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Guide Rails for impact - Seth Goldman - www.EattheChange.com

The Mother Earth's Heroes Show

When you first start a business There is an awful lot of “learning by doing” and a lot of lessons that are learnt the hard way, mostly how not to do it. So what happens when you have created a hugely successful business. How do you approach setting up a new business? This is exactly what Seth Goldman talks with us on the show today. Seth’s new project #EattheChange draws on his experience and success with Honest Tea, Beyond Meat and other consultant roles to guide him on his new mission; to create chef-crafted and nutrient-dense snacks 🍄 that are kind to the planet 🌍. In this episode, you will hear how he started establishing the guide rails for the new business. How looking at constraints can make you more creative. How to look for waste and turn it into value and the attitude you need to have to create a movement and of course a lot more. I hope you enjoy this conversation with Seth Goldman from Eat the Change Podcast editing - Paul Fyfe.com (www.paulfyfe.com)


29 Apr 2021

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Honest Tea/Beyond Meat’s Seth Goldman On Winning Hearts, Minds And Stomachs

Taste Radio

How do you effect positive and sustainable change in the food system? If you’re Seth Goldman, you begin with tea and continue with mushrooms. As the co-founder of Honest Tea and chair of the board of Beyond Meat, Goldman has played a key role in democratizing access to organic beverages and plant-based meat. His latest venture, Eat The Change, is a mission-driven platform designed to give people “daily, actionable choices that make a difference” via chef-crafted, planet-friendly snacks. Last month, Eat The Change launched its first products, a line of organic mushroom jerky created by co-founder and celebrity chef Spike Mendelsohn, who is also Goldman’s partner in PLNT Burger, a chain of plant-based, quick-service restaurants. In an interview featured on social media platform Clubhouse and recorded for this episode, Goldman discussed how the Eat The Change fits into the context of his career, why he and Mendelsohn chose to lead with mushroom jerky and how the company plans to communicate the brand's mission and product attributes to mainstream consumers. He also addressed claims of Beyond Meat products as being overly processed, the evolution of Honest Tea as a Coca-Cola-owned brand and why he eats Pringles from time to time. Show notes:  0:42: Interview: Seth Goldman, Co-Founder, Honest Tea & Eat The Change; Chair Of The Board, Beyond Meat -- Goldman spoke with Taste Radio hosts Ray Latif, John Craven, Mike Schneider and Jacqui Brugliera for a wide-ranging conversation that began with a discussion about the impact of divisive rhetoric in the U.S., the genesis of Eat The Change and why he believes that “mushrooms are the ultimate ingredient.” He also spoke about the differences between the first year of Honest Tea and that of Eat The Change, how and when the latter will expand into new food categories and how the pandemic affected the timing of its launch. Later, Goldman explained why those that are critical of how Beyond Meat is produced “shouldn’t be eating pasta,” why he’s still in regular contact with the leadership team at Honest Tea despite having no official role with the brand and answered questions from the Clubhouse audience about new business opportunities that are drawing his attention, the potential for refrigerated snacks and his perspective on soy as a crop. Brands in this episode: Eat The Change, Beyond Meat, Honest Tea, Tip Top Cocktails, Epic Provisions, Krave Jerky, Earth & Star, New Gem Foods, Zico, Pringles, The Good Crisp


27 Apr 2021

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Talking About the Future of Food With Seth Goldman

The Food Tech Show With Michael Wolf

For most, founding one of the original better-for-you brands in Honest Tea would be enough of a life achievement. For Seth Goldman, it meant he was just getting started. Nowadays as the Chairman of Beyond Meat and founder of plant-based snack brand Eat the Change and plant-based fast food chain PLNT Burger, Seth Goldman thinks a lot about the future of food. We talk about how alt-protein and the future food space has evolved in recent years, the crazy valuations for startups, and where he thinks the market for these new alternatives to animal agriculture are going. via Knit

1hr 3mins

9 Apr 2021

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#130 - Eat The Change: Seth Goldman on Beyond Meat, Innovation, and Scaling

Eat For The Planet with Nil Zacharias

Seth Goldman is Founder of Eat the Change®, a platform to inform and empower consumers to make dietary choices aligned with their concerns around climate and health. Seth is also the Co-founder of PLNT Burger, Honest Tea and Chair of the board of Beyond Meat. Topics covered Beyond Meat's partnerships with McDonald's, Yum! Brands, and PepsiCo. Launch of the new brand and platform, Eat The Change. Seth Goldman's theory of change. Decentralized, local food economies vs. centralized, global food supply chains. Technology innovation in food: benefits and pitfalls of making decisions driven by efficiency and scale. Effectiveness of market solutions vs. policy solutions. Cell-based meats vs. plant-based. Beyond Meat’s efforts to improve on products and make them nutritionally superior, without compromising taste. What gives Seth hope and his vision for the food system in 2050. https://eftp.co/eat-the-change


7 Mar 2021

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Ep. 179 The Journey Is The Destination || Seth Goldman, Co-Founder & CEO of Eat The Change, Co-Founder & former CEO of Honest Tea, and Executive Chair of the Board at Beyond Meat

Real Leaders Podcast

Seth Goldman is the Co-Founder of Honest Tea, Executive Chair of the Board at Beyond Meat, and current Co-Founder and CEO of Eat The Change who in today’s episode shares how what mission-driven entrepreneurs often forget, how consumer diet changes can lead to climate change itself, and that the journey is the ultimate destination. Enjoy! Watch: https://www.crowdcast.io/e/seth-goldman Join the next live interview: https://www.crowdcast.io/realleaderspodcast


14 Feb 2021

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102. Eat the Change with Seth Goldman and Julie Farkas

Health Gig

Today we are thrilled to be joined by husband and wife duo, Seth Goldman and Julie Farkas. Seth is the co-founder of Honest Tea and Julie has spent her career advocating for social justice causes. Seth and Julie are also involved in Beyond Meat, of which Seth is the executive chairman. They work with previous Health Gig guest, Chef Spike Mendlesohn, to create delicious, plant based food that taste and feel like meat. Seth and Julie are also the co-founders of PLNT Burger which serves Beyond Meat to numerous restaurants throughout the Mid-Atlantic. Most recently, Seth and Julie launched Eat the Change and Eat the Change Impact to inspire a more health conscious and environmentally sustainable diet across the country. 


