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The Final Scoop #82: Stack3D Brand of the Year, Hawthorn Berry vs VasoDrive-AP & MORE

Supplement Engineer Podcast

Coaching & Business inquiries: thesupplementengineer@gmail.com Save 15% on Apollon Nutrition products: https://www.apollonnutrition.com/discount/Finalscoop Special Offer from BodyShock.pro save with code "thefinalscoop" (expires 1/22) The Final Scoop is a no-holds barred, snowflake-free panel discussion podcast born out of a desire to cut through all the fluff, frills, and BS that litters the sports nutrition and fitness industry. Our panel includes an international assembly of industry insiders united by a common goal -- to deliver honest, straightforward information on all matters concerning training, nutrition, and supplementation sans industry-sponsored endorsements or paid advertisements. Panel members include: Shane Smith, Stack3d Robert Samborsky, Apollon Nutrition Lukasz Rytkowski, Prometeus Intelligent Sports Technology Robert Schinetsky, The Supplement EngineerShow NotesTopics covered in this installment: Thoughts on CellFlo6 Stack3D Brand of the year announced (Congrats Apollon, Obvi, and Glaxon) How much nitrate is in arginine nitrate? Is there greater growth potential in premium or bargain brands Hawthorn berry vs VasoDrive-AP and MOREWhere to Find The Final Scoop CastStack3D Website: https://www.stack3d.com Apollon Nutrition IG: https://www.instagram.com/apollonnutrition/ Robert Samborsky IG: https://www.instagram.com/robik2075/ Apollon Nutrition Website: https://www.apollonnutrition.com Supplement Engineer Blog: https://supplementengineer.com/blogs/supplementsBefore You Go...If you enjoy this podcast and want to see more content like it, please consider leaving a review! https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/supplement-engineer-podcast/id1447389041?mt=2&ls=1

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18 Jan 2022

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Wellness Wednesday: Hawthorn Berry

Teachable Moments with April

This episode is about the health benefits of the Hawthorn Berry for your overall heart health.--- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app


18 Aug 2021

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Ep. 16 – Hawthorn Berry Gin, “Keep your stick to yourself, will ya?”

Drinks With Mom

After a brief break to allow Gina some world travelling, the duo are back just in time for World Gin Day. Catch up on Gina's Mediterranean hijinx and Paul's jury duty experience while they try Spirit of York's Hawthorn Berry Gin.


12 Jun 2019

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Hawthorn Berry as a Digestive Tea

The Herb Walk with Jessica Baker

Gung Hay Fat Choy! Tashi Dalek! The Lunar New Year is upon us and I love to celebrate the cyclical shift from one year to another! On Monday’s New Moon we left the year of the Yang Earth Dog and welcomed in the Yin Earth Pig. I hope this year’s energy is a little less aggressive wounded dog and more congenial lucky pig. May our collective focus turn more towards generosity and companionship and farther away from personal motives of money and power.  My birthday was also on Monday and along with honoring the next lunar cycle, I also celebrated my next revolution around the sun! A perfect yin yang balance! I threw an all day Drinky and Smoky Tea Party where we drank loads of Tea (Camellia sinensis), ate pastries, and smoked fatties. In typical Jessica fashion I took photos of me preparing the goodies, but forgot to get images of the final creations! I also had so much fun during the party I only had one series of pictures taken of some girlfriends and myself. Next time I’ll remember to take more photos!  I will admit I went to bed with a bellyache Monday night. I ate way too many sugary treats, drank too much caffeine, and then had cheesy calzones late in the evening. It was a deliciously indulgent day and I felt the aftermath. As a Chinese medicine practitioner I embrace their theories on food stagnation (bloating, gas, and fatigue due to eating heavy, rich foods) and know that eating like this can wreak havoc on my digestion. That’s when I remember the wonders of Hawthorn (Crataegus pinnatifida). If you’ve been overdoing it like me, then you need one of my favorite Hawthorn Berry recipes. Perfect for sluggish digestion after too much fun! This tea is tasty and works wonders to help digest fats and heavy foods. I recommend drinking small 2 ounce cups throughout the day if you tend to overeat. I should have been drinking this tea during my party and I wouldn’t need it so badly now! Swollen Belly Decoction (aka Belchy and Burpy Tea) 3 tbsps dried Hawthorn berries (Crataegus pinnatifida) 3 strips dried Tangerine peel (Citrus reticulata) 3 cups of water Simmer berries and peels in water for 20 minutes. Strain out herbs and set aside. Drink 2 ounces of the decoction throughout the day or 1/2 cup after a heavy meal.  To learn more about Tea and Hawthorn, check out my book Plant Songs: Reflections on Herbal Medicine! It’s available on Amazon, Balboa Press and other online outlets. You can also check out this episode The Herb Walk Podcast where I read from the Hawthorn chapter! With love, Jessica when energy flows, wellness grows 


7 Feb 2019

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Hawthorn Berry - Food as Medicine Series

Gems of Health with Dr. Jessica Jordan

Come find out how the eating the tasty hawthorn berry can help your health in many ways from lowering plaque and cholesterol to weight loss! Hope this helps you to make every day a healthier day! Dr J Photo from Elstro


5 May 2014