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How to Protect Your Table and Pursue your Purpose with Brad Lomenick

Passion + Purpose Podcast

On this episode, Louie flips the script and invites good friend and leader Brad Lomenick in for an open interview about life, leadership, and the lessons that Louie has learned along the way. Full of insightful and relatable answers, Louie opens up about why he wrote Don't Give the Enemy a Seat at Your Table and what it has looked like for him to pursue his ultimate passion throughout his ministry. -Brad Lomenick is a leadership consultant, speaker, founder of BLINC, and author of The Catalyst Leader and H3 Leadership. He writes about leadership, the next generation, creativity, innovation, social media, teamwork, and personal growth.-Louie Giglio is Pastor of Passion City Church and the Original Visionary of the Passion movement, which exists to call a generation to leverage their lives for the fame of Jesus. Louie is the national-bestselling author of Don’t Give the Enemy A Seat at Your Table, Not Forsaken, Goliath Must Fall, How Great Is Our God: 100 Indescribable Devotions About God and Science, Indescribable: 100 Devotions About God & Science, The Comeback, The Air I Breathe, and I Am Not But I Know I Am. Louie and Shelley make their home in Atlanta, Georgia. 


7 Sep 2021

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Brad Lomenick — Catalyst, Leadership, & Why the Future is Curation

Pastor Writer: Conversations on Reading, Writing, and the Christian Life

Brad Lomenick is passionate about raising up great leaders around the globe. He is a business entrepreneur, speaker, sought-after leadership advisor, author and longtime president of Catalyst, largely credited with growing the organization into one of the largest and most recognized leadership brands and gatherings of young leaders in the US.Prior to running Catalyst, Brad spent several years working for legendary leadership author John Maxwell, as well as executive producing large simulcast and stadium events. He continues to inspire leaders by speaking at conferences and events around the world.What you may not know - for several years he rode horses and was a ranch foreman in the mountains of Colorado, has played American football in Australia and New Zealand, was once in a rap group, and hopes to one day play golf on the Senior PGA tour and have his own hunting TV show.


17 Jun 2021

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Brad Lomenick on leadership transitions, personal growth and staring down your demons.

For Leaders Global Podcast

FLG_026 Brad Lomenick on leadership transitions, personal growth and staring down your demons. At some point in your life and leadership you come to what most commentators call a ‘wall’, or a crisis of limitations or whatever you might choose to name the fact that you realise you’re not as good as you thought you were and you’re not as well formed as you thought you were. Enter Darb, the nemesis leader of Brad who had this confronting reality shown to him by his team when that called him out on how he was leading and what it was like to be on the other side of him. Fast Forward several years and you get THIS conversation. A leader who faced his challenges head on, made significant personal and professional changes and is better off for it in every way, and so are we. Brad’s humility and honesty with his own journey will give you great hope in facing your own challenges and being better for it. Brad Lomenick is an author, advisor and connector of leaders. For over a decade he led the Catalyst movement, which gathered hundreds of thousands of young leaders in the US. He’s authored two books, including The Catalyst Leader and H3 Leadership: Be Humble, Stay Hungry, Always Hustle. And Brad continues to gather leaders from around the world while also advising a handful of organizations. For Leaders Global Resources:  www.forleadersglobal.com Helping Organisations Build Leaders Worth Following & Culture Worth Reproducing Join the free 5 Day Leadership Challenge https://www.forleadersglobal.com/5DayLeadershipChallenge To get in contact with us and talk about how we can help you build leaders worth following and create culture worth reproducing email us here: hello@forleadersglobal.com 


21 Apr 2021

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S4 Ep. 83 // Brad Lomenick on the Habits of a Healthy Leader

