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S3E17: Trying to Catch up with Adam Russo

Demystifying Gay Porn

Spring has sprung! And what better way to clear the air and make some healthy space than an out of this world conversation with porn icon Adam Russo. I am very fortunate to be able to say this is Adam’s third time on the podcast, which means we can just dive right into it. In this episode Adam talks the coming spiritual awakening, food and how everything we put in our bodies matters, soul lessons and signs the universe sends you, how to communicate with your guides and why you should . Oh yeah and porn.I know...it sounds very heady but you will definitely want to listen to this episode. Sit back relax and please enjoy!


1 Apr 2022

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Ep 61: Let’s Talk Talk About Sex (feat Adam Russo aka Adam Keith)

Adam and Steve NOT Adam and Eve

Adam and Steve are joined by Adam Keith aka Adam Russo. Adam is well known in the adult entertainment industry, but there is more to him than that. He is also a known artist, actor, interior designer, tarot reader, healer and much more. The guys talk about a few things in this episode but largely about Adam's journey and experiences in the adult entertainment industry. Adam is an open book and, as you can imagine, the guys have plenty of questions. Let's talk about sex! Bite the apple and get into this one, you'll be happy you did!

1hr 15mins

16 Mar 2022

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The Wonderful World of Porn with Adam Russo

Sorry I Missed Your Call

Steven calls back porn star extraordinaire, Adam Russo to discuss the wonderful world of pornography and sex work. Steven also talks about why he isn't cut out for orgies. Find FROOT BASKET show dates here: https://www.stevenzakari.comFollow Steven:https://www.instagram.com/heystevenzakari/Follow Adam: https://www.twitter.com/adamrussoxxx/


20 Oct 2021

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Adam Russo

Jim Lanahan and Friends

Adam Russo is an American visual artist, designer, director, adult film actor, model and tarot reader based in Beverly Hills, CA. Adam won the Best Daddy Award at the 2014 Hookie Awards and was nominated for a 2019 GayVN Award and 2020 Pornhub Award. Adam is wildly popular in the LBGTQIA community and is commonly described as porn's 'Super DILF Hung Daddy'. Mommy likee! Adam and the Friends have an inspiring conversation about remaining open to unexpected opportunities. Adam maintains footings in mainstream entertainment as well as adult films. Then Adam tells us about his Tarot business (Love, Light & Joy, YouTube link below). We loved our time with Adam! We appreciate his generous spirit and open heart…and we are inspired by his ability to be 100% authentically and unapologetically himself. Get it! In the commercial, Christine unveils a new dominatrix character and we cannot handle the brilliance. Shine mama! After the break, Stephanie wonders is Scott should start an OnlyFans account. Jon is on board and offers to manage Scott's career. However, we must wonder if it possible to further shame Scott’s family after the ‘orange incident’? Will Scott need to wax his junk? We answer all these questions and more in the second half. Today’s Yummy Yummy is: Goetz Caramel Cremes!!!! (9.85/10 iced coffees!) This is the highest rated Yummy Yummy to date! https://goetzecandy.com Want to support us behind the scenes? Become a monthly contributor! Simply go to https://anchor.fm/jim-lanahan/support and choose your monthly donation level. You can contribute as little as $0.99/month or as much as you like! Every little bit helps! Thank you! Wanna be Friends with Benefits? This episode of Jim Lanahan and Friends is sponsored by Jim Lanahan on https://cameo.com/jim_lanahan. All proceeds support this pod! Your personalized video comes with a link to join our live studio audience when we record the podcast. Who knows, you might even get to be IN the podcast! Connect with us! Adam Russo: @adamrussoxxx on Twitter @iamadamkeith on Instagram Youtube: Adam Keith Podcast: FB and Insta: Jim Lanahan and Friends Podcast Jim Lanahan: @jimlanahan on Insta @IamJimLanahan on Facebook Website: https://jimlanahan.com Christine Sinacore: @csinacore on Twitter and FB Insta: @christinesinacore Website: https://christinesinacore.com Doctor Jon Paul Higgins: @doctorjonpaul on Twitter, Insta, FB Website: https://doctorjonpaul.com Scott Sheldon: @scottysheldon on Twitter and FB Insta:@scottasheldon, @scottysheldontheactor Website: https://scottysheldon.com Stephanie Laffin: @chickylaff on Twitter and Insta @billytherescuepup on Insta--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/jim-lanahan/messageSupport this podcast: https://anchor.fm/jim-lanahan/support

1hr 4mins

15 Feb 2021

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S2E14: Let's get Metaphysical with Special Guest Adam Russo

Demystifying Gay Porn

Adam Russo is genuinely on another level. Aside from being a beloved daddy porn star, content creator and writer, he reads the tarot, meditates and can get deep quick.  Adam sat down with me via zoom and we discuss how the events of the past year have affected him as well as politics, spirituality, sexuality and so much more. I hope you enjoy this episode as much as I enjoyed making it!


