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(#72) Sales on Social Media with Stephanie Schultz!

The Manifestation Queen

This episode was featured in the Business Manifestival - my online summit about manifestation in your business and life.  I am so effing excited to sit down with the Social Media Whiz herself, @xogingy - aka Steph Schultz!Stephanie is an online business coach for women who specializes in organic social media marketing, creating irresistible branding, and mastering online sales. She is the founder of Courageously Confident, the online AND offline community where women are inspired to rise up and take action to achieve everything they want and more.  Ready to create a life wilder than your biggest dreams?  Join this upcoming round of the Manifestation Queen Academy!  www.makeoveryourmindset.com/academy Find Steph here:IG @xogingyFB Group and Podcast: The Courageously Confident CommunityGet More of Cassie in your Life:FB:  @xocassiemackenzie Join my private FB group:  The Manifestation Queens IG: @xocassiemackenzie Pinterest: @xocassiemackenzie Interested in learning more about NLP? Get certified here:  Transform Destiny - where Cassie became an NLP Practitioner, tell them Cassie sent you!

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30 Mar 2020

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EP 04 Expanding Your Reality in Mindset, Business and Life with Stephanie Schultz

Simply Sensational

I'm so excited to offer you this incredible conversation with Stephanie Schultz.Stephanie is a business coach, social media strategist and all around queen when it comes to mindset, business and confidence. Steph is my business coach and friend and this conversation is going to blow your mind. We talk in depth about how to follow your heart and intuition even when it doesn't make sense, when society says one thing, but you feel into another. Learn how Steph stepped up to meet her destiny head on, learning and growing in her mindset and life to build the business and lifestyle of her dreams.Loving her? Follow her on Insta: https://www.instagram.com/xogingy/FB: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=514293521Stay in the vibes of Sabrina - Insta: https://www.instagram.com/sabrinahaesche/FB community: https://www.facebook.com/groups/simplysensational07/


16 Feb 2020

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Monetize Your Confidence: Mastering Your Online Sales / Stephanie Schultz

Soul Ignition w/ Zhanna

Tune in to this week's podcast interview with Stephanie Schultz to learn all about simple sales from an unapologetic place, sharing your body of work from a place of excitement rather than a need, the work/life balance challenge, and the power of communication in relationships. Stephanie has most generously gifted our listeners with her: Online Biz Bundle (https://www.xogingy.com/store/p68/Online_Business_Bundle%21.html) Use your unique code for FREE access: SoulIgnition100 Connect with Stephanie:  Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/courageouslyconfidentcommunity/ Instagram: instagram.com/xogingy --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/zhannaromm/support


14 Feb 2020

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Ep 42: Growing To $600k Years And Showing Up For Your Next Level with Stephanie Schultz

Fully Free with Taylor Lee

Ever wonder how some online business owners seem to just sky rocket in sales in a short amount of time? Or how uber confident they come across when talking about how “simple” everything is? Well, it’s not always as “simple” as it seems, but it definitely doesn’t have to be as overcomplicated as we make it. Meet Stephanie Schultz, business coach who specializes in helping women make more money through social media strategy and authentic branding and the Founder of Courageously Confident. Listen in as she talks about the mindset keys she learned while shifting her focus and brand from health to business coaching while scaling her income from $60k to $600k in two years. And don’t forget to subscribe + leave a 5 star review if you do! Follow Taylor Instagram - @_thetaylorlee Facebook - facebook.com/thetaylorlee Join the Fully Free Facebook Group for Free: https://www.facebook.com/groups/fullyfree Learn more about Unleash Your 6 Figure Badass: http://thetaylorlee.com/unleash OVERWHELMED WITH #ALLTHETHINGS YOU'RE "SUPPOSED" TO DO? Get the FREE checklist and discover the exact tasks I do every single day to create a multiple 6-figure coaching business. http://thetaylorlee.com/todolist


17 Jan 2020

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#3 Sparkle Summit 3 - SOCIAL MEDIA IMPACT with Stephanie Schultz

Led By Desire Podcast

In this episode, I introduce you to Stephanie Shultz, creator of Courageously Confident. Stephanie has an amazing story and programs for social media. Tune in to get the gold nuggets on social media growth and Stephanie!  Check out Stephanie: Facebook Instagram and her Website --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/kate-decker/support


