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Episode 2.3 - Scott Fraser

Play Unified Podcast

Welcome to the #PlayUnified Podcast where we meet at the intersection of sports, disability, philanthropy, entertainment and community building. Listen as we discuss why sports is such an important part of life, community and social change. Guests will include Special Olympics athletes, local sports figures, government officials, small business owners and figures within the Special Olympics movement. Join us for the Play Unified Podcast as we sit down with Cape Ann Special Olympics athlete, Scott Fraser. Scott shares some of the most impactful moments of his Special Olympics career and beyond.  

1hr 4mins

26 Mar 2021

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Scott Fraser RI Health Care Association - Nursing Home Numbers and Nursing Home Restrictions - 2/25/21

The Tara Granahan Show

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25 Feb 2021

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Episode 26: Scott Fraser - Importance of working on the business | The Competitive Contractor Podcast

The Competitive Contractor

Episode 26 of the Competitive Contractor Podcast discusses why ‘working on the business’ is as important as working in it. Construction business owners have big dreams that begin with small steps, which at the start are big decisions and investments. As time progress, some make it big, and some don’t. What are the secrets of those who have made it big? What did they do early on and what are they doing now? Let’s hear from Scott Fraser, GM Construction of Brefni. Scott has spent 25 years in the construction industry and has ridden the timeline of shifts the industry has seen. Brefni is more than a business as I see it. As you would find out in this podcast, Brefni is about making the right choices, having high ambitions and about focusing on contribution to the industry and community. Scott also shares how Brefni made it to the big league - being recognised as the Top 10 innovative companies in Australia in the property, construction and transport sector. The Competitive Contractor Podcast is brought to you by Shivendra & Co.


22 Feb 2021

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Scott Fraser Simpson on music, subculture and style | #032

HandCut Radio

Aleks sits down with an old friend and Season One alumnus, Scott Fraser Simpson, the founder of Scott Fraser Collection. The pair discuss Scott’s early obsession with the mod-scene, his compulsive need to collect and the music that influences his clothing designs. Scott also touches on the need for retailers to be responsive in fashion today, and why a made-to-order retail model works so well for him.Don’t forget to leave us a review if you enjoy the episode, and follow us on Instagram @handcutradio.---Show Notes:Scott Fraser Simpson — Website | Instagram[01:52] S01 E02 Scott & Tony HCR episode[07:38] Earth, Wind & Fire[07:42] The Eagles, Greatest Hits[07:48] The Shadows[21:57] Scott’s scooters[24:13] Locker Loop[28:08] Scott Fraser Collection[36:34] Gauthier Borsarello, on HCR[40:55] SFC Icon Series, Ripley Anzio Knit Shirt---HandCut Radio is produced by Birch, a London based creative agency. Our theme music is by Joe Boyd.


31 Oct 2020

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Episode 3 Two boys later Scott Fraser

Two boys later podcast

In Episode 3 I chat with Scott Fraser, Scott is a school teacher and a dad of two young children, Scott gives a very honest account of his experience with mental health issues, his honesty was admirable and I hope his story can help support others.


5 May 2020

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Episode 8 - Scott Fraser - Building a Network and Individual Brand

The Business Culture Podcast

In this episode, I had the pleasure of chatting with Scotty Fraser, one of South Africa’s leading financial advisors.  Scotty and his team have built up an impressive client base over the last 7 years. More significant though, is his story of how he got to where he is today. He generously shares a rather personal journey with us in this podcast. Thanks to our friends at Spaces for providing the venue for the interview. 


29 Jan 2020

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Network It Episode 5 with Scott Fraser and Mark Robertson

Network It

Join us as Scott Fraser, CEO of Empowered Products, talks about his journey to find happiness and success.


26 Jul 2019

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Tony Madsen-Sylvester & Scott Fraser Simpson | #002

HandCut Radio

In this episode, Aleks sits down to chat with two of British menswear’s most interesting personalities, Tony Madsen-Sylvester, and Scott Fraser Simpson.Tony is a writer, musician, and a content creator for modern British tailoring house, Timothy Everest. Scott is a DJ, vintage collector and the founder of Scott Fraser Collection, a brand that makes modern menswear inspired by mid-century and vintage clothing.Both are known for their eclectic personal style, and for their impressive understanding of different menswear traditions. We talk to them about their own journeys of discovery, how sub-cultures influence fashion, and how to get comfortable with your own sense of personal style.This was a hoot to record, so buckle up for a relaxed, free-flowing chat with lots of wisdom from Tony and Scott, recorded – of all places – in Aleks’s flat…---HandCut Radio is produced in collaboration with Birch, a London and New York based creative agency. Our theme music is by Joe Boyd.---Show NotesTony Madsen-Sylvester — InstagramScott Fraser Simpson — Instagram | Website[9:00] Sprezzatura[9:12] #pittiuomo[11.36] Ethan Newton[11:40] Simon Crompton[11:45] Milad Abedi[14:50] Grenson[20:21] Batfink[20:56] Scott’s Vespa[22:22] Scott’s Royal Enfield[23:32] Scott Fraser Collection[29:22] Levis Vintage[29:28] JOSEPH[29:38] Drake’s[30:17] Armani[32:47] Stone Island[33:39] Camoshita, United Arrows[35:27] #britishtrad[35:51] Timothy Everest[35:55] Timothy Everest for The Crown (TV Series)[37:13] Rocketman, Elton John Biopic[37:17] Tommy Nutter[38:41] Pitti Uomo[39:22] Gianni Agnelli[42:16] Goodfellas (Film, 1990)[42:26] John Smedley[42:54] Rat Pack[44:48] L’Etiquette Magazine, Paris[45:20] Free & Easy Magazine, Japan


1 May 2019

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Kim and Scott Fraser

Our Streets, Our Stories

Kim and Scott Fraser, Greenpoint environmental activists, are interviewed by Acacia Thompson on August 4th, 2018, on Kent Street in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

1hr 49mins

3 Apr 2019

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Scoring 71 to 88 in 4 GAMSATs with Dr. Scott Fraser | Keeping it 100

The GAMSAT Podcast

In this episode of Keeping it 100, Tom interviews Dr. Scott Fraser about his 4 GAMSAT sits and what we can learn from his experiences. We talk about how the GAMSAT has changed and what we think it may look like going into March GAMSAT 2019, you can also read an article we wrote on the topic by clicking here: March GAMSAT 2019 Blog Article Email questions to the show at info@frasersgamsat.com.au and you can see what we do at frasersgamsat.com.au  


10 Jan 2019