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11: The Magical World of Houston Squirrels, With Kelsey Low

Houston and Nature

Even though squirrels are a very visible form of Houston wildlife, we know little about them. Were you aware, for instance, that their brain shrinks and increases in size with the seasons, and that far from being pests, they are crucial to forest ecosystems? Kelsey Low of the Houston Arboretum has studied our squirrels in depth. She'll tell you what's cool about them and what they do to survive. Most importantly, she'll make you appreciate these little rodents in an entirely new way. For transcripts and other resources, visit https://houstonnature.com/houston-squirrels or https://houstonnature.com/11


12 Apr 2021

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56. You Are Your Home with Kelsey Low

Live On Purpose

Do you know what it feels like to be at war in your mind? At war in your body?   You feel so out of alignment it makes you sick?   You know you're compromising yourself and your values, but you don't feel worthy of standing up for yourself?   You're not sure where to turn, you just know that something has to change?   Today's conversation is for you, dear friend.   This is a gut-punch-loving-hug kinda pep talk and I can promise it'll leave you feeling better than before you pressed play.   Kelsey Low is a Self Love & Empowerment coach from Visalia, California. Over the past 6 years she has spent 32 months abroad. During these travels and experiences she came home to her own heart and personal power. She now works with women on overcoming procrastination & self-beat up and instead learning to meditate and take messy action. Kelsey has a podcast called 'Joyfully You' and a group coaching program called GLOW self love mastermind. Both of these outlets are ways Kelsey guides empathetic women in their self love journey.   And HOT DIGGITY, did we ever have a juicy conversation. Kelsey is an absolute RAY OF LIGHT and I'm so grateful she blessed us with her wisdom on the podcast today!

1hr 20mins

22 Oct 2020

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Upgrading Your Self Care + Self BELIEF ft. Kelsey Low

Empowered Expression

Upgrading your self care and self trust ft. Kelsey Low This episode is EVERYTHING RN 😍😍😍 for real, this conversation is like a Snuggie for the soul right now. Just trust me, you're gonna wanna hear every word of it 💜 We jam with the incredible Kelsey Low, empowerment and self love coach, on... -real a$$ self care - trusting your journey and letting go of needing to control thangs - why outsourcing your self belief is no bueno - and SOOO much more 💜 In this episode, Kelsey gifts tippy guys access to a DOPE meditation series - access it here: www.dreamactivationseries.com Learn more about her 6 month mastermind, GLOW here: www.kelseylow.com/about-glow/ Did this conversation resonate? Share it on ya IG stories!! tag me @caroline.addington_ and Kelsey @kelseylowshow Everytime ya share you're entered to win a 90 minute 1:1 strategy session with Caroline FO FREE🎉🎉 So share away!!


27 Mar 2020

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Tuning Into Your Inner Wisdom with Kelsey Low

#Relatable Podcast

Welcome to our FIRST EVER #relatable guest episode with the absolutely magnetic Self-Love and Empowerment coach Kelsey Low! This conversation is honestly f*cking FIRE! We go so deep, on so many different levels, with, of course, a lot of laughs along the way. In this expansive episode, we jam out on ALL.THE.THINGS including… Setting boundaries and managing expectations especially in relation to making your own decisions or sharing your own opinion with others How it is up to us to protect and preserve our dreams How your friends and family can only support you from their own perspective of what they believe is possible in this life Shifting expectations in relationships for people to “be everything” for you and how this allows you to love them where they’re at, become less codependent on them, and foster deeper self-love from within Empowered vs disempowered love -- in all relationships, romantic or otherwise How by not speaking your truth you allow yourself to take on the discomfort of protecting the other person OVER sharing and being in your truth -- which is disempowering both of you  Why creating a relationship with Source (God/Universe) is important How and why we must speak to the highest level of ourselves and others -- and what it means when we don’t The pain of what is familiar vs the pain of creating new life Coming back to wholeness within and reconnecting to our body and the messages of truth that it has for us  And how all of this requires going against the grain and against the system that has been set up for us by societal conditioning and expectations  What did I tell you?! It’s LIT!! Grab your headphones and leggoooo!!  PS. Want to hear more from Kelsey or learn more about her GLOW Mastermind? Learn about GLOW here >> Listen to her podcast Joyfully You here >> Follow her on IG @kelseylowshow here >>Want her meditation series? Head here to grab it >>  AND of course, if you’re loving the content we share here on #relatable make sure you join us inside our private listeners’ community on Facebook Team #Relatable here >> where we’ll be doing bi-weekly #heyyallfriday LIVES to open up the conversation with YOU because we are committed to expanding these conversations beyond just the two of us! You can also always stalk us over on IG >>@rachael.bradbury @ashley.depaulis We absolutely LOVE connecting with YOU, our audience, so please reach out to us if you have any questions, comments, or just want to share your biggest takeaways or downloads from being a part of our convos! And as always, if you’re finding the content of our podcast valuable we would LOOOOVE if you would spread the word by sharing it with your friends, family, social media following, pet dog, cat, you name it!  By sharing this podcast with those who are near and far you are helping to spread the light and love my friend and we are super grateful for it because that means that we can reach and awaken more souls and cosmic beings to their potential here on Earth :)  We heal the planet by first healing ourselves, and the more we can share and catalyze healing within others the better our planet and society will be from it!  Thank you for doing your part by being here on this expansive healing journey with us -- we value and appreciate you! We can’t wait to connect with you further and hope to see you inside the community! Don’t have social media? NBD! Our inbox is always open: thehashtagrelatablepodcast@gmail.com AND if you’re wanting to connect more with the lovely and   Thank you for taking the time to listen, we love and appreciate you so much!


29 Jan 2020

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29. How to Keep Your New Year's Intentions with Kelsey Low

High Vibin’ It



30 Dec 2019

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Overcoming fear of judgement from friends + family with Kelsey Low

Empowered Expression

Ohmygoodness if you are in need of a big dose of inspiration + magic, then homegirl - this episode is for you. Kelsey Low joins us to talk about sharing your story, the evolution of friendship on the entrepreneurial journey, and the importance of community. Kelsey is a leadership coach who is helping women use their story to inspire others. She's a world-traveler, TEDx speaker,  host of the Joyfully You Podcast, and all-around amazing human. In this episode, we jam out on... - the power of storytelling in creating connection - how to tell your story from a place of authentic empowerment - how to know when you're ready to share your story - the fear of judgement that we experience as entrepreneurs when it comes to close friends and family - the art of evolving alongside close friends and cultivating a diverse community of friends to support you + your business - the power of community in becoming our best selves Stay connected with Kelsey over on the 'gram @kelseylowshow!  🎉 Click here for more info on Kelsey's Self Love Retreat in the Sierra Nevada Mountains happening Sept. 26th- 29th!🎉 In this episode, I also give you a SNEAK PEEK into the mini series we're going to be running on the podcast all next week [hint: you're gonna wanna be in on the action, there's free coaching involved


23 Aug 2019

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From Tragedy to Triumph with Angie Low and Kelsey Low

The Golden Rule Revolution with Lucas Mack

Mother and daughter duo Angie and Kelsey Low know what it's like to experience the pain of tragedy and find purpose through it all. This episode is near and dear to my heart and I know you'll enjoy! For more information on them both go to: http://thegrowthcoachcentralca.com/ For more information on the Men's Retreats go to: www.lucasmack.com/retreats For 10% off Viter Engery Mints to go www.goviter.com and enter the promo code LUCAS at checkout!


5 Jun 2019