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EP 315: Scaling Your Business to 7-Figures in Just 12 Months w/ Mike Simmons

StartupU Podcast with Chris Michael Harris

Scaling your business is not an easy task. In today's episode, Mike Simmons shares his secrets on how he grew his business into 7-figures in just 12 months. Connect with Mike Simmons on: facebook.com/mike.simmons.me instagram.com/mikesimmons twitter.com/mikesimmons MikeSimmons.com __________________ If you have enjoyed listening to today's episode, please don't forget to subscribe, rate, and leave us feedback! Connect with me on: facebook.com/HeyCMH/ youtube.com/c/StartupU @HeyCMH 💻  Want to learn more about starting your business? Join my early-bird access at https://chrismichaelharris.com/business-startup/ ▼ GRAB THESE FREEBIES https://chrismichaelharris.com/ultimate-startup-checklist/ 💬 Join my Free StartupU Mastermind: https://www.facebook.com/groups/startupumastermind/ See you on the next episode!

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19 Apr 2021

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Meridian Hive 2.0 - Cayce & Mike Simmons (Ep 137)

Austin All Day

Meridian Hivehttps://www.meridianhive.com/Johnson's Backyard Garden discount code ALLDAY for 10% offhttps://www.jbgorganic.com/Ranch Rider Spirit Co.https://www.ranchriderspirits.com/Support the show (https://www.patreon.com/join/Austinallday)

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15 Mar 2021

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🆕 Are Great Entrepreneurs Born Or Made with Mike Simmons

How to Trade Stocks and Options Podcast by 10minutestocktrader.com

Ready to Take the guesswork out of trading? Check out https://www.aistocktradingsystem.com Check the following link to find out more about are great entrepreneurs born or made you need to visit: https://www.mikesimmons.com The video is all about are great entrepreneurs born or made information but also try to cover the following subject: -entrepreneurs are both born and made -are entrepreneurs born or made -are entrepreneurs born or trained So you wish to know more about are great entrepreneurs born or made, I did too, and here's the video that I created around this topic. Are great entrepreneurs born or made interested me so I did some research and published this to YT? Our channel has other related video clips about entrepreneurs are both born and made, are entrepreneurs born or made and are entrepreneurs born or trained Please check them out: https://www.youtube.com/10minutestocktrader Now that you have viewed our YT video regarding are great entrepreneurs born or made has it helped? Please 'like' the YT vid to help other individuals looking for entrepreneurs are both born and made or are entrepreneurs born or made :) My Name is Christopher Uhl and I'm an Award-Winning Trader, Entrepreneur, Author, Podcaster, Speaker, and Coach that partners with entrepreneurial traders and everyday investors looking to get ahead around the world to help them change their financial futures. Follow these steps to get started on your journey to becoming a 10 Minute Trader too! Step #1: Get the 100% FREE secret weapon that investors all over the world are using to start changing their financial future here: https://www.triplestockprofits.com Step #2: Want to See How We Use Artificial Intelligence To Get Win Rates As High as 90%, Without Wasting Any Time on Useless and Obsolete Technical Analysis... Go Right Now to https://www.finclub.ai and see for yourself how they take the guesswork out of trading! Step #3 Do you have the premier options, trading broker? If you have any other broker, I want you to stop and go to https://www.trytastyworks.com right now. I have an incredible offer for you, just sign up for a FREE account with Tastyworks using offer code 10MINUTE and I will give you nearly $1,500 in FREE bonuses just for creating a FREE account! It doesn't get any easier than that! Step #4 This Is The BEST Charting Platform I've Ever Used, Get 15% (or more!) Off Your First Year! TRENDSPIDER - The Future of Trading Software https://trendspider.10minutestocktrader.com Step #5 Get A FREE Copy Of The Book I Use As My Business Plan To Grow From Zero to Seven Figures... Expert Secrets - Find Your Message, Build A Tribe, And Change The World... https://expertsecrets.10minutestocktrader.com For more information please visit: https://www.10minutestocktrader.com/legal

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26 Feb 2021

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193 State Senator Mike Simmons

Indivisible Chicago Podcast

INDIVISIBLE CHICAGO PODCAST SHOW NOTES FOR FEBRUARY 22, 20211. To make American's lives better, we may need to end the filibuster. But Democrats always focus on the second part -- the process -- and not the first part -- the good stuff. We need to get it right this time. More about Hozier's song Nina Cried Power here: https://songexploder.net/hozier. More about Anat Shenker Osario here: https://bit.ly/37v0GH5.2. A month or so ago, Mike Simmons had a full plate as deputy director of the My Brother's Keeper Alliance as the policy and urban planning consultant through his firm, Blue Sky Strategies. Less than two weeks later, as we record, he is one of the newest state Senators, appointed on February 6 to replace retiring Heather Steans. This week's guest represents the 7th, a diverse district that includes parts of Uptown, Andersonville, Lincoln Square, and Ravenswood.


