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Derren Brown, Adam Webster and Kids Review Their Parents’ Record Collection

Scott Mills and Chris Stark

Scott and Chris set up your weekend with more laughs and great guests. This week they catch up with Derren Brown, Brighton and Hove Albion’s Adam Webster picks "The Best" and another child reviews their parents’ taste in music.

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20 Mar 2021

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Derren Brown – How To Be a Little Happier

How To Academy Podcast

Since he introduced us to his singular and inimitable brand of psychology, stagecraft and magic in 2000, Derren Brown has played Russian Roulette on live television, convinced middle-managers to commit armed robbery in the street, led the nation in a séance and exposed psychic and faith-healing charlatans. His live shows astonish audiences across the country and have captivated the West End and Broadway.He joined How To Academy to teach a lesson none of us can afford to miss: what we can do to be a little happier and less anxious in a difficult world.

1hr 4mins

15 Mar 2021

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What is Happiness? A Conversation with Derren Brown, Mentalist, Illusionist and Best-selling Author of ‘Happy’

Blazing Trails

“Live in the moment” is more than a quote displayed on decorative throw pillows. For Derren Brown, it’s his motto for life -- a mindset and lifestyle he’s adapted from the Greek stoics. Derren is a mentalist and illusionist, star of Netflix’s ‘The Push’, and the best-selling author of ‘Happy’.In today’s wide-ranging conversation, Derren joins host Vicky Nisbet, AVP of Comms & Media at Salesforce UK, to discuss practical tips for “living in the moment” and what he thinks is the key to lasting happiness. Plus, he shares what we often get wrong about goal setting and uncovers ways that quarantine has unlocked opportunities for us to reconnect with our inner selves.


17 Feb 2021

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Derren Brown

Out To Lunch with Jay Rayner

On how he got into painting, his love for taxidermy and why he wanted to show the workings of his illusions. Mentalist and author Derren Brown is Out To Lunch with Jay at Wild Honey in London: https://www.wildhoneystjames.co.uk/ A Somethin’ Else / Jay Rayner production For official show merch, head to: https://kontraband.shop/collections/out-to-lunch Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


26 Jan 2021

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Ep114 - Derren Brown | Happy

Talks at Google

Derren Brown has written several best-selling books and – a first in the history of magic – has toured with eight sell-out one-man stage shows. He wrote the brilliant and candid book “Happy,” which aims to reclaim happiness and enable us to appreciate the good things in life, in all their transient glory. By taking control of the stories we tell ourselves, by remembering that 'everything's fine' even when it might not feel that way, we can allow ourselves to flourish and live more happily. In this episode, Derren discusses his work on the psychology and philosophy of well-being. Moderated by Googler Matt Brittin. Visit http://g.co/TalksAtGoogle/derrenbrown to watch the video.


27 Oct 2020

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Tunng Presents The Dead Club Podcast with Derren Brown

Tunng Presents The Dead Club Podcast

In this episode of The Dead Club Podcast, Sam speaks to Mentalist and Illusionist, Derren Brown. He does not have magical powers or psychic ability but became a household name for his Mind Control TV show which was all about the art of psychological manipulation. His book 'Happy' was a big interest and inspiration to Sam for this project.The Dead Club Podcast is an 8 part podcast series that brings to life British band, Tunng’s ground-breaking collaborative musical project, Dead Club: a meditation on loss and a riotous trip through life in all its goodness, oddness and wonder.  We have interviewed people who have studied death, written about it, and documented it, but also those whose lives have touched it and have been close to it as well those for whom death is all in a day’s work. In this podcast series we’ll hear their voices. We’ll hear from Philosopher AC Grayling, author, Max Porter, illusionist, Derren Brown, musician Speech Debelle, author and palliative care Physician Kathryn Mannix, philosopher and writer Alain De Botton, poetry editor of the New Yorker, Kevin Young and Professor of Forensic Anthropology, Dame Sue Black. Each episode will present one of these conversations in depth, in all its detail. Underpinning and punctuating each episode is a soundscape formed from the new music we're creating for this album, as well as our own voices talking about the subject and what it means to us. There will also be some silliness and some spontaneity and some of that beautiful and unique wonkiness that makes us Tunng.If you or somebody you know needs support in relation to any aspect of death, dying or grief you may find the following sites useful.https://deathcafe.comhttps://www.samaritans.orghttps://www.cruse.org.ukhttps://www.mind.org.ukhttps://eol-doula.ukTunng Presents The Dead Club Podcast is a Stabl production and was made possible in part thanks to public funding from the National Lottery through Arts Council England.You can pre-order the album, Tunng presents Dead Club here


14 Sep 2020

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Derren Brown - Illusionist and stoic

A Cuppa Happy

He’s known for his mind bending illusions and telepathic abilities, but Derren Brown is also a fountain of knowledge on the subject of happiness. During this chat with Joss they discuss the Stoic philosophy, how to lead a meaningful life, letting go of the things you can’t control and Derren’s magical ways – and whether he uses them for good or evil in his day to day life. Derren’s book Happy is out now, and his stage show Showman premieres February 2021.A Fascinate production.See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


