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Episode 80: From the Yoga Mat to the Streets with Nick Demos

Live Authentically Podcast with Pamela Savino

You will reach new heights with today’s special guest. We’re super pumped to talk with Tony Award-winning producer Nick Demos. Nick is a Tony and Olivier Award-winning producer, filmmaker, Soul-aligned business coach, and host of the Creative Soulpreneur podcast. He has over a decade of teaching meditation, yoga, and creativity under his belt and 30 years in the entertainment industry. So, this was such an exciting and inspiring conversation. I found it inspiring and I know that you will also. Authenticity - The Universal Search for TruthWhen asked how he lives authentically every day, Nick said that is the universal search for truth. We come into this world one way, and we’re told who we are not and told to be a certain way. He went on to say that authenticity is a state of being. It’s easier to find that state of being when we’re solo, like when we’re on the yoga mat and practicing our breathing, than when we’re with others. But since we live in a world where we have to co-create and collaborate, finding that state is reactionary. Life is not what happens to us, but it’s how we react to what’s happening.21,600 Breaths Per DayNick goes on to tell us that to maintain a high vibrational state, those deep breaths he practices on his yoga mat are important to keep from reacting or sending out negativity. On average, we are gifted with about 21,600 breaths per day. Why not lean into those breaths to keep your brain from going into a negative place? Breathing brings awareness to what you’re dealing with and shifts the energy. Yoga is not about what happens on the mat when you sit in meditation, but it’s about what happens when you step out into the world.Purpose Is in Everything He DoesWhen asked what his purpose is, Nick responds his purpose is to be himself — to be authentic. Nick believes his purpose is not necessarily what he does, but that his purpose is in everything he does. Nick has found a cohesive way to bring all of his gifts and talents together, and it helps him fully live out his purpose and be the person he is today. To learn more about Nick and his transformative practices from the yoga mat to the streets, you can visit his website here. Thank you for joining us today!


17 Aug 2021

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Own Your Voice, Shine Your Light! ft. Nick Demos | 227


In this episode we discuss: What does it mean to practice Pratyahara? (to turn inward): Can focusing our energy inward allow us the opportunity to learn to be somewhat 'comfortable with being uncomfortable'?  'Embodiment is a process': Is there a difference between telling someone something versus guiding that same person, so that they can uncover the answer themselves? 'Do we ever stop up-leveling, or do we just keep ascending?': You evolve, your business evolves. Is it possible that the tools and/or the teachers that you  needed two years ago, may not be the same tools and/or teachers needed to currently serve you at your highest level? Nick Demos is a Tony Award winning producer, filmmaker, soul-aligned Business Coach and host of The Creative Soulpreneur Podcast. 

Instagram: @thenickdemos www.thenickdemos.com Sign Up For Rise of the Digital CEO businessbydesign.net/jen Haven't left a review yet? If you've had an ah-ha or breakthrough from the show, all you need to do is head to heyjencasey.com/itunes  to share some love! Struggling to effectively coach your clients? Learn how to reframe the 12 most common limiting beliefs, so that you can facilitate faster client breakthroughs! Download it free at: heyjencasey.com/guide For full show notes & links, visit: heyjencasey.com/227


13 Jun 2021

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The Awakening Her Podcast

Welcome back seeker! I am SO excited to bring you today's episode. You are going to love this conversation with the fun, hilarious and inspiring Nick Demos. He is sharing today all about listening to the inner nudges and how this has allowed him to be able to pivot, rise, overcome and ultimately find his way to his most fulfilling life INSIDE, not just on the outside.  Nick Demos is a Tony Award Winner and has been a dancer and producer on Broadway. He has also been a meditation and yoga teacher for over a decade. I love Nicks energy and I know you are going to love him as well. Find Nick: www.thenickdemos.com IG: instagram.com/thenickdemos FB: facebook.com/thenickdemos Powerful 3's video mentioned: https://www.thenickdemos.com/Powerful-3s Find Talia: www.facebook.com/taliajoymanifestation IG: instagram.com/taliajoymanifestation

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6 May 2021

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How to use storytelling in your marketing - with Nick Demos

The Live Stream Show

How do you create true influence? How do you build trust with your audience so that they start believing in you and your mission? Meet Tony Award-winning producer Nick Demos. Nick is a dancer, filmmaker and storyteller who actually produced a musical that made it to Broadway! His work now is teaching storytelling to marketers and entrepreneurs who want to market their brand through storytelling.In this episode Nick talks about how to tell relatable stories that connect you and your brand. And he explains a really great method for how to find the stories that you want to tell with a daily practice that you can do in just 9 minutes a day. And then he goes really deep on the biggest mistake that people make in their marketing when it comes to storytelling.So, if you're the kind of person who wants to learn how to tell stories and use those stories in your marketing, this is the episode for you!