3 Jan 2020

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Ep. 16 | Healthy Bodies and Businesses are a Lifestyle, not a Resolution with Stephanie Schultz

Bold Bodied

CONNECT WITH STEPHANIE Instagram: @xogingy Facebook: The Courageously Confident Community Courageously Confident Podcast --------------- CONNECT WITH LILY Instagram: @lilynicolecoaching Facebook: #nofilter with Lily Nicole --------------- This episode is all about creating goals that align with your life, and finding ways to build your body and your business that don't have you giving up on goals you set, but rather embracing them as your lifestyle and bringing them into your day with ease and clarity!


1 Jan 2020

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The Power Of Mentorship with Stephanie Schultz

The Femme Podcast

This week we are joined by online biz coach + social media guru, Stephanie Schultz, for a badass conversation about trust, self-investment, and dancing with your fear. Stephanie’s definition of a spiritual smackdown is transformational and steeped in self-trust. While attending school to become a teacher, Stephanie found herself completely out of alignment. It was an experience that led her down a path of deep unhappiness and disordered eating. One day her intuition cried out... and Stephanie had the courage to listen. She quit school, despite having no idea what she was going to do next, and embarked on a path of physical and emotional healing. What resulted was a journey of trust that led her to a place of deep personal and spiritual alignment. Learn how Stephanie found the strength to simply ‘decide’ to make a change. Explore how she found trust within herself and the universe, even when she had absolutely no idea where the path would lead. Then, get sage advice on how to dance with those inevitable moments of fear, complete with concrete tactics to help you tune into the universal truth that everything is going to be okay. Finally, get insight into why Stephanie believes that coaching and mentorship is an absolute must for every business owner, whether it’s your very day as your own boss or if you’re a seasoned expert. For more about Stephanie and her offerings, visit her on Instagram @xogingy! And don’t forget to join our community of badass women @forthewildfemme on Instagram, or at our new Facebook Group - Wild Femmes!


12 Dec 2019

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18. Generator Stephanie Schultz

Align By Design

Our first Interview! Stephanie Schultz aka @xogingy has taken this year by storm crushing every single goal and doing it with grace. She’s a true definition of a Generator, and she talks to us about her Emotional Authority and undefined heart, and how there are NO limits, only alignment!


21 Nov 2019

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EP138: Staying fit in life and business with Stephanie Schultz

The Lauren of Love Podcast

This week Lauren sits down to talk with Stephanie Schultz founder of the Courageously Confident online community! In this juicy episode, we talk all things staying fit mentally, physically and in your business. Stephanie  helps women level the F*CK up in life through fitness, mindset, and business coaching. She’s known for her  signature fitness program, Courageously Confident, her mindset course, Mediocre to Magical and her intimate Mastermind for the Ambitious Af Woman. In this episode we covered: -Stephanie’s journey of quitting her college path to have faith that her passion and purpose would appear. -How following a path that wasn’t aligned for caused anxiety, depression and an eating disorder. -How she let her business unfold with trust, faith and passion -The journey of growth and evolution of a business and brand. -How confidence has a direct connection to money manifestation -How to fix the disconnect of confidence and bring you back to your power. -Knowing you WHY in business -How to stop chasing the numbers and comparing yourself to other people -Hearing No and Dealing with Rejections -Setting boundaries and stopping the “rush” to appreciate where you are with true gratitude. Follow Stephanie on Intagram: https://www.instagram.com/xogingy/ Check out her courses: https://www.xogingy.com/ For more: https://www.laurenoflove.com


22 Oct 2019

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026: The Money Show with Stephanie Schultz


Stephanie Schultz (IG: @xogingy) is the founder of Courageously Confident, the platform for women to rise up, and be inspired to live the life of their dreams. She is a fitness and business coach. She specializes in helping women generate more sales and money in their biz through strategy and mindset work. She has built her business from the bottom up and does so through genuine connection and collaboration on social media. In this episode, we discuss: How important the art of receiving is to everything (Not just money!) Why investing in yourself is so important to reach your next level Common negative beliefs around money, and tips for moving through them You can find links to the show notes for this episode at michellebreau.com/podcast/026.


20 Oct 2019