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Rappin on Racin July 27, 2020. Guests Tom Golik, Donny Schatz, Jeremy Weaver, Tommy Dembowski, Brandon Sheppard and Carson Macedo

Rappin' on Racin'

1hr 54mins

27 Jul 2020

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#18 - Jeremy Weaver - Atypical Design Build

People of Chattanooga

Meet Jeremy Weaver.  He was a co-founder of Wind River Tiny Homes.  He completed a one year fellowship with Causeway to work with the city to bring Tiny Homes to Chattanooga.  He took off a year to travel the world via planes, trains, and automobile and much much more.

2hr 29mins

18 Jul 2020

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#3 Jeremy Weaver - Affordable Housing Solutions

There to Here

CoLab INC’s Executive Director, Ryan Dye, talks with Jeremy Weaver, owner and founder of Atypical Design + Build - a company focused on building thoughtfully designed, permanent foundation homes that occupy a smaller footprint.  Jeremy shares his entrepreneur journey and how he left medical school to pursue his passion for design and construction.  Influenced by years spent abroad in developing countries and working with organizations such as World Vision on community development projects, Jeremy brought his insights back to the United States to help work on affordable housing solutions in distressed urban areas.Watch full interview Subscribe to the There To Here Podcast from CoLab Inc. Find more podcasts from CoLab Inc.colabinc.orgGet the latest There to Here Podcast sent to youFind more podcasts from CoLab INC colabinc.org Follow us on: Facebook Instagram LinkedIn Twitter YouTube


9 Jun 2020

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#145 Quality Builds Bless The Rains In Africa with Jeremy Weaver

Tiny House Podcast

Jeremy Weaver from Wind River Tiny Homes quit medical school years ago to pursue a masters degree that emphasized entrepreneurialism. Thus Wind River was born! And now, he’s about to move on from Wind River to pursue other, even more wonderful adventures, including living in a farmhouse he built himself, popping out another baby and, possibly traveling to Africa to do some really fantastic things. But before that, Jeremy joined us on the show to update us on Wind River builds, customers, quality and his own personal journey as an owner of one of the premier tiny house builder companies in the United States. http://www.windrivertinyhomes.com


6 Jun 2018

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#62 Living, Breathing, and Building Wind River Tiny Houses With Jeremy Weaver

Tiny House Podcast

Ladies and Gentlemen, meet the one and only builder (that we know of) who actually lives in a tiny house on wheels and builds them as well! I know. No way!? Here at the podcast we have a bit of a tongue-in-cheek approach to “posers”. (aka: People who are active in the tiny house movement but don’t live in one) And while we appreciate that living tiny is not for everyone, even if the tiny house movement is, we also certainly and most indubitably appreciate a builder who lives in a tiny house on wheels and the unique perspective that provides. This week we’re talking with Jeremy Weaver, Owner and Chief Builder (our words, not his) at Wind Rivers Homes about the challenges of building not only houses, but communities for these houses to park. How has living in a tiny house influenced his sense of design? How does a 6’6” guy who weighs 225 lbs actually FIT in a tiny house? What does Wind River homes see in the future that maybe we don’t? How has zoning, and building codes, affected their builds and plans for growing their tiny house business? You’ll just have to listen to find out. Sorry. There’s no cheat sheet at the end of THIS chapter. :o)~


12 Oct 2016