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Gary Leland

A Boy Named Pseu

The Bitcoin Boomer himself, Gary Leland, chats with me about everything under the bright orange sun: - Gary's career - inflation - entrepreneurship - Future of Bit Block Boom and then some... Go to wtfhappenedin1971.com Check out the Bitcoin Echo Chamber podcast Check out my latest article published on Bitcoin Magazine, BITCOIN BLOWBACK: A HISTORY OF DOLLAR HEGEMONY, ECONOMIC WARFARE AND A BRIGHT ORANGE ALTERNATIVE Send me a tip on Strike @pgibs Check out my music video"ETF" HERE Join the band at ETF615.com Citadel21 Volume 6 https://www.citadel21.com/etf-economic-earworms-of-the-sound-money-revolutionhttps://www.citadel21.com/ To learn more about Bitcoin fundamentals... Go to: bitcoinonepager.com Hope you’re saving savings by stackin’ those sweet, sweet, sats at savingsavings.io (AKA) SwanBitcoin.com/philGet 10% off the SHAmory game at checkout when you use the promo code Phil10 Rate, Subscribe, and Review the show, and share it with someone who’s curious about Bitcoin and needs a place to start.

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25 Aug 2021

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Gary Leland: BitBlock Boom

The Colin Yurcisin Show

“I think I don’t qualify as a normal person when it comes to tech.” Listen to Gary Leland talk about his life as an entrepreneur and how he’s always been ahead of the crowd when it comes to the future of technology. He bought a Mac in 1983, he started his first E-commerce website in 1996, he was one of 100 podcasters in the world in 2004, and now he’s throwing Bitcoin events every year to educate more people about the future of it. Like this episode? Subscribe to our podcast on iTunes and Spotify. Don’t forget to tag us @colinyurcisin on Twitter and Instagram.  Guest: Gary Leland Website: https://garyleland.com Twitter: twitter.com/GaryLeland Facebook: Facebook.com/GaryLeland Instagram: Instagram/Gary_Leland

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13 Jun 2021

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All In On Bitcoin w/ Gary Leland

Bitcoin Magazine Podcast

This week on the Bitcoin Magazine Podcast, host Christian Keroles sits down with the Bitcoin Boomer Gary Leland. Gary is a life long entrepreneur where he created several small business, pioneered podcasting and founded one of the largest Podcasting event in the world. Gary has since fallen deep down the Bitcoin rabbit hole and become an instrumental member of the Bitcoin community! Gary has gone all in on Bitcoin in a number of ways, first with his investments but also with his time, businesses, and energy. Gary has founded one of the best Bitcoin event in North America BitBlockBoom in Dallas Texas, he also hosts a daily Bitcoin podcast, and monthly Bitcoin Maximalist BBQs. Gary and Christian discuss the benefits of selling all of the fiat collectibles and stores of value for Bitcoin. Gary has personally sold thousands of dollar worth of memorabilia in order to buy Bitcoin. He is confident that Bitcoin will serve his children much better as a fungible store of value and it relieves him to remove clutter from his life. Gary is an incredible example of the positives that come from embracing Bitcoin. Please enjoy this wide ranging conversation with Gary Leland. Topics: Going all in on Bitcoin The Bitcoin Bull Run Bit Block Boom 2021 Bitcoin 2021 Embracing Bitcoin culture Texas Bitcoin and Freedom Selling your stuff for Bitcoin Educating Boomers on Bitcoin Learn more about BitBlockBoom https://bitblockboom.com/ @bitblockboom Follow Gary on Twitter @GaryLeland


8 Apr 2021

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Swan Lounge: Boomers and Zoomers with Gary Leland, Gloria Zhao, and Ben Kaufman

Swan Lounge

Bitcoin doesn't care how old you are! On this episode of Swan Lounge we'll get to know Gary Leland, the founder of BitBlockBoom Conference as well as Bitcoin developers Gloria Zhao and Ben Kaufman. Come hang with us in the Swan Lounge to discuss it all!Connect with our guests:https://twitter.com/GaryLelandhttps://twitter.com/glozowhttps://twitter.com/_benkaufmanLearn about BitBlockBoom: https://BitBlockBoom.comSwan Bitcoin is the best way to accumulate Bitcoin with automatic recurring buys and instant buys from $10 to $10 million. Get started in just 5 minutes: https://swanbitcoin.com/?utm_source=YouTube&utm_campaign=yt_descriptionConnect with Swan on social media:Twitter: https://twitter.com/SwanBitcoinTelegram: https://t.me/swansignalLinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/swanbitcoin/Get paid to recruit new Bitcoiners: https://swanbitcoin.com/enlistGet a free ebook copy of Yan Pritzker's "Inventing Bitcoin" here: https://swanbitcoin.com/freebook

