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S1E7: Doing and Undoing with Roman Rimer

Queer Circle Podcast

Welcome back to the Queer Circle, where Queer healers step up to the mic to share their stories and what they would tell their younger self. Today’s guest is Roman Rimer, a Queer, Trans, Non-Binary White Ashkenazi Jew. He has a bachelors in Liberal Arts with a background in theatre training at various improv schools. In the past, Roman was a caregiver to Trans and Queer clients as well as a member of the SAG-AFTRA. Currently Roman resides in the San Francisco Bay Area/Occupied Ohlone land working as a Standardized patient (UCSF, Samuel Merritt, Stanford), Radio show host and trained theta healer. Check out his weekly podcast: weeklyrev.wordpress.com or visit livebio.com/romanrimer. Music by Purple Fluorite (Bandcamp // or all the streaming platforms) QueerCirclePodcast.com


25 Sep 2020

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Episode 22: Interview with Roman Rimer

Paradox of Civility

On this Episode...I have a one-on-one interview with Roman Rimer, who called in to the "Hate Project" a few times during its 2012-2013 run (you can hear him on POC episodes 5,9,14,20). Roman is a trans, queer community activist and performer based in the Bay Area, and he hosts a weekly radio show as well.  Roman and I reflect on how our views have changed in the last few years in regards to having peaceful dialogues with hate mongers, be they nazis or TERFS. Roman also discusses the worsening homelessness and wealth disparity problems in the Bay Area, and how they're connected to the presence of big tech companies but are also part of a long colonialist tradition. We also discuss how every major American "liberal" city is essentially a police state designed to protect the wealth of the wealthiest. Other topics include how mainstream liberals often blockade true progress, sex workers and the marginalization of communities as a way of keeping everyone in line, the power of people in affecting societal change, and the value of creating communities and networks as a way of sustaining each other when the government fails us.  Listen to Roman's show "The Weekly Review" - airing Fridays between 12:00pm-2:00pm Pacific Standard Time - here: http://pcrcollective.orgAnd follow Roman at @RomanRimer  Email: paradoxofcivility@gmail.comTwitter: @civilpodcastFacebook:  https://www.facebook.com/paradoxofcivility/ Music:  Gnossienne no. 1 by International Surrealist Bulletinis licensed under a CC0 1.0 Universal License.Remedy for Melancholy by Kai Engel is licensed under a Attribution License. 

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24 Mar 2019

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041 - When In Roman (Ft. Roman Rimer)

The Meat Cute

Where does comedy and activism converge? The cuties are joined by Roman Rimer (comedian and host of Weekly Review on Mutiny Radio) to jump head-first into the mess that is standup comedy, which isn't always kind to marginalized people. Everyone shares their standup horror stories and digs into the concept of "punching up" when it comes to comedy. Oh, and Joshua talks about pooping in public restrooms. Things don't go well.

9 Feb 2017

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#63: Roman Rimer

Magnet Theater Podcast

Comedian and activist, ROMAN RIMER, visits us from San Francisco to talk about using comedy to punch up, learning from personal confrontation, and the development of our cities. This is an episode unlike any we’ve had thus far, dealing with matters of social tolerance, capitalism, and human nature. It’s a thought-provoking episode and we’re thrilled to have Roman as a guest! A one-time Magnet student and performer, Roman now lives in the Bay Area. Louis is quick to point out that, perhaps more than anyone he knows, Roman truly straddles the line between comedy and activism. As he puts it, he is always looking to use comedy to “punch upward.” Amongst the causes he champions, Roman is particularly interested in combating police brutality, prison abolition, and cannabis legalization. Roman talks a bit about growing up in the Bay Area and Chicago and how, as a child of the 1980’s he feels as though the media and authority figures of that time were very much interested in scaring people into conforming, especially children. Louis leads them into talking about the “us vs them” mentality which is so prevalent in our society. Roman studied Theater and Psychology in college and eventually made his way to NYC, where he was immediately confronted with the challenge of being an artist in a capitalistic society where funding was difficult to come by. We hear a bit about how Roman got his start in the arts and Louis deconstructs our “top dog” nature. He then asks Roman about traveling all around the country doing his solo shows, which have always been heavily autobiographical. Given that Roman shares such personal details through his shows, Louis wonders what it’s like to be so intimate with strangers in strange places. Has he encountered a lot of people he doesn’t see eye-to-eye with? Roman describes a performance where he was confronted by an audience member and how both men have grown from the experience. Louis wonders, are we as a species getting closer as time goes on, or is the gulf widening? Louis likens improv training to Professor X educating the X-Men as a force for good, which is a beautiful thing to think about. Where is Roman’s art these days? He tells us about his podcast called The Weekly Review on Mutiny Radio out of San Francisco, which deals with current events and activism. Speaking of – what’s going on in San Francisco right now? It sounds horrible, right? At least, that’s Louis’ take. They discuss the development of San Francisco and the changes that have been occurring in NYC as well. Finally, Louis asks Roman how the improv scene can address the issue of diversity? What resource does Roman want you to check out? Find out all that and more. One this is extraordinarily clear from this episode, Roman Rimer is making a dedicated effort to change the world around him and it’s damn impressive. The post #63: Roman Rimer appeared first on Magnet Theater.

28 Oct 2015

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The 2nd Episode: Brandon Garner, Dayna Keyes, and Roman Rimer

Off White

The sophomore episode of Off White welcomes the fancy female stylings of southern-born Greek/Lebanese/Cajun/Jewish radio personality Dayna Keyes, the fine wisdom of trans activist and storyteller Roman Rimer, and token hetero white man improvisor and stand-up comedian Brandon Garner.  In this episode we discuss the new diverse landscape of the Star Wars movies, Elle Fanning's upcoming role as a trans boy in the movie About Ray, and a controversial joke about Blue Ivy that was made on Julie Klausner and Billy Eichner's new show, Difficult People. We also do a round of the "Recast" game with The Hangover and give all the roles to females. But before all that, we have some serious conversation about Dayna's connection to the Doobie Brothers, Uncle Michael McDonald, and Liza Minelli. 

1hr 5mins

28 Aug 2015