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887. Personal Branding, & The Framework of Reason w/ Dale Dupree

The FlipMyFunnel Podcast

When it comes to building a personal brand, what should you be doing? What should you NOT be doing? Through the COVID-19 pandemic, sales people have had to get more creative, agile, and flexible when it comes to getting in front of future customers, and let’s face it, if you don’t have a personal brand, you’re starting the race with your shoes tied together. Dale Dupree, Founder and CEO of The Sales Rebellion, shares his views on a host of topics, but chief among them: Why personal branding can make such a big differenceWhy today’s modern sales professionals are focusing on the wrong thingNot taking NO for an answer (but in a respectful way) His new book, The Framework of ReasonThis post is based on a podcast episode with Sangram Vajre. To hear more interviews like this one, subscribe to FlipMyFunnel wherever you listen to podcasts.Connect with Dale at https://www.linkedin.com/in/copierwarrior/.


28 Jun 2021

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Humanizing Sales with Unique Experiences with Dale Dupree

Digital Conversations with Billy Bateman

Overview Dale explains his radical new approach to sales- creating memorable experiences and human connections. Speaker Dale is leader of The Sales Rebellion. He is a sales trainer, teaching the masses (both individuals and entire companies) how to choose legendary for their sales career. He is a dad, jedi, podcast host, sales therapist, public speaker, and author.


20 Jun 2021

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The Real (Not So Easy) Path to Thought Leadership on LinkedIn with Dale Dupree

B2B Growth: Your Daily B2B Marketing Podcast

In this episode, Dan Sanchez talks with Dale Dupree who is the founder and CEO of the Sales Rebellion about his journey in becoming a thought leader on LinkedIn. They cover Dales journey, his steps to building community and the elements of his brand messaging that put him on the trajectory he's on today.


19 Jun 2021

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Leading A Sales Rebellion with Dale Dupree


This episode of the #RockstarsRocking podcast features the ‘Sales Rebellion’ himself, Dale Dupree, Founder and CEO, The Sales Rebellion and Host of the Selling Local Podcast, out of the Orlando, Florida area. I first learned of Dale Dupree and his rebellious ways via his thought provoking long form post messages on Linkedin. From there, I had the opportunity to hear Dale present during a large employee benefits industry conference and I was blown away by his raw and real message about sales and leadership. Dale’s message resonated with me instantly when I heard him talk about rising above the status quo bringing the love of sales back to selling. Whether you consider yourself a rockstar salesperson or someone who doesn’t view themselves as a salesperson at all, this interview was made for you. Afterall, whether we think we are in “sales” or not – let’s face it, we are all in “sales” in some way, shape, or form. Heck, I have to “sell” my kids on why they should do this or shouldn’t do that, every single day. So, go ahead and click that play button and get ready for this week’s edition of the #RockstarsRocking podcast. Episode Highlights: Starting his career as a literal “rockstar” in a metal band signed to a record deal at 17 Using his “passion for people” to focus his sales skills Folks are always looking for sales “hacks,” but the closer you look, the more you see you’re not actually reaching people Meet yourself where you are and build up from that Don’t always look for the ‘destination’ to the exclusion of ethics and legacy Launching and creating his own book ‘experience’ with Augmented Reality (AR) Rapid fire round of questions about sales beliefs and techniques So, I only have one question for you…? Are you ready to rock…?! Connect with Dale: Website: http://www.salesrebellion.com/ LinkedIn: https://linkedin.com/in/copierwarrior Twitter: https://twitter.com/DaleCBS Email: dale@thesalesrebellion.com This Episode is Powered by: Enjoy The Show? If you haven’t done so already, please make sure you’re subscribed to the show, #RockstarsRocking, wherever you consume podcasts and if you feel so inclined, please leave us a review – 5 stars would totally rock! Subscribe on YouTube Subscribe on Apple Subscribe on Spotify Subscribe on Stitcher Subscribe on Google


5 May 2021

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910: The Sales Rebellion, with Dale Dupree

Sales Enablement Podcast with Andy Paul

Dale Dupree is the founder and CEO of The Sales Rebellion. If you've been paying attention, Dale's is a growing voice in the conversation about how we do sales better. And in this episode Dale and I dig into what salespeople should be rebelling against. We talk about the problems with product led sales, We get into what it means to rebel against the outdated and ineffective methods and processes that are so pervasive in B2B. Plus, we dive into the issues with sales leadership; with sales bosses; are they too easily pointing the finger at individual contributors for poor sales performance, when they hire, train, coach and manage these folks?Follow Andy: LinkedIn | https://bit.ly/Andy-LinkedInSponsored by:ringDNA | Transform your sales team into a high-performing revenue engine | www.ringDNA.com/andyExplore the ringDNA Podcast Universe:Sales Enablement Podcast | https://bit.ly/SEP-LP-EDSelling with Purpose Podcast | https://bit.ly/SWP-LPRevOps Podcast | https://bit.ly/RP-LP Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


