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ATE-Approaching Experienced Sponsors with Jeff Greenberg and George Roberts

Diary of an Apartment Investor

Learning how to attract experienced sponsors to your deals and building your name in the business with Jeff Greenberg and George Roberts.Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and TwitterFor more educational content, visit our website at www.diaryofanapartmentinvestor.comInterested in investing with Four Oaks Capital?  First step is to schedule a call with us. ----Jeff GreenbergJeff Greenberg, Jeff is the CEO and Managing member of Synergetic Investment Group, LLC (SIG). He has managed all aspects of commercial real estate including acquisitions, operations, value add, dispositions, and investor relations. SIG currently focus’ on helping high net worth individuals, passively invest with best in class Commercial Deal Syndicators, and invest in Commercial Real Estate. SIG uses it’s extensive experience to help investors determine the overall merits of the investment opportunity. SIG has been involved in projects worth nearly $50 million consisting of over 1100 units.  SIG currently controls properties in Texas, Georgia, Arizona and Ohio including over 300 student housing beds. SIG has been involved with stabilized and value add properties including Student Housing, short term rental, and Market Rate MF properties. Jeff has run REI meetups since 2005 and more currently the MultiFamilyMasters-Ventura Chapter.  Jeff has been featured speaker on over 30 podcasts including 3 times on BestEver, and Biggerpockets.Email jeff@synergeticig.com----George RobertsGeorge Roberts is an owner of Walnut Grove Homes, LLC, a residential construction company based in Troy, Michigan which reached seven-figure status in 2021. He is also an apartment owner and a Principal at Horizon Multifamily which is focused on acquiring value-add opportunities in Central Florida. He has also been a single-family landlord, a hard money lender and a passive investor in real estate syndications. He is the host of “The Foundery – Where Leaders are Forged Daily!”, a podcast devoted to entrepreneurship.  George is a Ph.D. and data scientist with over 600 citations in the fields of genomics, microbiology and physiology. If you would like to appear as a guest on “The Foundery”, feel free to contact George through LinkedIn.Email george@horizonmultifamily.comOr visit his website http://www.Horizonmultifamily.com ----Your host, Brian Briscoe, is a co-founder and principal in the real estate investing firm Four Oaks Capital.  He and his team currently have 485 units worth $21 million in assets under management and are continuing to grow.  He will retire as a Lieutenant Colonel in the United States Marine Corps in 2021. Learn more about him and the Four Oaks team at www.fouroakscapital.com  or contact him at brianbriscoe@fouroakscapital.com - be sure to let him know where you found him.Connect with him on LinkedIn or Facebook.


26 Jul 2021

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#95 Jeff Greenberg: Bringing the Pieces Together as a Syndicator

Real Estate Breakthrough

"I always feel the biggest hurdle in real estate is between your ears. The concepts of doing real estate are not that difficult. Most of it is you." -Jeff Greenberg Today I am interviewing Jeff Greenberg who is the CEO and Managing Member of Synergetic Investment Group, a company that acquires multi family assets in the US. They have been involved in 50 million in projects handling over 1100 units. Their properties are located in Ohio, Arizona, Texas and Georgia. SIG also invests in student housing currently holding 300 beds. Jeff has been featured on 30 different podcasts including Bigger Pockets, Millennial Millionaires, Wealth Junkies, and many more. Jeff Greenberg: Started his real estate path later on in life by being introduced to the concept by a friend. Diving right in, Jeff spent a few years after learning the game before making his first purchase in commercial real estate in 2010. With a background in management, Jeff had the right skill sets necessary for managing commercial real estate properties. He spent 2010-2019 syndicating for multi-family units and student housing. Now Jeff continues to conservatively evaluate deals while bringing the pieces together as a syndicator.   TOPICS COVERED IN THE EPISODE: What happened in Jeff in 2005 that made him start investing  Why Jeff was not interested in short selling  How he acquired his first property, a 20 unit in Texas Why Jeff thinks mindset is the key to getting up and getting started  Why is education important  Real estate is a lot of work  How to conservatively evaluate deals  How to recommit to the reality of real estate Why you shouldn't over project  Always pay attention to who you're dealing with  What is economic occupancy  Why it takes 6-months to a year to occupy a building  The hassle and the hustle  What a phenomenal team is key  Are flippers responsible for changing the culture of a building  How do you create tenant loyalty  Listen now on Spotify or Apple iTunes or watch on Youtube to find out how Jeff found his Real Estate Breakthrough! The Real Estate Breakthrough Show with Christina Suter is where we talk about the reality of real estate, the mindset you need and the tips and tricks to get you moving forward in investing. Join us every week and learn everything you need to know to invest in real estate education and create real wealth for a lifetime. Find out more about Jeff here:  Website synergeticinvestmentgroup.com 


