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Pure Gold Series: How to Prep for a Successful Expo West with Seth Goldman (2022)

The Startup CPG Podcast

Earlier this week we had a bonus episode that was a bit shorter, so I thought this was a good chance to re-air one of my favorite episodes from last year with Seth Goldman about prepping for Expo West (which is less than 1 month away!). We have five other great episodes with Seth from last year available as well. Be sure to stop by the Eat the Change booth in the North Hall if you attend Expo West this year, and while you are there, stop by Startup CPG’s booth and come say hi to me and the team in person. Happy Expo prep!This is the first episode of a very special new podcast series from Startup CPG. Seth Goldman, Startup CPG's Entrepreneur-in-Residence, will be joining us once a month for the next few months to talk about hot topics in CPG. Today we kick off by talking all things Expo West. With twenty-one Expo West events under his belt, who better to answer our community's Expo West questions! You may know Seth as the co-founder of Honest Tea and author of Mission in a Bottle, and Seth is now the Co-Founder and CEO of Eat the Change, Co-Founder of PLNT Burger, and Chair of the Board for Beyond Meat. Listen in as Seth covers how to stand out among thousands of brands, how to craft your ten second pitch, a simple yet game-changing follow up/lead tracking plan, how to maximize Expo West even without a booth, why you should treat everyone like the most important buyer, and more.Episode Links:Expo West 2023: Eat the Change Booth N2134, Startup CPG Booth N1210, Startup CPG Alley Rally EventLink to Seth's blog post: Going to Expo West? How to Make the Most of ItEat the Change’s websiteSeth’s book - Mission in a BottleHow I Built This episode with Seth about Honest TeaSeth’s TEDx talk: How Entrepreneurs Can Change SocietyOther Startup CPG Episodes with Seth: How to Approach Innovation and Research & Development, How to Fight Climate Change as an Emerging Brand, How to Build a Field Marketing Event & Demo Program, Honest Tea's Discontinuation, Ask Seth AnythingShow Links:Join the Startup CPG Slack community (10K+ members and growing!)Follow @startupcpgVisit host Jessi's Linkedin or websiteQuestions or comments about the episode? Email Jessi at jessi@startupcpg.com


9 Feb 2023

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Honest Tea’s founder (Seth Goldman’s) Tips for Staying Focused and Marketing with Limited Resources

Thrivetime Show | Business School without the BS

Are you trying to figure how to market on a small budget while staying focused on your core mission. Clay and Dr Z break down power quotes from Honest Tea’s founder, Seth Goldman.


27 Oct 2022

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Plant Based Snacks For A Healthy Planet with Eat the Change Co-founder Seth Goldman

Biophilic Solutions: Nature Has the Answers

One of our most effective tools for improving planetary health is the food we choose to eat. In environmental terms, a vegetarian diet is great and a vegan diet is even better. However, imagining that the bulk of the population will willingly shift to a vegan diet over the next few years seems pretty unlikely (to put it mildly). So, where does that leave us? In today’s episode, we’re joined by Eat the Change co-founder Seth Goldman to advocate for a plant-based approach to food and diet. In a plant-based model, vegetables, fruits, fungi, and legumes are the key players - but there’s not a single food group that’s entirely off-limits. In this episode, we chat about Seth’s line of delicious and healthy snacks made from back-to-basics ingredients like carrots and mushrooms, his background as an entrepreneur in the health food space, and why you can’t sacrifice taste if you want to change peoples’ eating habits. Show NotesEat the ChangeAbout Seth GoldmanPLNT BurgerBeyond BurgerHonest TeaETC ImpactInnovator’s Agenda: How We Approach Innovation at Eat the ChangeEat the Change on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook


18 Oct 2022

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Looking Outside Activism: Seth Goldman, Co-Founder & CEO Eat the Change

