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50. Hiring a Mentor Can 10x Your Business Growth with Pru Chapman

The Girl Interrupted Podcast

In this episode we talk about:  The difference between a coach and a mentor Overcoming limiting beliefs and money blocks when it comes to levelling-up your business The investments you should make at the beginning of the business journey. Strategies for a growth mindset Resources: You’re a badass at making money, Jen Sincero The soul of money, Lynne Twist Let my people go surfing, Yvon Chouinard Connect with Guest on Instagram:  @theownerscollective Theownerscollective.com Connect with your hosts on Instagram:  @girlinterruptedco @saevilrow - Rachelle Saevil @uptothebeatfit - Gina Buber Want our EXCLUSIVE Wednesday Weekly Words of Wisdom delivered right to your inbox? Join HERE. Interested in being on our show? Email us at: hello@girlinterrupted.co


9 Feb 2021

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Pru Chapman - Abundance Mindset & The Power of Possibility

Carve Your Own F*cking Path

Pru Chapman is Head Hustler at Owners Collective, a good business strategist, coach and mentor to over 15,000 start-ups based in Byron Bay, Australia. When Pru was asked if she could teach one thing to entrepreneurs that would make the BIGGEST difference in their businesses, she said shifting from scarcity to an abundance mindset.  Pru says most entrepreneurs (and people) she's come across have a scarcity mindset - the fear there's not enough money to go around. On a mission to rewrite her own scarcity story, having grown up with very little including running water, Pru spent upwards of a decade 'brainwashing' herself to radically shift out of scarcity to an abundance mindset. As a result, she attributes to her building a wildly successful business, and the abundant and fulfilling life she lives today. Pru is an inspiration, and living proof you can carve your own path and make your wildest dreams a reality when you believe anything is possible and listen to your intuition.   What's in this episode:  Her guiding principle to 'follow the feeling' and tips for tapping into your intuition. The one powerful belief that can wildly shift your reality so you can experience the flow of abundance. Her path to success: not being afraid of the unknown or uncertainty, and willingness to take big risks. How she finds clarity in stillness, and makes it a priority to do things every day that bring her joy. How she plays to her strengths and never loses sight of her core values. The one question she asks herself to set an intention and shift into a good mindset for the day.  You can find Pru here: For business tips, insight, and engaging founder stories - check out her two podcasts 'The Owners Collective' and 'One Wild Ride.' IG @ownerscollective @onewildride  Website: https://highendhustlers.com/


12 Oct 2020

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Wabi Sabi Series

If there was one thing you think society should talk more about, what would it be? “I would love to talk about our mindset and in particular about abundance mindset. I think it is driving so many of our decisions in business and in life and not a lot of people are talking about what’s going on under the hood.” ____ My guest today is the gorgeous Pru Chapman! She has over 15 years experience in business strategy, leadership development, and a Psychology degree to boot! You won’t find someone more passionate than Pru about helping people find more purpose, freedom, and fulfilment in the work they do. She’s worked with over 15,000 entrepreneurs across all industries, from start-ups to early-stage entrepreneurs through to big business. Pru is the host of not one - but two podcasts: One Wild Ride & The Owners Collective which are definitely worth checking out. She’s created a global community of game-changers and daring disruptors and has nurtured them on their way to success, financial freedom and purposeful living.  A client once told Pru that working with her is like hauling your business through an intense Crossfit session followed by a double espresso and a lazy triathlon after that. And you’d better believe it - she’s a bloody dynamo & oozes both a yogic calmness and strategic business woman - all at the same time. Our chats over the years have always been fascinating as we cross between our love of business through to spirituality and sharing our zest for living a life that’s true to you. I hope you enjoy my conversation with the delightful, Pru Chapman. Connect and find out more about Pru here;- We talked about Pru’s new program: Business Mentorship program High-End Hustlers opening in October 2020. Find out more here;- https://theownerscollective.com/highendhustlers/ Social Channels Instagram: @ownerscollective and @onewildride_ LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/pruchapman Website: https://theownerscollective.com And for more information about the Wabi Sabi Series, please find us here:- https://wabisabiseries.com/ Instagram @thewabisabiseries Facebook @thewabisabiseries If you have a burning topic you’d love society to talk more about, or know someone who’d be great to come on our podcast, drop us a line at hello@wabisabiseries.com


29 Sep 2020

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Creating a Scalable Profitable Biz Through an Abundant Mindset with Pru Chapman


Scaling as a biz right now? This episode is a juicy one for you. Pru Chapman is an ex-psychologist turned Founder of Owners Collective, a dedicated digital community and global online resource hub for early-stage entrepreneurs. In this episode, we chat about the biggest mistake she sees business owners make as a mentor, the secret ingredient that thriving business owners have, the importance of defining what success means to you, why owning a business is the fast-lane to personal growth and how you can fall in love with the journey of business ownership instead of simply looking forward at the destination.

