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The Radical Act Of Choosing Common Ground To Create Change With Nisha Anand

Leading With Empathy & Allyship

In Episode 84, Nisha Anand, CEO of Dream Corps, joins Melinda in a reflective conversation about how we can make unlikely allies and find common ground to create large-scale change in our organizations, culture, and legislation. They share their take on the Supreme Court's draft opinion that would overturn Roe v. Wade, its impact on abortion rights across different communities, and the power every individual can have in pushing for an inclusive piece of legislation. Nisha also provides practical steps for creating common ground in communities and workplaces by learning how to have hard conversations, listening to understand, and finding commonalities that can help drive change forward.About Nisha Anand (she/her)Nisha Anand is the CEO of Dream Corps, a nonprofit organization that brings people together across racial, social, and partisan lines to solve our toughest problems. She is the Political Director of Rebuild The Dream, an organization fighting for an economy that works for everyone. Her journey from punk-rock protester to common ground champion is documented in her widely-viewed TED talk, The Radical Act of Choosing Common Ground. With her team of storytellers, organizers, and policy experts, Nisha focuses on criminal justice reform, green economics, and tech equity to create a better future for all.Previously, Nisha served as Chief of Staff to Van Jones, CNN commentator, and NY Times Bestselling Author. Nisha is a senior trainer and consultant with GIFT, the Grassroots Institute for Fundraising Training. As a certified coach, Nisha is a pioneer in the field of “fundraising coaching”–providing a unique blend of coaching people through their issues around money.In 1998, Nisha was arrested while passing out pro-democracy leaflets in the military dictatorship of Burma and was sentenced to five years in jail with 18 other international activists. Her arrest put her on the international stage, delivering speeches at numerous events and conferences and interviewing for TV, radio, and print. Nisha plays soccer and is the mother of two teenagers and a great dane.To join us for our monthly live event or find educational resources from the episode, visit ally.cc.Connect With Nisha On SocialLinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/nisha-m-anandFacebook: facebook.com/nisha.anand.31Twitter: twitter.com/NishaMAnandInstagram: instagram.com/nishamanandConnect With Us On SocialYouTube: youtube.com/c/changecatalystTwitter: twitter.com/changecatalystsFacebook: facebook.com/changecatalystsInstagram: instagram.com/techinclusionLinkedIn: linkedin.com/company/changecatalystsProduction TeamCreator & Host: Melinda Briana EplerCo-Producers: Renzo Santos & Christina Swindlehurst ChanCreative Director @ Podcast Rocket: Rob Scheerbarth[Image description: LEA promo with photos of Nisha Anand, a South Asian female with long wavy black hair, brown eyes, glasses, and a striped black and white long sleeve; and host Melinda Briana Epler, a White woman with red hair, glasses, and orange shirt holding a white mug behind a laptop.]Support the show


11 May 2022

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Radical Common Ground: Nisha Anand

Future Hindsight

Thursday, May 5th, 2022 Nisha Anand is an Indian-American activist, leader for racial justice, and the CEO of DreamCorps. Her expansive organizing experience solidified her belief in the power of working with unlikely partners to find real solutions. Nisha leads a diverse group of people who are learning, like her, the value of unconventional relationships. We discuss Dream Corps' work in criminal justice reform, building a green economy, and creating equity in tech. We all have our humanity in common, which forms a strong and consistent philosophical foundation for building allyship across differences. When we have that human connection, we can do heroic things. We can heal divides.  Follow Nisha Anand on Twitter: https://twitter.com/nishamanand   Follow Mila on Twitter: https://twitter.com/milaatmos   Follow Future Hindsight on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/futurehindsightpod/   Sponsors Subscribe to The Jordan Harbinger Show on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, wherever you listen or at jordanharbinger.com/subscribe Go to Shopify.com/hopeful for a FREE fourteen-day trial and get full access to Shopify’s entire suite of features.   Love Future Hindsight? Take our Listener Survey! http://survey.podtrac.com/start-survey.aspx?pubid=6tI0Zi1e78vq&ver=standard   Want to support the show and get it early? https://patreon.com/futurehindsight   Check out the Future Hindsight website! www.futurehindsight.com   Credits: Host: Mila Atmos Guest: Nisha Anand Executive Producer: Mila Atmos Producers: Zack Travis and Sara Burningham


5 May 2022

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Dream Bigger from Common Ground with Nisha Anand

