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TPiH 36 Pippin Williamson

That Podcast In Hutch

This week's edition of That Podcast in Hutch takes you to the brew room of one of my favorite places in the world - Sandhills Brewing in Hutchinson. I've long told people what's being done with beer at Sandhills is nothing short of art. Pippin Williamson visits with me about his interest in brewing, and some of the early experimentation that created a number of failures to get to the delicious craft beers that are now enjoyed at their two locations - one in Hutchinson and the other in Mission. But I think you'll find in this conversation that there's a lot more than meets the eye in brewing a good keg of beer. And there's more to a brewery than the beer that's served there. It's a community space, where people can meet, work, relax, and learn. And that's one of the things I've always enjoyed about breweries - including Sandhills. The atmosphere feels a lot like home. You'll also learn about the steps taken to move from basement home brewing to a full-fledged craft brewery - in a measured way that hoped for growth but recognized the risk of failure. I hope you'll enjoy this visit with Pippin as much as I enjoyed having it. 


9 Jun 2022

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Pippin Williamson on Awesome Motive Acquiring Sandhills Development

Post Status Podcasts

Awesome Motive Acquires Sandhills DevelopmentPost Status CEO Cory Miller chats with Pippin Williamson, the Founder and Managing Director of Sandhills Development, about Awesome Motive's acquisition of his company. Pippin announced today that Awesome Motive has acquired his company — their whole team and plugin portfolio: Easy Digital Downloads, AffiliateWP, Sugar Calendar, WP Simple Pay, and the Payouts Service. Syed Balkhi, Founder and CEO of Awesome Motive, outlines the commercial plugins and notes the deal includes several free plugins as well. From Sandhills, Chris Klosowski, Andrew Munro, and Phil Derksen will be joining Awesome Motive as partners, and Chris will continue to lead Easy Digital Downloads. Pippin, however, intends to take a very long break from WordPress and software development.Sitting down with Cory Miller for some reflection on the past and thoughts about the future in the WordPress space, Pippin offered advice to developers and product owners today. He also identified what he sees as the biggest threat emerging for WordPress today.Key Takeaway: "The Biggest Threat We Have Today" 🦈As both an opportunity and "a major threat" to "WordPress the platform" that comes from its openness, Pippin warns:"We are getting to a point where WordPress is so big and there is so much money involved in the WordPress ecosystem that it is now very much in large companies' interests to create their own version of WordPress."Pippin WilliamsonBecause "the WordPress experience is not consistent" between major hosting platforms — due to their attempts to improve their customer experience — Pippin is concerned end users won't be able to tell what is WordPress and what is the host.Might that kind of platform balkanization carry over into the WordPress community, dividing developers, product businesses, and end users?Pippin also referenced Kinsta COO Jon Penland's conversation with Anchor Hosting founder Austin Ginder back in June on Kinsta's Reverse Engineered podcast:"...something that I’ve been thinking about a lot over the last year, which is a move I see in the WordPress space in general, at the host level, and I’m not going to name any names because I don’t want to throw stones, but to pull in more and more tooling that’s not part of the Core. And, I just worry that we’re going to end up in a situation, a few years from now, where we have a whole lot of walled gardens, right? Where WordPress at host A is not the same thing as WordPress at host B and is not the same at WordPress at host C, because as you described, a WordPress provider might try to solve this problem as an on-ramp for their own customers."Jon Penland🔗 Mentioned in the show:Cory Miller (Twitter)Pippin Williamson (Twitter)Pippin on the Sandhills AcquisitionSyed Balkhi on Awesome Motive's Plans for Pippin's PluginsAcquisition Announcement at Easy Digital DownloadsJon Penland interviews Austin Ginder for Kinsta's Reverse Engineered podcast🙏 Sponsor: Sandhills DevelopmentNo matter what you're working on with your WordPress website, Sandhills Development has a tool that can help you. Sell digital products with Easy Digital Downloads. Use AffiliateWP as your affiliate marketing solution. Sugar Calendar is event management made easy. And WP Simple Pay is a lightweight Stripe payments plugin. Craft superior experiences with the ingenuity of Sandhills’ plugins.🎙️ Post Status DraftThe Post Status Draft podcast is geared toward WordPress professionals, with interviews, news, and deep analysis. 📝Browse past episodes and subscribe to our podcasts on  Spotify, Amazon Music, Google Podcasts, iTunes, Castro, YouTube, Stitcher, Player.fm, Pocket Casts, Simplecast, or get them by RSS. 🎙️


22 Sep 2021

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Pippin Williamson on selling his plugins to Awesome Motive

Matt Report

Today's a bittersweet moment in WordPress business land with the announcement of Awesome Motive acquiring Sandhills Development suite of plugins including Easy Digital Downloads, AffiliateWP, and more. I'm honored to call Pippin my friend who has helped me "grow up" in the WordPress community. I'm happy for him, and sad that he's retiring from the WordPress world...for now. I had a chance to sit down with him earlier this morning to hash out all the feels around this news. I hope you enjoy the episode, please share it with others!


