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The Women in Dentistry Podcast #42: Dr. Jessica Metcalfe

The Women In Dentistry Podcast

On our 42nd episode of the Women in Dentistry podcast, we have Dr. Jessica Metcalfe, the Alchemist Dentist, and Impostor Phenomenon consultant to share her expertise on dealing with self-doubt, fear of failure, and perfectionism at work. The impostor phenomenon is a common thing that many female professionals struggle with daily within the dental industry. With the experience of overcoming the condition herself, Dr. Metcalfe brings both personal and professional experience of helping women and others with the condition through her company, the Alchemist Dentist. If you've ever felt like your an undercover impostor in your job, for no logical reason other than self-doubt and the fear of failure, then you will not want to miss this very insightful and helpful podcast. 


24 Mar 2021

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S2 E15 Dr. Jessica Metcalfe

The International Dentist Podcast

Dr. Jessica is an international speaker, an impostor phenomenon coach, and a dentist to oncology patients. She works with professionals to help dismantle the impostor phenomenon, perfectionism, and burnout. Dr. Jessica brings a unique perspective challenging your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors about achieving, self-worth, and mental health.https://www.drjessicametcalfe.comhttps://www.instagram.com/thealchemistdentist/https://www.linkedin.com/in/dr-jessica-metcalfe-873b671b5/----------------------------www.theinternationaldentist.comLinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/drgabrielalagrecaFB & IG @theinternationaldentist 


8 Mar 2021

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Recognizing and Overcoming the Imposter Phenomenon With Dr. Jessica Metcalfe

Love Your Practice

Do you question your abilities and struggle with feeling that you are not qualified to be at the level where you currently are? Maybe you are having a negative inner dialogue that needs to be changed. If so, please know you are not alone! This episode will enlighten you to what you are really experiencing, the fact that you are part of a large community of people going through the same thing, and that there are ways to deal with these thoughts! Dr. Laura Mach welcomes Empowerment Coach Dr. Jessica Metcalfe who shares her story and explains how the “Imposter Phenomenon” can be dismantled. Most people have some elements of Imposter Phenomenon happening. However there are ways to escape it and become comfortable again. When experiencing times of self-doubt, it is important to not push these feelings under the rug; rather, give yourself permission to think about what you’re thinking and acknowledge that your brain is wired to be negative because it’s trying to find potential problems and keep you safe. So give your brain some grace, and choose to look at all of the positives in your life. Sometimes this is not a natural process, but there are easy exercises you can do to overcome this! Listen to this episode for details that will not only shed some light on your thoughts but help you change how you think, which will change how you feel… leading to many positive changes for you and those around you as you lift yourself up and let your light shine! Listen now! Highlights from this episode: What the imposter phenomenon is  The connection between the cues you pick up from society’s messages to the feeling of anxiety when you’re trying to be heard The fears associated with asking for help The thought processes people experience during transitional periods How self-worth is linked to achievements The method to becoming aware of your thoughts and making a conscious effort at changing them Changing how you choose to talk to yourself Finding internal validation and learning to congratulate yourself Resources and links mentioned:  Dr. Jessica Metcalfe website: drjessicametcalfe.com Dr. Jessica Metcalfe’s email: info@drjessicametcalfe.coml Laura’s email: DrLauraMachDDS@gmail.com Laura’s website: LoveYourPractice.net Laura’s podcast: Love Your Practice! Laura’s Facebook pages: Leadership Coach for Busy Dentists Love Your Practice Laura’s personal page Thank you so much for tuning in to this podcast! I would love it if you would share it with others and leave a review for others to see! ~ Laura Sign up for the FREE WEBINAR on my website before February 23, 2021.


10 Feb 2021

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Imposter Phenomenon - In the Pink Seat with Dr. Angela Mulrooney and Dr. Jessica Metcalfe

In The Pink Seat with Dr. Angela Mulrooney

Do you feel that no matter how much you achieve, you feel like a fraud? When you examine your successes, what do you attribute them to? The Impostor Phenomenon describes a feeling of inadequacy and an inability to internalize your own success. Joining Dr. Angela Mulrooney is Dr. Jessica Metcalfe from the Alchemist Dentist, who has made it her mission to coach women through those Impostor thoughts so they can realize their full potential.


30 Nov 2020

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Desert Mouth in Cancer Patients with Dr. Jessica Metcalfe

CDA Oasis


12 Aug 2020

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Feeling Like a Fraud: The Struggle With Imposter Phenomenon - Dr. Jessica Metcalfe

Confessions of a Young Doctor

Have you ever felt unqualified or incapable despite your training? You may be suffering from Imposter Phenomenon. This week, Dr. Emily talks with Dr. Jessica Metcalfe of the Alchemist Dentist about identifying imposter phenomenon as a young doctor, and how to manage those deprecating thoughts.For more Information on Dr. Metcalfe, visit her website https://drjessicametcalfe.com/or connect with her on Instagram @drjessicametcalfe The White Coat Academy podcast is now Confessions of a Young Doctor. For the most up-to-date information, visit our website www.doctorconfessions.com 


10 Aug 2020

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Hospital Based Dentistry in the time COVID and Strategies for Overcoming the Imposter Phenomenon with Dr. Jessica Metcalfe