Tips for the Transition | The Career Roadmap

This episode is a bit of a departure from our typical conversations about career transition, but we’re going to weave a thread for you to follow and bring you back to it. So, let me ask you a question: what would you do if you felt left out and left behind—like a misfit? My guest felt those things so powerfully that she became radically inclusive, and found herself always seeking common ground. Nisha Anand is a boundary-buster, common ground creator, and national leader for social and racial justice. Her TED Talk, The Radical Act of Choosing Common Ground, was viewed over one million times in the run-up to the divisive 2020 election. Nisha is known today as a leader in cultivating unlikely and unconventional partnerships to create change. She now pushes change-makers to dream bigger, design more inclusive movements, and experiment at scale. As Dream Corps’ CEO, Nisha guides a team of storytellers, organizers, and policy experts working at the intersections of criminal justice reform, green economics, and tech equity to create a better future for all. I want to bring Nisha’s vision to you because we can all use some personal and professional encouragement on dreaming bigger, being more inclusive, and finding common ground.If you enjoy this episode, please give it some love by commenting, sharing a review, or using the five-star rating where available. Thank you for your support. CONNECT WITH NISHA ANANDCEO, Dream CorpsWebsite: www.nishaanand.org Website: www.thedreamcorps.orgTed Talk: www.ted.com/talks/nisha_anand CONNECT WITH YOUR HOST, MARÍA TOMÁS-KEEGANCertified Career & Life Coach | Transition ExpertGet Your Free Book: How to Focus on Your Career & Get Ahead in the New Normal http://thrivewithmaria.com/NewNormalCareer Take This Free Assessment: Do I Stay Or Do I Go? Now or Later? Decision Tool http://thrivewithmaria.com/DecisionTool16Join My Private Facebook Group: Career Transition Roadmap | Support for Professional Women https://www.facebook.com/groups/careertransitionroadmapforprofessionalwomenVisit my website for more books & training: https://transitionandthrivewithmaria.com


4 May 2022

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EP. 54 Common Ground Ft. Nisha Anand

Rebel's Advocate Podcast

Our next guest of season 4 is grassroots activist and CEO of Dream Corps Nisha Anand. With over 1.5 million views on her 2020 Ted Talk on The Radical Act of Choosing Common Ground, Nisha has inspired many to consider the “power of working with unlikely partners to find real solutions. To continue the conversation with us make sure to follow us on Instagram @rebelsadvocatepod and on Twitter @rebelsADVpod and on our website www.rebelsadvocatepod.wordpress.com for resources and show notes. You can also subscribe for only $0.99/month for weekly bonus content released after every episode on Tuesdays.


26 Apr 2022

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Nisha Anand on Radical Common Ground

New Faces of Democracy

This episode features Indian-American activist and racial justice leader Nisha Anand of Dream Corps. Once a radical grassroots activist arrested in Burma for passing out pro-democracy leaflets, Nisha’s expansive organizing experience and work with mentors like Van Jones, solidified her belief in the power of working with unlikely partners to find real solutions. As Dream Corps’ CEO, Nisha leads a diverse group of people who are learning, like her, the value of unconventional relationships. Nisha and Nancy speak about how we can and must work with people across the divide to come up with lasting solutions to our biggest problems; how these solutions are enriched, not compromised, when we find common ground; and an optimistic take on our ability to tackle the climate crisis. If you’re interested in learning more about Nisha’s journey from punk-rock protester to common ground champion, check out her TED talk, The Radical Act of Choosing Common Ground.


13 Apr 2022

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Nisha Anand and the Power of Choosing Common Ground

Stepping Into Truth: Conversations on Social Justice and How We Get Free

Nisha Anand Around the world the divisions that define our societies are becoming deeper and more hardened. In this inspiring conversation Dream Corps CEO Nisha Anand and I talk about the power of finding common ground.  If we truly want to make the difference that we say we want to make we have to be willing to work with people who may have radically different points of view to ours but who, miraculously, share common ground with us on maybe only one thing.  Nisha gives us a map to coming together in service of a mutually important goal, beyond the politics and divisions that keep us in our silos of left, right, conservative, or progressive.  This conversation made me think differently about what's possible to achieve with unlikely collaborators.  Have a listen and then take her model out into your own work and expand your power to make change.  For a written transcript of this conversation go here. About Nisha: Nisha Anand is a boundary-buster, common ground creator, non-violent culture-creator, outside-the-box experimenter, and national leader for social and racial justice. Once a grassroots activist arrested in Burma for pro-democracy demonstrations, Nisha is known today as a leader in cultivating unlikely and unconventional partnerships to create change. As Dream Corps’ CEO, Nisha guides a team of storytellers, organizers, and policy experts working on some of society’s toughest problems to create a better future for all. 3 Action Steps:1) Listen deeply and with curiosity, not trying to change anyone's mind. Listen to understand.2) Grieve with others. We've all lost something these past 2 years, grieve with others.3) Dream big, the world can change overnight, so dream big.Bonus action4) Get involved with Dream Corps Resources mentioned in this episode:The Radical Act of Choosing Common Ground Tedx talk Connect with Nisha: Website: https://www.nishaanand.org/ Twitter: @nishamanand Instagram: @nishamanand LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/nisha-m-anand/ YouTube: Nisha Anand Playlist Credits:Harmonica music courtesy of a friend


