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Welcome To Eric Bailey's G.O.A.L Experience

Eric Bailey's G.O.A.L. EXPERIENCE

Big Welcome to my Channel. Truly your one-stop shop for all personal growth and development. Personal growth means different things to different people. In general, it refers to the self-improvement of your skills, knowledge, personal qualities, life goals and outlook. My Global...Ongoing...Activational... Leader-ship tools and strategies' will address the following: Physical, Emotional, Social,  Intellectual/Mental, and Financial Growth. My passion and purpose in my channel  is to assist you in discovering your  Self knowledge. It's not just about knowing your likes and dislikes, it's about knowing who you truly are as a person. How you look at life. How you interact with others. What fires you up. What leaves you shaking. What gets your heart pumping. A person who sincerely knows who they are shines with confidence. So lets TAKE ACTION TOGETHER!!  


18 Apr 2021

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Eric Bailey - from Disability to Decidedly Awesome

Eric Bailey's G.O.A.L. EXPERIENCE

Eric Bailey pushed through a troubled childhood growing up in crime-stricken South Central LA. Born with a disability, and not expected to walk, he became a champion athlete and basketball star. Now coaching others to score goals and win big despite the odds, here Eric Bailey the super coach, speaks on overcoming adversity.


13 Apr 2021

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Ask Anything Monday with Eric Bailey Goal Setting and Follow Through

Eric Bailey's G.O.A.L. EXPERIENCE

 Motivational Speaker Eric Bailey brings you another week of Activational tools and content. This week its about finding your purpose.  When you find your purpose then your DREAMS and GOALS are right behind that! This Motivational Speaker will set you on the right pathway to becoming the best you can be. 


13 Apr 2021

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Get Off the Nail...With Eric Bailey

Eric Bailey's G.O.A.L. EXPERIENCE

Eric Bailey delivers a passionate plea to all those sitting on nails, struggling in life, and complacent with their circumstances. It is time to get off that nail.


13 Apr 2021

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Eric Bailey on Success and Mindset...World Class Magazine

Eric Bailey's G.O.A.L. EXPERIENCE

Mindset -- a strong and positive one -- is essential to developing healthy self-esteem. It is an important tool that affects our daily self-dialogue and reinforces our most intimate beliefs, attitudes and feelings about ourselves.Acknowledge and embrace imperfections. ...View challenges as opportunities. ...Try different learning tactics. ...Follow the research on brain plasticity. ...Replace the word “failing” with the word “learning.” ...Stop seeking approval. ...Value the process over the end result. ...Cultivate a sense of purpose.


13 Apr 2021

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Episode 6: The Power of Storytelling and Why Diverse Stories Matter with Eric Bailey Jr.

Sliced Fruit

Excited to share with you all Episode 6, with friend, actor, director and social butterfly Eric Bailey Jr.! Eric shares with us what he’s been up to, his recent projects and journey in the entertainment industry, and the kinds of stories that motivate him to do what he does.You may find that this episode is structured a little different from our usual format. After our interview, we had a really good conversation with Eric on his reflections on his cultural identity as an African American. We thought what he shared was incredibly meaningful and have included portions of our conversation towards the end of our episode.To follow Eric and stay updated with his work, you can follow him on his instagram to the latest news: @EricBaileyJrKeep watch for his short film release! We know we’ll be doing that.Music Credits: Joakinm Karud - Road Trip Ketsa - Drop, Here For Years, Dream Strolls, Wish Aitua - Lemon Meringue Pie Juanitos - Cool Reggae Party Jose Konda - Séisme KieLoKaz ID 128 - Boots for Seven Miles Albino Blacksheep - I Love Egg


5 Mar 2021

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Eric Bailey on Closing the Empathy Gap Through Radical Curiosity

