess’s latest book, Know Your Endo – and we get into all the reasons why this is illness is so taboo in our interview.As it pertains to being sober curious, the reality of endo is that there is no quick fix—just like there is no “off switch” when it comes to problematic drinking. We also discuss why many people living with chronic pain – whether physical, mental, or emotional – turn to substances to numb out, and how hard it can be to choose what we know is “good” for us when all we want is relief.Most importantly, we talk about how to advocate for yourself and give yourself what you need – especially when the other people in your life may not understand where you’re experiencing. In the episode we discuss: -Growing up “Straight Edge” and choosing NOT to drink as an act of rebellion.-Receiving mixed messages about alcohol in the home.-Being introduced to booze as part of her career in the culinary world.-What makes alcohol feel special – and why we associate drinking with elevated experiences.-The prevalence and normalization of daily drinking on TV and in the media.-Cutting alcohol out again to help manage her endometriosis. -The mental health impact of living with chronic pain – and why it makes sense to want to numb out.-Using cannabis medicinally – and questioning when this becomes too much of a crutch.-Training your body to appreciate the long-term benefits of holistic healing methods over the instant relief of booze and pills.-How changing your diet can impact your mental and emotional wellbeing.-Why we want to believe in “quick-fixes” and why creating sustainable change always takes time.Learn more about Jessica and her work HERE and get your copy of Know Your Endo HERE. You can also follow @jessicamurnane on Instagram.Thanks to Athletic Brewing for partnering on this episode. Get 20% off your first order at Athleticbrewing.com with the code RUBY20.

1hr 3mins

15 Jul 2021

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Endometriosis and Trusting Your Path with Jessica Murnane

The Allsorts Podcast

Do you know what endometriosis is? If you’re like so many of us, you might not...even if you have it yourself (and don’t know it!). Which is why this episode with Jessica Murnane is so important. Jessica suffered from endometriosis for a decade before receiving a diagnosis: her condition took her to the emergency room on multiple occasions and left her in constant, debilitating pain. After living for years with what she thought were just horrible cramps—as well as a serious surgery—she finally saw someone who was able to give her the correct diagnosis. About Jessica Murnane Jessica Murnane is an author, speaker, and creative consultant. She's written two books - the cookbook One Part Plant: A Simple Guide To Eating Real One Meal At A Time and Know Your Endo: An Empowering Guide To Health + Hope With Endometriosis (out April 27th in the US and UK). She's a sought-after speaker and host that's spoken at Apple. SXSW, Wanderlust, and Charleston Wine + Food, among others. Jessica has contributed to/appeared in several magazines and websites including Bon Appétit, Goop, Shape Magazine, The Kitchn, Mind Body Green, and The Coveteur. On this episode, we chat about: What Endometriosis really is and why Jessica is a staunch advocate of symptom awareness The pervasive misinformation and myths surrounding Endometriosis that people constantly encounter Why the pill is not a treatment for endo What self-compassion really means. Hint: it’s not looking in the mirror and telling yourself you’re pretty How to ditch wellness perfectionism and find your own path forward Why eliminating inflammation is impossible and what IS possible Being aware of people telling you “this is what you should eat” and the fear that can arise when you don’t feel good when you start eating that way Why it’s okay to not be in love with cooking, and still do it anyway Getting over the shame of normal bodily functions Why so many people are going through chronic conditions without knowing it Pain catastrophizing. What does a single cramp do to the chain of thoughts in a person without a chronic condition vs. someone who does? How the pain avoidance model can leave people in fear of moving their bodies Jessica’s story is raw, emotional, and brutally honest. Listening to her is a joy and an inspiration for anyone who has ever experienced pain of any sort. So if you’re curious about her journey with endometriosis, or potentially your own, Jessica’s candour and wit are sure to offer hope and relief in knowing that answers are out there—or possibly more profoundly: that others live through these struggles too. Be sure to screenshot this episode and tag us @theallsortspod @jessicamurnane and @knowyourendo Thanks for supporting our little pod by subscribing, rating, and/or reviewing it on your fave podcast app! Connect with Jessica Jessica’s podcast, One Part Podcast Jessica’s Books, Know Your Endo and One Part Plant Instagram @jessicamurnane and @knowyourendo Jessica’s Recommendations: Dr Kristen Neff on Self-Compassion The Idea of You (Book)


