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31-Is The Future of Animal Training Constructional? With Sean Will and Maasa Nishimuta

Animal Training Fundamentals with Barbara Heidenreich

Have you been hearing the word “constructional” a lot lately? There is a reason for that! The animal training community is evolving, and it is extremely exciting. It has a lot to do with a different way of looking at behavior change that is known as "the constructional approach". My special guests this episode are Sean Will and Maasa Nishimuta from the Constructional Approach to Animal Welfare and Training, a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing free services to individuals and organizations that cannot afford them, with the goal of enhancing their lives through applications of the Constructional Approach. Sean and Maasa share the five elements that are essential to a constructional program. They also provide insights into the history of the constructional approach and how it differs from some of the programs currently popular in animal training. We also discuss what a constructional program can do to improve animal welfare and why this is such great news for the future of animal training. We also go over numerous resources to continue your exploration of this inspiring topic. The future of animal training looks very bright.....and constructional!

1hr 14mins

11 Jan 2022

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WTDG #264: James is Away, Sean will Play

WTDG Podcast - What's The Deal With Games?

Just kidding, Sean does not play games.

1hr 39mins

30 May 2021

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[Episode 124] Constructional affection with Sean Will

Animal Training Academy

3:10 - Sean shares how he started on his training journey and how constructional affection was ‘born’ 15:50 - Ryan asks: Do some trainers have a reliance on food? Or are not looking for other methods or reinforcers? 20:20 - Sean introduces how he used CAT and CA with his own dog. 21:20 - Sean describes the procedure of Constructional Affection and outlines the two main steps required: Step 1: The interaction guidelines & Step 2: The affection required 28:07 - Sean defines the term ‘complex fading procedures’ 29:15 - Ryan asks how Sean applies the process to the dogs in the shelter and if there are some dogs are more or less suitable for this particular process. 32:30 - Sean shares the story of ‘Big Mike’ 39:10 - Sean describes that the schedule we are using is not actually a schedule of reinforcement but that the application of affection is actually a conjugate reinforcement procedure or technique. 43:20 - Ryan shares his experience with trying to apply it to his own situation at home with Fibi and Summer and asks Seans advice on the difficulties of split attention and being able to settle the dog using attention. 52:25 - Ryan asks how has constructional affection been applied with humans? 53:00 - Seans discusses the philosophies of the constructional approach. 58:15 - Ryan asks if some people have challenges with the application of the procedures. 1:03:00 - Sean explains what he would like to see occur in the next 5-10 years.

1hr 9mins

20 Jul 2020

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Shaq Fu w Sean Will

Bleav in The Crossover

Lemon Pepper Wet team member Sean Will joins to discuss Shaq Fu. Sean takes the moment to do his Shaq impression repeatedly and talk up Shaq's rap career. Chris invents the word "sonboi." Rod does something special to make sean feel bad about having a father. See Privacy Policy at https://art19.com/privacy and California Privacy Notice at https://art19.com/privacy#do-not-sell-my-info.

1hr 5mins

20 Jul 2020

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The Cycle ft. Sean Will

The Way Highway

Join us this week on The Way Highway as we sit down with our friend Sean Will and have an open discussion about the current cultural uprising.


12 Jun 2020

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PODCAST: Your favourite war movies - Trump takes a dump on Europe - This weekend Sean will run 88km for @MSLongRun


PODCAST: Your favourite war movies - Trump takes a dump on Europe - This weekend Sean will run 88km for @MSLongRun


6 Jun 2019

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16. Sean Will Loves His Mom, Monique

People We Love

Today's guest can best be described as a music producer, a DJ, and a beatmaker. But more than that he is just a creative dude and an artist. And that's how he likes to see himself, as someone who can't be labeled. This young man's name is Sean Will. Originally from Newark, NJ, now doing his thing out here in Los Angeles, Sean has been a DJ and has been making music since he was single digits years old. Now some moms are known as "soccer moms"... But Sean's mother, Monique… I’d call her um, a "DJ Mom." Throughout his pre-teen and teen years, Sean was something of prodigy in the NY/NY/Philly area, and right there driving him, his crew, and his gear to professional to gig after gig, was his mom. But more than just schlepping him all over the Northeast, she instilled a laid back, level-headed style in Sean that is very evident. Enjoy. More about this podcast: PEOPLE WE LOVE


15 Apr 2019

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Episode 161: Sean Will Fight You

Chaotic Neutral Podcast

Recorded on Mar 11, 2018 We skipped a week because reasons.  Fear not though because we get drunk Sean.  Get ready for it.

2hr 29mins

17 Mar 2018

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Episode 14 with Sean Will

Satyourday Radio

"Talent does not exist, there's no such thing as talent. Talent is a myth"-Sean WillOn this episode, we sit down with DJ and producer Sean Will to discuss the importance of having purposeful friendships, racism and pop music, and how to remain relevant as a producer. Stay tuned for more episodes Make sure you follow us: iTunes Podcasts & Spotify - “Satyourday Radio”Instagram- @satyourdayradioTwitter- @satyourdayFacebook- @satyourdayradio

1hr 30mins

25 Jan 2017

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Sean Will - Yellow Tape (Snippet)

Satyourday Radio

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25 Jan 2017