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Giving Without Sacrificing Yourself in Motherhood With Michelle Farris

Vision Driven Mom

Is it possible to give without sacrificing yourself in motherhood?   During this episode of the Vision Driven Mom podcast Michelle Farris and I talk about codependency, how to spot it and what happens when we bring it into motherhood.  We talk about:What codependence is and how it shows up in motherhoodHow to start healing issues of codependencyBy caring for yourself you’re teaching your kids how to care for themselves.The way we handle mistakes can be powerful role-modeling for our kidsGuest Resources: Michelle Farris is a licensed psychotherapist, anger management specialist. mother, author, and course creator. She loves helping codependent people create healthy relationships without sacrificing their big heart. She’s written several workbooks and online courses. Her articles have been featured in Psych Central, Bustle, Your Tango, The Good Men Project and The Daily Positive to name a few. In her private practice she believes that it doesn’t have to take years to heal your relationships. When you learn to trust yourself, you can create mutually satisfying connections that work. She can often be found with a Vente latte from Starbucks while working on her next course!Website:  https://www.counselingrecovery.com/Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/counseling_recovery/Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/CounselingRecoveryYouTube:  https://www.youtube.com/c/MichelleFarrismftWondering why your relationships aren’t working?  Grab Michelle’s FREE relationship checklist to assess the health of your relationships:  https://counselingrecovery.lpages.co/relationship-checklist/*If you enjoyed this episode, I’d love to hear about your biggest takeaway. Screenshot the episode on your device, post it on your Facebook profile and tag me @tracynolinbeerman Vision Driven Mom ResourcesShare: #visiondrivenmompodcastWebsite: http://www.visiondrivenmompodcast.comFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/visiondrivenmomInstagram: https://www.instagram.com/visiondrivenmom/Pinterest:  https://www.pinterest.com/visiondrivenmom/Email:  visiondrivenmompodcast@gmail.com  THE VIBE CARE TOOLKIT: Take your yoga off the mat and into mom life www.vibecaretoolkit.com …………..SubscribeApple | Google | Spotify | Stitcher | Pandora |iHeartIf you’re enjoying the podcast, subscribe, rate and review it in iTunes. It’s one of the best ways you can help new listeners find us.


23 Sep 2021

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ERP 278: How Codependency Relates to Anger and What to Do About It - An Interview with Michelle Farris

Empowered Relationship Podcast: Your Relationship Resource And Guide

It is common for codependent people to be people pleasers. While this strategy is effective at avoiding conflict, it also builds up anger and resentment that your partner may not even know about. Michelle Farris is a licensed psychotherapist, anger management specialist, and course creator. She discusses how letting go of codependence is not an easy task as the anger that so often accompanies codependence feels too familiar.Toxic codependence does not have to be a permanent reality. Michelle explains that therapy provides a safe space to work out the root cause of your pain and allows you to go through the complex process of recovery. Michelle's work helps codependent people trust themselves and create mutually satisfying relationships. She has been featured on Psych Central, Bustle, Your Tango, The Good Men Project, and The Daily Positive to name a few. Check out the transcript to this episode in Dr. Jessica Higgin's website.In this episode: 07:18 Codependency is a relationship pattern that focuses on others at the expense of yourself. It relies on external validation. Recovery helps people discover their personal identities. 08:58 Identifying the traits of codependence that are hurting you is the first step of recovery. It may take years to become ready to let go as there is a painful withdrawal process that must be undertaken. 15:50 Saying no takes practice. Start with the safest people who are okay with you saying no and start with the "baby nos." 18:26 Codependent people may not relate with the word anger, as it may be too scary, but can typically relate with resentment.  21:14 Voicing what hurt you is a liberating experience. It has the potential of changing the dynamics of your relationship because it creates awareness of what you're feeling, something which may not have been apparent before. 24:49 Codependents don't go to anger immediately. It is, in many ways, a secondary emotion that comes after hurt. But festering anger and feelings of being a victim begin with hurt not being handled in the first place. 29:04 When anger leads to rage it is critical to be mindful. It is probably not the best time to talk and you may need to take some time off and walk away before returning. 32:10 Anger at oneself is tricky territory. It's important to have a safe community, perhaps in therapy, where you are validated that you did the best you can given your circumstances and you can make a different choice when you are ready.  34:15 Recovery involves fixing your relationship with yourself, improving your relationship skills, and doing the childhood work. This is not linear and the issues with each aspect happen at the same time, making recovery a complex endeavor. 37:03 An addiction to relationship is additionally complex as having it is a biological necessity. However, what therapy does is lessen the dependence on other people.   42:17 Receiving a favor is a practice that not only helps you take care of yourself but also allows others to be present in your life.  44:46 How to get in touch with Michelle and learn more about Counseling Recovery Mentioned Counseling Recovery Website Counseling Recovery Checklist ERP 260: How to Break Free from Codependency in a Relationship – an Interview with Sherry Gaba Connect with Dr. Jessica HigginsFacebook: facebook.com/EmpoweredRelationship Instagram: instagram.com/drjessicahiggins Podcast: drjessicahiggins.com/podcasts/Pinterest: pinterest.com/EmpowerRelation LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/drjessicahiggins Twitter: @DrJessHiggins Website: drjessicahiggins.comEmail: jessica@drjessicahiggins.comIf you have a topic you would like me to discuss, please contact me by clicking on the “Ask Dr. Jessica Higgins” button here. Thank you so much for your interest in improving your relationship. Also, I would so appreciate your honest rating and review. Please leave a review by clicking here. Thank you!  *With Amazon Affiliate Links, I may earn a few cents from Amazon, if you purchase the book from this link.


