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2021 King of Catch Wrestling Tournament San Diego re-cap with Luis Ojeda, Adam Roman, & Jake Shannon

Do It Again

Jake talks with Luis Ojeda & Adam Roman about last Sunday's King of Catch Wrestling Tournament in San Diego! --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/do-it-again/support


21 Jul 2021

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Wrestling With Altitude! - Episode 113 - Jake Shannon/Scientific Wrestling

Wrestling With Altitude!

The Wrestling With Altitude podcast is back as Mister 4th Row welcomes to the podcast owner of Scientific Wrestling, Jake Shannon!He tells us what Scientific Wrestling is all about, how it got started along with himself, how that gave birth to Shoot Pro Wrestling and everywhere in between! Enjoy! Enjoy having fun Wrestling With Altitude! Support the show at: www.prowrestlingtees.com/mister4throw Contact the show at: www.wrestlingwithaltitude.com https://www.facebook.com/wrestlingwithaltitude/ Twitter: @WrestleAltitude podcast@wrestlingwithaltitude.com

1hr 11mins

14 Jul 2021

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Fanatic Wrestling Podcast 005 - Jake Shannon

The Fanatic Wrestling Podcast

Jake Shannon joins the show to talk about Catch Wrestling! Topics include the history of the art, tournaments and rules and how he has helped organize the community over time. He also gives great technical insight to the Nelson family of holds!

1hr 9mins

19 Jun 2021

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Episode // 014: Jake Shannon -The History And Evolution Of Catch Wrestling

Go With The Flow Show

Today’s conversation is with Jake Shannon. Jake is a respected figure in the catch wrestling community. He is the founder of Scientific Wrestling, an author and the inventor of the Macebell fitness equipment. We discuss about the history of catch wrestling and how Jake sees the sport developing in the future amongst other things! Be sure to check out his Catch Wrestling instructionals at BJJ Fanatics. Now let’s jump into the conversation with Jake Shannon. Find Jake on Instagram @scientificwrestling https://www.scientificwrestling.com/ BJJ Fanatics: https://bjjfanatics.com/collections/all/products/catch-wrestling-submissions-by-jake-shannon https://bjjfanatics.com/collections/all/products/catch-wrestling-takedowns-by-jake-shannon


27 Aug 2020

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Episode #9 - Jake Shannon: Catch Wrestling and Entrepreneurship

Leave it to Sievers

Jake Shannon and I talked about it all, because this man has many avenues to talk about. People who grapple know him as the man who has studied the most about Catch Wrestling straight from Karl Gotch and Billy Robinson and doing his best to keep it pure and true to its roots.  Unconventional Athletes know him as the man who brought the Steel Mace to America in a time when kettle bells were the big movement. If you love books... Well you can find some of his books he has written. From Economics to catch wrestling, to politics. The shorter list is, What does this man not do?  Biggest take away for me was for him entrepreneurship is less risky than a single job.. That stuck with me , because I never really thought about it in a sense of having many fires going and knowing when to tend to each fire when necessary. If all you have is one fire and it goes out, What do you do? He also mentioned once you become familiar with entrepreneurship, you learn how to make money anywhere. There is a good percentage of us that fall into that 1 secure job to give us our income for 40+ years. But the way Jake thinks is amazing with all of his previous and current endeavors. It really opened my eyes to much more in this world and what you can do to enjoy the things you do and live the life you wanted making money with the things you love. This episode was great to pick his brain and get to know this man with many ventures... After this episode check out what he is doing currently with some of his business' that I highly recommend. Also if your looking for other Catch Wrestlers, he named about 10+ in this episode and has connections pretty much anywhere to train and learn the Old School Way. To Learn more about Catch Wrestling, visit: https://www.scientificwrestling.com/ Also pick up the latest two videos, Catch Wrestling Takedowns and Catch Wrestling Submissions, over at Bjj Fanatics Check out what he is Growing with Software to Maximizing your Service for Cannabis Retailers: https://budista.com/ His Latest Adventure, since he has his Masters in Business, he has been a successful Entrepreneur, and knows the stock market well.  Check out:  Thales Coaching   ....... He is very capable of coaching you off the mats with business, life and money. Books worth recognizing that Jake has written: Catch Wrestling Books: Say uncle and Physical Chess Anomaly: Revolutionary Knowledge In Everyday Life ENDonomics: Default, Deflation, Derivatives & the End of the United States As We Know It

1hr 53mins

8 Aug 2020

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Jake Shannon from Scientific Wrestling

Vintage Jiu Jitsu

Nick and Cody chat with Jake Shannon from Scientific Wrestling about the past present and future of Catch Wrestling. --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/vintagejiujitsu/message

1hr 3mins

6 Jul 2020

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InfernoCast 45 - Jake Shannon talks about the history & relevance of Catch Wrestling and how far back it really goes


Jake tells us about the origins of Catch Wrestling and its pure form and how it has evolved into different ideas and iterations.  We discuss the idea of "pinning" and "submissions" being a concept that has complemented mma and bjj plus some information about the old school founders he has trained with.  A lot of history in this one and Jake has tons of stories about the old days and roots of Catch.

