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P3E002 - WINTER ENDURES - Spring Athletic Neuro Acoustic Programming DJ Set - Maverick Matthews


This music is complicated. It was originally orchestrated to facilitate the flow state while trail running. It has a very long name along with intense and long-winded goals. But if you take it seriously it can be as effective as the mystery schools of yore, in daily, micro-doses.  Allegedly.  Neuro Acoustic Programming Athletic Training Regiment 03002 - Winter Endures - Maverick Matthews The Words in the beginning are meant to stimulate the mind prior to Training. The Prologue is meant to give your mind time to adjust to the new paradigm. The 3 Acts will take you through the process of Acoustic Initiation into a New Training Reality. Requirements:       1) Come Correct.            [Be of appropriate age (25+), and Follow the Secret Protocol] This is the good stuff. DM with questions.  Love you. M.*. M*.*


27 Mar 2021

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P3E001 - The Veil of Isis - Maverick Matthews, Nick Hinton, Jake Colinda


Welcome to PHASE 3 ! .*.       This episode is front-loaded a little dark and stormy.  My conversation with friends on another podcast leads to some strange investigation.  We listen to clips from the Joe Rogan Experience interview with Kanye West, which was subsequently commented on by Bishop Larry Gaiters on the podcast 'Hold Up, Wait A Minute'.  It's a long and dumb story and you are going to listen to it. ALSO Interview with Professional Snowboarder Jake Colinda and meditations on the divine art of Snowboarding! AND FINALLY The latest Neruo Acoustic Programming DJ mix for the TRAIL and the MOUNTAIN - presented and mixed live and intoxicated by yours truly, Maverick Matthews! Contacts: insta:  @the_Real_MaverickMatthews www.MaverickMatthews.com We love you and thank you for the support!

1hr 55mins

15 Jan 2021

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Pythagoras, Oracle of Delphi, and Sunrises are Free with Maverick Matthews

The Black Pill

In this episode we were granted to great pleasure of having Maverick Matthews join us. Maverick joined us to cover his life and how he got to learn some interesting history around Pythagoras and the Oracle of Delphi.  He enlightened us on many of Pythagoras thoughts and teachings and how he incorporates that into his life, and his new school; the Snow Leopard Wellness Institute.   You can find Maverick at: www.maverickmatthews.com Instagram: @the_real_maverickmatthews Shoutout to our sponsors: Carat Coin The highest paying coin and jewelry shop in Northeast Ohio, Free Appraisals, Home Appraisals and Appointments all week! www.caratcoin.com Ebay Store:www.ebay.com/str/caratcoin Instagram: @Caratcoin DoorDash: Get $15 off ($5 off each of your first 3 orders) Link:  https://drd.sh/yEyyVo/ THANK YOU FOR LISTENING!!! #pythagoras #oracleofdelphi #maverickmatthews #sunrise

2hr 12mins

27 Nov 2020

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Better Than: Podcasts #19 The Marvelous Maverick Matthews

Better Than: Podcasts

I wanted to talk to Mav about imagination, but we got into all kinds of stuff. This is a day late, the 3rd dimension required my attention yesterday!Become a Patron!">Support the show (https://www.patreon.com/bePatron?u=15492556" data-patreon-widget-type="become-patron-button">Become a Patron!)

1hr 34mins

9 Nov 2020

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P2E007ETM - "Snakey" Neuro Acoustic Programming DJ Mix - Maverick Matthews


Neuro Acoustic Programming for Athletic Training -  Music Mixed Live from the Shadow Valley Stronghold by Maverick Matthews.  Punched up version from Episode 007 - ready for the hard grind!   Hit the trail! 


18 Oct 2020

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#372: Everything Is A Spell with Maverick Matthews