27 Jul 2021

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Understanding and Healing from Codependence with Michelle Farris

Wisdom for Wellbeing with Dr. Kaitlin Harkess (PhD Psychology)

In this episode, Michelle Farris, a licensed marriage and family therapist and anger management specialist, discusses codependency in relationships, how it develops, and how to heal from it. Michelle has over 30 years of experience working with recovery issues. She has written three e-books and has created several online courses to support private learning. Her articles have been featured in several online publications including Psych Central, Bustle, Your Tango, The Good Men Project and The Daily Positive.  Shownotes: www.drkaitlin.com 


6 Jul 2021

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284: Codependent Relational Dynamics with Michelle Farris

Therapy Chat

Welcome back to Therapy Chat! In this week's episode host Laura Reagan, LCSW-C interviews Michelle Farris, LMFT about codependent relational dynamics. Michelle describes the dynamics of codependency within relationships, talks about how these patterns develop and how people who lose themselves within relationships can build a stronger sense of self. Michelle Farris is a licensed psychotherapist and anger management specialist. She helps others build healthy relationships without sacrificing themselves while using her own recovery to provide hope for creating a happier life. She has written three e-books and has created several online courses to support private learning. Her articles have been featured in several online publications including Psych Central, Bustle, Your Tango, The Good Men Project and The Daily Positive. In her private practice Michelle found her sweet spot in teaching relationship skills that are easy to implement quickly. Her guilty pleasure is a Vente latte from Starbucks! Learn more about Michelle at: https://www.counselingrecovery.com/ To be in the know about Laura's new podcast, Trauma Chat, which is launching in June 2021,  go to www.traumachatpod.com and sign up for the email list! You'll receive a free gift for signing up! New website coming soon: www.traumatherapistnetwork.com - a community for finding information, resources and help for trauma. Sign up for the email list to be notified when the website goes live and receive a free gift! Podcast produced by Pete Bailey - https://petebailey.net/audio


25 Jun 2021

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Codependency in Your Business with Michelle Farris

Health Coach Nation

FULL SHOW NOTES: https://www.haileyrowe.com/codependency Join my free Facebook community for business support & to connect with other health coaches: https://www.facebook.com/officialhaileyrowe Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/hailey_rowe Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/hailey_rowe Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/officialhaileyrowe


11 Jun 2021

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Understanding Codependency: How to Love without Losing Yourself w/Michelle Farris