16 Mar 2021

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Tips To Powerfully Share Your Story Ft. Nick Demos | Ep. 145

Badass Manifester Podcast

Get ready for one of the most multifaceted and talented guests we have ever had on the show! Nick Demos is not just a master meditation and yoga instructor but has also produced broadway shows and even won a Tony Award. He is now dedicated to helping entrepreneurs craft their stories to help them make their impact they are meant to spread. Learn tips and tricks to give your impact to who needs it. Get ready to feel inspired!More From Nick Demos:https://www.thenickdemos.com/https://www.instagram.com/thenickdemos/The Creative Soulpreneur PodcastMore From Ashley Self Improvement Bundle: https://tinyurl.com/yd9n5qrtwww.manifestwithash.comFollow her on IG: www.instagram.com/manifestwithashJoin her private FB: www.facebook.com/groups/badassmanifestersBig Coach Energy Freebie: https://ashley-gordon.mykajabi.com/quantumcoachchecklist


11 Jan 2021

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Storytelling in Marketing for Small Business Owners with Nick Demos {Ep 045}

Business Straight Up Podcast - Business Help for Creative Entrepreneurs & Photographers

Full shownotes here: www.businessstraightup.com/045Welcome back to Business Straight Up - business help for photographers and creative business owners! This episode is so freakin' special to me because it is an interview with an amazing man - yep, a MAN - who is one of those rare people that is actually engaged when you're having a conversation with him. I remember talking with him in California last year, and we were able to just connect on a level that most conversations don't really happen on anymore. We are all so distracted, with things competing for our attention over and over again, and it can be so impactful to really CONNECT with someone when you talk to them, instead of constantly thinking about something else. Nick Demos is a Tony award winning Broadway producer who has spent his life telling stories in different formats, from the stage to now in his own life and business, and today's episode is ALL about the stories that you can share in your marketing that will really have an impact on your business. So many of my students share that they don't think they're very interesting, and don't really have any stories to share, but I want to ASSURE you that there are so many things that your clients want to know! Nick and I will outline some suggestions and ideas today, and you might hear a few AMENs in the mix because of some truth bombs. This episode was recorded in early 2020, so you will hear some references to the Super Bowl, and yes, things have changed a LOT. BUT - the need to share more of yourself and your story with your audience hasn't changed, it is still crazy relevant and I'm excited to share this episode with you! Because of the delay in publishing the episode, I wanted to make sure to share Nick's current workshop that is available, Align Your Niche. Because if you don't know who you serve and who you want to attract, how the heck can you decide on ANY of your marketing? I am SO aligned with that message and have felt it in both of my businesses! To find out more about Align Your Niche with Nick, check out the shownotes at www.businessstraightup.com/045 for more details, the link will be there. Ready to learn more about storytelling and how you're not as boring as you think? Let's go!


24 Sep 2020

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Meet Nick Demos, Entrepreneur, Yoga Teacher, Business Coach (EP.93)

Conversations for Yoga Teachers

In this episode, you’ll get to meet Nick Demos, Performer, Tony Award Winning Producer and Filmmaker, Host of the Creative Soulpreneur Podcast, Yoga teacher and Entrepreneur and Business Coach. Nick has achieved so much in his life so far and you’ll be inspired to listen to his story and how along the way, he has changed directions by listening to his heart. Staying aligned has been a huge part of his journey and has pushed him to take big risks as well. I hope you enjoy this episode and look forward to hearing what you think so leave a review on iTunes or post on my Instagram page, @barebonesyoga. For information about Nick, visit his website at thenickdemos.com

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8 Sep 2020

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020. Telling Your Brand Story w/ Tony Award Winning Film Producer Nick Demos

The Impact Unltd Podcast

In this week’s episode of the Impact Unltd Podcast, we sit down with Tony Award winning film producer Nick Demos and talk all things story. Nick has built a successful career from telling powerful stories. In our discussion, he shared thoughts around topics such as:Why stories are so powerful and telling yours is the key to real impactful successWhat makes a story relatable and connects with your audienceHow to structure your content in order to reach more people and generate more revenueAnd so much more. 👉 To learn more about Nick, head to: https://www.thenickdemos.com👉 If you’d like to explore any further training, then feel free to check out our range of free courses here: https://www.impactunltd.com/training


21 Aug 2020

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Professional Dancer and Telling the Athlete Story with Nick Demos

Mobility Athletes Radio

In this episode we collaborate with award winning filmmaker and writer, professional dancer, and coach Nick Demos. Nick believes that your story and knowing your identity is vital to success in anything you do.


17 Jul 2020

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Story In Your Career & Business with Nick Demos

More. Better. Faster. Success Strategies for Creative Professionals

In this episode, I'm joined by my friend, Nick Demos for a fun discussion of why storytelling is powerful for your brand, what the biggest misconceptions are around using stories,  and how you can start using stories immediately for more powerful connection with your audience. Nick Demos is a Tony and Olivier Award winning producer, filmmaker and writer.  who now coaches soul- centered entrepreneurs business strategies and how to authentically utilize stories to leverage their personal brands. Learn more about Nick at www.thenickdemos.com and  on IG, Facebook and YouTube find him  @thenickdemos Get in on his upcoming programs at www.creatingstoriesthatconvert.com 


7 Jul 2020