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#20 Susan Shaheen, Professor, University of California, Berkeley

Wunder Mobility Podcast

It will not be possible to draw a line between public and private transport in the futureSusan is a professor of civil and environmental engineering andco-director of the transportation sustainability researchcenter at the University Berkely. She was among the first to observe, research, and write about changing dynamics in shared mobility. We talked to her about the development of whether there will be a separation between public and private transport in the future, about how to create a healthy mobility ecosystem with complementarity and less competition, and how public transport operators innovate.


1 Jul 2021

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RT25 – Susan Shaheen and Emma Lucken – Mobility on demand services and public transport

Researching Transit

This is the third episode in the Researching Transit Handbook of Public Transport Research series. Links to obtain the book can be found at the end of the notes.In this episode, Professor Graham Curries speaks to authors of Chapter 19, Incorporating Mobility on Demand (MOD) and Mobility as a Service (MaaS) automotive services into Public Transportation, Emma Lucken and Susan Shaheen. Susan Shaheen is Professor in Civil and Environmental Engineering at UC Berkeley. She is also Co-director, Transportation Sustainability Research Center (TSRC), UC Berkeley, and chair of the US Transportation Research Board Executive committee. Emma Lucken is undertaking a PhD in transportation engineering and is also a member of TSRC. Professor Shaheen reflects on the motivation and philosophy that has underpinned her research career in transportation. She has always sought to challenge the status quo, using technology to provide sustainable mobility options that could be superior to private automobile ownership and use, particularly from an environmental and social perspective. Public transport, paired with other mobility options, is central to providing mobility without the need for car ownership. Turning attention to the book chapter, Shaheen makes the distinction between Mobility on Demand (MOD) and Mobility as a Service (MaaS). Mobility on demand refers to an ecosystem of transport options that offer integrated and seamless access. Transportation network companies (TNCs, or ridesharing services as they are more commonly known in Australia), as well as microtransit and public transportation, make up links in this ecosystem. Mobility as a Service refers to the provision of on-demand mobility through apps and subscriptions. Emma Lucken describes the different service models of some of the 62 TNC and microtransit projects identified in the USA. Four main models emerge, which can be described by the ways in which the public-private partnerships seek to supplement fixed-route transit. These include: first- and last-mile services, low-density services, off-peak services and paratransit services for users who may not be able to use fixed route services as readily or who may not be able to harness the technology that often accompanies Mobility on Demand. Find out more about this research in Chapter 19 of the Handbook of Public Transport Research, available for purchase from the publisher’s website: www.e-elgar.com/shop/gbp/handbook…781788978651.htmlLearn more about the people and projects in today’s show:Prof Susan Shaheen: https://ce.berkeley.edu/people/faculty/shaheen Emma Lucken: https://tsrc.berkeley.edu/emma-luckenTransportation Sustainability Research Centre: https://tsrc.berkeley.edu/Innovative Mobility Research (Susan’s lab): http://innovativemobility.org/If you enjoyed this episode, you may also enjoy episode 12 with Dr Taru Jain , on the role of carshare in the mobility ecosystem http://publictransportresearchgroup.info/?p=51729. Have feedback? Find us on twitter and instagram @transitpodcast or using #researchingtransitMusic from this episode is from https://www.purple-planet.com


30 May 2021

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Susan Shaheen and Planning Future Mobility

TRB's Transportation Explorers Podcast

Susan Shaheen, co-director of the Transportation Sustainability Research Center and professor of civil and environmental engineering at the University of California, Berkeley, discusses her latest study, Future of Public Transit and Shared Mobility Scenario Planning for COVID 19 Recovery. She also discusses research needed both within the transportation sector and across other industries.


19 Jan 2021

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How academics shift the needle - Susan Shaheen (UC Berkeley)

Getting there

In our latest podcast episode we talked to Susan Shaheen from UC Berkeley to look at academia's position in the world of transport policy and discuss the ability our industry has in addressing issues of social inequity.In this episode we talk about:Where and how academics provide counselWhat it is like to study disruptionHow transport policy can temper gentrification For more information on today's episode visit the podcast websiteWhat's on your mind?Email: podcast@unumotors.comTwitter: unu & unu ShareInstagram: unuRelevant links:The Overton Window (Wikipedia)Innovative Mobility Research (Susan's group)Where the 2020 Election is a referendum on public transportMusic in this episode:"Algorithms" and "Wide Eyes" by Chad Crouch from soundofpicture.com 


27 Nov 2020

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Building a resilient future mobility system; with Susan Shaheen

Smart Mobility Podcast

For this Episode, we're joined by Susan Shaheen, a pioneer and thought leader in the area of future mobility strategies. She is an internationally recognized expert in mobility and the sharing economy and a professor in-residence in Civil and Environmental Engineering at UC Berkeley.She is sharing her thoughts on the future developments of existing shared mobility solutions such as carsharing, bikesharing, ridesharing, public transport and other alternatives. The trend of the sharing economy paired with powerful digital technologies opens up new potentials for the global shift away from private vehicle ownership towards usage of shared, sustainable mobility on demand.


