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Ep. 42 - Martina Drassl - Sacred Plant Medicine, Healing & Apprenticeship

The Universe Within Podcast

Hey everybody! Episode 42 of the show is out. In this episode, I spoke with my friend Martina Drassl. Martina and I met about a decade ago when we both arrived in the Peruvian Amazon and were working in respective plant medicine centers, myself at the Temple of the Way of Light and Martina at Nihue Rao Centro Espiritual. Martina is originally from northern Italy and spent time in the Peruvian Andes before embarking on a medicine path in the Shipibo lineage. She helped found Nihue Rao with a previous guest of mine, Joe Tafur. Martina brings a light and clarity and softness to her work and has gone very deeply into the process of plant medicine work and working within the Shipibo lineage. I really enjoyed speaking with her and she shares a lot of wisdom. I think you all will enjoy this conversation and hopefully learn a lot from it and from her. To view bonus material, get access to Q&A’s, and extended conversations, check out my Patreon page below. Enjoy!"My name is Martina Drassl. I was born in 1975 grew up in South Tyrol, a border province in the North of Italy, close to Switzerland and Austria. I speak German, Italian, English and Spanish.After many years of work experience as Hotel Receptionist and Youth Coordinator I moved to the Peruvian Andes where I coordinated a Non Profit organization for sustainable development and cooperation.  In 2009 my healing journey with Amazonian Master Plants began. I worked for extensive time periods as a facilitator in the Retreat Center Nihue Rao in Iquitos, Peru. I  studied Somatic Experiencing Trauma Release in Los Angeles and Burlingame, CA to become a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner (SEP). I divide my time between, South Tyrol/Italy, Peru and USA and Canada.”To learn more about Martina or to contact her, visit: https://www.homewithin.org/ and https://nihuerao.com/ This episode of the show is sponsored by the Temple of the Way of Light. To learn more or sign up for a retreat, visit:https://templeofthewayoflight.org/If you enjoy the show, it would be a big help if you could share it with your own audiences via social media or word of mouth. And please Subscribe or Follow and if you can go on Apple Podcasts and leave a starred-rating and a short review. That would be super helpful with the algorithms and getting this show out to more people. Thank you in advance!My colleague Merav Artzi (who I interviewed in episode 28) and I will be running diets in the Sacred Valley of Peru on May 1-29 and September 1-29. If you would like more information about joining us and the work I do, visit my site at: https://www.NicotianaRustica.orgAnd finally, with the pandemic, most people doing this work have been without access to work since March and the future is uncertain. If you are able to and would like to donate to the show to help out with new content that would be deeply appreciated. For just a few dollars a month you can subscribe through Patreon and it gives you some really nice added benefits like early access to shows, bonus episodes, and a chance to ask personalized questions.To support this podcast on Patreon, visit: https://www.patreon.com/UniverseWithinTo donate directly with PayPal: https://www.paypal.me/jasongrechanikMusic courtesy of Nuno Moreno. See his work at: https://m.soundcloud.com/groove_a_zen_sound and https://nahira-ziwa.bandcamp.com/And please leave any questions or comments in the comment section or email at:https://www.UniverseWithinPodcast.comThis will help me with ideas for future shows.Thanks and until the next episode!https://www.facebook.com/UniverseWithinPodcasthttps://www.instagram.com/UniverseWithinPodcast

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31 Mar 2021

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Martina Drassl & Cvita Mamic Are Back Talking About Their Personal Experiences With Plant Medicine

Interviews with Innocence

In part two of this special episode with Martina Drassl and Cvita Mamic we discuss in detail their extensive personal and professional experience with master plants and the heart healing powers they hold. For more information about this episode please visit: https://www.interviewswithinnocence.com/blog/49


19 Oct 2020

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How an Artist/Healer and Somatic Experience Therapist Healer Discovered the Healing Effects of Master Plants in Peru With Martina Drassl & Cvita Mamic

Interviews with Innocence

In part one of this special episode with Martina Drassl and Cvita Mamic we discuss in detail their extensive personal and professional experience with master plants and the heart healing powers they hold. For more information about this episode please visit: https://www.interviewswithinnocence.com/blog/48


15 Oct 2020

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A Personal Story of Healing with Ayahuasca and Master Plants with Martina Drassl

Interviews with Innocence

In this episode, Martina and I discuss how Ayahuasca has the potential to help us access a deeper level of our spirituality and discover emotional healing. Martina explains from personal experience how to manage expectations with an ayahuasca experience and how to prepare your mind and body.  For more information about this episode please visit: https://www.interviewswithinnocence.com/blog/41


27 Aug 2020

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Episode 10 | Cvita Mamic and Martina Drassl | Modern Spirit Podcast

Modern Spirit Podcast

Fascinating interview with artist/healer Cvita Mamic and somatic experience therapist/healer Martina Drassl. A great discussion with my spiritual sisters and Nihue Rao family Cvita and Martina, the sound quality is rough, but that's because it was recorded on location in the maloka at Nihue Rao Centro Espiritual. I think it's worth working through the parrots and roosters, always so impressed with their insights into the world of healing.


21 Dec 2019

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Origins Of A Super Woman Feat. Martina Drassl

Warrior in the Garden

Today I was able to sit down and hear the origin story of how Martina Drassl became a Ayauhusca Shaman and somatic experience healer.  Please check out her blog homewithin.org as she shares her life through some of her writings.  Enjoy!!

1hr 5mins

13 Sep 2019