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43: The Audit Pt. 1 (w/ Zach Dunn!)

The Headgum Podcast

Two-time guest Zach Dunn (What We Do in the Shadows) joins Jake and Marika to begin an official audit of Geoff as the host of The Headgum Podcast, as Amir takes a sabbatical from the show.Follow Zach on Twitter!Advertise on The Headgum Podcast via Gumball.fmRate The Headgum Podcast 5-stars on Apple Podcasts.Join the Headgum Discord.


26 Mar 2021

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WTAWT 027 - Jon Millstein and Zach Dunn

What Things are What Things

1hr 7mins

30 Jul 2020

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#2 DoK community: Data on k8s maturity check // Zach Dunn

Data on Kubernetes Community

Data on Kubernetes community virtual meetup #2 with Zach Dunn Senior Direct of Platform Operations, Optoro. We talk today about how the team at Optoro has implemented stateful apps on Kubernetes and what they have learned along the way.   Let’s talk about storage. Optoro has moved to running stateful stores on Kubernetes. It’s a challenge, but it has a lot of value. Let’s talk about how we chose to do it, and what we figured out along the way.  Key takeaways: Learn about how Optoro chose to run stateful services on kubernetes. Laugh at other people's mistakes! Cry with us over our pain. Maybe question some of the assumptions around storage in k8s. Wonder about the future of data in Kubernetes.   Bio: Zach's spent most of his tech career in something that vaguely resembles production infrastructure. This has ranged from hot aisle drudgery to professional nerd herder and budget owner. Once an individual but now is he collectively just known as "Arabella's Dad" or on occasion "William's Dad". He currently is the Senior Director of Platform Operations and CISO at Optoro helping teams build and deliver modern software for enterprise clients   Join our slack: https://join.slack.com/t/dokcommunity/shared_invite/zt-g3ui5r0g-jDKz5dhh2W1ayElqwKYYAg Follow us on Twitter: @dokcommunity   Connect with Demetrios on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/dpbrinkm/ Connect with Zach on Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/zach-dunn-11507217/ This meetup is sponsored by MayaData, which helped start the DOK.community and remains an active supporter. MayaData sponsors two Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) projects, OpenEBS - the leading open-source container attached storage solution - and Litmus - the leading Kubernetes native chaos engineering project, which was recently donated to the CNCF as a Sandbox project. As of June 2020, MayaData is the sixth-largest contributor to CNCF projects. Well-known users of MayaData products include the CNCF itself, Bloomberg, Comcast, Arista, Orange, Intuit, and others. Check out more info at https://mayadata.io/


29 Jul 2020

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9: Subjective Trivia (w/ Zach Dunn!)

The Headgum Podcast

Zach Dunn (writer on WHAT WE DO IN THE SHADOWS) joins Amir, Pile, Marika, and Geoff to talk all things Shadows, Pile's upstate house, and Nicholas Sparks. Plus, Geoff gives away $600!Advertise on The Headgum Podcast via Gumball.fmRate The Headgum Podcast 5-stars on Apple Podcasts.


17 Jul 2020

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39 - Bravo with Zach Dunn

This Podcast is Self Care

Cait and Drew talk about Watching What Happens with the hilarious Zach Dunn (What We Do In The Shadows, Bless The Harts) as he tells us all about his self care of watching Bravo shows. Vanderpump, Summer House, Below Deck, we get into it all. Plus, Drew puts forward a Cuomo Cuoronavirus Cuonspiracy! Follow Zach on twitter @ZachBDunn Subscribe/Follow 'Hot and Rich' @HotandRichShow twitch.tv/hotandrich We are adding past Patreon episodes to the main feed as we all get through this and are also unlocking our back catalogue for the foreseeable future. Follow Zach on twitter  Check it out at Patreon.com/thispodcastisselfcare Follow us on Twitter | @ThisPodSelfCare Follow us on IG | @ThisPodcastIsSelfCare  Follow Cait on Twitter | @CaitRaft Follow Drew on Twitter | @DrewSpurs

1hr 10mins

28 Apr 2020

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Zachs, Bugs & Rock 'N' Roll feat. Zach Dunn [School of Rock]

So Yesterday

Ace of bass Zach Dunn joins the podcast to talk Jack Black encounters, band camps, and how Cecily somehow got bedbugs again. Support the show (https://www.patreon.com/soyesterday)

1hr 7mins

26 Apr 2018

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3 - Zach Dunn - The Bagel Delivery System

The Matt and Adam Show: The lighter side of tech and startups

Adam and Matt talk to Zach Dunn, the Head of Product at Robin, about feature discovery, build prioritization, bagel delivery systems, and the merits of having a drone at your wedding.  Obviously, there are games.


22 Jun 2016

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126: Log In to Your Space (Zach Dunn)

Giant Robots Smashing Into Other Giant Robots

Chad talks to Zach Dunn, CPO of Robin, about the future of smart spaces, working with family, and when to shift your company's scope. Robin One Mighty Roar either 2013 Boston 25 Under 25 Robin: The Boy Wonder Bathroom Ocupancy Proof of Concept Zach on Twitter Support Giant Robots Smashing Into Other Giant Robots


15 Dec 2014