22 Sep 2021

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E144 - Scaling to $350,000 MRR Through Managing Expectations and Trust (Pippin Williamson, Sandhills Development)

WPMRR WordPress Podcast

In today’s episode, Joe talks to Pippin Williamson, the Managing Director at Sandhills Development, LLC - the home to several WP plugins such as AffiliateWP, Easy Digital Downloads, and WP Simple Pay. He's also the man behind Sandhills Brewing, a microbrewery that focuses on oak-aged and oak-fermented beers.  Pippin retells his day-to-day hustle in running two companies in entirely different industries, running his microbrewery and leading a team of web engineers. He also talks about success in affiliate marketing, implementing processes, and hiring skilled people that need less supervision.  Episode Resources: Sandhills Brewing Sandhills Development AffiliateWP Payout Service Easy Digital Downloads WP Simple Pay Sugar Calendar Leave an Apple podcast review or binge-watch past episodes Send questions to yo@wpmrr.com for the next Q&A pod Visit the WPMRR website What to Listen For: 00:00 Intro 02:40 Welcome to the pod, Pippin! 03:17 Have you heard about Sandhills Brewing? 06:09 Why build a brewing company? 11:27 Time management while running two companies 18:14 Role change and working as a CEO 23:00 Delegating jobs and handing off tasks 27:32 The importance of implementing processes 31:20 Latest developments at Sandhills 34:07 Any new big features for affiliate marketers? 35:37 How does the Payouts Service work? 40:37 Ensuring that you’ll have a successful affiliate program 44:25 The billing structure has to make sense for the customers 47:50 Find Pippin online!


27 Apr 2021

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#97 – [Perspectiva WP] Pippin Williamson y Sandhills Development

Freelandev - Vivir del desarrollo en WordPress

Síguenos en: Pippin Williamson lleva más 10 años creando plugins y es el creador de algunos de los plugins más reconocidos de WordPress como Easy Digital Downloads o AffiliateWP. Vamos a realizar un repaso cronológico sobre la evolución de su negocio haciendo hincapié en esos factores que no parecen la clave de su éxito o  2009 - 2011 Desde 2009 a 2013 trabajó bajo su marca personal Pippin Plugins.  2012 Ingresos → 68.496$ (Easy Content Types y Restrict Content Pro)Lanzamiento de Easy Digital Downloads. 2013 Ingresos → 360.000$ (Easy Digital Downloads)Cambio de nombre a Pippin’s Pages, LLC. 2014 Ingresos → 782.000$ (Easy Digital Downloads + AffiliateWP)Primer empleado.Lanzamiento de AffiliateWP.Affiliate WP nació de una necesidad/resolver problema. La herramientas que usaban problemas.Limitaciones Envato 2015 Ingresos → 1.139.500$ (Easy Digital Downloads + AffiliateWP)12 empleados + freelancers (+11).Cambio de nombre a Sandhills Development, LLC para dejar atrás la marca. personalTuvieron que esforzarse en comunicar la nueva marca durante 2016-2017. → Reflexión: Marca personal vs marca corporativa 2016 Ingresos → 1.480.375$ (Easy Digital Downloads + AffiliateWP)15 empleados (+2).Crecimiento lento, 1-3 empleados al año. (3-12 meses salario en banca) → Reflexión crecimiento lento Condiciones empleados buenas basado en "It doest have to be crazy at work" de jefes de Basecamp (Aquí tienes todos los libros de Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson) 2017 Ingresos → 2.268.000$ (Easy Digital Downloads + AffiliateWP)15 empleados.Despedir a dos personas.Subidas de precios en los principales plugins.Simplificar pricing (3 planes anuales) / reducir fricción muchos pagos 800.000 webs con EDD - 30-40.000 clientes EDDSubir precios 2x hace 4 años, roll back priceRecurring payments viene de cuando ellos pasaron a modelo de suscripción. Primero custom code, luego addonCerrar marketplace de EDD y adquirir los addons (unos 40) que les interesaban.Creación de Sandhills Brewing.Diversificar cervecería y conservación espacios naturales. → Reflexión sobre los valores 2018 Ingresos → 2.747.500$ (AffiliateWP + Easy Digital Downloads)19 empleados (+4).Vendió varios plugins de Pippin's plugins.Compra de WP Simple Pay.Marcha de John ParrisParó durante 1 año por motivo de un burn out → Reflexión de darse la oportunidad de parar 2019 Ingresos → 3.454.759$ (AffiliateWP + Easy Digital Downloads)Nóminas → 1.874.802$24 empleados (+6).Pagar igual independientemente de sus características. 2020 Ingresos → 3.721.934$  (AffiliateWP + Easy Digital Downloads)26 empleados (+2), distribuidas en 5 países.6 incorporaciones (700 solicitudes de trabajo)Sueldos públicos Resolución para reducir huella de carbono y convertirse en carbon-negative:Comprar terrenos (tallgrass prairie) → secuestra CO2Instalación solarPlantar árboles Venta de Restrict Content Pro a iThemes / Liquid webEstaban abiertos a negociarGanar focoMejorar soporte AffiliateWP Subida de precio de 50€Eliminar la opción LifetimeAumento del 24,5% en gananciasProducto que más ingresos supone Easy Digital Downloads Equipo core totalmente formado por mujeresVersión 3.0 en el horizonteDecremento del 6,86% en ganancias Sugar Calendar Aumento del 52,94% en gananciasMenos de 15.000$ WP Simple PayAumento del 41,49% en ganancias Payouts + Sandhills Brewing + Compras de inmuebles Valores de Sandhills Development: CRAFTING INGENUITY: With commitment and a deep appreciation for the human element, we aim to craft superior experiences through ingenuity.ConservarDevolver tiempoLibertad (de ubicación)Promover la diversidadPensar a largo plazoAsumir buenas intencionesAdherirse a estándares estrictosSer honesto Publica anualmente resúmenes anuales compartiendo muchos datos interesantes de su negocio. Desde 2012: 2020 Year in Review – Sandhills Development, LLCEnlaces actuales a los proyectos:Pippins PluginsSandhills DevelopmentSandhills BrewingGracias a:Este episodio está patrocinado por StudioPress, los creadores de Genesis Framework, el entorno de trabajo de temas más popular de WordPress. Ya está disponible Genesis Pro para todo el mundo, 360$ anuales que dan acceso a: Genesis FrameworkChild themes de Genesis de StudioPress1 año de hosting en WP EnginePlugin Genesis Pro (Diseños y secciones, restricción de bloques por usuarios…) y Genesis Custom Blocks Pro.


