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Rachel Mercer Cellist

Conversations with Musicians, with Leah Roseman

In this conversation with the really inspiring cellist, Rachel Mercer, we discuss the arc of her career so far as a chamber musician, soloist, principal cellist, the late Yehonatan Berick, an amazing violinist and pedagogue, who was her life partner, "Our Strength, Our Song" with her sister, the wonderful violinist Akemi Mercer-Niewöhner and many other chamber music collaborations and unique projects, as well as her way of approaching music. Rachel very generously made a special recording of the Prelude from J.S. Bach's fifth solo suite in C minor BWV 1011, and her heartfelt introduction to the power of this music is right after our conversation, so please keep listening till the end! There are timestamps below, and the Bach with her introduction is also a separate bonus episode. Rachel Mercer: “I think at some point I felt that playing scales was not helping my music making because it was so rigorous in the way I was doing it. It just didn't relate to because I really want to have every possibility of expression available to me and that does not come from physically playing my instrument. That comes from my imagination and then I hear or feel a sound in my head. How am I going to make it? And I don't learn that from playing the studies and scales. I learn that from hearing it and figuring out physically how to make it. I have a piece of music I need to learn. First, I study the score. If there's a recording, I listen to the recording because I want to hear the big picture and what it really means and what I'm trying to for. I never take out a piece of music and just start learning the notes and rhythm unless it's something...Actually, no, I don't do that because it just gets me into too small a focus. I want the big picture of the end game, what I'm going for and then it's learning that and then focusing in and making sure the details fit as much as possible by the day of the performance.” This podcast is available on many platforms including Spotify, Google, Apple, RadioPublic, Breaker, Anchor and more, as well as in video format, and all the episodes are having transcripts added. Everthing is linked on my podcast website: https://www.leahroseman.com/ To learn more about Rachel, her recordings and current projects: http://www.rachelmercercellist.com/ Photo credit: David Leyes (00:00) Introduction (02:24) Bonjour Strad and other cellos through Canada Council (06:19) Baroque performance practice influences and Anner Bylsma (11:41) Vriendenkrans competition and playing in the Concertgebouw (13:44) debut solo record “Room” (15:13) Ernst Reijseger (16:10) Rachel’s studies with different teachers including Shauna Rolston, Laurence Lesser,Dmitri Ferschtman (21:10) Aviv Quartet, experiences in South Africa and Israel (24:49) Yehonatan Berick (28:38) the influences of many different teachers (30:13) Ilona Feher, Yehonatan’s teacher (31:34) Rachel’s obaasan and the experience of Japanese Canadian families internment during the Second World War (34:18) Rachel’s sister violinist Akemi Mercer-Niewöhner (36:05) Return to Canada and a career as a chamber musician (37:59) “Mosaïque Project” with Ensemble Made in Canada (40:18) Playing orchestral auditions (43:58) Pre-concert routine and mindfulness (46:22) Dream journals and realizing projects (47:34) album “Our Strength, Our Song” with sister Akemi Mercer-Niewöhner (50:06) Rachel’s way of practicing and learning music (55:08) Advice and inspiration from the younger generations of musicians (57:10) Rachel’s introduction to the Bach (59:03) Prelude from J.S. Bach’s fifth solo suite in C minor BWV 1011--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/leah-roseman/message

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19 Mar 2022

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Rachel Mercer J.S. Bach Prelude fifth solo suite BWV 1011

Conversations with Musicians, with Leah Roseman

At the end of E9 S2, my conversation with the incredible cellist Rachel Mercer, you will find Rachel's heartfelt introduction to this inspiring performance which she made for this podcast. I have added it here as a special bonus episode in case listeners wish to listen to it again without having to scroll through the interview. For those listeners who have discovered this recording separately from the interview, I invite you to listen to Rachel's perspectives on her life and career. You can find both the video and podcast versions here: https://leahroseman.com/episodes/e9-s2-rachel-mercer To learn more about Rachel and her recordings, including solo Bach,  and many projects: http://www.rachelmercercellist.com/ photo credit: David Leyes--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/leah-roseman/message


19 Mar 2022

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The Future of Transformation- Rachel Mercer and Mike Rigby- Proto

Inspiring Futures

Proto is a consultancy that was founded just over a year ago by some of the leadership of R/GA.'s business transformation unit. In the episode, I talk with Rachel Mercer- the Chief Experience Officer, and Mike Rigby- Chief Design Officer.The conversation covers their background and experience, the types of work that Proto is involved with, and the importance of clearly defining your own brand and living its values.It's a fascinating conversation that shows how creativity can move upstream in the world of consulting and how a valuable mix of skills and experience can help clients shift and transform their businesses for the digital age and beyond. 


