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Wendy Searle and Steve Jones

Your Strategy. Implemented.

In this episode, we are joined by Wendy Searle, Senior Press Officer at the Ministry of Defence and Steve Jones, Planning & Expeditions Manager at Antarctic Logistics & Expeditions (ALE). In the Antarctic summer of  2019-2020, Wendy trekked solo, unsupported and unassisted some 720 miles on skis from the Antarctic coast to the South Pole. Only 1 of 7 women in the world to have accomplished this feat. Steve and the team at ALE oversaw the training and preparation, as well as the overall logistics on the ground. The topic of conversation today is planning - an important component of project management and often, the differentiating factor between success and failure. Both Wendy and Steve have shown their exemplary planning capability, along with the dedication and perseverance to achieve their goals. Click to listen to the full episode.


16 Mar 2021

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Staying Consistent & Skiing to the South Pole - Wendy Searle

The Everyday Adventure Podcast

Wendy Searle is an adventurer, civil servant and mother of four.  In January 2020, she became the 7th woman to ski solo and unaided from Hercules Inlet on  the Antarctic Coast to the geographic South Pole. Having first landed on the idea in 2015, Wendy shares her journey to get to that point with openness and honesty.  She highlights the key challenges she faced and the life changing effects of the experience. She emphasises the power of consistency in helping us to chase our dreams and achieve more than we believe is possible. Find out more about Wendy on Instagram: @betweensnowandskyFor speaking contact: Chartwell SpeakersThe expedition raised funds for the ABF The Soldiers Charity and Youth Adventure TrustTo contact Nicki about The Everyday Adventure Podcast, 1-1 Coaching or "Resilience & Adventure" Workshops:Email: nicki@resiliencework.co.ukWebsite: https://www.resiliencework.co.ukInstagram: @resilienceatworkFacebook: The Everyday Adventure ClubTwitter: @resilience_worx


11 Mar 2021

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S.1 EP.2 Baz Gray with Wendy Searle

The Outdoor Athlete Community

Host Baz Gray talks to Antarctica adventurer Wendy Searle about her epic solo expedition to the South Pole. The world needs more adventurous women. Role models with the courage to pursue an idea. To see challenges not barriers. To say goodbye to their children for a while to go out into the world in search of the wind in their face, the mountain ahead, with broken nails and unwashed hair. To show the next generation that you need to get out there, to take your slice of the action, write your name in the story. And those women adventurers will show that you can do that at school, at work and at home; you can take risks, you can be responsible for your own destiny, you can choose your path. Follow Wendy on Instagram @betweensnowandsky  Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/toac/message


3 Jul 2020

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Wendy Searle - Adventurer, mother of 4 and 7th woman to ski solo and unsupported from Hercules Inlet to the South Pole!

Tough Girl Podcast

We first spoke with Wendy for the Tough Girl Podcast in August 2019, when she shared more about her life and dreams of skiing to the South Pole.    In January 2020, Wendy completed that goal!    Wendy became the 7th woman in the world to ski solo and unsupported, she was the 4th fastest and completed the challenge in 42 days, 16hrs, and 23mins, she took no rest days, had no showers, and skied 720 miles in total.    The condition were brutal and hard, with temperatures dropping to -35. This was a journey 5 years in the making and shows what hard work, commitment and focus can achieve.    Listen to Wendy on the Tough Girl Podcast Extra as she shares more about this extraordinary challenge.    Show notes Wendy introduces herself 5 years of her life Paying the final bill in USD The final 2 weeks before the trip Getting Christmas all sorted in October Getting the plane over to Antarctica  Getting to the start line Going after the speed record Women supporting women 86kg of sled weight The focus you need to have every single day The routines and the consistent while out on the ice Dealing with a snowstorm on day 3 Meeting Mollie Hughes on the ice! The mental challenge of the expedition Not wanting to get out of the tent in the morning Dealing with the isolation in such an extreme environment Feeling all the support from home Missing her children Counting down the days Doing a power pose to the sun every morning Realising that the record wouldn’t be broken Giving everything, every single day Seeing the South Pole for the first time Listening to audio books Skiing into the South Pole  Getting home knowing that she has changed from the experience Overcoming self doubt The joy of sitting in a chair Working on the legacy of the expedition Not being a big completed finisher Quick Fire Questions   Social Media   Website - https://southpole2020.com    Instagram @betweensnowandsky   Twitter  @betweensnowsky


26 Mar 2020

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Wendy Searle - Attempting to break the women's speed record for solo expedition to the South Pole, November 2019.

