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18 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Pete Townshend. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Pete Townshend, often where they are interviewed.

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18 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Pete Townshend. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Pete Townshend, often where they are interviewed.

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912: Fan Mail - The Who, Pete Townshend, Wussy

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Listeners respond to our week of episodes about The Who. Mark Daniel talks about his lifelong fandom. Michael Favicchio tells us about a Who tribute song by indie band Wussy. And Dave from Kenosha calls in with his top 10 Pete Townshend solo songs (we didn't even have to ask).

Episode editor: Mary Edelberg

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Jul 30 2020 · 21mins
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S3E17 - Frank Gargiulo (Red Hot + Blue, Pete Townshend, CIV, Rival Schools)

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Frank is The Art Dictator and the name is fitting, and he has developed artwork for some incredible records. In this, the first of 2 parts Frank discusses his introduction to the music art world and his work with Red Hot + Blue, Pete Townshend from The Who, Clutch, CIV, Rival Schools and more.

Jun 16 2020 · 47mins

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003: Pete Townshend & John Fogerty Turn 75! (May 2020)

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On Episode 003 of the brand new RETROZEST podcast, your host Curtis Lanclos discusses 2 Legendary Recording Artists who just turned 75 years of age in May 2020; Pete Townshend (of The Who) and John Fogerty (of Creedence Clearwater Revival)!

Contact Curtis at podcast@retrozest.com, or also on the RETROZEST Facebook page.... https://www.facebook.com/zestretro/

Also, check out our blog at www.retrozest.com.

May 29 2020 · 31mins
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Pete Townshend

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O guitarrista do The Who completa 75 anos e está na fase final da gravação de um novo álbum solo.

May 21 2020 · 2mins

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The Vinyl Years 5/19/2020: Celebrating Pete Townshend and Dusty Hill!

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The Vinyl Years 5/19/2020:  Celebrating Pete Townshend and Dusty Hill!

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May 19 2020 · 5mins
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Pete Townshend, Musiker und Sänger (Geburtstag 19.05.1945)

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Von ihm stammt der berühmte Satz: "I hope I die before I get old - Ich sterbe hoffentlich, bevor ich alt werde". Pete Townshend hat diese Zeile geschrieben, der Gitarrist und Songschreiber der britischen Gruppe "The Who". Heute wird er 75 und er lebt noch.
May 18 2020 · 4mins
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The Solo Albums of Pete Townshend

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The Who's Pete Townshend had a pretty interesting solo career and in this episode I talk about the highlights, especially Empty Glass, All The Best Cowboys Have Chinese Eyes and Scoop.


Apr 12 2020 · 33mins
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Squat Cobbler 112: Pete Townshend is a d*ck

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This week Dr. Mike and I discuss a former hero of mine who had some very unpleasant things to say recently… Pete Townshend.  Pete shared in a Rolling Stone article that he was glad Keith Moon and John Entwistle were dead and that he was basically the only thing good about The Who.  He also managed to work in the The Who aren’t a band anymore, in an interview to PROMOTE The Who’s upcoming new release.

Nice work Pete.

Clearly Pete knew we were coming after him and he has tried to back-peddle some, passing his words off as “I was being ironic in my own English way“.

On a happier note, Dr. Mike and I officially declared war on Hanson,  Squat Cobbler is coming for ya boys.

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Dec 06 2019 · 20mins
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Pete Townshend The Who (Not Hu)

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Segment One: The Who Top 7 List:   (Time:   32:35)

  • Pete Townshend recently made some unfortunate remarks about 2 deceased members of The Who, Keith Moon and John Entwistle, before quickly retracting the comments. The panel talk about the intended sentiment and dig into their library of music to pick their favorite Who songs of all-time.
  • Segment Two: A resurgence of Classic Rock:   (Time:   15:58)
  • An increasing number of people under the age of 25 are listening to Classic Rock. The panel talk about why, and the things they enjoy that were created before they were born.

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Nov 29 2019 · 48mins
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Book Club: The Who's Pete Townshend on his new novel

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Sam's guest in this week’s Book Club is the rock musician, writer and sometime Faber editor Pete Townshend. Pete has just published his first novel The Age of Anxiety, an ambitious work jointly conceived as an opera. They talk about madness and creativity, Who lyrics popping up in the fiction, how he settled on an Aristotelian plot, and the unusual way his psychic second wife sends him off to sleep.

The Spectator Book Club, what used to be known as Spectator Books, is a series of literary interviews and discussions on the latest releases in the world of publishing, from poetry through to physics. Presented by Sam Leith, The Spectator's Literary Editor. Hear past episodes here.
Nov 27 2019 · 31mins