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103. Mike Bramante and The Philosophy of Doing Less

Franco's World

Comedian Mike Bramante stops by to tell us how to "do less." - The two talk about the scam that is modern-day self-help and success gurus - Being theatrical in comedy in order to sell the material - How to be a "cool guy" on dating apps - A long discussion about therapy, rom-coms, and McConaughey Follow Mike: @mike_bramante

1hr 3mins

18 May 2021

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Hunter S. Thompson with Mike Bramante

Give Me a Name

Ben and comedian Mike Bramante (Do Less podcast) go on a wild search for the American Dream talking about the famed writer of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas as well as numerous other books, articles, and letters, Hunter S. Thompson. "The Kentucky Derby is Decadent and Depraved" (1970) - http://brianb.freeshell.org/a/kddd.pdf Letter to Hume Logan (1958) - https://fs.blog/2014/05/hunter-s-thompson-to-hume-logan/ "Security" (1955) - http://www.ram.org/contrib/security.html


27 Apr 2021

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with mike bramante 2 - being a niceguy and why it has to stop

You Are

i sit with mike againi heard his friend talk about him being too softand she called him an adonisi needed to get to the bottom of itpeterwongcomedy.com instagram.com/peterwongcomedy

1hr 11mins

3 Mar 2021

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with mike bramante - two awkward birds talking to each other

You Are

this week i sit with the very funny mike bramantewe talk about being socially anxious guys that are too nice and get our hearts broken and stuffhope you enjoy

1hr 11mins

25 Feb 2021

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Unlocked (w/ Mike Bramante & Jake Velasquez)

The Toni Awards

This week, Toni Collette fights terrorism! Mike Bramante and Jake Velasquez (Do Less Podcast) join us to talk about what makes a good action movie. Every week, we watch and discuss a different Toni Collette movie. Next week's film is Madame! Befriend us: Pod: @thetoniawards on Instagram, @toniawardspod on Twitter Jake: @jakeheverhart on Instagram, @therealjakobeem on Twitter Sam: @samantharaquelprosser on Instagram, @bitchprosser on Twitter Mike: @mike_bramante on Instagram, @mike_bramante on Twitter Jake: @jake_velasquez on Instagram, @jakedvelasquez on Twitter Do Less: @dolesspodcast on Instagram

1hr 2mins

26 Jan 2021

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Episode #15 "Alpha" Male Anxiety Feat. Mike Bramante 4-23-20

UnCoMfY CoNvOs

Shiv talks to Mike Bramante on "Alpha" Male Anxiety and on generally just being two men with emotions. However, Mike is more than just a man with emotions- he is a NYC-based comedian/writer who has won the the Inaugural Comfy Comedy Clash, won a Broadway Comedy Club Residency, co-hosts a show in the city called the "Tell You What" Comedy Show at the V-Spot (A vegan restaurant get your minds out of the gutters), and, as if that wasn't enough, he has been selected to headline Broadway Comedy Club's Breakout Headliner Series in the future. Basically, Mike is no scrub. Mike and Shiv talk about what it means to be an "alpha" male and what traits we possess/lack in the eyes of that ultimate alpha. Sometimes we get emotional, but at the end of the day, we conclude that crying while watching Finding Nemo is the ultimate "alpha move"- please listen to find out why and as always if you enjoy please subscribe, share, and/or rate it will make me and Mike cry tears of joy for the next decade- thank you!

1hr 6mins

5 May 2020

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Brett Singer Radio - Brett From The Bunker - Comedian Mike Bramante

Brett Singer Radio - Brett From The Bunker

We continue to have on funny people that we like. Would I have on a funny person who I didn't like? I would. But you'd never know I didn't like them because I'm a professional, dammit. Tune in to hear from Mike Bramante.


16 Apr 2020

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Koppen With Comic (NYC Stand-up Comedian Mike Bramante)

Koppen With Comic

Koppen With Comic (https://twitter.com/KoppenWithComic) Comedy geek Brian Koppen sits down with NYC Stand-up Comedian Mike Bramante: https://twitter.com/MichaelBComedy https://www.instagram.com/michaelbcomedy/ https://www.mikebramantecomedy.com/ Music by Jussy (https://soundcloud.com/user-214048265/sets/jussy-demos-1) Produced at QED Astoria by Erik NyquistSupport the show (https://twitter.com/KoppenWithComic)


2 Mar 2020

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152: Is Love Enough with Mike Bramante

Thank You Heartbreak

Comedian Mike Bramante gets honest about recovering from a breakup he wished would have never happened. What transpires in the wake of his heartbreak is a healing that very much goes against the grain of modern dating, in that, rather than rushing to replace, he takes the scenic route back to love and along the way approaches “moving on" as a choice to either forget the relationship (both its wins and losses) or honor the person he’s become in thanks to the relationship. As Mike explains, “Heartbreak is a sad thing but the relationship is the happy thing.” His choice has been to accept the ending in order to appreciate the relationship—a brave move that almost seems instinctual. He also opens up about the importance of bending your absolutes, managing clinical OCD, the tension between the fear of death and the fear of dying before you’ve lived, accepting uncertainty, and how his breakup motivated him to go all-in with comedy.  __ To connect with Mike, visit his: Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/michaelbcomedyWebsite: https://www.mikebramantecomedy.com__ Work with Chelsea: www.breakupward.com/shopChelsea’s website: www.breakupward.comSign up for Chelsea’s newsletter: bit.ly/tyhbletterInstagram: www.instagram.com/thankyouheartbreakEmail: Chelsea@breakupward.com


26 Feb 2020

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Episode 12 - Mike Bramante - Part 2

Why Do I Do This?

Our guest on this episode is Mike Bramante, a New York City based stand-up comedian and writer. He performs all over New York City and produces a monthly show called Tell You What, along with fellow New York City comedian Maximilian Spinelli.On this episode, Mike talks about how he mines his own personal experiences for his jokes, since your lived experience is what makes you unique, about how you shouldn’t be afraid to take breaks from comedy since, to quote Pete Holmes, “You need to live a life worth commenting on,” and how stand-up allows him to be in the moment and appreciate the present. We hope you enjoy listening to this episode !


20 Jan 2020