1hr 8mins

19 Jun 2020

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Airey Bros. Radio Episode 57 Jake Shannon

Airey Bros. Radio

Jake Shannon Founder of Scientific Wrestling, author and renowned Catch as Catch Can Wrestling historian joins us for episode 57 of Airey Bros. Radio! Catch Wrestling is a classical hybrid grappling style and combat sport. It was developed by J. G. Chambers in Britain circa 1870. It was popularized by wrestlers of travelling funfairs who developed their own submission holds, or "hooks", into their wrestling to increase their effectiveness against their opponents. Catch wrestling derives from various different international styles of wrestling from around the world. The training of some modern submission wrestlers, professional wrestlers and mixed martial artists is founded in catch wrestling.Scientific Wrestling was established in 2003 as an independent association of grappling and Catch Wrestling practitioners, historians, and enthusiasts.Some of the all time greats in the sport of wrestling including Olympic champions, Mixed Martial Arts champions, and World-Record Holders, as well as grassroots level practitioners and enthusiasts, have shared and supported Jake's vision for the sport of catch-as-catch-can.Stay Connected https://www.scientificwrestling.com/ https://www.instagram.com/anomalist/?hl=en https://www.instagram.com/ScientificWrestling/?hl=en https://www.instagram.com/MaceYoga1/?hl=en https://vimeo.com/ondemand/macebell/229926360 https://join.robinhood.com/jakes2992https://www.instagram.com/MaceYoga1/?hl=en https://vimeo.com/ondemand/macebell/229926360 https://join.robinhood.com/jakes2992Airey Bros. https://www.instagram.com/aireybros/?hl=en https://www.instagram.com/blacksheependurance/?hl=enCheck out Mount Hagen Instant Coffee for a great cup a coffee in the time it take to boil waterhttps://www.instagram.com/mount_hagen_kaffee/?hl=en https://www.mounthagen.de/Go to https://altaandina.com/ and pick up something for your friends and loved ones, that will last a lifetime. Use the code "share15" at check out and treat yourself to something nice, you deserve it.Follow and support Alta Andinahttps://altaandina.com/products/ https://www.instagram.com/altaandina/ https://www.facebook.com/AltaAndina/Have you tried Keto Soups from Kettle and Fire they are delicious and they are essential for any ultra marathon crew. Don't get stuck using powdered broths and top ramen at your next ultra, use Kettle and Fire, you won't regret it. Order now and save up 30% on your orderhttps://offers.kettleandfire.com/bfcm-2019/?afmc=runningwodPeople always ask us about supplements my answers vary from time to time with what using at any given moment but one constant since 2013 has been Cordyceps Mushrooms from Onnit. Shroom TECH Sport helps you turn up your training volume. Whether you’re a recreational exerciser or a dedicated athlete, this means MORE: reps, circuits, miles, laps, more of the hard work you love to hate. Best of all, Shroom TECH Sport delivers improved performance all without the use of stimulants like caffeine. It's designed to be used before exercise or for a daily energy boost.http://onnit.sjv.io/c/478343/349600/5155

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26 May 2020

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The Underground History of Catch Wrestling, MMA & Sakuraba With Jake Shannon

The Sonny Brown Breakdown

I talk to Jake Shannon who is the founder of Scientific Wrestling and The King of Catch Wrestling Tournaments. We discuss how the history of submission grappling can trace its roots back to bored English miners who loved to gamble, how Japanese MMA emerged out of the theatrical and entertainment-driven world of professional Wrestling. The moment a quirky, professional wrestler bested the most famous grappling dynasty in all of fight sports and how that professional wrestling training helped him do it and could still even be used today in your own training practice.  Jake has also authored the best selling book 'Say, Uncle!: Catch-As-Catch-Can Wrestling and the Roots of Ultimate Fighting, Pro-Wrestling, & Modern Grappling' and ghostwrote Billy Robinson's memoir titled 'Physical Chess: My Life in Catch-As-Catch-Can Wrestling" and was also the assistant coach to Billy Robinson, 2007 - 2014 and now has two instructions out on BJJ Fanatics covering catch wrestling submissions and takedowns. 

1hr 46mins

4 May 2020

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Jake Shannon

On Board With Star-Lord

Today I talk with Jake Shannon who is one of the most interesting dudes I've met. He's one of the God Fathers of Modern Catch Wrestling, a former pro wrestler, an entrepreneur with a masters degree in systems mathematics. I really enjoyed this one.

1hr 43mins

13 Apr 2020