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Melinda Livsey - How to become a brand strategist, overcoming self-doubt, and Chris Do as a mentor

Design Huddle - Top Rated UX Design Podcast

On this episode we bring back one of our favorite guests - Melinda Livsey. As the founder and brand strategist of Marks and Maker, Melinda unites over ten years of professional design experience with a penchant for thoughtful customer service. Melinda’s experience with notable names like Oakley, Paramount Pictures, and Loot Crate, coupled with her passion for creative thinkers and entrepreneurs, creates the perfect cocktail of impeccable workmanship, exceptional brands, and happy clientele. Not only is Melinda a rockstar entrepreneur she is the works for for The Futur as a Co-host on the Process. If you want to learn to be a better team consultant, strategist, or team member this episode is for you. Check out: https://www.marksandmaker.com/


13 Sep 2021

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152. How to Understand the Significance of Brand Strategy with Melinda Livsey

The Leadership Locker

On this episode of The Leadership Locker, Rich talks with Marks & Maker founder Melinda Livsey about brand strategy. Listen in as Rich and Melinda discuss Melinda’s approach to brand strategy, adjusting your strategy, what you can do to help your clients trust you more, and the importance of having a growth mindset.As the founder and creative director of Marks & Maker, Melinda Livsey unites eight years of professional design experience with a penchant for thoughtful customer service. Melinda’s experience with notable names like Oakley, Paramount Pictures and Loot Crate, coupled with her passion for creative thinkers and entrepreneurs, creates the perfect cocktail of impeccable workmanship, exceptional brands and happy clientele. Melinda has worked as an in-house and freelance designer for various companies and now specializes in brand identity at her studio, Marks & Maker.-----Personal Branding | Rich Cardona Media-----00:09 – Introduction06:53 – What is brand strategy?08:57 – Melinda’s approach to brand strategy11:58 – People who don’t believe they need a brand strategy15:35 – Course correction23:41 – Melinda’s pivot to becoming a brand strategist31:04 – Why you shouldn’t try to convince your clients34:33 – How to approach clients without a portfolio40:50 – How to help your clients trust you44:12 – How educating others has helped Melinda46:30 – Growth mindset49:55 – Where to find Melinda online51:10 – Rich’s closing thoughts-----Stories That Stick by Kindra Hall-----How to connect with Melinda:InstagramTwitterBehanceLinkedInMarks and Makers-----Connect with Rich:WebsiteLinkedInInstagramFacebookYouTube-----Rocket Stationbrooks@rocketstation.com


28 Jul 2021

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092: How to use brand strategy to grow your motion design business w/ Melinda Livsey

Motion Hatch: Helping Motion Designers Do Better Business

When you price your motion design projects, do you think about the value that you’ll bring to your client? How about asking them what success would look like? These two things in combination will allow you to create your best work and get paid well for it. Join Brand Strategist Melinda Livsey as she teaches you how. About Melinda Livsey Melinda Livsey started her career as a graphic designer before turning to brand strategy and education. She teaches other designers how to make the switch from designing to becoming a brand strategist.  She really wanted to work on bigger projects so she made the move from graphic design to brand identity. From there, she learned she could solve even bigger problems and help businesses to make their brands more profitable and memorable. Read the full shownotes here. 


19 Jul 2021

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S03E10 – Best of Episode – James Martin, Michael Janda, Stef Hamerlinck, Gianluca Cinquepalmi, Melinda Livsey, Thierry Brunfaut

The Studeo Podcast – Creative Thinking & Strategic Design

In this last episode of Season 3, I wanted to thank you all for tuning in and to do a 'Best of' episode. For those who might be new to the podcast, this would be a good way to introduce you to some of the earlier guests you might have missed. Following this episode, there will be a break, during which I will be reviewing the ongoing strategic direction for it. I'd love for you to help me decide the format for the podcast going forward.  Should I carry on with the 1hr guest episodes?  Should I do shorter episodes with more specific and actionable tips and tricks?  A Q&A format answering your questions?  All of the above? Something else? To participate in the conversation and help shape the future of the Studeo Podcast, become a Studeo Insider at go.studeo.com.au/join or send through a voice note with your feedback at https://anchor.fm/thestudeopodcast/message


