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CNLP 532 | Rich Birch on the Mini-Apocalypse that Happened Around Church Growth, How to Generate Growth at Your Church, and the Numbers that Matter Most in Church Planting

The Carey Nieuwhof Leadership Podcast

unSeminary founder, Rich Birch, returns to the podcast to discuss the mini-apocalypse that's happened around church growth in the last few years, what growing churches are doing, why volunteers are a key to seeing your church grow, and the numbers that matter most when planting a church. Plus, Rich talks about the personal cost of leading through the last few years, including the self-soothing behaviors that can trap a leader. Get more on this episode by going to https://careynieuwhof.com/episode532.

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10 Nov 2022

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CNLP 532 | Rich Birch on the Mini-Apocalypse that Happened Around Church Growth, How to Generate Growth at Your Church, and the Numbers that Matter Most in Church Planting

The Carey Nieuwhof Leadership Podcast: Lead Like Never Before

unSeminary founder, Rich Birch, returns to the podcast to discuss the mini-apocalypse that's happened around church growth in the last few years, what growing churches are doing, why volunteers are a...Read the whole entry... »

1hr 39mins

10 Nov 2022

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AOLD 101 | Rich Birch on the People You Need for Multi-Site Growth

The Art of Leadership Daily

Rich Birch tells Carey about the kind of people your church needs to expand to multi-site. Get more on this conversation by going to http://theartofleadershipdaily.com/. Brought to you by: The Art of Leadership Academy's The Art of Church Growth The Art of Church Growth is an online course that will show you how to break through growth barriers and equip you to have 7 critical conversations that will change the trajectory of your church. You can learn more and enroll today at theartofchurchgrowthcourse.com.


28 Oct 2022

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AOLD 014 | Rich Birch on the Characteristics of a Healthy Church

The Art of Leadership Daily

Rich Birch describes to Carey how healthy churches focus on evangelism and discipleship. Looking for resources to lead, run and grow your church? Join The Art of Leadership Academy today at http://theartofleadershipacademy.com/.


29 Jun 2022

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10 From UnSeminary Podcast: Rich Birch Interviews Shawn & Sonny On Pastoral Restoration

The Rise After the Fall

Shawn and Sonny recently discussed pastoral falls and restoration on the the UnSeminary Podcast with Rich Birch!To read take-aways or follow along with the transcript: https://unseminary.com/insights-on-pastoral-restoration-after-a-fall-with-shawn-sonny-hennessy/Learn more about the Rich and the UnSeminary podcast, where pastors learn all the things you don't learn in seminary school: https://unseminary.com/aboutpodcast/ --Pastor in crisis? Get 1-on-1 restorative help with the Exchange CollaborativeStart the journey to become whole again with Journey to Wholeness --Connect with Pastor Shawn onlineWebsite | Twitter | InstagramConnect with Pastor Sonny onlineWebsite | Twitter | Instagram | LinkedIn--Near Green Bay, WI? Join Shawn and Sonny for a church service at Life Church Green Bay--


13 May 2022

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Practical Things to Help Your Church Grow | Rich Birch

The Missional Marketing Podcast

Has your church growth stagnated? On this episode Rich Birch of Unseminary shares with us some practical things to help your church grow.


6 May 2022

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SFP 060 | Should I send my kids to camp?? Rich Birch On Everything You Need to Know About Sending Your Kids To Camp This Summer

Smart Family Podcast

For some families camp is a sure sign of summer and a childhood staple. For other families - maybe not so much. What are camps all about anyways? Is my kid ready for camp? How do camps develope their leaders? These are legitimate questions and we throw them like a sticky smore at Rich Birch - camp director extraordinaire and leadership expert. You will discover how camps are much more than just places for kids to pass the time, how they take health and safety seriously, and what you should look for in a camp before you register your kids.