Leading Second Podcast

For the second week in a row, we have another introduction to the Leading Second family! My conversation today is with Brad Lomenick. If you’ve been around church leadership for very long, he likely needs no introduction to you. But for the uninitiated, Brad is one of the visionary leaders who launched Catalyst! A podcast, a conference, and a group that has taught leadership to many thousands of people through the years and has had a considerable impact on churches worldwide. Most recently, Brad’s focus has been advising organizations and building connections with young leaders who will outlast him and build something greater than he could. He breaks down the lie of needing to go from big to bigger. Brad has a wealth of leadership experience and knowledge, but the one big question that I wanted to talk to him about is, “What are some habits of a healthy leader?”That leads to conversations about creating rhythms, having an ownership mentality, and anticipation. A few of the other questions we ask Brad: When was a time where you led from the middle, and what were some lessons you took from it?What is something you’ve learned about leading up?What was your inspiration for writing H3 Leadership?What would you say to somebody is needing to recalibrate this season? How do we keep our hunger alive? Right now is the perfect time to take some risks. We have COVID as a built-in excuse. So try some new things out! Run strong for the Kingdom this week, BrandonResources:www.catalystleader.com“H3 Leadership” by Brad Lomenick “When” by Daniel PinkAfter the Episode:How can you be a leader who anticipates this week? i.e., what things can you take off of your Pastor/Leader’s plate? How can you create the best rhythm this week that allows you to flourish and thrive at your maximum capacity? Be the Chief Innovation Officer this week in your role. Have the courage to try something out.SUBSCRIBECOMMENTLIKE & SHAREWe want you in our tribe! Stay connected to all Leading Second has to offer:Website: leadingsecond.comInstagram: instagram.com/leadingsecondConnect with Brandon StewartFacebook: facebook.com/brandonmstewartInstagram: instagram.com/brandonmstewartLeading Second is an extension of the Team Church tribe. For more information on Team Church Conference and One Day events, check-out teamchurchconference.com or search Team Church on Facebook.


15 Apr 2021

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Brad Lomenick | 3 Steps to Effective Leadership & Getting the Feedback You Need to Succeed

The Art of Charm

In today’s episode, we cover leadership with Brad Lomenick. Brad is a leadership consultant, speaker, founder of BLINC, and author of The Catalyst Leader and H3 Leadership. He writes about leadership, the next generation, creativity, innovation, social media, teamwork, and personal growth.  Effective leadership is built on a few powerful traits anyone can learn, but what are they, what is the difference between an effective leader and an ineffective one, and what can you do to be an effective leader without being in a leadership position? What to Listen For Brad’s Journey & Strategies for Conquering Burnout - 3:34  What are the different levels of burnout and what can you do if you’re feeling burnt out? What can you do as a leader to encourage your team to hold you accountable for your faults and blindspots? The Biggest Leadership Myths & How to Assume Leadership - 9:59  What are the biggest myths about leadership? What are the two types of people who want to be leaders and why is one not cut out for the role? What can you do to be a leader if you are regularly jumping from one company to another? What can you do to be proactive about being a leader rather than waiting to be recognized as one? Ineffective vs Effective Leadership - 21:08 How does social media identify and highlight the ineffective leaders, placing poor examples of leadership in front of people around the world? How can a leader exemplify the hustle mentality and powerful humility? How do you build trust with your team when you are brand new and your team doesn’t know you? It seems as if the loudest “leaders” get the most attention, but getting someone’s attention or drawing an audience do not make someone a leader. The most effective leaders can lead from a place of trust and humility. They get buy-in from those around them by getting to know them and building a genuine relationship. If you want to be an effective leader, you must be willing to listen to the people around you and open up to them so they can connect with you.  A Word From Our Sponsors Share your vulnerabilities, victories, and questions in our 17,000-member private Facebook group at theartofcharm.com/challenge. This is a unique opportunity where everyone — both men and women — celebrate your accountability on the way to becoming the best version of yourself. Register today here! Resources from this Episode Brad Lomenick’s website H3 Leadership by Brad Lomenick Check in with AJ and Johnny! AJ on Instagram Johnny on Instagram The Art of Charm on Instagram The Art of Charm on YouTubeSee omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


5 Apr 2021

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5LQ Episode 453: Brad Lomenick