Tin Foil Hat With Sam Tripoli

Thank you so much for tuning in for another episode of Tin Foil Hat with Sam Tripoli. This episode I welcome my good friend Maverick Matthews to the show. We were going to discuss Pythagoras but ended up talking about how important the human mind is and how what you pay attention to controls your reality. Thank you so much for your support.PS: Sorry for the chaos in the background. I am trying my hardest to minimalize life happens. Everything should be back to normal very soon. I am so sorry for the distractions.See Sam Tripoli on TV:Oct 4th: The Comedy Store Docuseries on ShowtimeSee Sam Tripoli Live:Cleveland: Oct 23rd: Hilarities 9:30pm showwww.pickwickandfrolic.com/2020/06/sam_tripoli/Check out Maverick Matthews Internet and StuffWEB: MaverickMatthews.com INSTA: The_Real_MaverickMatthewsTin Foil Hat Social Media:Tin Foil Hat Podcast:Instagram: Instagram.com/TinFoilHatCastSam Tripoli:Insta: @SamTripoliTwitter: @RoninSamTripoliXG:Twitter: twitter.com/xgmarksthespotInstagram: instagram.com/xgmarksthespot/Johnny Woodard:twitter: twitter.com/JohnnyWoodardinstagram: instagram.com/johnnyawoodardPlease check out all of our platforms:Our Youtube pageYoutube.com/SamTripoliComedyYoutube.com/SamTripoliPatreon:Patreon.com/TinFoilHatPatreon.com/ConspiracySocialClubCheck out my new spiritual podcast called Zero on Rokfin:Rokflin.com/zeroTshirts:TinFoilHattshirts.comCoffee Cups:TinFoilHatswag.comThank you to our sponsors:CBDLion.com: With a wide variety of award winning CBD products. For all the Tin Foil Hat listeners goto CBDLion.com and type the word "Tinfoil" to 20% off for every order.Skrewballwhiskey.com: Skrewball, the original and most awarded, peanut butter whiskey, is now available near you. At seventy proof, enjoy it neat, on the rocks, or in your favorite cocktail. Pick up Skrewball at your local store or get it delivered today. Go to skrewballwhiskey.com for more info and click on buy now. Please drink responsibly.Lucy.Co: LUCY Nicotine is a company founded by CalTech scientists and former smokers looking for a better and cleaner nicotine alternative. Finally, tobacco alternatives that don’t suck! Lucy has created a nicotine gum with 4 milligrams of nicotine that comes in three flavors: Tin Foil Hat Listeners - Go to LUCY dot C O and use Promo Code TINFOIL to get 20% off all products, including gum or lozenges!MyBookie: Go to Mybookie.com invest in your intuition. Use the promo code "TINFOILHAT" and double your first deposit, new players get up to $1000 in Free PlayHydrant has created a refreshing electrolyte powder that you mix directly into water to more efficiently and effectively hydrate your body. It hydrates you quickly and keeps you going for longer. We’ve got a special deal for our listeners to save 25% off your first order: Go to DrinkHydrant.com/HAT or enter our promo code HAT at checkout.Proactive: Right now is a great time to try Proactiv! For our podcast listeners, you can get an EXCLUSIVE OFFER, ONLY available by going to Proactiv.com/SAM! Proactiv subscribers will receive the Hydrating Duo as a FREE GIFT. That includes four Hydrogel Masks AND the Green Tea Moisturizer! You also get FREE SHIPPING. Again visit Proactiv.com/SAM to take advantage of this special offer now. That’s Proactiv.com/SAM and subscribe to clear skin!Blue Chew: Visit Blue Chew dot com and get your first shipment free when you use promo code tinfoil. Just pay $5 shipping. That’s B-L-U-E-Chew dot com promo code tinfoil. Chew it and do it!Manscaped: Get 20% Off and Free Shipping with the code TINFOILHAT at Manscaped.com. That’s 20% off with free shipping at manscaped.com, and use code TINFOILHAT

1hr 50mins

27 Sep 2020

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P2E007 - "Snakey" (named by my son)- Maverick Matthews, Hank Parker, Matt Pinstein


Two Interviews, One Electronic DJ Exercise Mix, and a Whole Lot of Love.   Get It On.

2hr 15mins

25 Sep 2020

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P2E006 - The Running Protocol w/ TRAINING MIX #6 - Maverick Matthews


Go Exercise!  Remember that PFYS is an ADULT podcast for those age 25 and older.   if you are younger just do some yoga and be patient. M.M.


8 Aug 2020

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P2E005 - Challenge Chronicles Michael Johnstone - Maverick Matthews


Please go to https://www.gofundme.com/f/costs-of-cancer-diagnosis-and-treatment to donate to Michael's cost of treatment! Tomorrow we all face the biggest challenge of our lives...   Live in that moment to deepen the connection and enrich the compassion for your fellow human.


26 Mar 2020

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P2E005 - DJ MIX - "The Art of Skullduggery" -- Maverick Matthews


Baphomet is code for Sophia.  It''s a Cabalistic Cypher son!


4 Feb 2020