12 Jul 2021

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The Impact of Endometriosis on Physical and Mental Health - A Deep Dive with Author Jessica Murnane

Finding Genius Podcast

Is there an underlying cause of negative mental health symptoms and pain for women? Endometriosis may be the culprit for a wide range of adverse health impacts. Listen in to learn: How endometriosis is diagnosed Simple but effective remedies for pain The symptoms of endometriosis Author Jessica Murnane joins the conversation to discuss her work with endometriosis research and finding new solutions for the prevalent condition. A lack of knowledge surrounding endometriosis has led to a deficiency in diagnosis and effective treatment for sufferers of the ailment. At the same time, the common misconception of simple, painful periods remains widespread. While the cause of endometriosis is still unknown, it continues to plague women worldwide and has even barred women from police service in Spain. By spreading symptom awareness and general knowledge to new generations and researchers, the road to a solution has come into sight. To learn more, visit knowyourendo.com or centerforendo.com. Episode also available on Apple Podcasts: apple.co/30PvU9C


1 Jun 2021

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238. Jessica Murnane: Know Your Endo, Reality T.V. & O.G. Blogger Chat

The Balanced Blonde // Soul On Fire

Fellow O.G. blogger, creative consultant and author, Jessica Murnane, catches up with Jordan about her new book, Know Your Endo, a groundbreaking educational resource for those who have endometriosis: a disorder so many women, worldwide, suffer from in silence, due to shame, lack of information, and misdiagnosis. As you'll find out in this episode, this condition is so much more than "painful periods." Jessica's book distills her own years of suffering from endo and searching for the management tools to feel normal again. She researched tirelessly to combine her own experience with science, giving you an informed, heartfelt, and hopeful five-week guide to help you get through to the other side. It's accessible, safe, and empowering to know you're not alone, your suffering is real, and it's not in your head!  After ten years in the wellness & health space, Jessica is now setting her sights on a future that is yet to be written, but will most certainly be fun, fresh, and light-hearted. Both, herself and Jordan, are fleshing out ideas for fiction & they also bond over a love of Bravo shows. ;) Jessica has built an incredible career, family life (her son is an expert on periods and endo, which is just too adorable), and a beautiful kaftan wardrobe, despite her chronic condition. So for any of you crippled in pain and feeling alone: you are not defined by your illness and have a friendo in Jessica Murnane. Jessica’s Favorite Reads: “The Idea of You” by Robinne Lee “Beach Read” by Emily Henry “A Special Place for Women” by Laura Hankin One to Watch by  Kate Stayman “Open Book” Jessica Simpson (biography)  Jessica’s Favorite shows: Younger The Bold Type Love Sick Dynasty (new one!) Thanks to Pure Synergy for sponsoring this episode. This incredible collection of naturally sourced supplements are made from fruits and vegetables and are 100% TBB approved. Their Super B-Complex is excellent for plant-based eaters out there! Use the code BLONDE20 at thesynergycompany.com for 20% off your next purchase.  Thanks to Nuzest for sponsoring this episode. Led by nature and backed by science, Nuzest protein powders are the perfect addition to your smoothie. Using the cleanest, all-natural ingredients, Nuzest sets your body up for an epic day of productivity. Head to nuzest.com and use the code BLONDE for 20% off their protein powder selection.  Thanks to Gruvi for sponsoring this episode. This alcohol-free beer and wine company out of Colorado has been the best addition to all of Jordan’s social gatherings. If you’re feeling sober-curious or simply want to try an amazing alcohol alternative, head to getgruvi.com and use the code BLONDE for 10% off your purchase.   The Celestial Diet has arrived! Join Jordan for a FREE webinar on May 27th, 2021, for a deep dive intro to the food lifestyle that transformed her life. Click this link to sign up!  To learn more, and for the complete show notes, visit: http://www.thebalancedblonde.com/podcast/ Resources: Website: knowyourendo.com Read: “Know your Endo” Instagram: @knowyourendo Sign up to The Celestial Diet and Lifestyle Webinar Website: thebalancedblonde.com Store: thebalancedblonde.com/shop Instagram: @thebalancedblonde The Balanced Blonde is a production of Crate Media

1hr 10mins

26 May 2021

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102. Doing Your Best to Feel Your Best with Endo, with Jessica Murnane #FabulousFriends