1 Jun 2021

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S02E09 – Melinda Livsey – Presenting Client Work

The Studeo Podcast – Creative Thinking & Strategic Design

Melinda Livsey is on a mission to help graphic designers get paid to think. You might know her from her Brand Strategy Bootcamp or from being a co-host of @thefuturishere with @thechrisdo. I'm really excited to have had the chance to talk with her! Join Melinda @melindalivsey and me as we discuss presenting client work, thinking strategically, and other questions we took on the live call.


2 Mar 2021

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020 | Marketing And Selling Brand Strategy Services [With Melinda Livsey]

Brand Master Podcast

Learn how to market and sell brand strategy services and the brand strategist skillsets you need to develop.In this chat on the Brand Master Podcast, I have a well-known brand strategist and co-host with Chris Do on The Futur, Ms Melinda Livesey.In our chat Melinda uncovers a little about her journey to become a brand strategist though we quickly move on to marketing and sales tactics that have helped her to grow her personal brand, reparation as a brand strategist and of course her strategy agency.Melinda reveals some nuggets of gold and invaluable guerrilla marketing tactics she used (that any budding brand strategist can replicate) to get her first brand strategy clients.We also dive into the brand strategy discovery session and brand strategy workshop process, selling consultancy services and the benefit of providing stand-alone strategy services to branding and creative agencies.Finally, we discuss the graphic design skillsets that transfer seamlessly into the brand strategist role and the skillsets you need to develop to become a successful brand strategist.For more brand strategy resources and downloads visit brandmasteracademy.com


23 Sep 2020

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Episode 9 with Melinda Livsey

Covid-19 Opportunity In Isolation

Melinda Livsey got tired of being given a list of requests by her clients and producing designs that didn’t require much input or thought. That wasn’t why she became a graphic designer. The repetitive cycle of what she terms as being an ‘order taker’ was eating at her and she almost changed careers. In 2015, she added brand identity designer to her title and 2 years later her title grew to include brand strategist. Being able to come up with creative solutions for her clients relit the fire in her creative soul and she now also teaches graphic designers how to make the same transition. She’s the founder of Marks and Maker and you may have seen her co-host alongside Chris Do on the Futur. For anyone wanting to know more about identifying your ideal customer, branding strategy, how to not pitch or write proposals for free, this episode is for you. Connect with Melinda: LinkedIn Instagram https://www.marksandmaker.com The Future on YouTube Find us on: Spotify https://open.spotify.com/show/1AtphlIUtHdtFhr9AhMZjT


7 Sep 2020

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Melinda Livsey on the Journey from Designer to Strategist (Bonus)

Design Speaks

Melinda Livsey on Her Journey from Designer to Strategist (Bonus) Join us for this special bonus episode featuring fellow Design Strategist Melinda Livsey for an epic conversation about the journey from designer to strategist.  On this week’s episode: Melinda Livsey is the founder and creative director of Marks & Maker. Melinda is a brand identity […]The post Melinda Livsey on the Journey from Designer to Strategist (Bonus) appeared first on BrandiSea Design Co..Support the show (https://buymeacoffee.com/BrandiSea)


18 Aug 2020

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S01.E08 - Brand Strategy Workshops with Melinda Livsey

JUST Branding

Melinda Livsey, a brand strategist & online educator, shares her journey of going from a designer to brand strategist, sharing her definitions of brand & brand strategy, how she “sells” strategy, her onboarding process, how to conduct a brand strategy workshop step-by-step, including the deliverables, plus, what life is like without design. Tune in with Jacob Cass, Matt Davies & Melinda Livsey, if you want to go from being an “order taker” to brand expert.


22 Jun 2020

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From Designer to Brand Strategist With Melinda Livsey

Design Domination

#63 Hear the challenges that led Melinda Livsey, The Futur co-host, to go from designer to brand strategist, why she no longer does design work, how she builds trust with clients, questions she always asks during a consultation that position her as an expert.


20 May 2020