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9 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Lizzie Velasquez. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Lizzie Velasquez, often where they are interviewed.

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9 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Lizzie Velasquez. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Lizzie Velasquez, often where they are interviewed.

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EP65: Defining Yourself On Your Terms with Lizzie Velasquez

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Motivational speaker, activist, author and YouTuber, Lizzie Velasquez was cruelly dubbed "The Ugliest Woman in the World" on a viral YouTube video when she was 17 years old. She was born with an extremely rare congenital disease that among other symptoms, prevents her from accumulating body fat, gaining weight, and it impacts her vision, bones, and heart. Out of that horrific YouTube incident, rose a fire and a desire in Lizzie to make it her life’s work to stand up for bullying victims, to inspire people around the world to look at inner beauty, and to spread kindness and acceptance. In this episode you’ll hear Lizzie’s incredible personal story of resilience, optimism, and forgiveness. We also talk about how to turn your pain into purpose and how to find the silver lining in the adversity. For full show notes and episode resources head to http://stephaniekwong.com/EP65

Nov 19 2019 · 1hr 10mins
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Lizzie Velasquez: Be Beautiful, Be You

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Lizzie Velasquez has a rare medical condition that doesn't let her gain weight or create muscle. When an Internet video calling the 17-year-old "The World's Ugliest Woman" went viral, Lizzie set out to discover what truly makes people beautiful. Now a popular author, speaker, anti-bullying activist, and YouTube star, Lizzie has shared her story around the world. Interviewed by Winn Claybaugh, Lizzie will inspire anyone who has ever felt singled out, misunderstood, or afraid-and who hasn't?
Oct 28 2019 · 1hr 8mins

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130 - Lizzie Velasquez: How to Make the World a Kinder Place

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Author, speaker and anti-bullying activist Lizzie Velasquez is an expert on the transformative power of kindness. Listen now and learn how a simple shift in perspective can help this world become a kinder, more compassionate place. This one is a must-watch, must-share! https://www.marieforleo.com/2018/01/lizzie-velasquez-interview/ The power of one person can move mountains. @littlelizziev via @marieforleo
May 10 2019 · 29mins
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Lizzie Velasquez- Author, Host & Motivational Speaker

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Lizzie Velasquez is an author, host and Motivational speaker. Lizzie was born with a rare disease called Neonatal Progeroid Syndrome, which makes it impossible for her to gain weight. When Lizzie was 17 years old, she stumbled upon a youtube video that was titled “World’s Ugliest Woman”. To her shock, the video featured a photo of her face. Lizzie was devastated that someone could be so cruel, however, it was in that moment of absolute despair that she decided to start her public speaking career. Since then she has given speeches all over the world, including her Ted Talk, which has garnered over 17 million views. In addition to public speaking, Lizzie has authored four books, produced a documentary about her life called, A Brave Heart: The Lizzie Velasquez Story and hosted her own show on fullscreen called, Unzipped, where she challenges our society’s beauty standards. Today, Lizzie is here to chat with our editorial director, Jerico Mandybur, all about how to overcome bullying, how to turn your suffering into purpose and how to find the silver lining in your adversity. 

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Aug 01 2018 · 57mins

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Lizzie Velasquez: Dare to Be Kind

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Lizzie Velasquez was cruelly dubbed "The Ugliest Woman in the World" on a viral YouTube video over ten years ago. She was born with an extremely rare congenital disease called Marfanoid–progeroid–lipodystrophy syndrome that, among other symptoms, prevents her from accumulating body fat and gaining weight.

Out of that horrific YouTube incident, rose a fire and a desire in Lizzie to use her talents to become successful, motivate others and show what it means to be kind. Her 2013 inspiring TedX talk, "How Do You Define Yourself" has over 4 million views. Her documentary, A Brave Heart, is a must-watch for everyone -especially those with tweens and teenagers. Her paperback book, Dare to Be Kind, is out now.  

Enjoy the episode with Lizzie. 

Get the Book: Dare to Be Kind: How Extraordinary Compassion Can Change the World

Paperback now: https://www.amazon.com/Dare-Kind-Extraordinary-Compassion-Transform/dp/0316272469/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1520955800&sr=8-1&keywords=lizzie+velasquez

The Documentary: A Brave Heart: The Lizzie Velasquez Story



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Mar 13 2018 · 40mins
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E7 | Episode 71 Lizzie Velasquez

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"I feel like a lot of us are going through a dark time. That we are living under clouds and need the sun to come out. I hope I'm the person holding the umbrella. I hope I am the person who can tell you to come under the umbrella 'til the sun comes out."

