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Lockdown - A Forced Reflection w/ host Ben Schmidt on Sounds Like Schmidt 0006

Sounds Like Schmidt

Our hero found himself on top of the world after 16 months of crushing his personal development goals... looking forward to not just a "new year, new you" but a whole new DECADE. But 2020 had other plans, and the well thought out game-plan went out the window. Back on the couch watching Netflix and surrounded by skip the dishes, our hero had lost his way.But during a forced reflection period he was given the gift. The gift of self-realization. He was not living in alignment with his  true self. So he did what he always does when he doesn't feel in frequency or in tune... he shuts off the world by turning on a movie....What's this... LIMITLESS??? And just then he got a fateful phone call from Phil.


2 Mar 2021

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'live life in tune - how to find your frequency' w/ Dr. Graham Norton & your host Ben Schmidt on Sounds Like Schmidt 0005

Sounds Like Schmidt

Tonight’s episode features Dr. Graham Norton, co-owners & operator of East Coast Chiropractic. We discuss how he and Dr. Marie pivoted their practice during a forced pause last year for the better. “Money matters, but integrity matters more.” With that in mind they've forged forward with a new way of preventative based care for their clients. We discuss how to balance and maintain equilibrium between entrepreneurship, parenting, and marriage. Hint, it doesn’t always go as planned! Dr. Graham focuses his attention on his main 4 pillars, as well as his core values. These values are his life's song and living life in congruence with them determines his frequency. Find out what his daily non-negotiables are to keep himself in tune.Let’s dive further as our guest speaks about scientific approaches to life like:Can neuroplasticity and neurogenesis turn back the clock?Why mentorship can be a double-edged swordThe pursuit of perfection and other issues with setting goalsFixed versus Growth mindsetsMake sure you watch or listen to our next episode of Sounds Like Schmidt 04:40The benefits of planning versus just taking action 11:15Pivoting his practice during a forced pandemic pause19:46 Hear the WOW story of his 1st date with Dr. Marie Battaglia22:29 Learn how a husband & wife balance love, parenting & business27:17 Daily non-negotiables to keep him singing in tune32:01 Ben asks if he can get younger35:03 Absolute versus relative goals, the pursuit of perfection37:52 Growth versus fixed mindset43:27 Can you get smarter? 47:14 His idea of personal development51:44 Listen to Dr. Graham’s two cents on minimalism & downsizing55:38Does journaling using the Five-Minute Journal process57:36How does a dad of two keep a meditation practice1:02:40Graham’s lofty vision

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23 Feb 2021

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the story of rise@five part two w/ host Ben Schmidt on Sounds Like Schmidt 0004

Sounds Like Schmidt

In the last episode, we saw our fallen hero down on his luck & on his knees on the living-room floor. He finally hit rock bottom. Frustrated with himself he felt surrounded by the traps of fake victories that now had him in a hollowed out world. But while on rock bottom there was dust settling.  When the air cleared our hero’s mountain could be seen again. His childhood dream. A firm decision made. He rose to his feet. Reignited by an old flame, our hero journeys over the threshold  into his Unknown World. As he crosses over he is met with tests and enemies, but he finds an ally, a childhood hero, his mentor, The Spellbinder!Go hero go.


16 Feb 2021

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our second brain & gut health' w/ Dr. Tiffany Keenan & your host Ben Schmidt on Sounds Like Schmidt

Sounds Like Schmidt

⁠This week we have Dr. Tiffany Keenan. ⁠She dreamt of the stars and cosmos at an early age wanting to become an Astronaut, but she needed corrective spine surgery for Scoliosis at 15. Showing her high performance mentality early on,  she transitioned her childhood dream towards her new reality. Inspired by her attending physician she moved towards medicine.Dr. Tiffany Keenan has now been an emergency physician (or a self proclaimed bronco riding cowgirl) & a family doctor for the last 22 years, in Miramichi, New Brunswick, Canada. Her background was in Nutritional Science, she's always been focused on our food and how vital of a role it plays in our health.In this episode we discuss:⁠- new alarming trends in health⁠- how to read your baseline blood tests⁠- public enemy number 1 = sugar⁠- a history of the diet-heart hypothesis & its impacts⁠- our gut instincts are the next wave of modern medicine⁠- poop pills..... yes 💩 💊⁠- and we nerd out on our love of self-help & journaling⁠

1hr 7mins

9 Feb 2021

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the story of rise@five part one w/ host Ben Schmidt on Sounds Like Schmidt 0002

