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Thinking Outside the Box with Grant Fowler

Compound Performance Radio

In this episode we have Grant Fowler who shared with us of what makes him a very interesting coach and why his making buzz on social media. His way of learning intrigues some of us and on this chat we talked about his exposure to alternative medicine as the answer. He shares on what possible way we apply apply alternative medicine to our trainings. He also added that being subjective made him a better coach. You'll hear: 1. The Subjective and the objective ways of coaching you client 2. Fear as a motivator to help your client. 3. What makes Grant angry in the fitness industry. About Grant Fowler: The Holistic, Science-Driven, Relentless Pursuit of High-Performance. Learn more about Grant here: @flower_fitness_spt If you like this episode, then please do us a favor and share it with your friends on Instagram and tag us @compoundperformance_ and @mattdomney Leave a 5 star review so that our episodes can help more people.


29 Jul 2021

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Ep 26: Grant Fowler- Utilizing Non Linear Periodization and Setting PRs through Motivation

Speed and Power Podcast

Grant Fowler is the owner of Fowler Fitness. Grant’s approach has resulted in his athletes greatly increasing strength and power. In addition to Grant’s programming we also talked quite a bit about motivating athletes, and how motivation, or lack thereof, has a huge effect on the capabilities of the athlete.  https://www.instagram.com/fowler_fitness_spt/ https://linktr.ee/fowler_fitness_spt

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13 Jan 2021

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#191- Grant Fowler & Kevin Foster

Hyperformance Podcast

Both repeat guests of the Kevin Foster and Grant Fowler join us again to talk about light therapy, mega dosing, HIT, program individualisation, inside edge vs outside edge, nutrition and more. 6 Week 5km Run Program: t.ly/b7dO Surfing Fundamentals: www.surfingfundamentals.com.au 3 Day Gym Goer: t.ly/cG6X Instagram: @hyperformancepodcast

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1 Nov 2020

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225: Kevin Foster and Grant Fowler on Updated Non-Linear Training Methods for High-Powered Athleticism | Sponsored by SimpliFaster

Just Fly Performance Podcast

Today’s podcast features Grant Fowler and Kevin Foster.Kevin Foster is a former NCAA DI javelin thrower training for the 2021 Olympic trials.  He is the owner of the Javelin Anatomy Instagram page, a regular writer for Just Fly Sports, and was the guest on episode #164. of the podcast.Grant Fowler is the owner of Fowler Fitness in The Woodlands, Texas.  Grant works as a private training and online performance consultant and specializes in program design and injury prevention.  Grant is a different thinker who has a distinctive “non-linear” and adaptable style to his training program design and previously appeared on episode #190 of the podcast.In one of my recent chats with Kevin, he mentioned how his training for javelin had exploded in his time working under the GPP programming of Grant Fowler.  As we chatted about on episode #190, Grant has a rotating-PR version of training for performance, and uses a unique non-linear style in his work.  Kevin’s strength and athleticism reached new levels using this method, and so on the podcast today, we dig into some of the specifics and philosophies that went into building Kevin’s training program.In addition to Kevin’s training for javelin throwing, we also get into some great discussion on mobility training, training holism and reductionism, general strength and capacity, and much more.Today’s episode is brought to you by SimpliFaster, supplier of high-end athletic development tools, such as the Freelap timing system, kBox, Sprint 1080, and more.View more podcast episodes at the podcast homepageTimestamps and Main Points6:20 What Kevin Foster has been learning in regards to the importance and specifics of what a general foundation should look like for an athlete, and the negative aspects of skipping this type of work in favor of maximal power work too soon in a system12:20 How much mobility do athletes really, truly need in their programs?14:20 The possibility of looking at training “too” holistically, and never doing any specific isolated work to approach weak points24:20 Ideas on time spent actually working on one’s maximal strength capabilities, and then how rotating those movements fits into continual progress with less effort33:20 How Kevin’s training progress exploded while utilizing Grant’s training system in regards to lift strength and short-approach javelin throws41:20 How Grant structured Kevin’s training program utilizing a rotation of maximal effort lifts, and any adjustments that have come in since last program56:20 Ideas on individualizing workouts on a day in favor of athletes being able to make PR’s and create incremental progress1:00.35 How to taper in a program where you have a non-linear progression1:04.50 Kevin’s take on getting the needed general tools to achieve the highest specific mastery in sport, and considerations on where too much focus on maximal strength could potentially be a drawback1:15.50 Grant’s two favorite recovery modalities for athletes“We go straight into these programs that revolve around powerlifting and Olympic lifting, max vertical jumps, velocity-based training, this that and the other, but we ignore the foundation of isolated joint mobility, getting your hips moving, spine moving, spinal segmentation” Foster“There are some people who look at training, almost too holistically.  There was a point in time when it was almost too reductionist” Fowler“I think that stretching goes hand in hand with relaxation, and too many athletes have the ability to turn off their muscles.  Relaxation is the single most under-appreciated elements of athleticism out there right now” Foster“We maximal strength train people for 20-30 minutes, maybe at the most, and in-between that we are doing a lot of other things” Fowler“When I go in the gym, it’s easy to pick an exercise, pick a rep scheme you haven’t done in a while,