4 Jun 2021

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New Product Development & Supply Chain via the Kitchen Coop with CEO & Founder, Jeff Greenberg

Supply Chains..."The Secret Sauce"

On this show we learn about the unique value proposition of the Kitchen Coop!  If you have great food product idea and you are looking for the right team to help make your product come to life, this group has the magic.  Based in Colorado, Jeff and his team have developed a end to end eco-system for product development.  They are well connected to ingredient supply chains and really understand what it takes to be successful in this market segment.  Listen as Jeff shares with us his insights about this market, supply chains and new product manufacturing.  He shares some great lessons.  Jeff's Linked In Profile: HEREhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/jeff-greenberg-3360331/About Supply Chains ”The Secret Sauce" to businessThe goal of the show is to help new leaders of supply chains by sharing practical experience from seasoned leaders in supply chain.   The show also has a focus on building the success of woman in the supply chain.PLEASE SUBSCRIBE.  Share this with people who may have interest in supply chain and if you are interested in being on the show, please reach out to me at:  info@linksupplychains.comDonations: If you like this show and you feel grateful, please consider making a contribution by clicking on * SUPPORT THE SHOW  * below.  website: www.linksupplychains.com/podcastSupport the show (https://paypal.me/WadeWickus)


5 May 2021

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Episode 8 - Investing in Student Housing with Jeff Greenberg

Crushing Cashflow

Welcome to the Crushing Cashflow Podcast  where we share phenomenal advice and dozens of decades of wisdom from investors and entrepreneurs of all types and all stages of their journeys. We'll cover many types  of cash flowing assets, but will have a big emphasis on real estate investing.  Listen in to learn from those who are CRUSHING it out there as well as those that have been CRUSHED by business or their investments.     Follow us on Facebook here for more episodes and inside info! Learn more about real estate investing at www.investwithredline.com Episode 08 - Jeff Greenberg, a well-experienced investor with over $50MM in managed assets tells his story and how he got into the niche of Student Housing.  He specializes in educating investors on realistic ways to accrue wealth and properly plan for retirement.  Get in touch with Jeff https://www.linkedin.com/in/jeff-greenberg-a9974411/jeff@synergeticig.com 


20 Mar 2021

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EP270 Syndication and Asset Management Tips & Techniques with Jeff Greenberg

Rental Property Owner & Real Estate Investor Podcast

My guest today spent 20 years working as a teacher, 9 years working for various government agencies, and 17 years in Information Technology.  But he left all that behind when he began investing in real estate. Jeff Greenberg is now an experienced Syndicator and Asset Manager with over 12 years of experience in commercial real estate.  He currently controls over 1,000 units with a value over $40 Million, including 300 student housing beds. Today Jeff is going to discuss how a seasoned syndicator raises money from investors.  Jeff will share case studies from his first 20 unit in Texas and the mistakes he made in his projections.  We’ll also discuss Student Housing, the importance of Broker and Lender Relationships, Flood Zones and Flood Insurance, How to raise your NOI by creating a RUBS system, Structuring a Fund, and Jeff’s outlook on the multifamily sector. Jeff shares a lot of great insight and experience in this episode.  If you’ve ever considered syndication, or passive investing, this is a ‘must listen’.  You can contact Jeff through his website or email: https://synergeticinvestmentgroup.com jeff@synergeticinvestmentgroup.com Today’s episode is brought to you by Green Property Management, managing everything from single family homes to apartment complexes in the West Michigan area. https://www.livegreenlocal.com And RCB & Associates, helping Michigan-based real estate investors and small business owners navigate the complex world of health insurance and medicare benefits. https://www.rcbassociatesllc.com


1 Mar 2021

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519 How To Make Big Cash With Student Housing - Jeff Greenberg