Looking Outside

We end Season 2 of Looking Outside with a frank look at the very topical topic of activism in business. We do this not theoretically or observationally but first hand with activist entrepreneur and CEO of Eat the Change, Seth Goldman.Seth speaks to why 'acting' is critical in activism, as he's done first hand by venturing into organic packaged food, healthier fast-casual restaurants and planet-friendly meat alternatives. Seth shares how he has done this by crafting ideas designed to change large scale food system issues while appealing to evolving consumer values. A proud activist, Seth also speaks to how important it is that your business ideas aren't altruistic but meet the needs of the farmer, the buyer, the retailer and of course the employees of the company. Here Seth shares his unique experience as a CEO who tries to live by the commitments he sets in a way that doesn't trade off on business success.Jo and Seth also discuss the benefits and watchouts of brands crafting a “purpose”. Specifically the well-laid intentions that have the potential for positive impact, the risk of running into greenwashing before you’ve substantiated your initiatives, and the watchouts of trying to solve problems you help to fuel or even created in the world. This is not just a hot topic, a stellar guest but also of course a thought provoking way we're wrapping up Season 2 of Looking Outside.--To look outside, Seth reaches out to the communities he is working with and supporting through his business. Seeing his impact first hand in those markets helps bring him perspective, particularly in those moments when he is physically outside the office and in nature. Importantly, Seth also tries to speak with people who think differently, ask different questions and see the world in a fresh way. Insight can come from anywhere, even sometimes close to home.Seth recognizes that he is working on serious issues, but that we also need to stop and have fun, and make sure these progressive shifts are fun for our consumers too.--Seth Goldman is Co-Founder of Eat the Change®, a planet-friendly snack brand that helps people ‘Snack to the Future™’. Eat the Change® recently launched Just Ice Tea, a line of organic bottled tea to go along with the company’s mushroom jerky and carrot snacks. Seth and his co-Founder, Celebrity Chef Spike Mendelsohn are also co-founders of PLNT Burger, a plant-based quick-serve restaurant that offers delicious burgers, sandwiches, fries, and soft-serve. Seth is also the Co-founder of Honest Tea and Chair of the board of Beyond Meat. He has been widely recognized for his entrepreneurial success and impact, including Ernst & Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year in Greater Washington, the Washington DC Business Hall of Fame, Beverage Industry Magazine’s Executive of the Year and Partnership for Healthier America’s CEO of the Year. Seth and his wife, Julie Farkas, have also launched ETC Impact, which is a donating $1.25M over three years into non-profit organizations that educate and inspire consumers to make climate-conscious choices with their diet.  Find out more about Eat the Change eatthechange.com & try the products.Follow Seth on Twitter: @honestseth @eat_the_change & Instagram @eatthechange & Linkedin.--Looking Outside is a podcast dedicated to exploring fresh perspectives of familiar business topics. The show is hosted by its creator, Joanna Lepore, consumer goods innovator and futurist at McDonald's. Find out more at looking-outside.com.Connect with Jo and join the Looking Outside community on LinkedIn.--All views are that of the host and guests and don’t necessarily reflect those of their employers. Copyright 2022.OBOY and EILOH music features in Episode 20.


13 Sep 2022

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Jumping In On PLNT Burger, Eat The Change & Honest Tea With Seth Goldman (The Jedburgh Podcast Short-Form Series)

The Jedburgh Podcast

Seth Goldman spent 24 years building Honest Tea from an idea to a leading global beverage. But on May 23 Coca-Cola announced they were discontinuing the brand citing supply chain and COVID-19 impacts. Over the last few years he launched Eat the Change and PLNT Burger, extending a career that has been spent providing us with a healthy - and environmentally friendly - choice in what we consume.  For this episode Fran Racioppi asked Seth to Jump In to discuss Coke’s decision, what he learned from building a brand that changed the way we drink, the rapid growth of PLNT Burger and which mushroom jerky and carrot chews to try first. Seth’s not done with tea yet. He’s fighting back to refill the hole the loss of Honest Tea will create in the market as he just announced the launch of Just Ice Tea - coming soon to a store near you. Learn more about Eat the Change and PLNT Burger at eatthechange.com and PLNTburger.com - and on social media @eatthechange & @plntburger. Find more on The Jedburgh Podcast Website and check out our video YouTube versions of all episodes here. Subscribe to us and follow @jedburghpodcast on all social media. Highlights:-PLNT Burger is now in 12 locations; 10 located in Whole Foods and two new stand alone locations in New York City. (4:30)-Seth explains the importance of democratizing healthy eating options and making it available to all consumers. (6:45) -Coca-Cola has decided to discontinue Honest Tea (the brand Seth built from scratch) citing supply chain issues and further investment in Gold Peak. (8:19)-Seth explains how the market opportunity, producers and consumers still exist for a brand like Honest Tea. (9:03)-Seth is launching Just Ice Tea to fill the gap being left by the closure of Honest Tea and explains the theory behind the name. (10:50)-Fran asks Seth to share the lesson from Honest Tea. (15:01)Quotes:-”I love healthy and wealthy consumers; but that’s not the goal of the businesses I run.” (6:03) -”We’ve got to make these products taste great, be price accessible and fun.” (6:32)-”A small group of business people decided that shouldn’t be around anymore. It doesn’t mean the market opportunity disappeared.” (9:03)-”That’s how we have to respond; because we know the market opportunity is there.” (10:31)-“All the core ingredients…the tea and the sweeteners…will be fair trade certified.” (11:26)-”There’s no downside to acting on the things that you believe in.” (15:25) -”There is such a thing as Karma in business.” (16:36) This episode is brought to you by Jersey Mike’s, 18A Fitness, & Analytix Solutions.