15 Mar 2022

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Bridges: Dream Corps CEO Nisha Anand

Orange Juice for the Ears with Beatie Wolfe

Beatie Wolfe interviews radical feminist, punk rock activist and Dream Corps CEO Nisha Anand about her work at the intersection of criminal justice reform, green economics and tech equity. Listen to this show that takes you from a partitioned India to passing the First Step Act via the philosophy of building bridges wherever and whenever we can. Orange Juice for the Ears with “musical weirdo and visionary” (Vice) Beatie Wolfe explores the power of music across Space, Science, Art, Health, Film & Technology by talking to the leading luminaries in each field from Nobel Prize winners to multi-platinum producers and hearing the music that has most impacted them, their “Orange Juice for the Ears”. Beatie Wolfe is an artist who has beamed her music into space, been appointed a UN Women role model for innovation, and held an acclaimed solo exhibition at the V&A Museum. Named by WIRED as one of “22 people changing the world,” Beatie Wolfe is at the forefront of pioneering new formats for music that bridge the physical and digital, which include: a 3D vinyl for the palm of your hand; a wearable record jacket – cut by Bowie/Hendrix’s tailor out of fabric woven with Wolfe’s music – and most recently the world’s first live 360 AR stream from the quietest room on earth. Wolfe is also the co-founder of a “profound” (The Times) research project looking at the power of music for people living with dementia. Nisha Anand’s Orange Juice for the Ears First song that imprinted? “Just Like Heaven” by The Cure /   First album that shaped who you are? “Nite Klub” by The Specials – from their self titled album /   The music you would send into Space? “Without a day” by Car vs. Driver /   The song you would have at your memorial? “Requater” by Ida /   The album you would pass onto the next generation? “Boxcar” by Jawbreaker’s – from the album 24 Hour Revenge Therapy //. This show first aired live on dublab radio. The podcast was mastered by Dean Martin Hovey.

1hr 7mins

12 Oct 2021

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Nisha Anand: Dream Corps - The Best Solutions are the Most Inclusive Solutions

Gin & Justice

This week on Gin & Justice, Justine and Amanda talk common ground with Nisha Anand, CEO of the Dream Corps. Nisha has been an activist since she was a young child and she talks about her journey from her first protest to becoming CEO of one of the most innovative organizations that advocates for change by finding common ground between often polar opposite views and uses that to make progress.  Another amazing woman, making progress in leaps and bounds!  After this interview, if you want to hear her TED Talk, The Radical Act of Choosing Common Ground, found here: https://www.ted.com/talks/nisha_anand_the_radical_act_of_choosing_common_groundIf you want to learn more about Dream Corps, or any of their organizations, visit their website here:https://www.thedreamcorps.org/As always, if you are able, please donate.If you want to learn more about LEAP, please visit their website here: https://leapforladies.org/Remember, they have a FREE CLASS! Starting September 7th, 2021. 


24 Aug 2021

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Episode 10: Nisha Anand - Can deep, empathic, listening be the basis of nonviolence?

Ahimsa Conversations

Disturbed by the increasingly bitter polarization within American society, Nisha works to establish dialog and find common ground among those who may be firm opponents – in order to open pathways to justice and dignity for all.  She has been at the heart of a successful bipartisan campaign for criminal justice reform legislation in the US Congress.


12 Jul 2021

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Ep 46: Nisha Anand | The ability to move between worlds is the key to finding common ground

The Follow-Up Question

This week, I welcome Nisha Anand to the show. I first came to know about Nisha when I found her Ted Talk titled, The Radical Act of Choosing Common Ground. Sounds right up my alley, doesn’t it? A long-time activist and the CEO of a non-profit called The Dream Corps, Nisha has been involved in such work as helping garner bipartisan support for criminal justice reform that was eventually signed into law by President Trump. Call it compromise, call it bargaining, call it whatever you want, understanding differing viewpoints does not have to equal agreement. But there is no way you can find common ground and work toward solutions to challenging issues if you do not first understand the viewpoints and arguments that differ from your own. Watch Nisha's TED Talk: https://www.ted.com/talks/nisha_anand_the_radical_act_of_choosing_common_ground_mar_2020?language=en Learn more about Nisha's work with The Dream Corps at https://www.thedreamcorps.org

1hr 3mins

14 Jun 2021