Be Well By Kelly

In the darkest depths of her endometriosis, Jessica Murnane found herself crippled by agonizing pain. After countless doctor visits and unsuccessful treatments, she decided to search for her own solution. Her new book, “Know Your Endo,” is a literary account of her healing journey and provides readers with a four-week protocol for getting to know their endometriosis and learning their own best strategies to deal with it.She reveals how she reclaimed her power, separated her symptoms from her sense of self, and curated her strategies to manage this complex condition. You will learn about...The physical and mental impact of endoHer personal journeyThe (speculated) origins of endo Separating self from symptoms Traditional approaches to treating endoThe four-week protocol for knowing your endoAlternative medicine and cannabis A day in the life of Jessica Resources:Website: jessicamurnane.comInstagram: @jessicamurnaneBook: Know Your Endo: An Empowering Guide To Health + Hope With EndometriosisThanks to Magic Spoon for sponsoring this episode. Head to magicspoon.com and use the code “bewellpod” for $5 off their sugar-free cereal that tastes amazing!Connect with Kelly:kellyleveque.comInstagram: @bewellbykellyFacebook: facebook.com/bewellbykellyBe Well By Kelly is a production of Crate Media


14 May 2021

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Endometriosis Empowerment with Jessica Murnane

Natch Beaut

There is something for everyone today on Natch Beaut! We meet author/speaker/designer Jessica Murnane and hear all about her new book, Know Your Endo- An empowering guide to health and hope with Endometriosis. She and Jackie talk Buff puffs, Bridgerton, mindfulness, and, of course, endometriosis. Plus, ways to have a kinder home. For links to everything mentioned in this episode, go to www.natchbeaut.comFollow Natch Beaut on Instagram www.instagram.com/natchbeautFollow Jackie J on Iinstagram www.instagram.com/jackiemichelejohnsonFollow Jessica on Instagram www.instagram.com/jessicamurnane Our GDPR privacy policy was updated on August 8, 2022. Visit acast.com/privacy for more information.


6 May 2021

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Prioritising Your Health and Celebrating your Endo Wins with Jessica Murnane

This EndoLife

This week I caught up with the wonderful Jessica Murnane, talking about her new book, Know Your Endo, which is out now. If you didn’t manage to catch the IG Live, you can listen to our interview here, where we talk about: How she found writing a book about endo - in the middle of COVID! How to prioritise your health with endo without feeling guilty or overwhelmed. Defining what your ‘best’ is with endo and how to walk the line between accepting that some symptoms may not fully resolve (but can be reduced) whilst also recognising when there is a deep root cause to be investigated. How she celebrates her progress with endo and practices self-compassion. Her key tools for managing endo including knowing your endo, stress management, good food, movement and changing our body/home products for more endo friendly versions. Navigating relationships, having friends with endo and looking after yourself in community spaces. How to be an advocate for endo without the burn out! Jessica’s new book Know Your Endo is out now in the UK, US, Canada and Australia. Listen and subscribe on your favourite player or listen directly/download MP3 here or just listen below! Let's get social! Come say hello on Instagram or sign up to my newsletter. This episode is sponsored by my free guide ‘A Natural Pain Relief Tool Kit for Endometriosis’. This four page guide includes evidence based and effective remedies which you can use at home to reduce your pain with endo. Download your copy here. My cookbook This EndoLife, It Starts with Breakfast is out now! Get 28 anti-inflammatory, hormone friendly recipes for living and thriving with endometriosis. Order your copy here. If you feel like you need more support with managing endometriosis, you can join Your EndoLife Coaching Programme. A 1-to-1 three month health and life coaching programme to help you thrive with endometriosis. To find out more about the programme and to discuss whether it could be right for you, email me at hello@thisendolife.com or visit my website. This episode is sponsored by The Pod Farm. Learn all about how to start your own podcast with the complete course from The Pod Farm. Aimed at beginners, this course takes a simple and straightforward approach to planning, equipment buying, setting up, recording, editing and hosting your own podcast. With hours of audio and video materials, and downloadable guides and useful links, this multimedia approach aims to have something for every kind of learner. From now until April 15, newsletter subscribers get 20% off the course price. Visit www.thepodfarm.com to enroll or find out more This episode is sponsored by BeYou. Soothe period cramps the natural way with these 100% natural and discreet menthol and eucalyptus oil stick on patches and CBD range. Click here to find out more and to shop: https://beyouonline.co.uk Show Notes jessicamurnane.com Know Your Endo


30 Apr 2021