15 Aug 2022

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There is Time for Changing the Playing Field with Seth Goldman, Bethesda, Maryland

Zero Excuses

Seth Goldman knows what it means to pursue projects you’re passionate about. He co-founded Honest Tea and is now the Chief Change Agent at Eat the Change. He’s also launching the new brand, Just Ice Tea, which focuses on just relationships with the supply trade and fair trade farms they source from. Acting on issues he cares about is important to Seth. He takes the time to change the playing field by engaging in and embracing important topics and making sure everyone involved in the process knows they are needed and respected. How does Seth find the drive to create something impactful? By making Zero Excuses and acting on his values.


14 Jul 2022

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Seth Goldman | How Honest Tea Became the World’s Best-Selling Bottled Tea Brand

The Founder Hour

Seth Goldman is the co-founder and former CEO of Honest Tea, a bottled organic tea company he started with his college professor, Barry Nalebuff, in 1998. After selling the company to Coca-Cola, he stepped down from his role as CEO in 2015 and became the executive chair of Beyond Meat.In February 2020, he co-founded Eat the Change (along with PLNT Burger) which is on a mission to create chef-crafted and nutrient-dense snacks that are kind to the planet. In May 2022, Coca-Cola announced they would discontinue Honest Tea.SUBSCRIBE TO OUR NEWSLETTER & STAY UPDATED > http://bit.ly/tfh-newsletterFOLLOW TFH ON INSTAGRAM > http://www.instagram.com/thefounderhourFOLLOW TFH ON TWITTER > http://www.twitter.com/thefounderhourINTERESTED IN BECOMING A SPONSOR? EMAIL US > partnerships@thefounderhour.com


12 Jul 2022

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ContenderCast with Justin Honaman

Seth Goldman is the Co-founder of Eat the Change®, a brand that empowers consumers to make dietary choices aligned with their concerns around climate and health. Eat the Change® recently launched a line of organic mushroom jerky as part of this mission. Seth is also the Co-founder of PLNT Burger, a plant-based quick serve restaurant that offers delicious burgers, sandwiches, fries and soft-serve. After co-founding Honest Tea, and leading it to global scale, Seth concluded his role with the Coca-Cola Company at the end of 2019. He continues in his role as Chairman of the Board of Beyond Meat, having stepped down as Executive Chair in February 2020. Seth joins Justin to discuss innovation and entrepreneurship.


18 May 2022

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249 Seth Goldman: Co-Founder & CEO of Honest Tea and Eat The Change

The Kara Goldin Show

How do you create and scale over and over again? Honored to share my interview with Seth Goldman, Co-Founder of Honest Tea, PLNT Burger and now Eat The Change. Learn how this disruptor and creator does it and more about his newest venture. In this episode of #TheKaraGoldinShow. Sponsored by: Gusto - Go to Gusto.com/kara to get 3 months free when you run your first payroll. TriNet - Learn more about TriNet's HR solutions at TriNet.com/podcast Enjoying this episode of #TheKaraGoldinShow? Let Kara know by clicking on the links below and sending her a quick shout-out on social or reach out to Kara Goldin directly at karagoldin@gmail.com Follow Kara Goldin on Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/karagoldin/ Follow Kara Goldin on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/karagoldin/ Follow Kara Goldin on Twitter: https://twitter.com/karagoldin Follow Kara Goldin on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KaraGoldin/ Check out our website to view show notes: https://karagoldin.com/podcast/249 List of links to resources mentioned in episode, suggested reading & social media handles: Check out Eat The Change’s website: https://eatthechange.com/ Follow Seth on Twitter: https://twitter.com/HonestSeth Connect with Seth on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/seth-goldman-234bb7124/


16 May 2022

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Earth Day Remix – Seth Goldman, Chief Change Agent at Eat the Change, Co-Founder at PLNT Burger, Chair of the Board at Beyond Meat (Album 1 Track 15)

Brands, Beats & Bytes

In recognition of Earth Day, we are bringing back a guest who truly lives his life for the better of our earth, Seth Goldman. His time with us continues to bring nuggets of wisdom and encourages us in our actions for a healthier earth and world. Wait, what happened to Summer Brand Nerds! Ok, so like, I could write a soliloquy about Seth’s appearance on Brands Beats & Bytes…but I’m not. I’ll simply leave y’all with this. Humility x Happy x Homiletics = The sweet gospel according to the sagacious Seth Goldman 🔥🔥🔥 [‘And I say church (Preach)’ shout Meek Mill and Drake]. Oh, by the way, since the Beyond Meat IPO the stock is up 259% as of 08/29/2019. Yeah, there’s that part!#sethgoldman #beyondmeat #honesttea #marketing #advertising #branding #digitalmarketing #media #socialmedia #brandsbeatsbytes #cmo 

1hr 8mins

21 Apr 2022