1hr 1min

11 Aug 2020

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Pru Chapman - The difference between leadership and management

Get Jasched

In episode 3 of #GetJasched, I sit down to speak with Pru Chapman, owner, coach, mentor to and community-builder of entrepreneurs at Owners Collective, and host of both 'One Wild Ride' and the 'Owners Collective' podcast. This ep sees us dive into Pru's vast experience in the business-building and coaching world, coupled with her psychology background. We explore how she practices communication by meeting the other person (or audience) with their language to build a genuine connection and understanding, and the importance of cultivating an ethos of community in the work that you do, especially when it comes to building a business as an entrepreneur. And that's just scratching the surface! Have a listen to hear all the juicy bits of wisdom this total boss lady has to share! Facebook: /ownerscollectiveIG: @ownerscollectivePodcast: Owners CollectivePodcast: One Wild Ridehttps://theownerscollective.com


21 Jul 2020

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Creating a street press and pitching to One Wild Ride with Pru Chapman | Ep 7

Hack Your Own PR

Pru Chapman is the founder of The Owners Collective, somewhat of a small business MBA / unicorn factory, that truly knows how to add rocket fuel to business. In 2019, she experimented her way into a creative pursuit, a free wilding, curiously probing podcast, One Wild Ride, And then, amidst the chaos of coronavirus, she took a step out, in true Pru fashion and launched her print magazine. In this podcast Pru takes us behind the scenes into planning and producing a magazine and shares a little about her grassroots distribution strategy to launch the mag and how it got completely side swiped by the lockdown. Today we dive in to a meandering chat with a dear friend and fabulous storyteller, let’s jump in.  Find Pru online https://instagram.com/onewildride_ https://instagram.com/ownerscollective Share the podcast on Instagram https://instagram.com/odetteandco https://instagram.com/hackyourownpr


12 May 2020

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Owners Collective Podcast Intro with Pru Chapman

Owners Collective

Oh hey there friend!  I'm so glad you're here. Whether you’re just starting out, or you’re looking to grow your global empire, this is the place for you.  Each week we deliver a series of short and sharp throw downs covering everything from entrepreneurial mindset and marketing right through to finances, growing your team, making sales, and automating your systems.One thing you should know is that this is a podcast for business owners that don’t do boring. We’re not interested in same-old cookie-cutter approaches.  This is real-time, real-world strategies that we’ve learnt from mentoring over 15,000 businesses.Most importantly, we’ll help you build the business that's right for you.Hit subscribe now to be notified when new episodes go live.To download my free guide to starting and scaling your business, head to https://theownerscollective.com/startandscale


10 May 2020

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Surrounding yourself with the right people with Pru Chapman from The Owners Collective

Your Creative Start

In the current climate of business, social media and mental health, surrounding yourself with a supportive community of peers, mentors, friends and family has never been more important. And that’s why I am thrilled to have Pru Chapman, the founder The Owners Collective on the Your Creative Start Podcast today. With over 15 years experience in business strategy, psychology and leadership development, Pru is a top business coach and strategist how has worked with thousands of clients from early stage businesses and cool start-ups, to big business. She offers a refreshing and unique mix of science, psychology, mindfulness and business savvy to a new breed of business owners who are no longer interested in confirming to the status quo. So, on today’s episode Pru and I chat about how the community around you can make or break a business, the effects of isolation, gaining traction and social proof, fighting fear and feelings of inadequacy in business, how to find the best business coach for you and your business, the power of positive, confident thinking, what a business coach costs, what you can do if you cant afford a business coach right now, auditing your own community, getting conscience about who is in our community, and lots, lots more.FIND PRU CHAPMANOwners Collective www.theownerscollective.comInstagram www.instagram.com/ownerscollectiveFIND YOUR CREATIVE STARTYour Creative Start www.yourcreativestart.com Instagram www.instagram.com/yourcreativestartPinterest www.pinterest.com/yourcreativestartSoundcloud www.soundcloud.com/yourcreativestart


8 Jul 2019

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#62 Hustling with Heart with Pru Chapman

The Wild Success Podcast with Lizzie Moult

On the show today I talk with Pru Chapman about hustling with heart while surviving the highs and lows of starting your dream business.  We talk about flexibility, hustling and how to make the most of the journey.


12 Jun 2019

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003: Start Before You're Ready And Hustle With Heart - With Pru Chapman

Building Beautiful

With a big enough why, you will figure out how. This is a statement that I shared in Episode 001 because it has guided me to continue to step out of my comfort zone, through my current season of life. This encouragement came from the support of a personal mentor of mine from this year, Pru Chapman. A transformational conversation featuring Pru who, being the founder of Owners Collective is a top business coach and strategist and has worked with hundreds of clients, from innovative start-ups and early-stage entrepreneurs through to global business. She is highly trusted as a trained psychologist, researcher and skilled NLP Practitioner with a Science/Psychology degree and an international accreditation in Behavioural Profiling. I can personally attest that Pru is a priceless wealth of knowledge which is why I can’t wait for you to tune into her well-lived wisdom. Pru carries the natural beauty of an unpolished gem when it comes to her realistic, cut-through yet always kind advice. In this conversation, we explore: + The power of humanising yourself (and your business) (7:50, 17:57) + Starting before you are ready (14:31, 24:26, 40:12) + Moving past perfectionism (15:01) + How to live by your values (19:47) + Using vision to maintain focus on your goals (30:00) + What it means to hustle with heart (43:47) As a sought-after presenter and speaker on authenticity, purpose, innovation and creativity, Pru Chapman has been featured in Cosmopolitan, Business Chicks, Startup Daily, North journal, Inside Small Business, City Journal and Dynamic Business. https://theownerscollective.com/![][logo] [logo]: https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0007/3164/3948/files/owners-collective-logo.png?3548503643394950102 "Owners Collective"


26 Aug 2018