19 Sep 2020

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The Nexus of Technology, Human Behaviour and Public Policy, with Susan Shaheen

The Smart Community Podcast

In this episode of the Smart Community Podcast, I have a fascinating chat with Susan Shaheen, Professor in Civil and Environmental Engineering and the Co-Director of the Transportation Sustainability Research Center at the University of California, Berkeley. Susan and I chat about her interest in the nexus of technology, human behaviour and public policy, and how the US Smart Cities Challenge sparked her interest in the space, when she was involved with San Francisco’s application. We discuss how pivotal and galvanising that grant was for many cities around America, and how the community engagement framework they used for the San Francisco application really valued a co-creation model between public, private and community. Susan then tells us about some of the projects she’s been working on, including some research documenting the learnings from the cities of their experience of the Smart Cities Challenge. She tells us some of the takeaways from that research, including the four categories of Smart Cities or Communities they uncovered, plus the importance of not relying solely on champions for the long term sustainability of Smart projects. We finish our chat discussing the emerging focus of social equity and social justice in Smart Communities to help solve systemic problems, plus some of Susan’s favourite resources. As always we hope you enjoy listening to this episode as much as we enjoyed making it!Find the full show notes at: www.mysmart.communityConnect with Susan on LinkedIn or Twitter @SusanShaheen1Connect with me via email: hello@mysmart.communityConnect with My Smart Community via LinkedIn or Twitter and watch on YouTubeThe Smart Community Podcast is produced by Perk Digital.


2 Aug 2020

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AUTONOMOUS VEHICLES(2) - The Future of Transportation is Multimodal (w/ Susan Shaheen)

The Leading Edge

ABOUT THE GUESTSusan Shaheen is a Professor in the Department of Civil Engineering and Co-Director of the Transportation Sustainability Research Center (TSRC) at the University of California, Berkeley.Susan has a Ph.D. in ecology, focusing on the energy and environmental aspects of transportation from UC Davis and an M.S. in public policy analysis from the University of Rochester. She has authored 67 journal articles, over 120 reports and proceedings articles, and has co-edited two books. She is working on a third book on Shared Automated Vehicles to be published in 2020.TECHGC LINKSWebsiteLinkedInTwitterCareer Center


19 Dec 2019

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35: Finding Solutions to Your Transportation Woes with Dr. Susan Shaheen of UC-Berkeley, a Transportation Research Pioneer


How can transportation care for the elderly? Will there ever be a convenient solution for that distance from your house to a public transit station? How much do our own behaviors influence AI?   Dr. Susan Shaheen is a pioneer in transportation and she was thinking about connected and autonomous mobility long before it was front page news. Whenever smart people come together to talk about the future of transportation, the sharing economy, and the effect of it all on our environment Susan is among them, often leading the conversation around research she has or is doing as the co-director of the Transportation Sustainability Research Center (TSRC) at the University of California (UC), Berkeley. We stole a little bit of her time at this years Transportation Research Board meeting in Washington, D.C. and picked her brain about what really is around the corner for transportation.   LINK: "Late-Night Transportation: How Two Public Agencies Are Filling Service Gaps Through Mobility on Demand" by Susan Shaheen on Move Forward


28 Feb 2019

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#017 - Dr. Susan Shaheen, UC Berkeley (Live @ Urbanism Next)

The Mobility Podcast

Dr. Susan Shaheen from UC Berkeley is the leading academic in shared mobility. For two decades she has been at the bleeding edge of research in this field and was a driving force behind the convergence of transportation and technology during this time. We were thrilled to have Dr. Shaheen join us at Urbanism Next to discuss her latest report, Travel Behavior: Shared Mobility and Transportation Equity, which outlines a framework for ensuring that nobody is left behind amid all of the hype surrounding new mobility.Read Dr. Shaheen's latest report here: https://www.fhwa.dot.gov/policy/otps/shared_use_mobility_equity_final.pdfAnd follow her on Twitter @SusanShaheen1 to keep up with her work.


5 Mar 2018

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Episode 2—Shared Mobility Conversation with Susan Shaheen

ITE Talks Transportation

In this second episode, Susan Shaheen, Ph.D. discusses shared mobility and how the business models in this transportation delivery segment will continue to evolve. Susan is an internationally recognized leader in innovative mobility research, focused on carsharing, bikesharing, and ridesharing.


27 Jun 2016