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The Complexity of Obesity and Weight Management with Jenny Rosborough

The Head First Podcast

Obesity is one of the biggest public health concerns at the moment, and often the conversation centres around how the individual is personally responsible.  In this episode I speak with Jenny Rosborough where we explore all of the different factors that play into obesity and weight management. Jenny is a registered nutritionist who specialises in public health. Jenny works with Jamie Oliver as the Head of Nutrition and works in Public Health to change the conversation when it comes to obesity and public health.  joe@headfirst.ie


28 Sep 2020

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Fitness Unfiltered Episode 72: The Government Obesity Strategy with Sophie Medlin, Jenny Rosborough and Laura Tilt

Fitness Unfiltered

Much has been spoken about the recently announced "world leading" government obesity strategy, so we thought we would enlist the assistance of nutrition professionals and FU regulars Sophie Medlin, Jenny Rosborough and Laura Tilt to delve into the matter and discuss the plans in a balanced and unbiased manner, with a particular focus on the not only the challenges we face when tackling lifestyle change on an individual level, but also the challenges involved in creating public health strategies that are intended to apply to a very broad range of people, ie EVERYONE. You can find out more about them at @sophiedietitian @hellohealthyyou_ and @nutritilty on Instagram. We hope you enjoy this episode, and if you do please give us a review and rating and subscribe to the podcast, tell all your friends and tag us in your social media posts! As always your Fitness Unfiltered Team is: @DrMikeThe2nd @ace_dan_osman @esgfitness

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13 Aug 2020

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Ep.39 Jenny Rosborough: Food environment, food insecurity and food choices

The Health Scientist Podcast

Jenny Rosborough (RNutr) is Head of Nutrition at Jamie Oliver and is Registered with the Association for Nutrition. Jenny works across the Jamie Oliver Group to implement nutrition standards and is particularly passionate about improving the food environment through policy change. She is part of the Expert Advisory Group for Bite Back 2030, a youth-led movement calling for a food system that puts children's health first. Jenny was previously Campaign Manager at Action on Sugar and developed MEND (child weight management) programmes, upskilling health professionals internationally to deliver these. She has an MSc in Nutrition from Kings College London and a BA in English and Sports Science from Loughborough University. Jenny's Instagram Jenny's Website NOTE: THERE WAS A SLIGHT ISSUE WITH MY AUDIO NEAR AT THE START OF THE PODCAST. THIS ONLY LASTS FOR A FEW MINUTES BUT I APOLOGISE FOR THE POOR QUALITY. In this episode we cover: Jenny's background in nutrition and her experience in behaviour change programs and food policy The importance of understanding people's background and barriers when working in food policy change Learning that not everyone's situation is the same and how that greatly affects food choices What is the food environment and how does it affect nutrition How the food industry shapes our palate and therefore our food decisions The reasons ultraprocessed foods are so commonly marketed The triple challenge of undernourishment, hidden hunger and obesity Why government food policies are needed to level the economic playing field for industry so they will comply with changes The success of the "Sugar-Tax" in the UK and how it has reduced sugar intake from soft drinks Is there a backlash from people who don't want a nanny state changing their favourite foods? How industry reformulations due to new government policies have reduced sugar and salt intake without needing the consumers to make any changes. The role of marketing in influencing people's food decisions The incredible complexity of societal, economic, psychological and biological factors that go into food choice The dissonance between the foods/diets promoted on social media and what some people actually have access to The reality of food insecurity during lockdown and how it is very unequally experienced by different socioeconomic groups What is holiday hunger experienced by some children when they aren't in school What are some of the most important issues that the government needs to deal with regarding food policy Why systemic changes are just as important as public education/awareness campaigns


22 Jul 2020

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Public Health and Obesity conversations Part 1: with Nutritionist, Jenny Rosborough & Biteback 2030

