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Anne Casey reads her own work, 'if i were to tell you'

The Ink Pods. Literary Podcast for The Blue Nib.

if i were to tell you when sunbeams stream over yellow underbelly a honeyeater feasting between gilding leaves i wish i could fly up there to sit for a while away from the pace and chaos of ordinary things that is wherewhen i spy the upturned cup of a ghost-moon plump in a deep blue pillowed afternoon i think i must call my Mum though i clasped her hand while she passed such a long time since as the tide rasped its shallow symphony over our last goodbye that is where when i stretch to parting-kiss the soft pink cheek of my son now twelve towering over me i feel again the wrench as they pulled him from my ruptured belly that is wherewhen breath of sea sends me sailing back to this rough hand gentle over mine my weathered trawler-captain father steering me away from jagged territory into calmer waters (still) sometimes against my will that is wherewhen i smell your neck to fall again over the handrail of our romantic balcony landing in the toy-scattered couch of our reality that is wherewhen i tumble on a crumpled butterfly ensnared once more by that man-boy-man who tore my wings (never mind i put them back together in time) on dark days you can still see the scars but on bright ones that is wherei would tell you that is where the light shines through the strongestSupport the show (https://thebluenib.com/donation/)


3 Apr 2020

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KHS 734 - Prenatal Diagnosis - Kathryn Anne Casey

The Kyle Heimann Show

Prenatal Diagnosis - Kathryn Anne Casey https://www.kyleheimann.com/show734


23 Aug 2019

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Anne Casey - Poet & Author

What I Don't Talk About @ BBQs

Anne Casey is a poet and author who writes about grief and loss for home and family.Her work is deeply personal yet strikes a universal chord with many of us who had experienced the loss of our home or the grief we feel because of a loved one who's died. The power and joy in Anne's writing springs forth from how she finds ways to celebrate the wonder, beauty and hope in our lives, where we live them and who we go through this journey with.Her 2017 poetry collection "where the lost things go" (published by Salmon Poetry) explores these themes with great sensitivity and depth, beginning with the 15-part "In Memoriam".Having the opportunity to talk to Anne, who, like me, hails from Ireland, was so special. Reading Anne's poetry brought about a great realisation for me. Since moving to Sydney from Dublin in 1988 I have been searching for a language or way to understand my feelings of being a child of one country's history and a man of another country's future.This is a tension I've struggled my whole teenage and adult life to come to terms with. Reading Anne's work and then having the opportunity to talk with her has helped me find some clarity and understanding about these emotions I've been feeling since I was a skinny and pale 11 year old boy with a funny accent having just landed in a multicultural sunburnt land.I'm coming to find peace with the idea I may never fully resolve these two sides to my life. Being Irish and being Australian, I am really blessed and fortunate beyond belief.Anne is a thoughtful writer who is able, with great delicacy, warmth and empathy, convey emotion and experience we can all find something of ourselves in.Later this month Anne will be in Ireland for the launch of her second collection of poems, "out of emptied cups" kicking off on ​​Saturday, 6 July @ 7 pm: at The Salmon Bookshop & Literary Centre, Ennistymon, Co. Clare.Then in August Anne will be back in Australia to begin a series of readings to launch the book here.You can find all the details on her website www.anne-casey.com - go straight to the Readings and Events page for all the details about where you can go and see Anne for one of these events.The Irish Times:• The real enemy in writing• I barely recognise my hometown• The Lock Up• Marked women, unmarked graves• Metaphoric Rise• Christmas kisses• Would you ever think of coming home?Thanks to:eight and a half for “Piece by Piece” – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-U_MC4mabNMTara Ward for the art and design – http://www.tarawardphotography.com.au/Podcast homepage – https://widtaabbqs.home.blog/

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15 Jun 2019

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Anne Casey on Where the Lost Things Go

Compulsive Reader talks

Anne Casey drops by to read from and talk about her debut poetry collection Where the Lost Things Go, including the poem that started it all (fifth most read item in The Irish Times “In memoriam II: The draper” which actually made both of us cry, some of the many themes in the book: loss, anger, compassion, the migrant's guilt, poetry as activism, transcendence, and lots more.  Find more about Anne at her website: http://www.anne-casey.com/


11 Feb 2019

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Episode 236: Empire Mentoring Session: Setting Boundaries, with Anne Casey - the Creative Empire podcast

The Creative Empire™ Podcast

Today, Reina and Christina are joined with Anne Casey in an empire mentoring session.  Anne is a thirty something, ex-firefighter and paramedic turned wedding photographer and a mom living right outside Baltimore. She is currently running two businesses, so they are going to be talking about what’s happening in her businesses and will be creating some solutions with her.  Main Takeaways:How Anne has gotten to where she is [0:01:23]How to deal with juggling home and business [0:02:40]Why + how to set phone boundaries with your family [0:05:31]What some ways to set time boundaries [0:14:24]How to start batching content [0:18:11]Why you have to create a good to-do list [0:28:23] “It is really difficult to tell people, especially when they’re not in this (creative) world, and set the parameters and the boundaries around your workspace and what is appropriate and what is not.” — Anne Casey Show Notes:VoxerKelly Newsome Georges - Her Creative Empire EpisodeRescueTimeMomentToggl “Stick to the facts (when defining boundaries) as much as you can rather than your feelings because the thing here about boundaries is that, you’re protecting your business by protecting your boundaries.” — Reina Pomeroy Bio:I'm a 30 something ex-firefighter and paramedic turned wedding photographer and mother living just outside of Baltimore. My days consist of puppy dog snuggles from my mastiff, working from my home office in sweats and a messy bun, and juggling motherhood, being a wife, and 2 businesses. Social Handles: Anne Casey Photography - WebsiteFacebookInstagramTwitterPinterestBMore  BoudoirWebsiteFacebookInstagram Do you love what you've heard? Add this graphic to your Insta Story!

6 Sep 2018