22 Jan 2021

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EP114: Creating The Future Health Of Our Country Through School Meals With Adam Russo, Director of School Food and Nutrition Services at Prince William County Public Schools and Mollie Van Lieu, Senior Director of Nutrition Policy at United Fresh Produce

The Produce Moms Podcast

“A hungry kid can’t learn.”Adam Russo (15:01-15:03) There’s no one size fits all for school meal programs, let alone with a global pandemic. If there’s anyone who’s passionate about the success of school children and feeding them healthy meals, it’s Adam Russo and Mollie Van Lieu. Adam is the Director of School Food and Nutrition Services at Prince William County Public Schools located in Virginia and Mollie Van Lieu, who was on The Produce Moms Podcast 100 episodes ago (wow!) is the Senior Director of Nutrition Policy at United Fresh Produce Association.  When schools shut down in March at the start of COVID-19, state and local districts had to make fast decisions about how they would deliver (or if they would deliver) class curriculum and school meals. You may not realize it, but there are about 30 million school lunches served every day and about 72 million servings of fruit and vegetables.  “School nutrition heroes really stepped up to that and worked their tails off in the spring and summer to make sure kids are still fed.” Mollie Van Lieu (6:43-6:55) Not only is that important to keep feeding the children of America nutritious meals, ensuring their brains are fed for optimal learning, but it’s vital to the fresh produce supply chain, especially in rural and small areas. In Adam’s school district where there are over 100 schools and centers, they’ve focused on things like all you can eat salad bars, corn husking competitions, and getting fresh fruits and vegetables from local farmers. One of the first things Adam’s district did to pivot with COVID-19 was figure out how to keep children fed, provide fresh fruits and vegetables, but comply with new CDC regulation standards.  They’ve started transitioning to a grocery style supplement box for families to pick up once a week, filled with fruits and vegetables that don’t have to be refrigerated since a lot of families don’t have access to heating and cooling methods for one week’s worth of food. “We know that kids are going to learn better with proper nutrition, so giving them the micro and macronutrients they’re going to get in fruits and vegetables and the whole fruits and vegetables, especially. Having to consume that process through their body is going to keep them fueled much much longer.” Adam Russo (15:04-15:18) Not only will they be fueled much longer, but their energy will be kept in the right place, they’ll be better behaved, more attentive in class and that’s extremely important whether they’re back at school in the public classroom or still learning virtually at home. The other benefit to providing a week’s worth of healthy food for kids and sending it home is they’re starting to take ownership of their health. This inturn is inspiring for other members of the family and helps everyone open their palettes up to fresh fruits and vegetables they might not have tried otherwise.  It’s important to note that this industry needs your help. Schools don’t get funding from the school board for school meals, even though other things like textbooks and transportation are provided for free. Without sales of school lunches, they don’t exist or the economy isn’t there to buy fresh fruits and vegetables, so if you’re wondering why your child’s school provides junk, they might not be receiving enough sales. Profitability shouldn’t be the metric to go off of, it should be how well students are performing in class, but sometimes it’s a necessary evil of the food and nutrition services of a school. Also important is the feedback you give to these programs. If your school division is serving junk food or it’s just not up to your expectations, call the manager in charge and tell them!  “I know that our staff would do anything, they would run through a brick wall to make sure a kid was fed that day. That isn’t different across the country.” Adam Russo (25:05-25:13) These schools want to improve and truly care about the health and livelihood of our students, even if it may not seem so with the lunches they provide. These meals are incredibly important and are a responsibility of us all to think about because they’re shaping the health, nutrition and future of our country.  Adam’s district is continuing to look at how they can provide self-service salad bars in a COVID-safe manner, and even looking at restaurant style serving options if and when children go back to the public classroom. Mollie, who’s done great work with federal nutrition policies, will be advocating for increased waivers, more flexibility and universal school meals at the Washington School Nutrition Association Conference this September and invites individuals like you to participate and help us change our country’s school meal system. How to get involved Join The Produce Moms Group on Facebook and continue the discussion every week!  Reach out to us - we’d love to hear more about where you are in life and business! Find out more here.  If you liked this episode, be sure to subscribe and leave a quick review on iTunes. It would mean the world to hear your feedback and we’d love for you to help us spread the word!


2 Sep 2020

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E16: Saving Money on Healthcare with Employer Health Benefits Pioneer Adam Russo

Spend Less, Live Well- With Dr. Josh Luke

Adam Russo, Founder of the Phia Group, shares with Dr. Luke that his team reviews spreadsheets with expensive medications listed to identify less expensive alternatives, and notifies the member/patient to help them save.