25 Jan 2021

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14. Pippin Williamson - From Software Success to Starting a Brewery

The Product Business

Pippin is the founder of Sandhills Development, creators of Easy Digital Downloads, AffiliateWP, and more. He has been in the WordPress product space for years and has had a lot of success. Recently he's been a bit MIA from the WordPress scene, so I talk to him about the brewery he started and what he's learned transitioning from software to beer.


2 Oct 2019

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Episode 93 – Pippin Williamson on the Why, When and How of Easy Digital Downloads 3.0


As we ourselves approach the launch of a new version of the EDD Bookings plugin, we have invited Pippin Williamson to discuss the why, when and how of re-building an existing plugin. For those that are new to WordPress, Pippin is the man behind the Easy Digital Downloads, AffilaiteWP and Restrict Content Pro WordPress plugins. In this episode, we delve into the all-new Easy Digital Downloads 3.0 which is being built right now. EDD has been around for years, growing from a small plugin built by Pippin himself into a team of 15, including developers, support staff, content writers and more. As you would expect, when you’re not building a product to scale in the future, you’re going to make some mistakes. This is what happened with EDD, and it’s what they are now trying to fix with 3.0. Listen to why EDD made the decision to rewrite most of the plugin, how they, and Pippin himself, are approaching the situation, and what the impact of these improvements will (or should) be. Links: Easy Digital Downloads Pippin’s website Twitter: @eddwp Website: easydigitaldownloads.com Blog post: Easy Digital Downloads 3.0 Development Update EDD Bookings Twitter: @eddbookings Website: eddbookings.com Blog post: Building a Painkiller for the Appointment Bookings Space in WordPress Books Street Smarts – Norm Brodsky Small Giants – Bo Burlingham Start with Why – Simon Sinek

5 Jun 2018

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Episode #17: Pippin Williamson and a Lifetime Company

The OSTraining Podcast

Pippin Williamson runs one of the most successful businesses in the WordPress world. But instead of looking to sell, he's buying a park. And opening a brewery. And looking to build a company that will last a lifetime.If you want to hear about Pippin's story, check out this interview: http://bit.ly/2E0Bwm8. If you want to hear about his life outside of business, this is the podcast for you.My apologies for the audio on this episode - Pippin lives out in the countryside and the internet was glitchy.


