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It's A Kind of Magic - Richard Parsons

Thriving Three Counties

There are only a few full-time, professional magicians in the country and we tracked one down who's based in Gloucestershire.Richard specialises in close up magic at weddings, corporate events, Christmas parties and Trade Shows.In a career spanning over a decade his highlights include performing in Venice, Italy… Madrid, Spain and in 2019 on stage at the Everyman Theatre in Cheltenham as part of the sell-out magic show ‘An Evening of Deception’. Passing his audition in 2012 to join the world famous ‘Magic Circle’ he enjoys entertaining at over a 100 weddings a year and is well known in local venues. www.LinkedIn.com/in/corporatemagicianhirehttps://www.gloucestershiremagician.co.uk/www.Instagram.com/glosmagician

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4 Feb 2022

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Richard Parsons on Why B2B Marketing Needs Don Draper Part.1

B2B Marketing Needs Don Draper

Richard Parsons is the Co-Founder and Managing Director at True, one half of the creative spark for this podcast series. True was founded in 2012 to be a different type of B2B agency - to break free from the world of short-term 'performance' and the kind of marketing that swamps the industry without much deeper impact. We talk about:What being 'a bit more Don Draper' means to himRichard's purpose behind launching this podcast Why he co-founded True Richard's take on ABM and how it should be done properlyWhat makes great work stand outWe hope you enjoy our fascinating conversation with Richard.


18 Jun 2021

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Richard Parsons - The Magic of Speaking - Ep. #42

Speak With Simon

Richard Parsons is a professional full-time Magician based in Gloucestershire UK - specialising in closeup magic he performs at weddings, private parties, corporate events & trade shows around the U.K. and abroad including Spain & Italy. He has also performed on stage at the Everyman theatre in Cheltenham for their sell out shows ‘An Evening of Deception’. A member of the prestigious Magic Circle since 2012 having successfully passed the audition on the first attempt, Richard has performed magic at thousands of events over 10+ years with his charming style, wit and humour. There are only 1500 members of The Magic Circle in the entire world. As a wedding magician he has won numerous awards including South West Wedding Entertainer of the year several times and the SoGlos Wedding Supplier of the year 2020. He also uses his performing & speaking skills to help others overcome their fear of public speaking and performance anxiety by regularly hosting rooms on Clubhouse and appearing on podcasts and radio. www.Facebook.com/gloucestershiremagician www.Instagram.com/glosmagician www.Twitter.com/glosmagician www.LinkedIn.com/in/corporatemagicianhire About your host: After years of suffering with crippling communication anxiety, Simon Day was left with two choices: spend his whole life hiding in the shadows and risk losing everything, or find his voice. Through a painful yet empowering journey of discovery, Simon has transformed from terrified teenager to UK award-winning speaker and communications coach. He now employs his communication skills as a middle leader in secondary education and works under his self-built brand, Simon Speaks, to coach others seeking to lose their fear, find their voice and speak with greater power. Website: https://www.simonspeaks.co.uk LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/simonspeaks Twitter: https://twitter.com/_simonspeaks Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/_simonspeaks/ The thoughts expressed in this podcast are those of the individuals concerned. Please conduct your own due diligence.


9 Jun 2021

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How to Create Confidence on stage with Richard Parsons

Bold Confidence

I am so excited to bring you this episode. I got the chance to sit down and chat with my friend and Magic Circle Magician, Richard & I can't wait to share our conversation with you.Richard is a full time magician & has been performing for over 10 years and so understands how to create & step into the kind of confidence that allows you to perform in front of 1000's of people all over the world. We covered all things from confidence on stage, to off stage & the power of authenticity. We touched on imposter syndrome, determination, starting messing, the willingness to jump in, people pleasing,  opinions and so much more. I hope you enjoy listening to this as much as I did, having the conversation. You can find Richard here...Instagram www.instagram.com/glosmagicianClubhouse @glosmagician www.gloucestershiremagician.co.ukAnd you can find me, Hannah...Instagram www.instagram.com/misshannahfordClubhouse @misshannahfordwww.hannahford.co.uk

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8 Mar 2021

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Richard Parsons on the importance of fame in B2B marketing

Agency Dealmasters podcast

Book your tickets for:  7 priorities for rapid profitability and cost reduction for agencies.  He holds no punches, he says; ‘B2B marketers have lost their way, they have chased the money and jumped on the thought leadership bandwagon'. We discuss: Why the main objective of agencies is to create fame for their clients. In his opinion, nothing is more important than that fame metric which creates memorability, preference and ultimately buying behaviour. They not only back this up with hard data from Binet and Field, but it’s also born out of their results for clients like Rockwool, Micro Focus, EY and Yell which have resulted in multiple awards wins. If you are interested in: The importance of brand and Fame in B2B marketing then you will find this conversation absolutely fascinating. Book your tickets for: 7 priorities for rapid profitability and cost reductions for agencies