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20 Mar 2021

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e3 Bitcoin across generations with Gary Leland

Down The Rabbit Hole With Kaz

In this episode Gary and I discuss: -Gary's background and history of businesses and podcasts -How money has changed over time -Why people, no matter their age, should be considering bitcoin as a store of value -The best way to teach and introduce people to Bitcoin -The BitBlockBoom conference  ============================================================================== Follow me on twitter to keep up with new episodes, guests, topics discussed, or ask questions: https://twitter.com/btcbycko If you enjoy the podcast, please support with some sats! (BTC) 36XcCZCA9DCwu5Z1b7CXZrPTX7jQb4ivUy

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28 Oct 2020

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Gary Leland: The Bitcoin Boomer on How to be a Closer

The Bitcoin Matrix

Cedric chats with the founder of Bit Block Boom, and fellow Bitcoin Podcaster about growing up on James Island, how to become a closer, limos, parties, trips to Europe and Bitcoin as a religion?

1hr 5mins

19 Oct 2020

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Bitcoin Boomers with Gary Leland BEC046

Bitcoin Echo Chamber

For today's BEC I had on Gary Leland aka 'the Bitcoin boomer" for a fun and relaxed chat about bitblockboom and boomers in bitcoin. Gary, when Bit Block Boomers convention? Get 1 week of zero fee Bitcoin trades with River! Gary's Twitter Bit Block Boom (Use Promo Code "Cousins" for 30% off!); Join the Discussion (BEC DISCORD) Bitcoin crash course Bitcoin Only Resources Ben's Twitter Collin's Twitter Don't forget to subscribe and check us out at bitcoinechochamber.com Theme Music Credit BEC Logo Credit --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/podcast-8f267c0/support

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24 Jul 2020

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Thriller Crypto - S4EP3: Bitcoin For Boomers with Gary LeLand

Thriller Crypto

Today Car is joined with Gary LeLand. We discuss how Boomers are starting to become more interested in Bitcoin. We dive into Bitcoin Maximalism, Bit Block Boom Conference past controversy and look at how Bitcoin has become sound money.Want even more Thriller?Subscribe for free to Thriller Crypto Podcast Newsletter: https://thrillercrypto.substack.com

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21 Jul 2020

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SLP193 Gary Leland - Bitcoin For Boomers & BitBlockBoom

Stephan Livera Podcast

How do you teach Bitcoin to your Boomer relatives and friends? What are  some of the common sticking points? Should you explain it as Digital  Gold? Gary Leland, Hall of Fame podcaster, entrepreneur, and conference  organizer of Bit Block Boom joins me to discuss! Gary links: Twitter: @GaryLeland BitBlockBoom: bitblockboom.com Sponsors: Swan Bitcoin Unchained Capital Stephan Livera links: Show notes and website  Follow me on twitter @stephanlivera Subscribe to the podcast Patreon @stephanlivera


15 Jul 2020

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Gary Leland joins the Tim Gillette Show

Tim Gillette Show

Gary lives in Arlington Texas with his wife of 35 years Kathy. His current podcast is 4 Minute Crypto. Gary hosts the Bit Block Boom bitcoin conference in Dallas each year.  Just a few facts about Gary  Creator of the 4 Minute Crypto Show and Producer of the Crypto Cousins Network. Gary produces the Crypto Cousins Podcast & Video Network located at CryptoCousins.com along with his new daily 4 Minute Crypto Video Show located at 4MinuteCrypto.com. Gary’s websites also include CryptoCrybaby.com, ArlingtonCrypto.com and BitBlockBooom.com. Gary is also a co-founder of Podcast Movement, and co-founder of Podcast Dallas. In 2016 Gary was inducted into the Academy Of Podcasters Hall Of Fame, and in 2017 The Mayor of Arlington, Texas proclaimed March 1st Gary Leland Day. He also enjoys public speaker and really enjoys talking about Crypto at events. You can find out more about Gary at GaryLeland.com--- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app


6 Apr 2020