Noobie Dentist Podcast

Noobie Dentist Podcast with Dr. Jessica Metcalfe Episode Run Time: 1:23:54 In this week’s episode, I sat down with the ambitious, passionate and goal-oriented Dr. Jessica Metcalfe. Jessica is a full-time Staff Dentist, Education Director, Special Projects Manager, and Clinical Investigator. She is also an international lecturer on topics of treating cancer patients.  We talk about her background in dentistry, the Impostor Phenomenon and the Thought Ladder. Guest Details: Dr. Jessica Metcalfe website: https://drjessicametcalfe.com IG: @drjessicametcalfe Sponsor Details: Ivoclar Vivadent www.ivoclarvivadent.com.au Podcast Details: www.noobiedentist.com IG: @NoobieDentist Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/NoobieDentist/ Time Stamps [00:28]              Jessica Metcalfe’s background [02:29]              The “smiles” that motivated Jessica pursuit of dentistry [03:53]              Jessica’s sense of fulfillment from taking the General Practice Residency (GPR) program [05:57]              How Jessica and her team cope with patients with cancer           [08:06]              Jessica’s activities outside of work [10:20]              Current dental practices in Toronto [12:10]              Changes in dentistry during COVID-19 [16:57]              The types of patients Jessica is currently treating [20:28]              Tooth extraction protocols on patients being exposed to radiation [26:10]              How Jessica sees herself years from now in her career                                              [29:49]              How having a positive mindset and re-learning helped Jessica be successful in her career [35:59]              How high achieving individuals set their goals in life        [40:21]              On journaling achievements in life and reaching goals     [47:16]              Coping with the “Impostor phenomenon” [50:12]              The Thought Ladder [53:20]              Jessica overcoming the setbacks she faced when starting her side projects          [1:01:17]           The aspects of the Impostor phenomenon                                  [1:05:57]           Differentiating humility and Impostor phenomenon [1:11:13]           Experiencing impostor feelings at some point in life [1:20:24]           What’s next for Jessica and her side projects?                                                                                                                                                                                        Headline Quote: 1:00:25 – 1:01:16 Jessica: We have this beginner’s luck in the beginning, where things come easy. We’re super excited for it, so it’s a little bit natural, we’re willing to put on the effort and then all of sudden, you’re in the trenches  and it’s not going as planned and you are like “Okey, do I really want to do this?” and it is like “Yeah!” Omid: This is great Jessica: That’s when you need to put in that much more and push through because, you’re going to end up on the other side and you’re going to be happy that you did it because the self though and the self-critical thinking that you have, either initially or partway through the process, or even at the end, you’re never going essentially give up on yourself. You’re never going to regret putting the effort and commitment in investing in yourself at the end of the day. Call to Action Have you experienced the Impostor Phenomenon? What part of Jessica Metcalfe’s experiences inspire or stand out most to you? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments section down below and make sure to subscribe for more episodes! 

1hr 26mins

7 Jul 2020

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The Alchemist Dentist ~ Dr. Jessica Metcalfe

The Dental Diaries

Dr. Jessica E. Metcalfe is a Full-Time Staff Dentist, Education Director, Special Projects Manager, and Clinical Investigator at Princess Margaret Cancer Centre in the Department of Dental Oncology and Maxillofacial Prosthetics. She is an international lecturer on the topics of treating the cancer patient. She has a special interest in head and neck cancer patients. She is also a part-time instructor at the University of Toronto Dental School. Dr. Metcalfe has always been ambitious and driven and yet there was always this distressing feeling that she felt like a fraud or the fear of being found out. What she soon learned is that these are common thoughts associated with The Impostor Phenomenon (IP). Dr. Metcalfe has since pursued understanding The Impostor Phenomenon, who it affects and the strategies for self-management resources. Dr. Metcalfe’s passion is to work with Dentists to overcome these thoughts so they too can recognize their capabilities and accomplishments.  This was awesome, FUN and so interesting!  www.drjessicametcalfe.com @drjessicametcalfe --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/jessica-emery/message


18 May 2020

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Jessica Metcalfe | Beyond Buckskin

NextGen Native

Jessica Metcalfe, founder of Beyond BuckskinJessica Metcalfe (Twitter, Instagram) is Turtle Mountain Chippewa. She is the owner of Beyond Buckskin Boutique and also runs the Beyond Buckskin blog. Beyond Buckskin is all about Native fashion. The boutique sells products and merchandise designed by some of the leading Native American fashion designers in the country. Before starting Beyond Buckskin, Jessica attended Dartmouth College and then received a Master's and Ph.D at the University of Arizona. Her dissertation focused on Native American fashion designers since the 1950s. Jessica's academic research prompted the creation of her blog and ultimately the Beyond Buckskin Boutique. If you are going to be in ABQ for Gathering of Nations this week, check out the event Creative Frequencies that Jessica is co-hosting Rezonate Art. ###Subscribe to the PodcastiTunes Stitcher RSS Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter ###Links to People and Things DiscussedTurtle Mountain Community College Arizona State University Navajo Nation lawsuit against Urban Outfitters. Paul Frank apology and the ensuing collaboration with Native designers. OXDX Clothing (Jared Yazzie) Native Americans Discovered Columbus Sunrose Ironshell Randy Barton Nathalie Waldman Yatika Fields Alano Edzerdza Beyond Buckskin Youtube Page


20 Apr 2015