30 Jan 2018

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EP88 – Pippin Williamson from beer money to over $1 million in revenue with WordPress plugins

Product People

Pippin Williamson started out like a lot of us do: building websites for whoever would pay him. He decided to try selling one of his WordPress plugins. Now, Pippin's Plugins earns over $1 million in revenue a year. This Mega Profitable series aims to help founders, like you, get profitable! Get all the Mega Profitable case studies Don't miss any of the future Mega Profitable interviews! ★ Sign up here. ★ Show notes Leave a review on iTunes! pippinsplugins.com Sandhills Development The original pippinspages.com Follow Pippin on Twitter: @pippinsplugins Want to contact Justin? Join Justin's newsletter justinjackson.ca/newsletter Send Justin a message on Twitter: @mijustin Send Justin a message on Instagram: instagram.com/mijustin Send Justin a message on Snapchat: @mijustin Thanks to... Podcast hosting: Simplecast.fm Theme music: Striker-metal.com 🎙️ Podcast hosting is provided by Transistor.fm.📺 Learn how to start your own podcast!


21 Oct 2017

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Episode #139 - Business Growth and Motivation with Pippin Williamson

WP Elevation WordPress Business Podcast

Watch the video of this podcast here. Pippin Williamson has reached the goal we all dream of- having a company that can run itself. But how did he get there? And what happens when you get there? First up, Cath tackles a very important question - how did Pippin get such a cool name!? Well, you will just have to listen to find out! We then move on to where Pippin got started and how his business grew. He explains that he started out by creating plugins just for fun (as you do!) Then when he started doing some freelance web development work, he used his own plugins to solve all the problems that he was encountering along the way. This was in 2010-2011, before we had cool things like Google fonts and options in CSS. So, he would create plugins according to what he needed. Tune in at the 6.30 minute mark to find out what problems he faced and what plugins he created for this. Pippin started selling his plugins on codecanyon.net (run by envatomarket). However, he wanted to be able to sell them for himself, so he created a tool to be able to that. This is now the well-known plugin - Easy Digital Downloads Pippin speaks about how he had previously been able to manage his small projects himself, but Easy Digital Downloads was growing fast that he needed to start bringing in a team to help. Cath makes a good point that sharing the responsibility of your own project can be quite daunting. Pippin gives some great advice here – he uses his own products to run his company. By doing this he has a first-hand experience of what problems may arise and how they can provide a solution. This gives you “the incentive to make your products awesome” as Cath points out. “Being my own customer might be one of the most valuable positions I have ever put myself in” @pippinsplugins on the WPE Podcast Cath asks Pippin if he ever gets called entrepreneurial and he explains quite humbly that he doesn’t think of himself that way. Most of his friends and family have very little understanding of what he actually does and wouldn’t say that about him. However, people with an understanding of what his business is all about may refer to him as an entrepreneur. "All I’m trying to do is keep the business running, that's all it is!" @pippinsplugins talks being an entrepreneur on the WPE Podcast Cath asks if he still has his own clients and he explains that they rarely do custom development and if they do, it is directly related to their existing products in cases where the product can get close, but not quite close enough to what the client wants. Tips for growing your company and staying motivated: Be your own customer to ensure your product is the best it can be Hand over the reigns to employees and look at the bigger picture rather than get caught in the small details Have a project outside of your business and switch off digitally! We then move on to motivation - Pippin explains that you will absolutely get lulls in your energy along the way. The most significant lull for him being just last year when the company had got to a point where it was running itself. This was hard for him as he had come from a background of having to do it all for himself. This created a mental state of “I don’t know what to do with myself”. It took him quite some time to realise that he just needed another project, because for a while he wondered whether he was bored with the product and the company.   Great problem to have, right? Tune in at the 13-minute mark to hear Pippin’s other thoughts on lulls in energy and what happens when you get bored. So where to now for Sandhill? They are working on a brand new product which he can’t share too much on at the moment but you can visit www.sellbird.com for a bit more information They are also constantly pushing their current products and they are contemplating the possibility of bringing back a product or two. So, stay tuned peeps! Cath asks Pippin about how he runs his team of 15 people. Pippin says that there is no tier system but that the majority are in support. He also has about 5 developers who jump into support from time to time. This is a great way for them to get an understanding of what is happening with the products and this can sometimes then turn into a development project. He has about 1-3 people steering each project and he oversees all of these. He finds that when he hands over the reins to let others lead that they “grow better and move forward faster because it allows me to step back and look at it from a much broader perspective as opposed to stuck in the finer details.” And this beer thing… well he fell in love with brewing when his wife bought him a homebrew kit years ago. Now his brother and he are planning to open a local brewery which will open in 2018! Initially he thought he should just blog about beer but he tried it and didn’t like it. He realised that he needs to disconnect from digital world. “You need to switch off, disconnect and relinquish control”. Some great advice for those who are finding themselves in a lull! Enjoy today’s show with the legendary Pippin! See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


14 Sep 2017