The Boss Mom Podcast

Setting boundaries is a huge part of taking control of our lives, but doing that can be ridiculously difficult if we're codependent. The only problem is, many of us don't know if we fall into that category or not. Despite codependence being a buzzword we're hearing a lot at the moment, many of us are still unsure about what exactly codependency is. So, what is it? Could we be codependent without realizing it? Is there anything we can do to break the cycle of people-pleasing for good if we know we're in the habit? In this episode, psychotherapist Michelle Farris shares the tell-tale signs of codependency and what to do about it! Three Things You’ll Learn in This Episode What codependency means At its core, codependency is a relationship pattern where we focus on other people's best interests at our own expense. While it's perfectly normal to make sacrifices for loved ones from time to time, with codependency it becomes the rule, rather than the exception. How to tell the difference between being helpful and being codependent There will always be times we don't feel like doing something, but when we really don't want to, we'll feel it in our gut. If we're ignoring our intuition because we're worried about someone else's reaction (and if we're doing it repeatedly) we're not just being helpful, we're breaking our boundaries. Why codependency breeds resentment When we set unrealistic expectations of people-pleasing for ourselves, we start believing the people around us should be acting the same way without ever communicating that to them. This only leads to bitterness in the long term, and it could all be avoided in the first place. Guest Bio- Michelle Farris is a licensed psychotherapist in San Jose California. In her private practice Michelle found her sweet spot in teaching relationship skills that are easy to implement fast. She believes that being a good therapist means doing your own work. Her guilty pleasure is a Venti latte from Starbucks! To connect with Michelle, go to: https://www.counselingrecovery.com/ https://www.facebook.com/counselingrecovery https://www.pinterest.com/mshellmft/ https://www.instagram.com/counseling_recovery/ https://www.twitter.com/mshellmft/ www.linkedin.com/in/michellefarrismft/ https://www.youtube.com/c/MichelleFarrismft To get a copy of the The Codependency Workbook - A Guide to Being Your Best Self, visit: https://www.counselingrecovery.com/online-courses/the-codependency-workbook


15 Apr 2021

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089: Counselling Recovery with Michelle Farris

The Road Beyond Recovery

Michelle Farris is a licensed psychotherapist and anger management specialist. In her private practice Michelle found her sweet spot in teaching relationship skills that are easy to implement quickly. Michelle has written three e-books and has created online courses for further growth. Her articles have been featured in several online publications including Psych Central, Bustle, Your Tango and The Daily Positive. Her guilty pleasure is a Vente latte from Starbucks! Learn More: Website: https://www.counselingrecovery.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CounselingRecovery/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/mshellmft Great Resources!  12 Journal Prompts for Self-care, Boundaries and Codependency.  https://counselingrecovery.lpages.co/codependent-worksheets/ The Codependency Workbook - A Guide to Being Your Best Self  is my new product and it's been doing really well  https://counselingrecovery.lpages.co/codependency-workbook-2/ Did you enjoy that episode? Want to win some FREE stuff for referring it to friends?? Refer to Win!! Download your FREE copy of my first bestselling book, "Hope Elevated" Get your copy here!  Looking to build a solid foundation, gain clarity and direction? Would you like to develop a growth mindset and get more done in less time? How about discovering your purpose in life so you can live the life you were truly meant to live?  Register now: Purpose to Empowerment FREE Live Workshop I offer individual and group personal development programs that will empower you to live up to your true potential and meet the challenge of change. If you want to learn more book an individual Discover Your Purpose call today! Do you want some added support from an amazing community? Come join my Facebook group now. Follow me on Instagram: @theroadbeyondrecovery Website: www.theroadforward.ca


12 Apr 2021

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Episode 99: What Is Codependency? With Michelle Farris LMFT

Toxic Person Proof

Michelle Farris is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who helps people heal relationships, codependency and self-esteem.  For more of Michelle visit:   https://www.counselingrecovery.com/About Sarah:Sarah helps high-performing, ambitious and exceptional women who want to create AMAZING lives despite having been hurt by a toxic partner or parent.Private Facebook Group for women currently in a confusing relationship. Private Facebook Group for women out of their relationship and ready to find love and success.Sarah's BlogA Free gift from SarahClick HERE to check out what others are saying about Sarah.Click HERE if you are ready to work with Sarah.