5 Leadership Questions Podcast on Church Leadership with Todd Adkins and Chandler Vannoy

In this episode of the 5 Leadership Questions podcast, Todd Adkins and Ben Mandrell are joined by Brad Lomenick, author of The Catalyst Leader and H3 Leadership. They discuss the following questions:What have you learned over the years about movements and the value they bring?How are you moving forward now?What does it look like to bring smaller groups together?Do you see the shift happening from just preaching to also gathering and developing leaders?BEST QUOTES"If something is God-breathed, just hold on.""Nobody wants to see a movement end, but there is a season to movements and it is OK that they wrap up.""We have to remove ourselves from the idea that whether it grows or it stops that's because of me as the point leader.""Movements don't have to be global in nature. They can be neighborly in nature and still be incredibly God-breathed.""When you gather influencers, let them be the center of the conversation.""The experiences we are creating, how are they different from content that is readily available at all times for free?""Content might be the draw, but the connection is what retains people.""As a pastor, I need to give the sheriff's badge to as many of my lay leaders to let them carry the weight of the responsibility of discipleship.""Right now and going forward, small is the new big. People want something that is real and that is personal.""The reason your church is now unique is because people know each other."RECOMMENDED RESOURCESLifeway Leadership Podcast NetworkLifeway.com/CoronaVirusBrad LomenickH3 Leadership PodcastCataylstThe Catalyst Leader by Brad LomenickH3 Leadership by Brad LomenickLiving By the Book by Howard Hendricks


21 Jan 2021

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Brad Lomenick (Fmr. President of Catalyst)

The Call to Mastery with Jordan Raynor

Jordan Raynor sits down with Brad Lomenick, Former President of Catalyst, to talk about the difference between cultural and biblical hustle, how to be an exceptional, service-driven networker, and how to “crush The Now until you get to The Next.”Links Mentioned:Jordan's weekly devotional, The Word Before WorkBrad Lomenick on TwitterBrad Lomenick on LinkedInBrad Lomenick on InstagramBrad LomenickH3 LeadershipH3 Leadership PodcastCatalyst LeaderCatalystExcellence WinsTribesTo Hell With the HustleCalled to CreateThe Bible App by YouVersionBible in One YearNext Generation Leader


20 Jan 2021

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SPS 088: Using Personalized Marketing & Hand-To-Hand Combat (Instead Of "Broad Marketing") To Sell More Books & Get 100's Of Reviews with Brad Lomenick

Self Publishing School : How To Write A Book That Grows Your Impact, Income, And Business

Brad Lomenick is the former president of one of the largest leadership conferences of all time, Catalyst. In this episode, we talk about how to sell books WITHOUT a big platform...and how marketing a book is actually more successful if you personalize things instead of using "Broad Marketing". We also talked about: - selling more books using podcast interviews & speaking gigs - what he learned about books from John Maxwell & Andy Stanley at Catalyst - The difference between a "Brand Book" And A "Life Story" book (and which book to write first) ...and so much more. Listen to this episode and let me know what you think!


13 Jan 2021

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CNLP 370: Brad Lomenick on How to Grow Your Influence Without Producing More Content, the Future of Live Events, and Future Trends Every Leader Should Watch

The Carey Nieuwhof Leadership Podcast: Lead Like Never Before

Brad Lomenick returns to the podcast to talk about his new podcast, H3 Leadership, and how to grow your influence without producing more content. Brad explains the power of curating content and...Read the whole entry... »

1hr 38mins

6 Oct 2020

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Brad Lomenick on Leadership That Asks for Help, Dreams Big and Leads With Hope Instead of Cynicism

Canadian Church Leaders Podcast

Brad is the former President of Catalyst and leadership consultant. Brad is a speaker, the founder of BLINC, and the author of The Catalyst Leader and H3 Leadership. He writes about leadership, the next generation, creativity, innovation, social media, teamwork, and personal growth. www.ccln.ca/season2/episode20


10 Aug 2020