28 Oct 2020

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Seth Goldman, Founder Honest Tea and Chair of Beyond Meat - What to Ask Yourself at a Crossroads

The CEO Sessions

E8: Seth Goldman is Co-founder of Honest Tea and Chair of the board of Beyond Meat.He is also Founder of Eat the Change®, a platform to inform and empower consumers to make dietary choices aligned with their concerns around climate and health. The first business launched under the Eat the Change® umbrella is PLNT Burger, a plant-based quick serve restaurant that offers delicious burgers, sandwiches, fries and soft-serve. He has been widely recognized for his entrepreneurial success and impact, including Ernst & Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year in Greater Washington, the Washington DC Business Hall of Fame, Beverage Industry magazine’s Executive of the Year, Beverage World’s #1 Disruptor, and Partnership for Healthier America’s CEO of the Year. He is a graduate of Harvard College and the Yale School of Management and is a Henry Crown Fellow of the Aspen Institute. Seth and Barry Nalebuff are the authors, along with graphic artist Soongyun Choi, of The New York Times bestselling comic book, Mission in a Bottle.Seth’s LinkedIn Profile: linkedin.com/in/seth-goldman-234bb7124Seth on Twitter: https://twitter.com/HonestSethEat the Change website: https://eatthechange.com/Honest Tea https://www.honesttea.com/Beyond Meat https://www.beyondmeat.com/Seth’s Book: Mission in a Bottle https://www.amazon.com/Mission-Bottle-Business-Differently-Succeeding/dp/0770437494WHAT YOU'LL DISCOVER IN THIS EPISODE:●     The first question you should ask when you find yourself at a career crossroads.●     Why Seth believes the commercial sector is a terrific place to make a big social impact.●     How learning to maximize your optionality is key for success.●     Seth’s personal strategy for overcoming jet lag.●     Why he decided to write his business book as a graphic novel.●     Two rules for dealing with stress.●     The story behind why he became a vegetarian and then vegan, and the health benefits he’s noticed.●     Your most valuable personal resource…it’s not time.●     How to instill the entrepreneurial mindset in every employee.●     The productive way to bring a problem to your boss.●     What it’s like to be part of one of most successful IPOs in history. QUOTES:“Think about how you optimize your optionality.”“If you can meet your dietary, nutritional needs without killing animals, why wouldn't you try to do that.”“Your most valuable resource is your energy.”ADDITIONAL RESOURCE:Seth's Interview with Guy Raz on How I Built This https://www.npr.org/2018/06/08/618252345/honest-tea-seth-goldman----------------Apply to be on the show: https://www.benfanning.com/the-ceo-sessions/Connect with Ben:https://www.linkedin.com/in/benfanning/https://www.instagram.com/benfanning1/https://twitter.com/BenFanning1


9 Oct 2020

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Seth Goldman ’95, Co-Founder Honest Tea and Eat the Change, Chair of the Board of Beyond Meat

Career Conversations

We kick-off our third season with Seth Goldman ’95, one of SOM's most impactful alumni entrepreneurs whose ventures have explored the ways in which business can be a tool for creating social and environmental change. He is co-founder and former CEO of Honest Tea, Chair of the Board at Beyond Meat, and Chief Change Agent at Eat the Change. Seth is interviewed by Jenn Burka ’21 and Amy Kundrat ’21.


7 Oct 2020

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The Future of Food w/ Beyond Meat Executive Chair Seth Goldman & Sister Jenna

America Meditating Radio Show w/ Sister Jenna

Seth Goldman joined Beyond Meat, a plant-based protein company based in El Segundo, CA, as Executive Chair and as a member of the board of directors in 2013. He is also currently the Tea EO Emeritus and Innovation Catalyst for Coca-Cola Company’s Venturing and Emerging Brands. He co-founded Honest Tea Inc., a bottled organic tea company, in 1998, which was later sold to The Coca-Cola Company, and he previously served as Honest Tea’s President and Tea EO.  In 2015, Seth was named the #1 Disruptor by Beverage World, and Beverage Executive of the Year by Beverage Industry magazine. He has also been recognized as an Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year and the Washington DC Business Hall of Fame and he is a Henry Crown Fellow of the Aspen Institute.In 2018, Partnership for a Healthier America recognized Seth with its Visionary CEO award. He serves on the advisory boards of Ripple Foods, a dairy-free plant-based milk company, the Yale School of Management, the American Beverage Association, and Bethesda Green, a local sustainability non-profit he co-founded. Visit www.beyondmeat.com.Get the new Your Inner World – Guided Meditations by Sister Jenna. Visit www.americameditating.org.


8 Sep 2020

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Seth Goldman (Eat the Change) - Food for Thought Interview Series - Ep. 1

EnWave Corporation

Today's guest is Seth Goldman, Founder of Eat the Change and PLNT Burger. Seth also serves as Chair of the Board at Beyond Meat. Video Link: https://www.enwave.net/case-studies/interview-with-seth-goldman-from-eat-the-change Food for Thought is a series of interviews featuring an array of professionals and thought leaders in the food industry. From food production to supply chain constraints to product development, this series looks to the future of food in a post-COVID-19 world.


29 Jun 2020