20 Aug 2020

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Adam Russo Ain't Too Old to Dance

Daddy Issues

#specialguest: Adam Russo#musicman#libraryisopen#hotdaddyalert

1hr 7mins

4 May 2020

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S1E23: The Adam Russo Interview

Demystifying Gay Porn

I've known porn star Adam Russo for years and have had a great working relationship with him,  I sit down with him to discuss his porn career and what he is offering the world now.  We explore the ins and outs of porn, life and the metaphysical.  Enjoy!Help create the Demystifying Gay Porn podcast and channel: www.patreon.com/demystifyinggayporn


21 Dec 2019

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L’importance de vivre son rêve avec Adam Russo | E038


Bonjour à tous! Ici votre hôtesse Amélie Delobel et je suis très heureuse de vous accueillir sur mon podcast Athlètes-Entrepreneurs pour cet épisode #038. Athlètes-Entrepreneurs est un podcast qui a pour but de motiver les athlètes ou anciens athlètes qui souhaitent se lancer en affaires. Pour cet épisode, je discute avec le gardien de but professionnel Adam Russo, qui a beaucoup de vécu dans le monde du hockey. L'athlète de 36 ans a évolué dans la LHJMQ avec le Titan d'Acadie-Bathurst de 2000 à 2004 où il a réalisé plusieurs records du circuit Courteau. Par la suite, il s'est promené en Italie, en France puis aux États-Unis avant de revenir au Québec où il évolue depuis plusieurs années dans la Ligue nord-américaine de hockey (LNAH). En plus de continuer de pratiquer son sport préféré, le cerbère a sa propre école de gardiens de but depuis plus d'une dizaine d'années, A.R. Action-Reaction Goaltending. Le cerbère de 5 pieds et 9 pouces est également entraîneur des gardiens avec les Hawks de Hawkesbury dans la CCHL, une ligue similaire au Junior AAA ici au Québec. Comme quoi il aime ça, le hockey! Sans plus attendre, voici cette entrevue avec l’ancien gardien de l'équipe nationale italienne sur l'importance de vivre son rêve avec Adam Russo. Bonne écoute! Les questions posées lors de cette entrevue sur l'importance de vivre son rêve avec Adam Russo:  1-Pourrais-tu nous expliquer ton parcours dans le monde du hockey, de tes débuts à aujourd’hui?  2-Quel a été ton moment le plus difficile jusqu’à présent dans ta carrière et qu’as-tu appris de cette expérience?  3-Tu as eu la chance d’évoluer au cours de ta carrière au Canada, aux États-Unis, en Italie et en France. Comment ton intégration s’est déroulée à chaque fois?  4-Tu as lancé ton école de gardiens de but en 1999. Qu’est-ce qui t’a motivé à te lancer dans ce projet et quels ont été tes défis pour recruter des gardiens ainsi que faire ton nom? 5-Quels sont tes objectifs pour les prochaines années comme gardien, mais également en lien avec ton entreprise de consultation? Aimerais-tu être aussi entraîneur de gardiens pour une équipe? Questions en rafale: 1-Quelle est LA chose la plus importante que le sport t’a enseignée? 2-Quel est ton meilleur souvenir sportif? 3-Le meilleur conseil pour un ancien athlète ou athlète actuel qui débute dans le monde entrepreneurial? Conclusion sur l'importance de vivre son rêve avec Adam Russo:  Merci beaucoup encore une fois à Adam Russo pour son temps et en souhaitant que vous ayez aimé ce 38e épisode officiel d’Athlètes-Entrepreneurs sur l'importance de vivre son rêve avec Adam Russo.  Si vous souhaitez également lancer un podcast, je vous invite à vous renseigner sur le site de l'Académie du Podcast. Si vous avez des questions, n'hésitez pas à me contacter comme toujours :-) Sinon, si vous avez déjà un podcast, mais vous souhaitez essayer un nouvel hébergeur, vous pouvez avoir un mois d'essai gratuit sur la plateforme Blubrry (celle que j'utilise également) en utilisant le code promo «blubrry» en cliquant ici. Merci encore pour votre confiance et à la semaine prochaine pour une nouvelle émission! Adam Russo lors du Championnat du monde de hockey en 2010 avec l'Italie face à Ryan Smith (le capitaine), Steven Stamkos et les autres joueurs canadiens! (Crédit photo: Facebook Adam Russo) Crédit photo couverture: leclaireurprogres.ca Liens pour rejoindre Adam Russo: Site officiel de A.R Action-Réaction Goaltending: https://www.actionreactiongoaltending.com Page Facebook A.R Action-Reaction Goaltending: https://www.facebook.com/pg/actionreactiongoaltending Compte Twitter Adam Russo: https://twitter.com/bigrooss Compte Instagram Adam Russo: https://www.instagram.com/b...


4 Dec 2019