UpSpiral Leadership

Sue Covelli-Buntley and Poyee Chiu of UpSpiral Leadership interview Eric Bailey, best-selling author of The Cure for Stupidity. His consulting firm, Bailey Strategic Innovation Group, has an extensive portfolio of clients which include Google, the US Airforce, and many others. Equipped with a master’s degree in leadership and organizational development, Eric is passionate about using radical curiosity to incite change and understanding. [00:41] Introducing Eric Bailey [05:15] Eric’s Passion for Creating Change [08:18] The Concept of Radical Curiosity [15:13] The Empathy Gap [21:54] Creating Boundaries that Unite Instead of Divide [25:12] “Just Shut Up and Listen” [36:40] The Lightning Round: A Series of Brief Questions [47:20] The Flip: “It’s Not Me, It’s Them” Eric recognizes that all of his life experiences have brought him to where he is today. At the age of 5, he was living on the streets with his family. His mother put herself through dentist school, which eventually improved their living conditions. As an adult, Eric had a colorful career having worked at a restaurant, zoo, and a healthcare company. He obtained his master’s degree from Saint Louis University. During graduate school, he met Dr. John P. Kotter and had the opportunity to work with him for a year. Afterwards, he started his own consulting company that specializes in organization culture and business strategy. From his experience working in training and development, he noticed that HR departments are fixated on correcting behavior. Similarly, we have the same goal when communicating with others. We enter conversations because we want to prove that we are right. Opinions different from our own are immediately dismissed. No real dialogue can happen because people refuse to take a new vantage point. Eric explains that this divide is rooted in human nature. We have created tribes as a way for us to know who to trust. In the process of forming groups, we determine who is a friend or foe. If they are not one of our own, then we do not hear them out. Creating an enemy out of the other group feels good because it highlights membership in our tribe. It is this “us vs. them” mentality that creates the empathy gap. When people perceive that they are on different teams, they lose their empathy for the opposing team. Rivals are no longer cared for as human beings. Judging others has become a learned reflex but there is a way to close the empathy gap. First, you need to be aware that these tribal boundaries are based on perception. Instead of emphasizing differences, choose to look at similarities. Create categories that would put you and your “rivals” on the same team. Next, replace judgment with radical curiosity. Have that genuine yearning to understand the other person’s context. Let go of your desire to be understood and to be correct. Assume that you are talking to a rational being and find out their why. By identifying the “why”, you’ll see that people aren’t so different after all. From that realization of a shared goal, we can collaborate on a solution to achieve our “why”. Radical curiosity makes space for innovation and possibilities. Check out Eric’s book: The Cure for Stupidity on Amazon. Get in touch with Eric via LinkedIn or via Bailey Strategic Innovation Group’s website. For more information on becoming an excellent leader, visit the UpSpiral Leadership website, and remember to tune in on the next episode! 


12 Feb 2021

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Mastering Persuasion with Eric Bailey

The Networker Zone

Persuasion vs ManipulationAsking specific questions to identify a need or desireBuying strategiesNinja skillsHow to Get Kids to Say YesMaster of Persuasion - How to Dramatically Increase Sales, Get People to Say Yes, and Be a Positive Influence in the Lives of OthersHow five words changed his life


6 Jan 2021

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Feel Well Look Well with Eric Bailey

The Daily CREED

Eric is a professional mentor, trainer, and advanced holistic healthcare practitioner. He has an incredible story of 100 Xing his income while helping others. Tune In! Connect with Eric : https://www.feelwelllivewell.com/ Let's Connect: https://www.instagram.com/jr.spear/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jr.spear.3 FIT PRO FUNNELS : https://www.facebook.com/groups/1750459338428570/ Please subscribe, like, and share. I appreciate the support and look forward to serving you further in the future. Semper Fi


5 Jan 2021

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The Tulsa World's Eric Bailey joins the show

One True Pod: A show about Big 12 football

Jason Kersey is joined by the Tulsa World's Eric Bailey to talk about Oklahoma's Peach Bowl loss to LSU and what it means for the program moving forward. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


29 Dec 2019