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#846 - The Gospel as Political Protest and Why Rom 7 Isn’t Talking About Christians: Dr. Joey Dodson

Theology in the Raw

We discuss three issues in this podcast: (1) Imperial critical readings of the New Testament (i.e. how the NT critiques the Roman empire in its language), (2) the benefit of studying first-century philosophy for understanding the New Testament, and (3) why Romans 7:9-25 is not talking about a Christian or Christians. My guest is Dr. Joey Dodson. Joey joined Denver Seminary in July 2019 as an associate professor of New Testament. Dr. Dodson received his PhD in New Testament from the University of Aberdeen. He has written articles for journals such as Novum Testamentum, Catholic Biblical Quarterly, and the Journal for Jewish Studies. His most recent books include A Little Book for New Bible Scholars with E. Randolph Richards (2017) and a co-edited volume with David E. Briones, Paul and Seneca in Dialogue(2017). Dr. Dodson’s current research includes a Romans commentary in the Brill Exegetical Commentary Series and a Colossians-Philemon commentary in The Christian Standard Commentary Series. Dr. Dodson comes to Denver Seminary after having served at Ouachita Baptist University since 2008.Support PrestonSupport Preston by going to patreon.comVenmo: @Preston-Sprinkle-1Connect with PrestonTwitter | @PrestonSprinkleInstagram | @preston.sprinkleYoutube | Preston SprinkleCheck out his website prestonsprinkle.comIf you enjoy the podcast, be sure to leave a review.

1 Mar 2021

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Fostering a Plant-Based Family with Sadie and Joey Dodson

Running on Kale

#020 - Hi, Lani here! What do Jesus, kale, and eating plant-based have in common? The Dodson family. Join me, Sadie, and Joey for a fun look at homeschooling, camping, hiking, and foster parenting all while being plant-based.Today’s GuestsSadie Dodson, about her foster children:Most of them have never heard of vegan or plant based. Most of them have never heard of chickpeas or tofu. I do an Asian noodle salad that they love, and use brown rice noodles for that. And then we also do sushi bowls, where they get to kind of fix their own. They love if we want to do smoothie bowls. They're like, Oh, my mom would never let me have this for dinner!Joey DodsonBefore: I was a major meat eater: breakfast, lunch and dinner. And probably meat snacks in between.After: I love, love, love kale. It's my favorite meal. I'll have it two-three times a day. So past Joey would have said No kale, nah! Now, it's Kale yeah!You’ll LearnThe secret ingredient Sadie puts in her hot chocolate and camping wafflesIn what way a plant-based diet can help attention deficit disorderHow almonds and homemade granola can feed your Harry Potter mountain goat petronas going up Colorado's 14ersThe approach to get foster children and dinner company eat plant-based without realizingHow on earth a mummified chicken and South Dakota's Corn Palace fit into homeschoolingThree ways a vegan diet can fit into your religious valuesSubscribe and ReviewIf you enjoyed this show, please subscribe to the podcast to make sure you have the latest techniques and action steps on how to transform your health. I don’t want you to miss an episode!If you’re feeling the love, I would also greatly appreciate a review so others can also find the podcast. I'll read every review, so thank you in advance! Let me know what your favorite part of the podcast is. Thank you!Mentioned in this episodeServe God, Save the Planet: A Christian Call to Action by Matthew SleethForks Over KnivesThe Game ChangersColorado's 14ersThe Corn PalaceTranscript and LinksGo grab the transcript and links to everything mentioned in this episode at https://runningonkale.com/fostering-a-plant-based-family-with-sadie-and-joey-dodson


3 Nov 2020

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#006: Self-Worth, Christian Identity, and the Apostle Paul w/ Dr. Joey Dodson