29 Apr 2021

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How To Build A Mission Driven Company With Dale Dupree | Episode #27

Digital Masters: Growth Marketing Strategy, Tactics & Technology

Subscribe to the Podcast https://sgplabs.com/subscribe - How do you become a community builder? - How do develop mission driven leadership qualities? - Do you need a proof concept before building out a brand? - How do you build a brand identity, the video, the story, the visuals? Reach out to Dale: dale@thesalesrebellion.com https://thesalesrebellion.com


24 Mar 2021

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Special Episode - Dale Dupree

The Sales Dojo's Podcast

Dale loves being different from other boring sales people as life is too short not to be yourself and have fun!


2 Mar 2021

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The big mistake sellers are making today (without even knowing it) with Dale Dupree.

BOSS Podcast

Why taking NO risks is SUPER RISKY if you’re in sales?Dale is one of ‘those’ people who are all over social and LinkedIn. He estimates he has been a guest on close to 160 podcasts in the last two years. He is in high demand.With a background in copier sales, I have a soft spot for Dale, I have lots of copier clients myself and I strongly believe some of the best sellers come out of the copier space. In this episode we talk about the mistake many sellers make – and here is the killer – they’re not conscious they’re making it.Dale says, by focussing too much on the process of selling, in an inauthentic way… we actually increase the level of risk we take as a seller. Being bland, being the brown cardigan is not the best way to sell.Make 100 calls, get 20 conversations, create 3 opportunities, close 1 sale is not a future you want to a part of.What does the real you, the real seller look like, …what do you stand for and how would the real you interact with your clients and prospective clients?Dale Dupreehttps://www.linkedin.com/in/copierwarrior/@SalesRebellionThe Sales Rebellionhttps://www.thesalesrebellion.com/ Mark McInneswww.markmc.cowww.linkedin.com/in/mark-mcinnes/ POW Workshopwww.markmc.co/pow Tactical Pipeline Growthwww.markmc.co/tpg 


28 Feb 2021

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Episode #55 S1-EP55 The Sales Rebellion with Dale Dupree

Sales Transformation

Dale Dupree is the Founder and CEO of The Sales Rebellion. They offer 1x1 Sales Coaching, Sales Training, Sales Mentorships, Sales Team Bootcamps and Masterminds, Virtual Sales Training, On-Site Sales Training.Dale is also the host of the Selling Local Podcast. Selling Local is a podcast for Salespeople looking to elevate their walk. They tell stories, discuss ideas, bring on guests to share their point of view, all in the name of giving you a more significant purpose during your sales existence.You can find out more and follow Dale Dupree on the following links below.Website - https://www.thesalesrebellion.com/Personal Website - http://www.copierwarrior.com/LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/in/copierwarrior/Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/salesrebellion/Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/copierwarriorTwitter - https://twitter.com/SalesRebellionTikTok - https://www.tiktok.com/@salesrebellion?lang=enIf you’re listening to the Sales Hustle podcast, please subscribe, share, and we’re listening for your feedback. If you are a sales professional looking to take your sales career to the next level, please visit us at https://salescast.co/ and set a time with Collin and co-founder Chris.Join Our Sales Motivational SMS list by texting Hustle at 424-378-6966. Please make sure to rate and review the show on Apple.


5 Feb 2021

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Episode 129: #129: Dale Dupree of The Sales Rebellion — Momentum: A Leader’s Best Friend…and How to Build it

Sales Leadership Podcast

As we kick off 2021, one of the most important topics a sales leader can put structure around is Momentum. Momentum is a sales leader's best friend. With momentum, you give teams reasons to believe. With momentum, people think their leaders are geniuses. With momentum, people overlook mistakes. Momentum is very real...and very elusive. Dale DuPree is the founder and CEO of Sales Rebellion. He's a highly sought after author and speaker and helps sales teams worldwide build momentum by creating experiences that help you stand out. In this can't-miss episode, Dale joins us and talks about how sales leaders can build momentum in very real, very tangible ways to help your team get off to a fast start. And as we all know...the better you start, the better you'll finish.


13 Jan 2021