31 Mar 2021

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253: Codependency and Anger with Michelle Farris

The Adult Chair

Those who struggle with codependency often struggle with anger as well...but not in the way you might think. Unlike ragers or those with explosive anger, codependents tend to stuff and suppress anger to please others and avoid conflict...often not even knowing what they’re feeling themselves. This is just as unhealthy! We need anger to guide us towards our needs and connect us to our experience. Anger, when expressed in a healthy way, can also lead to healthier relationships as we begin telling others how we feel and resolving problems before they turn into resentment. Today, I’m talking with Michelle Farris, a licensed psychotherapist and anger management specialist, who is sharing her experience of learning to own and communicate her anger. She talks about how codependency forms, why feeling our anger is important and how to begin overcoming the fear of conflict and expressing yourself in relationships. Listen to discover: Concrete examples of what people pleasing looks like The importance of validating emotions Beginning recovery from codependency How to catch the first thought and regulate anger (while still owning it) How to communicate your anger in a healthy way Anger is such an important human emotion...I think of it as rocket fuel to propel us towards what we want. When we’re codependent and don’t know ourselves, anger can be a key way to tap into our core needs and desires. It’s not selfish to look inward...and what you tap into inside of yourself might surprise you. "Whenever we hit a road bump, I always remember there's going to be a huge gift on the other side of that." - Michelle Farris "Healthy anger is us owning how we feel in the moment." - Michelle Farris "When we stuff our anger, we're denying our own experience." - Michelle Farris "I think of anger as rocket fuel. It really helps to push us forward in life." - Michelle Chalfant "We don't cross the finish and feel 100% healthy. We are all a work in progress. But the thing you want to be doing is making sure you're walking forward on your journey."  - Michelle Chalfant “As you get healthier, you will attract healthier people into your circle.” - Michelle Chalfant Resources Michelle Farris Website https://www.counselingrecovery.com/ Michelle Farris Facebook https://www.facebook.com/CounselingRecovery/ Michelle Farris Instagram https://www.instagram.com/counseling_recovery/ Episode #11: Codependency: I’m Ok If You’re Ok https://theadultchair.com/podcasts/11-codependency-im-ok-if-youre-ok/ Episode #127: Codependency: Ending the Addiction to Help Others https://theadultchair.com/podcasts/127-codependency-ending-the-addiction-to-help-others/ Episode #172: The Joy of Codependency https://theadultchair.com/podcasts/172-the-joy-of-codependency/ TAC Circles https://theadultchair.com/taccircles/ (Previously “TAC Gatherings”) P&G Hair Food https://hairfood.com/ Or find at Bed Bath & Beyond, Amazon, Target or Walmart More Adult Chair The Adult Chair Website https://theadultchair.com The Adult Chair Membership https://theadultchair.com/membership/ The Adult Chair Workshop https://theadultchair.com/events/ The Adult Chair Coaching Certification https://theadultchair.com/certification-program/ TAC Circles https://theadultchair.com/taccircles/ (Previously “TAC Gatherings”) Stay Connected Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/michelle.chalfant Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MichelleChalfantFanPage/ The Adult Chair Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/theadultchair/ YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/Michellechalfant *** EPISODE CREDITS: If you like this podcast and are thinking of creating your own, consider talking to my producer, Danny Ozment. He helps thought leaders, influencers, executives, HR professionals, recruiters, lawyers, realtors, bloggers, coaches, and authors create, launch, and produce podcasts that grow their business and impact the world. Find out more at https://emeraldcitypro.com


11 Mar 2021

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178: "I'm Not Just Sure... I'm COVID POSITIVE!" w. Drew & Lela Michelle Farris (COVID-19 "Patients")

The System is Down with Dan Smotz

So you find you've caught the COVID... Now what? Today's episode is our conversation with the first people that we've personally known who actually went out and caught the COVID, our sister and brother-in-law, Lela Michelle & Drew Farris.We sat down for a long chat about their experiences thus far, symptoms, their responses to the "rules", Big Brother's big nose in their business, and much more.  We also did TWO bonus episodes with the Farris', where we dug into cult and occult conspiracy imagery sprinkled throughout this "pandemic" and we answered ALL the questions you guys submitted for them in our forum. Check out these bonus extended conversations, by joining The Downers Club at http://patreon.com/thesystemisdownQuestion Everything. Stay Uncomfortable.Let’s get weird!The Moon The Myth The Legend: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/the-moon-the-myth-the-legend#/ TSID Forum: http://tsidpod.com/forum The System is Down: http://tsidpod.com The Downers Club: http://patreon.com/thesystemisdown AntiNews: http://antinewslive.com QAnon Chronicles: http://qanonchronicles.com Buy Some SWAG: http://tsidpod.com/shop Facebook: http://facebook.com/thesystemisdown Twitter: http://twitter.com/tsidpod


30 Jul 2020