Sounds Like Schmidt

intro - excuse me if I stumble and fall2:10 - rise@five - the self help show3:40 - found an early rising habit theme in life6:28 - many attempts, many failures... setbacks7:09 - bought a house, got my real estate license, & dropped outta school!9:20 - a little TIME management will solve my new dilemma 12:35 - I didn't keep my stick on the ice... and the game passed me by14:28 - returned to my once home now a house16:12 - at rock bottom the clouds parted & my mountain could be seen17:54 - my path, by way of The Spellbinder was found on x-mas morning...18:42 - ... up nExt is Dr. Tiffany Keenan w/ GUT health & poop pills?!THE STORY OF RISE AT FIVESo the story of rise@five it didn’t start of May 19 in 2019, when a fateful phone call from Phil started a 90-day rise at five challenge between amigos. No that's not where the Self-Help-Show came to be.I’d been fascinated with the concept of personal development and the idea of an early rising habit for many years. When I was a boy my dad would take me to hockey camps in the summer, or corn-picking as a teenager, or working at my friend's dad's estate. If I wanted high performance, I needed to rise early!Even though I felt strongly about this habit many attempts were made, but none stuck.… the early morning has gold in its mouth – Ben FranklinListen or watch the story of how I applied my early rising habits as kid, to the challenge of becoming a college drop out turned sales superstar. Somewhere along the way things slowed down, became lethargic, eventually just ceased. The dull-drum of life had crept in, ands the crushing realization that I had stopped chasing my dream..... find out the firm decision I made while at rock bottom, and how my mountain was revealed to me once I finally landed.... oh and my mentor, The Spellbinder is afoot


2 Feb 2021

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Ep 23: Conversation with Filmmaker Ben Schmidt

Cinematic Heartland: A Filmmaking Podcast

On this episode, Kevin sits down with Ben Schmidt, an Iowa filmmaker whose projects include several short films... Nocturnal, The Last Sleepover, and Scream of the Crop. He is currently in pre-production on his first feature-length film, Ellie and Xavier. We discuss his projects past and present, what his process is as a writer as well as a director, and we discuss our shared love for cinema overall.

1hr 15mins

19 Sep 2020

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EP. 25 SEASON 1 FINALE! Ben Schmidt joins the show, and Kyle Larson should enter the Kentucky Derby.

Midwest AutoSports

Episode presented by Pedal Down Promotions, Recognition Race Products, Sage Fruit, Gasroots Project, Hopf Farms, and Professional Plating.--- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/mwautosports/support

1hr 39mins

3 Sep 2020

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Stop Working on Your Product and Just Go Sell It | Dr. Ben Schmidt, Co-Founder of RoadBotics

Proprietors of Pittsburgh Podcast

As co-founder and president of RoadBotics, Benjamin Schmidt, PhD leads a dynamic team in the rapidly growing “GovTech” space. RoadBotics offers artificial intelligence-based road infrastructure assessments for governments around the world. By leveraging standard smartphone camera and app technology, which is paired with cloud access, they are able to deliver their product in an accessible and easy-to-use format. Most governments struggle to maintain their road networks because the process is too cumbersome, time consuming, and subjective. The robust imagery, reporting tools, and data generated by RoadBotics allows for objective decision-making and planning by those responsible for infrastructure maintenance and management.Dr. Ben began his career in bioengineering at the University of Pittsburgh. Realizing he had a drive and passion for startups, he worked as a data scientist and chief technology officer for a venture-backed company that focused on energy market forecasting and analytics. He then joined the founding team that launched RoadBotics, which was started at, and later spun out of, Carnegie Mellon University’s Robotics Institute. In our conversation, Dr. Ben discusses the evolution of the company, the challenges of selling to and servicing the government market, and the importance of quickly testing a concept with a minimally viable product.If you have any questions or if you’d like to chat, you can reach me at my contact info below. The purpose of this podcast is to share ideas, inspire action, and build a stronger small business community here in Pittsburgh. So please say hello, tell me what you think, and let me know how I’m doing. It means a ton!YOU CAN REACH ME AT:Podcast: https://www.proprietorsofpittsburgh.comWebsite: https://www.thestartupshoppe.net/podcastsInstagram: https://www.instagram.com/proprietorsofpittsburghpodcastFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/proprietorsofpittsburghpodcastLinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/darinvilanoPhone: 412-336-8247YOU CAN REACH DR. BENJAMIN SCHMIDT AT:Website: https://www.roadbotics.comLinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/schmidtbtInstagram: https://www.instagram.com/roadboticsFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/roadboticsTwitter: https://twitter.com/IamBenSchmidt


22 Aug 2020

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Roadbotics' Ben Schmidt Discusses How to Better Manage Road Assets with Technology

Digging Deeper - ForConstructionPros

In this episode, Jessica Lombardo, editor of Asphalt Contractor magazine, talks to Ben Schmidt, president of Roadbotics, Inc. Schmidt discusses how cities and municipalities can best measure and manage their roadways using technology which will help them extend the life of these expensive assets.


20 Jul 2020

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5.2 I'm Ben Schmidt, Damn it!

Love is a Softball Field

In this EPIC conclusion to our EPIC two episode arc premiering this EPIC season, these two pals just keep talking like they always do. Annie’s rate of crying is at least THREE TIMES BIGGER than last week’s episode. In fact she just snuffles her way through this whole episode, but she also turns a lot of corners in her ability to stand up for herself and assert her boundaries. We are all proud of Ann Krabb as she becomes a real Ben Schmidt. Meanwhile. Maddie blissfully discusses her desirability on the LA market. A classic moment of solidarity for these two rising stars.

1hr 1min

19 May 2020