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300th Episode LIVE From OasisTV! (Pauli Murray, Falcon & Winter Soldier, Racism in Crafts, George Floyd, Ma'Khia Bryant, Don Lemon, Quizlet Korner, Caitlyn Jenner for Gov?)

Minority Korner

It's our 300th episode LIVE streamed from Oasis TV! Nnekay is back to celebrate this moment, we reminisce about the genesis of this podcast 6 years ago on the heels of Michael Brown, and with the verdict of the murder of George Floyd, how much has changed? Don Lemon had a questionable response to the killing of 16 year old Ma'Khia Bryant, and we hear Nnekay's thoughts as a new mother. We dish on the blackest thing Marvel has ever done, no not Black Panther: Falcon + Winter Soldier.  In the first Korner James walks us through the remarkable trailblazer who's shoulders we all stand on Pauli Murray, intersectional royalty, who you probably never heard of, but we all owe a lot. Then the Queen of Craft Nnekay walks us through the racism happening in the craft world because, yes, racism is everywhere! And it’s back! Quizlet Korner! The Maximum Fun Drive is coming, and we want to hear from you! Why did you decide to become a member? What does Minority Korner mean to you? Share your story by emailing  us at memberstories@maximumfun.org or call our Google hotline at (323) 601-8719REFERENCE LINKS: Ma'Khia BryantThe Root, Racial Disparities in Police Shootings: https://bit.ly/3e4Nn47Fox News/Don Lemon: https://fxn.ws/330ZEQHPauli Murray The Many Lives of Pauli Murray, The New Yorker: https://bit.ly/331DRZ8Racism In Craftshttps://www.vox.com/the-goods/2019/2/25/18234950/knitting-racism-instagram-storieshttps://www.nbss.edu/blog/detail/~post/resources-racial-equity-craft-designhttps://www.craftscouncil.org.uk/stories/tackling-racism-craft-sectorhttps://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2019/jun/25/knitting-is-political-how-trump-forced-the-craft-community-to-confront-racismhttps://www.eater.com/2017/8/17/16146164/the-whiteness-of-artisanal-food-craft-culturehttps://www.newyorker.com/culture/culture-desk/all-knit-up-in-sweater-instagramhttps://quillette.com/2019/02/17/a-witch-hunt-on-instagram/Quizlet: Golden Globes/Hollywood Foreign Press Association- is a messReal Live Olivia Pope Leaves HFPAFormer HFPA Calls Black Lives Matter Racist OrgLas Vegas Raiders off to a bad start w/ "I Can Breathe"Howard Removing the Classics: is this the right step?Tucker Carlson was part of Harvey Milk Assassin Fan Club Will Smith ‘Emancipation’ movie pulls out of GeorgiaBlack Panther 2 stay in Georgia - Ryan Coogler Minority Korner on YouTube:  https://bit.ly/2JsXEuuCONTACT USGuest Co- Host, Nnekay FitzClarke (she/her):TW: @mizzfitzie, IG: @nnekayTwitter: @minoritykornerEmail: minoritykorner@gmail.comIG: @minoritykornerHost/Producer: James Arthur M: TW: @JamesArthur_M, IG: @JamesArthurM

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30 Apr 2021

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MK269: He Owe Somebody Monay! (VP Debates, 355 Trailer, BIPOC, Tyra Banks DWTS, Jessica Chastain vs January Jones, Reparations, Quizlet Korner, BLACK, Disneyland)

Minority Korner

The whole team is here! We’ve got Sam Jackson (she/her) our Marketing Manager and Production Coordinator, and editor Sarah Brown (she/her) on the show fresh off having watched the VP debate and we’ve got your hot HOT takes, takeaways, and wow was this not the burning trash fire the Presidential debate was. Kamala was not here to play, she had all the receipts, did everybody's homework, but the real winner was the fly. Plus the 355 trailer was released starring either Jessica Chastain or January Jones...? Do they look like? Sam walks us through the term BIPOC, and the history behind the ever-evolving name change and community classification of Black folks. With both Sam and Sarah here James pits them against each other in a head to head matchup (that neither of them are that keen on) in a Quizlet Korner- yes it’s back! We talk reparations- which states, and cities are moving forward? We talk Pop culture how Tyra’s hosting on Dancing with the stars, is there a new Black Superhero movie in the works at Warner Bros? Is our BAAP Megan Markle snatching a new crown?BIPOC:What is BIPOC"The BIPOC Project"CBS "BIPOC What does it mean, where does it come from?"John Belton O'Neall's The Negro Law of South CarolinaAn article for the Jim Crow Museum of Racist MemorabiliaQUIZLET:Gavin Newsom has signed a bill establishing a task force to study and make recommendations on Ahsville, North Carolina City Approves Reparations for Black ResidentsSurvivors and Descendants of the 1921 Tulsa Massacre File Lawsuit Against the City for Its Role in the RiotTyra Banks Hosting Dancing With the Stars- no time for the hatersBAAP Megan Markle continues to live her best life untouched by the Crown but one degree of Separation from... the Crown,  Returns home dong the work-Warner Bros is adapting a comic book super hero called BlackDisneylandELECTION! GET INVOLVEDSwingleft.orgVote Save America Adopt -A-StateResistancelabs.comJoebiden.com, scroll down to volunteerpostcardstovoters.orgFairfight.com – go to get involved and select nationally or in georgiaVolunteerswinelections.comWomens march Text banksCONTACT USTwitter: @minoritykornerEmail: minoritykorner@gmail.comIG: @minoritykornerJames Arthur M: TW: @JamesArthur_M, IG: @JamesArthurMSam Jackson: IG: @little_miss_sj