Nutritank: nourish your mind

DISCLAIMER: Please note that the views of our podcast guests may not always align with the views of Nutritank We are excited to announce that the next few episodes will be part of a sequence: Public Health and Obesity conversations. Ally will talk to experts in this field from varying disciplines over the coming weeks. This week, we bring you Part 1 of the sequence with 3 very special guests: Jenny Rosborough (Head of Nutrition at Jamie Oliver), Nicki Whiteman (Director of Communications at Biteback 2030) and Tasha Mhakayakora (Bite Back Youth Board member and youth activist). They discuss many topics including energy drinks, the sugar tax, food labelling, calorie consumption, Bite Back 2030 and youth health activism. We hope that you learn and enjoy! Pod show notes: -Jenny Rosborough Instagram & Twitter: @hellohealthyyou -Bite Back Instagram & Twitter: @Biteback2030 - Website with Bite Back video on front page: https://biteback2030.com -Nutritank on Jamie & Jimmy’s Friday Night Feat: https://www.channel4.com/programmes/jamie-and-jimmys-friday-night-feast/on-demand/68197-004 -The Restaurant that burns calories: https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m000hjnr -100 kilo kids documentary: https://www.channel4.com/programmes/100-kilo-kids-obesity-sos -Culinary Medicine: https://culinarymedicineuk.org We hope that you enjoyed the episode! Please spread the word about Nutritank by giving the podcast a 5 star rating and leave a review! Don't forget to check us out on social media (Instagram: @nutritank_official ; Twitter: @nutritank_info) and on our website: https://nutritank.com/

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1 May 2020

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Episode 33: Public Health and Nutrition with Jenny Rosborough

The Irish Balance Podcast

Welcome back to the FIRST Podcast episode of 2020! I’m so excited to share this week’s guest with you - UK-based registered nutritionist and head of nutrition at the Jamie Oliver Group, Jenny Rosborough. Jenny’s career background is quite diverse, working as Campaign Manager at Action on Sugar, and in child and family nutrition, designing and delivering evidence-based weight management treatment and prevention programmes for families, and delivering the UK MEND programme training (Mind, exercise, nutrition, do it!) to health, education and social care professionals, nationally and internationally. I’ve been following Jenny on Instagram @hellohealthyyou_ for quite a while now, and absolutely love her perspective on public health nutrition, particularly campaigning for a healthier food environment. We chat about public health nutrition, changes to our food environment over the last few decades, and challenges around regulating our food environment too. If you enjoy this Podcast, as always let myself and Jenny know - get in touch via Instagram or leave a comment on the Podcast here!  Credit: Music https://www.purple-planet.com 


23 Jan 2020

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Changes in Food Policies / Reformulation Of Foods And Drinks / With Jenny Rosborough

Big Feed up HQ

Jenny Rosborough is a Registered Nutritionist, media spokesperson for a healthier food environment and head of nutrition at Jamie Oliver Ltd. In this episode we cover:- Is the food and drink industry telling us what to do- Changing policies in food production- Biteback 2030 - Charity - Creating consumer demand for a healthier food environment - Kcal labelling on menus - Price promotions on whole foods- Banning energy drink purchases for under 16’s- Ethical belief on food and science to support those ethical belief Keep up with Jenny:Instagram - https://instagram.com/hellohealthyyou_?igshid=4igz3gx0bii8Twitter - hellohealthyouKeep up with Biteback 2030:Website - https://www.biteback2030.com/Instagram - https://instagram.com/biteback2030?igshid=19fjhqqy7yvri-33 Fuel help keep the lights on with this show.33 Fuel produce natural and powerful sports nutrition products. Completely plant based, gluten free and dairy free, 33 fuel have recently brought out an energy bar and a protein bar:https://www.33fuel.com/all-products/Use matt10 for 10% off your first order: https://www.33fuel.com/As always lovely people if you like the show please share it with someone, subscribe and leave a rating on I tunes.


