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My Maine Man! with Emily Calandrelli


Emily Calandrelli (Emily's Wonder Lab on Netflix) joins Kurt and Scotty to talk about building a sperm bank on the moon, a woman who thought she had Crohn’s disease, a three headed taxidermy duckling, a lost tourist who ended up in Maine instead of San Francisco and a man who only drank beer for Lent!See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


23 Mar 2021

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Will Humans Ever Live on Mars? ft. Emily Calandrelli

Sidenote by AsapSCIENCE

SpaceX, Mars Perseverance, Virgin Galactic - are humans going to live on MARS!? Today we are joined by Emily Calandrelli who is WAY smarter than us about all this stuff so she can teach us WHAT THE HECK IS GOING WITH PRIVATE AND PUBLIC SPACEFLIGHT! What Did We Learn This Week 03:23 - Why Two Candles Can Replace the Sensor Bar on Your Wii! 06:22 - Why Did Europeans Colonize the Americas? Studytime: LIFE ON MARS 13:13See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.

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10 Mar 2021

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Ep. 196 - Drugs at work? Emily Calandrelli‼️ WVU Sports‼️

The Raspy Voice Kids

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25 Feb 2021

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Get to Know Emily Calandrelli

Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls

Get to know Science communicator Emily Calandrelli. She is the host and co-executive producer of the hit Netflix series Emily’s Wonder Lab. In this episode, Emily tells us what made her fall in love with outer space, and why kids should be interested in space exploration. We even get to learn how to create our own science experiments at home!


7 Jan 2021

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Mae Jemison Narrated by Emily Calandrelli

Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls

In this episode, a girl who dreamed of the stars, and launched herself into history. In 1992, Dr. Mae Jemison became the first Black woman to go into space. Mae dreamed of becoming a scientist when she was a child, and along with being an astronaut, she also worked as a doctor, professor, Peace Corps member, and CEO. Today, she continues reaching for the stars through the 100 Year Starship project, which aims to make interstellar space travel possible by 2112. This story is narrated by science communicator Emily Callandrelli. About the Narrator Science communicator Emily Calandrelli is the host and co-executive producer of the hit Netflix series Emily’s Wonder Lab. Each episode features Emily and a group of kid-scientists as they learn about STEAM through experiments and fun activities. Emily is also an Executive Producer and Emmy nominated host of FOX’s Xploration Outer Space and was a correspondent on Netflix’s, Bill Nye Saves The World. Emily, who was named to Adweek’s“11 Celebrities and Influencers Raising the Bar for Creativity in 2017”, is also an accomplished writer and speaker on the topics of space exploration, scientific literacy, and equality. Her chapter book series, The Ada Lace Adventures, centers around an eight-year-old girl with a knack for science, math, and solving mysteries with technology. Emily frequently gives talks about the importance of science literacy, the benefits of space exploration, and the challenges for women in STEM careers. Her first two TEDx talks, “I Don’t Do Math” and “Space Exploration Is The Worst,” have garnered over one million views on YouTube.  CreditsThis podcast is a production of Rebel Girls. It’s based on the book series Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls. Executive Producers are Jes Wolfe and Katie Sprenger. This episode was produced by Isaac Kaplan-Woolner. Sound design and mixing by Luis Miranda. This episode was written by Alexis Stratton. Proofread by Ariana Rosas. It was narrated by Emily Calandrelli, who we will get to know better on Thursday's episode! Original theme music was composed and performed by Elettra Bargiacchi. For more, visit www.rebelgirls.com. Until next time, stay rebel!


5 Jan 2021

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Season 2 Episode 39: COVID Treatments, Dogs and Faces and The Space Gal: Emily Calandrelli

The Science Pawdcast

This week on the Science Pawdcast we have a SUPER SIZED AMAZING EDITION to kick off the last part of Season 2!In Science News we take a deep dive into the newest studies on COVID-19 treatments....as the numbers spike in Canada, Europe and the United States...what does the science say?  In Pet Science we take a look at a very popular and recent study which studied how much do dogs care about what our human faces look like?  I think we can all agree us humans REALLY care about what our dogs' faces look like!  Ha!We are delighted to have Emily Calandrelli as our Expert Guest!  She is an engineer and host/co-host of numerous shows, but recently, the host and co-executive producer of Emily's Wonder Lab on Netflix!  Of all the shows that would fit with our tagline of Science, Empathy and Cuteness, it's this show!  She delights us with how the show was conceived and the fun process of filming it!  As well in Woo Or Wow, Gideon from I've Pet that Dog is back to tackle some trivia about space!  We also chat about his new book!!!Enjoy the episode everyone, and check out the links below!Emily on Twitter:  https://twitter.com/TheSpaceGalEmily's Website: http://www.thespacegal.com/Emily on Tik Tok: https://www.tiktok.com/@thespacegal?source=h5_mThe Brooke Owen's Fellowship!I've Pet That Dog: https://twitter.com/IvePetThatDogPet That Dog Book Link!!!  (That's amazon.ca - find it on amazon.com easily too!)The Bunsen Websitewww.bunsenbernerbmd.comThe Bunsen Website has adorable merch with hundreds of different combinations of designs and apparel- all with Printful- one of the highest quality companies we could find!Genius Lab Gear for 10% link!-10% off science dog bandanas, science stickers and science Pocket toolshttps://t.co/UIxKJ1uX8J?amp=1Bunsen and Beaker on Twitter:https://twitter.com/bunsenbernerbmdBunsen on Facebookhttps://www.facebook.com/bunsenberner.bmd/InstaBunsandBeakshttps://www.instagram.com/bunsenberner.bmd/?hl=en Support the show (https://www.patreon.com/bunsenberner)

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22 Oct 2020

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Episode 1: Emily Calandrelli – Emily’s Wonderlab

Why is Everyone Yelling?