Lizzie Velasquez is a globally recognized motivational speaker, a presenter at TEDx, champion of anti-bullying, author, producer and all around amazing individual. 

At the time of Lizzie's birth, she was one of only three people in the world diagnosed with Marfanoid–Progeroid–Lipodystrophy Syndrome: a condition which doesn't allow her to gain weight and affects her heart, eyes, and bones. At age 17, she came across a YouTube video entitled "World's Ugliest Woman"- only to discover that it was about her. In the years since then, she's made it her life's work to spread kindness and stand up for bullying victims.

She has appeared on The Today Show, The View, AOL, MSN, Yahoo, The Huffington Post, Katie Couric and her TEDx video has been viewed over 13 million times. She has inspired people around the world to look at inner beauty, to be kind to each other, and to own our emotions. 

Today she beautifully articulates her story of strength, determination, and "what's next" with us. 


  • She was born in Austin, Texas and still lives there today. To her, it is home.
  • Her parents raised her as a normal kid. It wasn't until kindergarten that she realized for the first time there was something different about her.
  • "I see anything that I want to do as a dare."
  • Her TEDx Talk "How Do YOU Define Yourself" has been viewed over 13 million times. You can watch it here.
  • "The humor I have onstage is the same humor I have off."
  • Referring to bullying, Lizzie says "It happens to absolutely everyone." Her advice: "You got this, it isn't going to be easy, but you can do it."
  • She prioritizes sitting for 5-10 minutes in "me time" with no interruptions, cell phone, etc. 
  • Her newest book is called, Dare to be Kind.
  • Lizzie has over 1.5 million people following her on Social Media. Follow her at @littlelizziev


1. What is the best book you’ve ever read? Wonder.

2. Tomorrow you discover your wealthy uncle shockingly dies at the age of 103; leaving you millions. What would you do with it? I have always had this dream of creating a scholarship foundation, then I would help my church and family. Lastly, I would spoil my dogs. 

3. Your house is on fire, all living things and people are out. You have the opportunity to run in and grab one item. What would it be? The big box of photos I have. 

4. You are sitting on a bench overlooking a gorgeous beach. You have the opportunity to have a long conversation with anyone living or dead. Who would it be? Julia Roberts or Ava Duvernay.

5. What is the best advice you’ve ever received? Never be scared to learn. Be comfortable in the uncomfortable.

6. Looking back, what advice would you give yourself at age 20? Prepare for some craziness. 

7. It’s been said that all great people can have their lives summed up in one sentence. How do you want yours to read? Go out every day, knowing it isn't going to always be sunny. But, it will clear up. 


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Mar 01 2018 · 44mins
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The Inner Strength of Lizzie Velasquez

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Host Rabbi Rami talks with author and motivational speaker Lizzie Velasquez about her personal struggles with bullying and finding inner strength to help others. A review of her new book Dare to Be Kind appears in the May/June issue of Spirituality & Health magazine.

Lizzie Velasquez is an internationally renowned motivational speaker with over half a million YouTube subscribers. The documentary A BRAVE HEART: The Lizzie Velasquez Story was based on her life.
Jul 17 2017 · 22mins
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Lizzie is one of 3 person on earth with a rare syndrome- she can't gain weight!  She's 25 and weighs 40 pounds but hasn't let this stop her from waging a campaign against online bullying.  Check out her TED talk:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c62Aqdlzvqk

She's the best. I feel really lucky to have gotten to spend some time with her.

May 05 2014 · 1hr 20mins
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Lizzie Velasquez - Most Beautiful Girl in the World

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Lizzie Velasquez is no stranger to almost all types of bullying. In fact, just a few years ago, insensitive idiots on the internet dubbed her as the ugliest woman in the world. Yet the 23-year-old woman from Texas remains undaunted. Rather, she showed the world that she is actually the most beautiful girl on the planet.
Her Rarity
Lizzie Velasquez is not that different than the other girls her age. She hangs out with her friends, loves to be with her family, and enjoys learning and exploring a lot of things. But others see her as odd man out because of the conditions she has had all throughout her life.
Feb 28 2013 · 28mins