Tough Girl Podcast

Wendy is setting out on a journey to the South Pole, her aim is to break the women’s speed record. This involves covering a total distance of 700 miles, approx. 17 miles each day, pulling kit and equipment in a pulk behind her, through the ice and snow, while avoiding crevasses and dealing with the challenging katabatic winds. Antarctica is twice the size of Australia, and is officially a desert, it is the only continent with no permanent human inhabitants. Wendy will be solo, unsupported and unassisted.  During this podcast, we learn more about Wendy her background, growing up, being a mum to 4 children and working a full time job. She shares more about where the idea came from, what’s going to be involved as well as sharing more of the detail behind the planning and preparation and what she has sacrificed in order to turn this dream into a reality.  We will be speaking to Wendy again in 2020 after her challenge, make sure to subscribe so you don’t miss out!  Show notes 41, doing a big polar expedition in November Heading off to South America in the next few weeks Being inspired by polar history Having a full time job and having 4 kids Not being a professional athlete Planning for over 5 years  How she turned her dream into a goal What she has learned along the way Wanting to inspire other women along the way How she got into sports Her background in Adventures Working backwards from her end goal… Starting her Polar training Maintaining her motivation over the 5 year period Being driven as a person How this challenge has taken over her whole life Dealing with the logistics How her family have stepped up and supported her Breaking down the challenge into manageable chunks Making marginal gains How it occupies her mind all of the time Let’s talk about the money (& how brexit may impact on it) The hard graft of getting the money together  How/why everyone has focused on her being a mum (of 4) The mental preparation  Being on her own for 38 + days Starting everything on Christmas Eve and throwing herself into it Her focus on mindfulness, and staying present in the moment Dealing with tiredness The physical training and how she’s been avoiding injury Building up her strength and being the strongest she’s ever been Example of her daily routine Working with a nutritionist Her first expedition/training trip in Norway How she’s feeling about heading off in November Flying into Antarctica on the 18th November 2019 Aiming to be the 7th woman to do this journey  Advice and tips for other women who want to step outside their comfort zone Social Media Website - https://southpole2020.com Twitter - @betweensnowsky  Instagram @betweensnowandsky 


27 Aug 2019

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Episode 30 - Wendy Searle


Polar exploration, being a mum, a military wife and an amazing role model.   This episode looks at what it takes to train, plan and implement a true test of human endurance.   We speak childhood, military life and her current project -  https://southpole2020.com


11 Jun 2019

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Strength training tips for runners with Luke Worthington and run chat with polar explorer Wendy Searle

Well Far: The Running Podcast

This episode discusses why mileage is only part of the story and the importance of strength training for staying injury free. After some motivation and kit related tips from Amy, we dive into the biomechanics of running with sports scientist Luke Worthington. Amy’s run this week is with Wendy Searle - known for running the Norfolk countryside with a tractor tire in tow - who hopes to break the women's speed record to the south pole in 2020.How to find out more about today's experts:Luke Worthington, Instagram: @lukewtraining, Website: www.lukeworthington.comWendy Searle, Instagram: @betweensnowandsky, Website: www.southpole2020.com See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


20 Jan 2019

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Episode 10 - "I'm not Superwoman, we all have the same juggle" with Wendy Searle

The Mother of All Movement Podcast

In this final episode of Series 1 of the podcast I'm chatting to Wendy Searle, Mum of 4, civil servant and soon to be polar explorer - yep she's like superwoman but definitely doesn't want to be described as such! She just got the bug for exploring and won't let it go.In this episode we talk about her juggle with training for her planned Antarctic crossing and her family's needs and how she makes it work, what has got her juiced about her travel plans, and some practical stuff about looking after yourself on the Antarctic ice.Here are the essential links for the stuff we talk about:Wendy's adventure: https://southpole2020.comand her Instagram acc: @betweensnowandsky or Twitter: @betweensnowsky Wendy mentioned an inspiring woman, Hannah McKeand: https://www.polarexpeditiontraining.comIf you are interested in more adventurous women, check out the Women's Adventure Expo on October 5th and 6th 2018: https://womensadventureexpo.co.ukPlease take a moment to rate and review now! x


16 Aug 2018