Live the More

Dr. Joey Dodson helps us explore what the Apostle Paul says about our identity and self-worth. When we read the letters of Paul, we can sometimes come away with conflicting ideas about who we are as followers of Jesus. "I’m a saint. I’m a sinner. I’m a wretch. I’m beloved." So, which is it? Is it both? How do we begin sorting this out? In our cultural moment, the voices which validate our self-worth and ascribe value to “who we are” have never been louder! Whether it’s wearing a “not-sorry” necklace or following the “me-first” mantra, millions of people are finding that validating and shoring up their self-worth is integral to living fully alive.  For those of us who follow Jesus and read Paul, here’s the rub: can we validate our own self-worth AND “take up our cross” to follow Jesus? Who does Paul, this pillar of the church, say we truly are and how do we follow the path of Jesus?  In Episode #006, Dr. Joey Dodson directs us to not only the right answers, but the proper starting point for our questions. Be sure to click HERE to get a FREE exercise that will help you reflect upon what God says about who He is and who you are. SHOW NOTES:0:00 - 31:00 -- Intro. and Christian Identity in Paul31:00 - 58:00 -- Romans 7, normative Christian living, interpretative options, implications1:04 - 1:16 -- Paul's pathway for Christian flourishing, living alive in the church___________Have you subscribed to our podcast yet? If not, we encourage you to subscribe so that you don’t miss out the great content and conversations to come!   Would you consider leaving us a review on iTunes? Click here to subscribe and review in iTunes. We would love to hear what your favorite part of the podcast is. Thank you! Connect with us! Instagram | johnmiltonjordan // allisoncjordan Website | https://livethemore.com/

1hr 16mins

10 Apr 2020

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#750 - A Theology Geek in Youth Pastor’s Clothing: A Conversation with Dr. Joey Dodson

Theology in the Raw

On episode #747 of Theology in the Raw Preston has a conversation with Joey Dodson. Joey is Preston’s best friend and the two of them are a recipe for disaster. In this podcast, Joey and Preston talk about the historical context of the Bible, fascinating parallels between Greco-Roman culture and the New Testament, and a botched prank toward some Scottish Jr. High girls while they were (mature?) Ph.D. students.Joey is associate professor of New Testament at Denver Seminary. He completed his PhD (with Preston) at the University of Aberdeen, Scotland and also studied at the University of Tübingen, Germany. His wife, Sadie, was his elementary school sweetheart, and they have five children: Mattie Mae, Kinobi, Cheetoh, Iain, and Caspian. He loves speaking at churches, conferences, camps and retreats as well as hiking, reading, watching sports and hanging out with Preston of course.Joey’s a nerd, who has written a number of articles for academic journals such as Novum Testamentum, Catholic Biblical Quarterly and the Journal for Jewish Studies as well as essays in various volumes such as Paul and the Apocalyptic Imagination, and Reading Romans in Context. He is the author of A Little Book for New Bible Scholars with E. Randolph Richards, and The 'Powers' of Personification: Rhetorical Purpose in the 'Book of Wisdom' and the Letter to the Romans. He is the editor of Paul and the Second Century with Michael F. Bird; Paul and Seneca in Dialogue with David E. Briones; Paul and his Greco-Roman Philosophical Tradition with Andrew W. Pitts; and Paul and the Giants of Philosophy with David E. Briones.Follow Joey on Twitter and InstagramSupport PrestonSupport Preston by going to patreon.comConnect with PrestonTwitter | @PrestonSprinkleInstagram | @preston.sprinkleCheck out his website prestonsprinkle.comIf you enjoy the podcast, be sure to leave a review.

29 Jul 2019

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#39 - Cynic Underwear w/ Joey Dodson

catacomb podcast

Professor and Pastor Joey Dodson, aka Dr. Joseph RR Dodson, aka The Junction City Dragon, aka the new guy at Denver Seminary, joins us to teach us the value of Cynicism versus cynicism and knowing the historical context of the things you try to interpret and thinking twice about why we believe what we think we believe.  Recommended book links below: twitter:  @jrrdodson @monkstump @big_dread Paul and the Giants of Philosophy:  https://www.amazon.com/Paul-Giants-Philosophy-Reading-Greco-Roman/dp/083085228X/ Habits of the Mind (by JAMES Sire): https://www.amazon.com/Habits-Mind-Intellectual-Christian-Calling/dp/0830822739 Scandal of the Evangelical Mind: https://www.amazon.com/Scandal-Evangelical-Mind-Mark-Noll/dp/0802841805 Paul and The Gift: https://www.amazon.com/Paul-Gift-John-M-Barclay/dp/0802875327

1hr 22mins

11 Jun 2019

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Guest Speaker: Dr. Joey Dodson

Holland Chapel Podcast


11 Sep 2016