9 Nov 2019

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Fitness Unfiltered Episode 30: Jenny Rosborough - Public Health, Government Policy & Reducing Obesity

Fitness Unfiltered

On this episode of Fitness Unfiltered, the team speak to Jenny Rosborough RNutr (IG: hellohealthyyou_), Head of Nutrition at @jamieoliver and media nutritionist and spokesperson. Jenny is also a health and obesity campaigner and has been involved in initiatives MEND (Mind Exercise, Nutrition, Do it!), Action on Sugar and the sugar tax, amongst many other public health movements too. We delve into the ins and outs of government policy initiatives, how they’re implemented and these potentially positively contribute towards the reducing obesity. We also discuss how to best articulate these messages to the population most in need of the help taking into account the socioeconomic factors at play too. We hope you enjoy this episode, and if you do please give us a review and rating and subscribe to the podcast, tell all your friends and tag us in your social media posts! As always your Fitness Unfiltered Team is: @DrMikeThe2nd @ace_dan_osman @esgfitness


23 May 2019

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S2 E7 - Public Health Campaigns with Jenny Rosborough (RN)

The Food Medic

In this podcast episode, Dr Hazel sits down with Jenny Rosborough who is a freelance registered nutritionist and Head of Nutrition at the Jamie Oliver Group. Jenny has spent the last few years campaigning for a healthier food environment, previously as Campaign Manager at Action on Sugar and now with Jamie Oliver. Over the last ten years, Jenny has also worked in child nutrition, training health professionals to deliver healthy lifestyle programmes, called MEND (Mind, Exercise, Nutrition, Do it…!), with families nationally and internationally. Hazel and Jenny discuss the sugar tax, reformulation of foods, a ban on the of energy drinks to under 18s and a possibility of a meat tax. We would love your feedback on this episode and if you are enjoying the podcast please do subscribe, leave a rating and a review as it really does help. Ps. Don’t forget to keep listening to the end for a teaser to the next episode and also for this week’s challenge.Find Jenny on instagram @hellohealthyyou_ and on twitter @hellohealthyyou


13 Feb 2019

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Episode 17: Jenny Rosborough

The Strong Women Podcast

Today’s guest is Jenny Rosborough, a passionate and inspiring registered nutritionist specialising in public health. Jenny has worked for organisations focussing on childhood obesity and sugar and has campaigned for changes to legislation around food labelling and the sugar tax. Her most recent role is as Head of Nutrition at Jamie Oliver where she oversees the nutritional aspects of his recipes, restaurants and his campaigns. Jenny has worked with us on The Model Method Online and she really is an advocate of a balanced approach to nutrition rather than seeing certain foods as the enemy. In this episode we discuss how organisations are working to make public diet more nutritious and how those with the biggest voices in nutrition aren’t always the most qualified. I hope you enjoy the podcast and excuse the occasional barks of her dog in the background. Jenny's Favourite Book: The Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving a Fuck by Sarah Knight (you can buy it here: https://amzn.to/2upsjQK)Where to find out more about Jenny Rosborough:- Website: Hello Healthy You (https://hellohealthyyoudotcom1.wordpress.com/about/)- Twitter: https://twitter.com/HelloHealthyYou- Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HelloHealthyYou/- Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/hellohealthyyou_/Bio: Jenny Rosborough, RNutrJenny is Head of Nutrition at Jamie Oliver Ltd overseeing a team of Registered Nutritionists who provide nutritional input across the business from the campaign work to recipe books, TV shows and the restaurant group. Having completed an MSc in Nutrition at King’s College London and a Joint Honours Degree in English and Sports Science at Loughborough University, Jenny developed international child weight management programmes called MEND (Mind, Exercise, Nutrition, Do it!) based on nutrition education, physical activity and behaviour change. Jenny has worked as a consultant for the NHS and the Association for Nutrition to produce a Nutrition Competency Framework for the fitness and leisure sector, funded by Public Health England. More recently, Jenny was the Campaign Manager at Action on Sugar, a charity that campaigns for sugar reduction through awareness raising and putting direct pressure on the government and food and drink industry to create a healthier food environment.

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26 Mar 2018