22 Feb 2021

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143 - [Interview] Changing Your Perspective on Sales with Mike Simmons of Catalyst Sale

Modern Sales - B2B Selling Podcast

There are so many different ways to view your sales process and what happens along the way. Mike Simmons of Catalyst Sale joins the show to discuss the different ways he views selling, and how it can change your whole approach to the sales. Mike's website, Catalyst SaleConnect with Mike on LinkedInWant the full transcript? Visit the show notes page on our website:https://servedontsell.com/modern-sales/catalyst-sale---Get a daily sales insight sent straight to your inbox:Subscribe to the daily sales insights newsletterDon't miss a single episode:Subscribe on SpotitySubscribe on Apple Podcasts Like what you heard?Help us get the word out by leaving a rating and review on Apple Podcasts.


17 Feb 2021

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Just Start! Take Control Of Your Life Today with Mike Simmons

Rock Your Money, Rock Your Life

Good things come to those who wait. How true is this statement? There are people who wait for their “big break,” they wait for when the “time is right,” they wait for “the one.” And then there are people who take action and MAKE IT HAPPEN. You see, you can sit around and wait and hope something comes along, or you can make it happen for yourself.After years of earning a low paying income, Mike realized that he would never be able to retire and support his family if he carried on the way he wasMike spent some time searching for his true calling and decided to break the mold of fear and by allowing himself to ‘’just start.’’ Because of this, he has been able to accomplish things far beyond what he ever thought was possible. Mike’s true passion is helping people to realize their unlimited potential in business and in life!Today, Mike is a real estate investor, podcaster, and speaker who was personally invited to share the stage with Gary Vaynerchuk.In this episode of the Rock Your Money, Rock Your Life podcast, Mike and I discuss how he became a real estate investor, how he became a guest speaker on stage with Gary Vaynerchuk, and the learning curves of becoming an entrepreneur.


13 Jan 2021

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Meridian Hive - Mike Simmons (Ep.124)

Austin All Day

Meridian Hivehttps://www.meridianhive.com/Johnson's Backyard Garden discount code JOINTHEFAM for a FREE CSA Boxhttps://www.jbgorganic.com/Ranch Rider Spirit Co.https://www.ranchriderspirits.com/Support the show (https://www.patreon.com/join/Austinallday)

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11 Jan 2021

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Science@Home - Mike Simmons Interview

The 365 Days of Astronomy

Host Charles Fulco interviews Mike Simmons and talks to Jay Pasachoff, Larry Faltz and Michael Zeiller. We've added a new way to donate to 365 Days of Astronomy to support editing, hosting, and production costs. Just visit: https://www.patreon.com/365DaysOfAstronomy and donate as much as you can! Share the podcast with your friends and send the Patreon link to them too! Every bit helps! Thank you! ------------------------------------ Do go visit http://astrogear.spreadshirt.com/ for cool Astronomy Cast and CosmoQuest t-shirts, coffee mugs and other awesomeness! http://cosmoquest.org/Donate This show is made possible through your donations. Thank you! (Haven't donated? It's not too late! Just click!) The 365 Days of Astronomy Podcast is produced by Astrosphere New Media. http://www.astrosphere.org/ Visit us on the web at 365DaysOfAstronomy.org or email us at info@365DaysOfAstronomy.org.

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12 Nov 2020

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Ep 102: Becoming a Full-Time Investor with Mike Simmons

The Real Estate Investing Experience

There’s no set path in making the leap from your 9-5 to becoming a full-time real estate investor. Today we share an incredibly open conversation with entrepreneur Mike Simmons about his transition into full-time investing. After chatting about how he developed a passion for real estate, we dive into specifics about what Mike did to set himself up for a career as a full-time investor, including what he did to decrease his risk exposure. While reflecting on his early mistakes, Mike unpacks key lessons that, once implemented, caused his business to skyrocket. 


12 Nov 2020

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JF2238: Solopreneur To A Business With Mike Simmons

Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever

Mike Simmons has been on a previous episode JF179, so be sure to check out this episode to get his full background. For a brief reminder, he is the Co-owner of Return On Investments, Partner in 7 figure flipping, and host of “Just Start Real Estate”. He has 12 years of real estate experience and today he will be sharing the details of how he went from Solopreneur to creating a business that can run without him. Mike Simmons  Real Estate Background: Co-owner  of Return On Investments, a Partner in 7 Figure Flipping, & Host of “Just Start Real Estate” Returned guest from episode JF179 12 years of real estate experience Portfolio consist of 20 SFRs and wholesale/flip 100 homes per year Based in Troy, MI Say hi to him at: www.mikesimmons.com + www.juststartrealestate.com/fliphackinglive Book: Level Jumping Click here for more info on groundbreaker.co Best Ever Tweet: “If you have a goal to have a big company, your going to have to hire a team, & will need to develop your skillset to lead, manage, inspire, train, and motivate ” - Mike Simmons


18 Oct 2020