7 Oct 2020

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Thrifty Theatre The Podcast: Bonus Episode with Richard Parsons

Thrifty Theatre The Podcast

Welcome to this very special episode of the Podcast where I discuss what it's like to be a performer during lockdown. Information about how to contact Richard is available on Instagram @Glosmagician. As always you can check me out @thriftytheatrelondon or email me at thriftytheatre@gmail.com


23 Jul 2020

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Amanpour: Darren Walker, Richard Parsons, Patrick Robinson and Robin DiAngelo


In 2020 black Americans are worse off than white Americans by every metric. The demand for economic equality has been a rallying cry for the Black Lives Matter movement and a critical gaze is now turning to corporate America, where only four CEOs of Fortune 500 companies are black, all of whom are men. Christiane Amanpour speaks to two men who have lived this reality, Darren Walker, President of the Ford Foundation, and Richard Parsons, former Chairman and CEO of Time Warner. Then, as Britain continues to address its colonial past, an aptly timed BBC drama “Sitting in Limbo”, has been released. It tells the story of the 2017 Windrush scandal, when a generation of British subjects from the Caribbean were wrongly detained or deported as part of the British government’s ‘hostile environment policy’. Star of the drama Patrick Robinson gives his perspective on the present moment, and the work that Britain still needs to do. And then, in 2018 Michel Martin spoke to author Robin DiAngelo about her book “White Fragility”. Finding even greater relevance today, the book is back on numerous best-seller lists and in an extended cut of the original interview, they discuss unconscious biases and why white people are often defensive when it comes to talking about race.   To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit cnn.com/privacy


15 Jun 2020

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Finding Solutions: Stanley Druckenmiller, Harlem Children’s Zone, & Richard Parsons

Squawk Pod

As nationwide civil unrest continues, Richard Parsons, one of America’s first Black Fortune 500 CEOs, presents business leaders with options for challenging the economic status quo. Parsons, the former Chairman of Citi, CBS, Time Warner, and the LA Clippers, underscores executive accountability to society as well as to shareholders. Harlem Children’s Zone incoming CEO Kwame Owusu-Kesse joins legendary investor Stanley Druckenmiller for a conversation about reinvesting profits into community infrastructure to disrupt systemic inequality. Druckenmiller recounts his investments--wins and losses--but considers his partnership with HCZ to be his best yet.


9 Jun 2020

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Magically Speaking with Richard Parsons - 002

The Speaking Club: Mastering the Art of Public Speaking

In my opinion, if you’re a public speaker, you are also an entertainer… yes your primary purpose is likely to be to educate, inform, or inspire, but without being able to grab people’s attention, to keep them interested and stimulated, whatever message you have is likely to get lost. So, it stands to reason we could probably learn a lot from professional entertainers, which leads me to this week’s guest, Richard Parsons. Richard is an award winning, professional close-up magician, pick pocket and full member of the magic circle. This is an action-packed episode, not only do we delve into the life of a magician, and get the curtain pulled back on some tricks of the trade, but we get some great speaking advice. Richard talks about managing nerves, tips for engaging people, Coué's Law and the power of auto-suggestion, how he gets bookings, and lots, lots more more. Thanks for listening! To share your thoughts: leave a comment below. Share this show on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn. To help the show out: Leave an honest review on iTunes. Your ratings and review really help get the word out and I read each one. Subscribe on iTunes. See you next time. Resources: Cracking Speech Mate – How to Use Humour to Make You an Amazing Speaker See Coué's law in action https://youtu.be/kTO94wJXQoc Find Richard: http://www.gloucestershiremagician.co.uk/ Twitter:         @Glosmagician Instagram:   @Glosmagician Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/gloucestershiremagician/


27 Sep 2017

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Richard Parsons, a former Chariman of Citigroup and former CEO of AOL Time Warner

FORTUNE Unfiltered with Aaron Task

A former Chairman of Citigroup and former CEO of AOL Time Warner, Dick Parsons has tackled some of the toughest jobs of any American corporate executive in the past 25 years. In this episode of Fortune Unfiltered, Parsons explains why he’s always the person who gets called after disaster strikes. “I’m attracted to that – it keeps your attention,” Parsons says of leading in a crisis. “ It concentrates the mind as Pat Moynihan used to say. If you’ve got serious issues you need to be alert [and] alive in the moment. I’m not the world’s best steady-state manager...not a particularly good one because my mind wanders.”In addition to the AOL and Citigroup jobs, Parsons took over as interim CEO of the NBA’s Los Angeles Clippers in May 2014 amid the Donald Sterling scandal.But all those professional tribulations pale in comparison to the battle Parsons is fighting today. About two years ago he was diagnosed with multiple myeloma, a blood cancer for which there are a variety of treatments but currently no cure.Parsons talks frankly about his battle with cancer, his management philosophy and his reflections on being one of the first African-Americans to run a Fortune 500 company.


22 Aug 2016