10 Aug 2020

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Be Human with Derren Brown

Discourse in Magic

Derren Brown joins Jonah this week to discuss developing ideas, finding your own voice, and what magic means in our current society. Between his award-winning stage shows, TV specials, and books, you’re probably familiar with the UK based mentalist.  Hypnotism was Derren’s path into magic. During his time studying German and law in university, he had the chance to see hypnotist Martin Taylor perform. His interests shifted, and he began to practice hypnosis alongside his studies. When he started working, Derren learned that magic was easier to present to people compared to hypnotism. Derren’s shift from being a gigging magician to a household name was slow. Even with the release of Mind Control in 2000, Derren was still working as a restaurant magician. Between focusing on doing the strongest magic and the skills of the team he’s built over the years, Derren has been able to create a name for himself.  Mentalism & Magic Derren dropped the conjuring side of his persona when the TV specials started to kick off. Mentalism, to him, allows for more impressive presentations than simply finding a card; however, you have to go further than just asking someone to think of a word, writing it down, and showing you got it right. The interesting aspect of mentalism lies in the process the performer takes to divine the word. If your goal is to take your audience’s mind to a richer place, you have to commit to the process. There is, of course, the ethical questions behind mentalism that Derren has struggled with over the years. Initially, he would make direct claims about his abilities, but, as he grew, Derren found an area where he could be honest while digging into the interesting aspects of magic. While he’s been able to create a brand that allows for this, Derren explains to performers that you should be taking responsibility for your actions and focusing on the core audience watching you. Tips for Performing Light and shade is necessary for any performance. If a trick is slow and serious, the next one should probably be upbeat and quick. The performer has a responsibility, especially in a theatrical setting, to move people in different ways. Derren explains that you don’t want to be operating in one state of being on stage as it’ll be difficult to create those big shifts your performance needs. You have to earn what you’re doing on stage. For example, if you want to tell the audience how to be, you have to be vulnerable and reflect on your own actions. Derren points to good comics as an example: they often have a lot to say, but they don’t come across as preachy because they put themselves at a lower status than the audience. Never have a better time than your audience. If anything, you want to carry with you the image of a spectator on the verge of leaving. How do you keep them engaged? How do you surprise them and keep them in their seat?  Finally, be likable. Be you. You can have all the power if you act like you don’t have it because we want to connect with a human. Derren explains that we like performers for what they do, but we love them for what they are.  Creating a Show Derren has worked alongside Andy Nyman and Andrew O’Connor since his early TV specials to create his shows. The three of them will sit down to brainstorm themes, images, and the core of the show. What they don’t do is talk about the tricks. Their focus is on finding the rhythm of the show and determining what beats they want to hit throughout. What tone is he starting the show with? How can they overdeliver with the ending? The finale is what people last remember when they leave the theatre. The finale is where you can get away with madness and rule-breaking as you build up the audience. He wants something simple but that explains so much of what the audience saw. Derren reminds listeners that there are a million ways to end a show. You just need to make a conscious choice about what you want your audience to leave with.  Wrap Up Endless Chain Hector Chadwick (Stephen Long) What do you like about modern magic? What don’t you like? Derren doesn’t really keep up with the world of magic, but he has really enjoyed Christian Grace’s work on billet switches recently.  Take-Home Point Be human. Be likable in a way that is right for you and love what you’re doing. It’s not about the trick, it’s about your humanity.  Plugs Derren’s Twitter Derren’s Instagram  Derren’s Website  The post Be Human with Derren Brown appeared first on Discourse in Magic.

1hr 22mins

7 May 2020

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S2, Ep5: Derren Brown | Mentalist & Illusionist | Original Thinking

Unlocking Creativity

Derren Brown is best known for his mind-altering stage shows and Netflix TV specials. By mixing mentalism, magic, illusion, suggestion, hypnotism and suggestion, Derren’s performances are always innovative, distinct and continually push boundaries. So often surrounded in secrecy, what you're about to find out is the creative process that goes into developing some of his most famous stage shows and effects. Most people ask Derren Brown how his performances are done but what you’re about to discover is even better - how he creates them in the first place. This episode of Unlocking Creativity is packed full of revelation and actionable advice that could be applied to everyone’s life. Three takeaways from this episode include: How to find meaning at different stages of our life and why a creative endeavour is a great way to do it.  Why becoming who you are is forgetting about who you are supposed to be.  And why we should all be finding something of meaning that’s bigger than ourselves and putting everything into it.  Derren’s Recommendations: Susan Cain - Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking Laurence Scott - Picnic Comma Lightning: In Search of a New Reality John Kaag - Hiking With Nietzsche Daniel Brookes | Host of the Unlocking Creativity Podcast:  Twitter: @danielrbrookes Instagram: @danielrbrookes Email: info@unlockingcreativitypodcast.com Unlocking Creativity Website: www.unlockingcreativitypodcast.com

1hr 12mins

29 Mar 2020

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Derren Brown


This week we're bitchin about Derren Brown. Hosted by renowned bitches, Tilly Steele and Helen Monks. Music by Dave Cribb. Artwork by Luke W Robson.See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


9 Mar 2020