10 Mar 2022

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#29 Protect Your Energy with Proto Founder, Rachel Mercer

Anti Hustle Hustle Club

Today’s guest is Rachel Mercer, founder and Chief Experience Officer at Proto, a new innovation consultancy that helps companies in the face of disruption. Proto exists to help leading businesses and startups understand what makes them meaningful and create new relevance in rapidly changing environments. Rachel says she has done her best work with ambitious organisations like Adidas, Google, Facebook, and Cola-Cola. As brands are increasingly defined by their best, worst and last experiences, she puts emphasis on defining rituals and creating memorable moments.Rachel believes revolutionary work comes from combining diverse perspectives and is committed to raising the profile of fellow women and minorities in the industry, where she nurtures a space for mutual learning and positive change. She also appreciates the value of downtime. “Even the best need rest,” she says.Enjoy!You can connect with Rachel here:  https://www.linkedin.com/in/rachelmercer/Find out more about Proto here: https://www.wearepro.to/Shop our new MERCH here: https://antihustlehustleclub.com Subscribe to the podcast to enjoy our incredible lineup of interviews about hustle culture, work, success and happiness. Say hi to us at instagram.com/antihustle.hustleclubIntro music by Ant Henderson soundcloud.com/antphenderson


23 Feb 2022

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Episode 11: Guest's Justin and Rachel Mercer

We Held It Together

We talk about PTSD out of the military, diagnosis of Type one diabetes in your mid twenties, and the relationship of two people struggling with mental illness! Website- Weheldittogether.comArt by Alex ManringMusic from Audio Jungle


21 Aug 2020

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Helping Clients Through Crisis - Rachel Mercer, Strategy Head

Sweathead, A Strategy Podcast

Rachel Mercer is Head of Strategy at R/GA New York. About one month into New York getting closed down (April 2020), we spoke about what it was like to try to help an agency and its clients deal with COVID-19. And all this after Rachel and her husband had to get off one plane and return to America on another plane before all the borders closed.You can find Rachel here https://twitter.com/rachelmercer when she's not playing Words With Friends with me or letting me make fun of her workaholism.* This interview was live-streamed to the Sweathead Facebook Group on April 25, 2020 - about 6 weeks into New York being locked down.Sweathead strategy class is in session: http://courses.sweathead.co


19 Jun 2020

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Rachel Mercer: NAC Orchestra Principal Cellist

NACOcast: Classical music podcast with Sean Rice

An advocate for Canadian music, Principal Cellist Rachel Mercer speaks with Sean Rice about her activities in and beyond the National Arts Centre Orchestra, including recording, commissioning and playing world premieres. Recorded prior to Rachel's Casual Friday debut with NACO and Alexander Shelley of the world premiere of Canadian pianist and composer Stewart Goodyear's Cello Concerto.


6 Feb 2020

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Rachel Mercer still thinks like a designer

The Strategy Inside Everything

I was blown away by this talk with the fantastic Rachel Mercer of RGA. Like many of us in strategy, Rachel came from a different discipline; in her case, design. She discusses what she learned in design that she brought forward in her strategy work and some of the bigger lessons she’s learned and taught.*NOTE: Some joking comments Rachel made at the end of this episode about the change to English planning spurred the topic for the next episode of The Strategy Inside Everything with our guest Gareth Kay of Chapter. Tune in to hear the spiritual sequel that was recorded the next day.* Get full access to The Strategy Inside Everything at adampierno.com/podcast-lander --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/adam-pierno/message Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/adam-pierno/support


11 Dec 2018

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Ep 67: Rachel Mercer, Executive Strategy Director at R/GA

The We Are Next Podcast

Rachel Mercer, Executive Strategy Director at R/GA, helps us see the bigger picture in our jobs and careers in this week's episode. Hear about how she handled rejection while getting her start, the importance of understanding what's going on in business (and the email newsletters she uses to do so), how to reach out to someone in the industry most effectively, the result of having the most diverse team at Deutsch, creating a structure for training strategists, and how to be your own best advocate. Subscribe & leave us a review on iTunes to help others discover the podcast! For more guidance from the industry, subscribe to our Weekly email—it's a small dose of advice, delivered Mondays. Or search for a specific topic in our ever-growing Stash of Advice.


6 Nov 2018

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S4E10 with Rachel Mercer

Real Famous

This is a conversation with Rachel Mercer. She is the Executive Strategy Director at R/GA. Prior to that, she was the SVP, Head of Digital Strategy & Invention for Deutsch, a Strategy & Innovation Director at The Upside, a Senior Strategist at Made by Many, and a UX designer at Crispin. Rachel has been named one of Forbes 30 Under 30, Business Insider's Most Creative People in Advertising and one of The Drum’s 50 women disrupting the status quo. Enjoy!

1hr 4mins

31 Jul 2018