Emily Calandrelli joins us for episode one! About a month ago my kids discovered the new netflix show “Emily’s Wonderlab” and I immediately knew I had to try to book Emily for thi brand new podcast. Emily’s Wonderlab is an educational show about science that does an amazing job engaging with kids and teaching them important science skills. One of the first things that will catch your eye when watching Emily’s Wonderlab is that she is very pregnant as she hosts the show. A badass woman scientist pregnant with her first baby. Amazing. Here is a little more info about Emily pulled from her website:  Emily is an MIT-engineer turned Emmy-nominated science TV host. She’s the Host and Co-Executive Producer of Emily’s Wonder Lab on Netflix, She’s featured as a correspondent on Netflix’s Bill Nye Saves the World and an Executive Producer and host of FOX’s Xploration Outer Space, which airs in 100 million households each week. Her first science children’s book series, the Ada Lace Adventures, are now available for purchase. She recently launched the third Ada Lace book into space as part of the Storytime From Space program. Emily is also a professional speaker who has spoken at venues like Google, Pixar, MIT, Texas Instruments, CERN, and dozens of K-12 schools and Universities around the country. She focuses her talks on the topics of science communication, space exploration, and women in STEM. Her 3 TEDx talks are available on YouTube. Emily’s educational background is in engineering and policy. At West Virginia University she received bachelors in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering. While at WVU she was awarded the Goldwater scholarship for research and Truman scholarship for policy work. She received her Masters from MIT in Aeronautics and Astronautics as well as Technology and Policy. What we talked about: 6:30- Introduction to Emily Calandrelli and how she got into science 8:45- Why she got into production and doing science shows 10:00- The behind the scenes creation of Emily’s Wonderlab Show 11:15- Being one of the only females in her undergraduate science program and how that translated into the science production industry 16:00- Emily’s thoughts on how to be kind when teaching or explaining science 18:05- How she approaches conversations when people don’t believe in science 20:10- How both parents and kids can become science literate 22:00- Working with Bill Nye for the show “Exploration Outer Space” and how it has shaped her 25:00- What she has learned from Bill Nye 29:35- Getting young girls into science and the STEM field 30:35- Her book series, the Ada Lace Series 32:10- How having her daughter has changed her views on her career 35:30- Why it is important that we are doing space exploration 36:00- End of podcast questions 41:30- Listener questions from kids! Show Notes: Emily’s Website Ada Lace Series Follow Emily: Emily on Instagram Emily on Twitter Emily on Facebook  Follow US!! Why is Everyone Yelling on Instagram Join our Facebook Group


1 Oct 2020

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DB 214: Space Gal Emily Calandrelli On STEM, Roller Coasters & DYI Science Experiments

Dream Big Podcast

When schools closed in the spring due to the pandemic, Eva’s grandparents suggested that we check out Xploration Outer Space streaming on Amazon Prime Video.  That show, which became a household favorite, is hosted by the wonderful and brilliant Emily Calandrelli -- who is Eva’s guest this week on the Dream Big Podcast!    Emily has also been featured as a correspondent on Bill Nye Saves the World and is the author of the science children's book series, the Ada Lace Adventure.  Emily also has a new Netflix show called Emily’s Wonder Lab where she takes kids through lively mind-boggling experiments that will get your kiddos excited about STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math), which is Emily’s great passion.   As you will see from the episode, Emily has great energy and is so much fun.  We encourage all Big Dreamers to check out her new show on Netflix!  Our family has been watching her amazing experiments on her Youtube and Instagram all summer, and we know Emily’s Wonder Lab on Netflix will be great educational fun for the whole family.  For our show notes, visit DreamBigPodcast.com/214


24 Aug 2020

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What If the Sun Dimmed Down? - Guest: Emily Calandrelli

What If, discussed.

We all know we depend on the Sun, but how much? And what happens to us if the Sun goes down...on us?!  Join Peter and Richard and science communicator and self-described "Space Gal" Emily Calandrelli as we figure out how much our big blue marble depends on that big orange fireball 93 millions miles away. Show notes: https://whatifshow.com/podcast Join hosts Peter Schmiedchen and Richard Garner with some of the world’s top thinkers in science, astronomy, technology, academia and futurism to ponder some of your most popular What If videos. Subscribe to this podcast and please rate & review us. Thanks for being part of the What If community as we embark on an epic exploration of possibilities. Join us online: Website https://whatifshow.com/podcastWhat If on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/WhatIfScienceShowWhat If on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/What.If.scienceWhat If on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/whatif.show  If you’d like to sponsor this podcast, please get in contact with our partners at Notorious - Sales@Notorious.llc How to Survive https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOch_vMp7AKaiGE7e6kSHfg Hosts: Peter Schmiedchen and Richard GarnerExecutive producer: Steve HulfordSupervising producer: Richard Garner and Stephen HenrickTechnical producer: Demid TumanovSocial media: Saida MirzalimovaResearch: Jay MoonTrailer: Evan YueArtwork: Alex GriffithProduction: UnderknownSupport the show: https://www.patreon.com/whatifshowSee omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


10 Jul 2020

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Episode 1 - Emily Calandrelli

Mountaineer Media Podcast

Emily Calandrelli joins the podcast with the boys to discuss aliens, the BLM movement, the recent SpaceX launch, Elon Musk, the future of West Virginia and much more.


20 Jun 2020