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22 Oct 2020

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Episode 40 - Grant Fowler - Holistic High Performance

Jochum Strength Podcast

Nugget Of the Day: “Length of Service Alone will never form a military man. For after serving many years, an undisclpinied solider is still a novice in his profession.” This quote leads us into our guest today Grant Fowler. Grant is the owner of Fowler Fitness where he works with athletes online and in person with the goal of a holistic high performance approach to training. I first heard of Grant on my good friend Jake Tuuras podcast and loved his approach to training and life. Grant is another young strength coach with his own business so we have a ton to talk about today. In this podcast we discussed setting your worth, variation in training and Grants approach to Holistic High Performance. Keep Chopping Wood

1hr 7mins

18 May 2020

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190: Grant Fowler on Non-Linear Training Programs and the Flow of Exercise Rotation | Sponsored by SimpliFaster

Just Fly Performance Podcast

Today’s episode features Grant Fowler, owner of Fowler Fitness in The Woodlands, Texas.  Grant is a creative coach and performance consultant who has been getting some fantastic results with his athletes in the realms of strength, speed and power.  Grant is a different thinker who has a distinctive “non-linear” and adaptable style to his training program design, where exercises and their variations are changing from week to week in a manner that allows for regular personal bests.  Recent podcast guest Kevin Foster has been training under Grant’s program on his run for the 2020 Olympic Trials, and has been easily breaking many lifting and performance personal bests since working with Grant.I haven’t had a lot of episodes on writing training programs, yet programming for training is one of my favorite things to talk about.  It’s good to have a show periodically where we really get into the nuts and bolts of a training program, since this is the most “raw” form of conversation, in regards to what actually happens in training and the subsequent results.  The art and science of writing a training program (yes, there is a significant element of art to it) is a multi-factorial venture considering the different physical and psychological systems of the body.On the show today, Grant gets into the fine details on his approach to a fluid training model where exercises and variations of exercises change from week to week in a model inspired by Westside Barbell, but adapted for the needs of athletes.  Grant will specifically get into how he rotates the “big lifts” in a max effort format, versus his rotation of the smaller lifts in the program over time.  We talk about how the stress level of a given session, including mental fatigue, impacts how often exercises are rotated across the breadth of a training month, and beyond.The thought that resonates in my mind with Grants system is similar to my time working in an old beat “Mixing” program called “Fruity Loops” where various tracks are laid over each other to provide a song.  Some lines are brought in more frequently, others less, to create the art-form of the audio experience.  In my last 5 years of coaching particularly, I’ve been using a lot of 14-day training cycles, so it was awesome to get inside Grant’s programming mind in creating a variable training stimulus.Today’s episode is brought to you by SimpliFaster, supplier of high-end athletic development tools, such as the Freelap timing system, kBox, Sprint 1080, and more.Key Points: Grant’s non-traditional start to his coaching career and it’s impact on his creativity The biggest influences Grant has had in the way he approaches the creation of training methods How Grant has utilized some themes from Westside Powerlifting in regards to the rotation of exercises, in creating his own system for training athletes How Grant rotates “big lifts” versus dynamic and auxiliary exercises in his program Thoughts on the differences between repeating the same workout frequently (such as the Bondarchuk method) versus not repeating the same workout in a 2-3 week time span How Grant programs for those who are tapering, peaking, or in-season How Grant uses and cycles long-duration isometrics in his program Examining a sample monthly training period in Grant’s system“Nothing in a complex system behaves in a linear way”“We are changing the way we do our core exercises (i.e. squat, bench) every week”“The athletes are coming to the gym and always able to hit some type of PR”“The “dynamic effort” days are almost more variable, we’re always cycling exercises and tempos on that dynamic effort day”“The way we implement variation is based on what I feel they haven’t done in a while; if they hit a heavy 8, they won’t hit a heavy 8 the following week, they might do a heavy 3”“A lot of our workouts are written, on the fly sometimes”“With the accessory exercises,

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20 Feb 2020

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#163- Grant Fowler- Strength & Conditioning Coach

Hyperformance Podcast

Grant Fowler is a young private sector Strength & Conditioning Coach doing great things in the industry. Listen in to hear some of his training methods, why he changes his clients programs week to week, why he would study science over exercise science and much more. Twitch: twitch.tv/hyperformance_podcast Instagram: @hyperformancepodcast Email: hyperformancepodcast@gmail.com

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22 Jan 2020

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Episode #8: Grant Fowler

Jacked Athlete Podcast

Link to notes here: http://jackedathlete.com/podcast-8-grant-fowler-fowler-fitness/


14 Oct 2019