Creative Real Estate Podcast

EPISODE SUMMARY Student housing could be great for investors looking for stable, consistent returns. While the pandemic may have subdued demand, it is sure to go back up in value once schools open back up in full force. In this episode, Jeff Greenberg shares his experience with student housing properties and shares valuable insights from his experience.  In this episode you will learn: How can you get into student housing? Challenges faced in securing properties and how to tackle them The upside of investment in properties for student housing  How to negotiate with sellers and banks How to increase the value of your purchased property The difference in property management of student housing and multi-family properties How to market your student housing properties What is the perfect time to lease your property? Importance of Location and area demographics Should you be concerned about schools offering more and more online classes? Resources from this episode: Best Ever Apartment Syndication Book by Joe Fairless Rich Dad Poor Dad  by Robert Kiyosaki and Sharon Lechter Rich Dad’s Cashflow Quadrant by Robert Kiyosaki The E Myth by Micheal E. Gerber Contact guest at: www.synergeticinvestmentgroup.com Jeff Greenberg | BiggerPockets Email: Jeff@synergeticinvestmentgroup.com Connect With Us! To connect with Jason, please email or call him at: Phone: (303) 949-8662 Email: crep@ecospace.com Website: Ecospace  We look forward to hearing from you! Please go to iTunes to leave us a rating and write a review. Each review helps us reach a larger audience with your episode.


9 Nov 2020

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David Rapaport and Jeff Greenberg


A two-for-one show last week AND this week!? A DOUBLE double feature?! How lucky can we get? This week two of the best casting directors in the biz join Matt and Dave to chat about the iconic shows they've cast. Jeff Greenberg (Emmy Winner, Modern Family, Cheers, Frasier, Top Gun...) and David Rapaport (Gossip Girl, Riverdale, The Flash...) are here!

1hr 23mins

16 Oct 2020

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In this SUPER entertaining episode, Jeff Greenberg calls in, this man knows ALLOT about Vintage films, Comedy History, and has some great impressions to boot. Are the Three Stooges TOO violent?... Are they MORE violent then the cultureless games you WORSHIP in your parents basement?? Why does Baseball seem so LAME now?? Have you been ABDUCTED?...Will you PLEASE tell Anthony Quinn how you did it?? How is YOUR Marriage?...Did you MARRY a Shape Shifting Reptilian?...Why are they using that SHAPE?? Will you ever be surprised by anything EVER again?? These SHAPELESS questions will be IMPERSINATED on this episode of QUINNSPIRACY. 


28 Sep 2020

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#69 with Jeff Greenberg: How to Raise Money for Student Housing Investments During Coronavirus

Millennial Millionaire Real Estate Podcast

In this episode, Jonathan Farber interviews Jeff Greenberg on his path from syndicating his first 20 unit commercial deal to now operating over 1000 units. Jeff is a multifamily, student housing, senior housing, and self storage multistate syndicator operating from Camarillo, California. In this episode, we get into topics like: raising cash with little experience, syndications vs. joint ventures, determining your markets to search, and more! Top Takeaways: Raising $350,000 with no experience - 10:30 - 14:30 Your established professional network can be a great resource if you express your passion Real estate meetups can be a surprisingly lucrative source of investors BiggerPockets is another excellent source for networking and connecting in real estate Showing your excitement and enthusiasm for a deal is infectious and generates interest Letting investors make their own choice instead of asking directly is often effective Comparing syndication and joint ventures - 14:45 - 16:45 A joint venture is designed to provide mutual control of the assets to the participants A syndication is designed to combine management from one party and money from the others Your business model should reflect the activities of the participants Choosing markets based on your business model - 20:00 - 23:00 On the scale of large multifamily assets, looking at the nationwide market can be more efficient A broker, for example, can find deals faster looking at many markets as opposed to one Learning specific markets more thoroughly can be more effective in the long run Each deal will often be more profitable due to familiarity with the market How to bring value to Jeff Greenberg: Connections to HNWIs Copywriter for blogging and teaching Resources: Book by Chet Holmes: The Ultimate Sales Machine loopnet.com crexi.com Social Links: biggerpockets.com/users/JeffnCal synergeticig.com jeff@synergeticig.com Connect With The host, Jonathan Farber Here! LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jonathanfarber1/ Instagram: @jonjfarb FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/jonathan.farber.9 Facebook Group: Real Estate Mentorship Mastermind https://www.facebook.com/groups/860025821084224/ BiggerPockets: https://www.biggerpockets.com/users/JonathanF29 Schedule a time to talk: https://calendly.com/jonathan-farber/1-on-1-with-jonathan-farber-mmtr Apply to be a guest on the podcast here: https://forms.gle/YNmALHUvDvuMWVVFA


9 Sep 2020

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Episode 15 - Wresting with El Jeffe ft. Jeff Greenberg

The Just Talkin' Podcast

This week, we have a (very) long talk with our good friend Jeff Greenberg about sports in the bubble, why Arcade Fire is the most important songwriter of our generation, the right way to watch wrestling (and how it can help you better understand art and life), and why more people have not seen the 2006 masterpiece The Lives of Others.

2hr 8mins

23 Aug 2020