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9 Oct 2020

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MK96: This Emperor Needs A Wig Cap (Hurricane Harvey and Irma, Quizlet Korner, Martin Yan, Harriet Tubman, Star Wars, KKK, Todrick Hall, Little Mix)

Minority Korner

The Wonder Twins of Podcasting are starting off with a bang, pitching a new movie... The Emperess' New Wig! Coming soon to a theater near you! They also have a little trip down memory land to the 2000s. Nnekay also discusses her underwear choices... and James extols the beauty of jock straps. Nnekay talks about the her turn as the cheesiest audience member for Yan Can Cook. Also Whoops! We made a mistake Ed Skerin was the bad guy in Deadpol. James talks about meeting the legend...Dolores Huerta who might be side eyeing us. WHAT? In Nnekay's Korner she covers some of the ways that you can contribute still to Houston. This was recorded before Irma hit, so be sure to listen to the top of the show where we cover how you can help with Irma relief as well. Links are included in these show notes. Help is needed further than just the first few weeks. In James' Korner we got the return of Quizlet Korner! Some of the topics he covers: Harriet Tubman and the 20 dolla bill, Star Wars and Asian Stars, Todrick Hall, KKK, The Democratic Party, and Bisexual Discrimination. We are still aiming for that goal for 100 reviews by our 100th episode for the Minority Korner Give away! So please write those reviews!!!! Links! https://www.colorlines.com/articles/8-ways-help-people-color-recover-hurricane-irma http://www.colorlines.com/articles/how-donate-money-and-other-aid-communities-color-houston

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14 Sep 2017

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MKEP49: You Got To DO Sumthin, or Go Home! (The Debates, Fox News, More Appropriation, SNL, Sexxxy Quizlet Korner, Folsom Street Fair, Master of None, Atlanta, Straight Male Sluts)

Minority Korner

It's the last episode of the summer before the summertime sadness kicks in, and Nnekay and James head to their respective coast lines! James explains the Folsom Street fair to Nnekay like what a harness is. A new season of SNL is firing up and there's good and bad about it's upcoming cast members.  We catch up on TV like Master of None, Atlanta, and get those Oscars ready because here comes Denzel Washington and Viola Davis in August Wilson's 'Fences'. It's that time of year again, time to talk about cultural appropriation, and Nnekay is STILL pissed ya'll ain't getting it about cultural appropriation so she's gonna break it down for you... AGAIN. From dread locks to Mark Jacob's, to Miley Cyrus, to Bon Appetit, and we'll give you a hint- it deals with power. And we know... we're tired... but the election isn't over, and the debates happened... so let's check in with our friends at Fox News to see how they felt the debate went. There are 6 points they're PISSED about when it comes to moderator Lester Holt who they feel pushed the debate in Hillary's favor.  And get ready for the SEXIEST Quizlet Korner yet! You have a LOT to learn this week: Does sex get you closer to God? Are straight slutty more men more likely to get prostate cancer?

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30 Sep 2016

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MKEP22: The Trial of Nnekay (Black*ish, Linda Tripp, Male on Male Rape in the Military, Teaching Kids to Combat Racism, Flashback Quizlet Korner, NY Kombocha Shortage, Slavery Sex Farms)

Minority Korner

Our new challenge- how many times each episode can we mention Sister Act? The struggle is real for James since he can't seem to find Kombocha in New York. Nnekay missed Minority Korner dance practice. Racists hate crimes hit a little too close to home for Minority Korner as the son of UCSC's multicultural theater company Rainbow Theater is the victim of several hate crimes at San Jose State. Linda Tripp! You are on watch, James starts a new beef with another "celebrity".  James brakes the silence of the rate of rape in the military and it's effecting not the gender you'd think at an alarming rate, and how it dates back to the foundation of the U.S. all the way back to slavery times. Nnekay answers a question posed by a listener, how do we teach racism to kids, and she's found a list of awesome and interesting books! Also in Quizlet Korner we revisit topics from the past: Rentboy, kids for cash, and Michael Johnson aka Tyson "Mandingo. And we invite you to join the movement: #BeFabulousFriday! "Son, Men Don't Get Raped" http://www.gq.com/long-form/male-military-rape Picture Books That Teach Kids to Combat Racism http://www.whatdowedoallday.com/2015/08/picture-books-that-teach-kids-to-combat-racism.html 

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2 Mar 2016