20 Apr 2022

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Q&A with Rich Birch: Help Over Hype

Echo Leadership Podcast with Andy Wood

Going viral may bring instant fame, but it’s not the end goal for Rich Birch as he creates resources for church leaders at unSeminary. In this exclusive bonus episode, Rich shares what ultimately drives him to produce content, and how he’s been able to continually grow his audience and impact thousands of leaders over the past 10+ years.ADDITIONAL RESOURCESRich Birch, Church Growth Flywheel: 5 Practical Systems to Drive Growth at Your ChurchCONNECT WITH RICH BIRCHTwitter | Instagram | Facebook 


20 Aug 2021

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Episode 0024 Season 3 Rich Birch on encouraging volunteers back post-pandemic

FOUR12 Canada Podcast

Welcome to Episode 0024 Season 3 of the FOUR12 Canada Podcast!Subscribe: iTUNES | SPOTIFY | YOUTUBE Rich Birch is the founder of unSeminary and the Executive Director of Camp Mini-Yo-We. Churches across Canada are looking for ways to rebuild and reengage their volunteer teams. Every Christian has been given unique gifts that need to be used in the local church. In this episode, Rich Birch talks about how leaders can affirm those gifts in others and encourage them back to their serving teams post-pandemic. Connect with Rich UNSEMINARY | EMAIL | INSTAGRAM LINKS & PODCAST HIGHLIGHTS unSeminary Podcast What is unSeminary  Blog, Podcast, online courses Everything you wish they taught in seminary Designed to help leaders and churches Cohorts are a great place to hear multiple perspectives from people who are in your corner and want to help Living a Life Worthy of Your Calling "...lead a life worthy of your calling, for you have been called by God." Ephesians 4:1 Leaders are actually a gift, given to the church Verse 12 of Ephesians 4 says that He has laid out a path for you to serve In the church our job is to equip others to live their best life, a life that is fully engaged How do you Figure Out What Your Calling is? As a Christ follower you've been given unique gifts that need to be used in the local church Find them in relationships with others in community who will say, I see this... happening in you We need to affirm gifts in others Think about the people we are leading through this lens, what do we think their spiritual gifts are Speak that out to people, lift one another up Let others know what you see in them Serve, even in areas that might not be your gifting, but find a place to plug in and start Pursue and understand your spiritual gifts but also be willing to serve where needed Part of the process of learning your spiritual gifts is just trying things out  Help Others There is joy and freedom in serving Be other centred, that's how we find freedom and joy in serving We are just called to serve and ultimately lay down our lives  Favourite Passage Sermon on the mount Matt 5 to 7 Ask what is it that Jesus is calling us to do Then look at everything through that lens Its amazing that we can keep coming back to the same words and it always impacts our lives  Ways to Encourage and Connect Send cards, keep a running pile ready to go and schedule a time to do it be so thankful to those choosing to volunteer God is so excited when we take a step towards Him and serve Mindset issue Challenge yourself as a leader All the volunteers have other things that they could be doing We need to let them know we are desperately thankful for them Be constantly encouraging Say I saw you, you did something and this is the difference that it made What's the environment like when others arrive Making that thing that was internal, external  Best Practices to Help Those That are Serving Go out of our way to articulate what to expect for volunteers Be really clear with people when you communicate Clearly lay out what to wear and where to put their stuff Talk them through everything, for example make a video to clearly show them what it will look like  To Those That Have NOT Been Serving but are Thinking of Coming Back You as an individual, are missing out Our lives need to be oriented around other people The church does need you We need people that will be part of the team to make the mission happen We need you to serve before people will come back Thanks for listening! We hope this episode has equipped you for greater influence through serving. We don’t want you to miss a single episode, so if you haven’t done so already, subscribe to the podcast wherever you listen to podcasts. Help us reach more people by writing a review on the podcast apps that you use. The FOUR12 Canada podcast is a ministry of Faith Baptist Church in Huntsville, Ontario. Follow us on Instagram @FOUR12canada. Thanks for spending some time with us. See you next time! Subscribe: iTUNES | SPOTIFY | YOUTUBE Up Next Episode 0025: Steve Lensink on   Producing/Mixing Full Time and Our Calling


5 Jul 2021

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154: What Every Pastor Should Be Thinking About Post-Covid w/ Rich Birch from unSeminary

Leading Simple with Rusty George

Churches are finally open, mask rules are waning, and the season of Covid is slowly but surely coming to an end. Praise the Lord! But even though this pandemic season is getting better by the day, churches, pastors, and church go-ers have been forever changed by the impact that the last year and a half has had.  In today's episode, my friend Rich Birch from unSeminary joins me to discuss the one thing that every pastor needs to be thinking about post-Covid -- and trust me, it's a game changer. You don't want to miss hearing it.  Rich also shares great insight on the importance of volunteering at a church, the best ways to serve online, and more helpful advice for how church members can make a helpful difference now that churches are faced with this new normal.


23 Jun 2021