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Episode 2.23 - Alex Crockford (@alexcrockford) Helping Others Stay Fit At Home During Quarantine

The Fit Travel Show

Hey Fit Travel Tribe,We have followed Alex on IG (@alexcrockford) for quite some time. Many influencers are disconnected from their followers, unavailable and disingenuous. Alex is the opposite.Alex wants you to succeed at home, and he is genuine in his pursuit of helping people stay healthy during the pandemic. That's why his app, CrockFit, has hundreds of 5 star reviews on the Apple Store. He put his skills and expertise into an easy-to-use solution you can access from your phone or tablet.For more about Alex, listen to this episode or visit his website: www.alexcrockford.comAdventure On,M&MSupport the show (https://www.paypal.me/twofittravelers)


1 Mar 2021

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S2 EP5: From Walking Gym Floors to The Cover of Men's Health (with Alex Crockford)

Higher Level Performance Podcast

🔥HLP Podcast S2 EP5🔥🧨In this episode I have Alex Crockford , the founder #Crockfit on the show!🔑 After starting off on the gym floor as a Level 2 Fitness Instructor, Alex has always had a clear vision of success in the fitness industry. Alex never wanted to settle for just doing good, he wanted to push the boundaries and see what can be achieved by getting outside his comfort zone. Alex was one of the first trainers in the UK to get into online coaching and now has a following of over 500k followers of Instrgam. He provides his followers with simple, effective workouts and nutrition advice for great results. In this episode we cover the following:1. The Magic 3 - Driven, Clear, Ambitous 2.  The importance of Alex's paper round as a 14 year old lad.3.  Never being comfortable where you are at, always looking for what is next.4.  Following your inner voice and wanting to impact and change lives 5. Transitioning from a fully booked in-person PT to Online Coaching 6.  The challenges that you might face when carving your own path. 7.  The pressures and stress of social media and attaching your business to a personal brand8. Investing in tech and developing the #CrockFit app! 9. Choosing the right platforms for your business and using new features 10.  What was your greatest achievement in career/business?11. Taking on the World Guiness Records 24 hour Burpee Challenge 12. 3 Important Figures in Alex's Long Term Development. Website:https://www.crockfitapp.com/Instagramhttps://www.instagram.com/alexcrockford/


27 Feb 2021

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Alex Crockford -Transforming the Fitness Industry

The Better Business Podcast

Hosted by award-winning business coach, speaker and author, Sean Purcell, The Better Business Podcast is the show created to help small and medium business owners like you develop an entrepreneurial mindset, get clarity over your business direction, master the systems and processes needed to help you get ever more with ever less, and support you to create a business that can give you a better future.  This week on the show, Sean Purcell welcomes Alex Crockford, a fitness entrepreneur, model and founder of the #Crockfitapp, a platform set up to help people globally improve their health and fitness.  Alex’s background was in being a personal trainer and  worked full time as a PT for seven years. This gradually evolved into fitness modelling around 2015/2016 and with the rise of his social media presence, he then launched an online plan business called #Crockfit. Now, Alex doesn’t do any PT, but coaches thousands of people around the world via his #Crockfitapp   As a fitness model, Alex has achieved numerous magazine covers such as multiple Men’s Fitness covers and continues to work with top fitness brands all over the world.  In the interview, we talk about a range of subjects including How he moved from working as a PT in a local gym to coaching thousands online using online platforms How becoming a fitness model helped move him towards online coaching rather than face to face coaching How he utilises social media to help build his fitness brand How he is using technology to stay ahead in the industry How business owners can start to bring balance back through better nutrition and exercise For more info on Sean head to:  https://sean-purcell.co.uk For more info on ActionCOACH head to: https://colchester.actioncoach.co.uk Find Sean on Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/millennialssean/ Join ‘The Better Business Network’ on Facebook: https://www.facbook.com/betterbusinessnetwork Connect with Sean on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/betterbusinesssean/ Connect with Alex on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/alexcrockford Connect with Alex on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/alexcrockford For more info on Alex and #Crockfit:  https://www.alexcrockford.com  

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16 Sep 2020

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Alex Crockford


We’ve all heard how running can help you feel good, well this week on RunPod, we hear how it can get you looking good. Alex Crockford is a personal trainer and creator of workout plans that will help you look your best. In this episode he discusses the advantages of running and how your body could be in the best shape. He also suggests other exercises which, combined with running, will produce the ultimate results. An episode crammed with top tips, great advice and motivational words that will absolutely get you reaching for your trainers. Happy running!


28 Aug 2020

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#76 Alex Crockford - How To Create & Maintain The Body Of A Fitness Model

TLM Radio

Alex Crockford is a Personal trainer, fitness model and owner of the Crockfit app. Alex is known for always being in great shape, we wanted to ask him how he manages this as well as our usual tangents.


6 Aug 2020

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Alex Crockford: Fitness Influencer On A Global Health Mission

Building The Brand with James Burtt

Hosted by multiple iTunes Top 10 podcaster James Burtt, Building The Brand is in-depth conversations with the entrepreneurs, founders, marketing and brand experts, PR specialists, CEO’s and CMO’s who have built some of the countries most successful companies and brands. This week on the show James meets Alex Crockford, sponsored athlete, premium PT, fitness model and Founder of the very popular #Crockfit App. Since studying for a degree in fitness Alex has steadily grown his profile and audience in the fitness space to the point where he is now able to collaborate and broker deals with some of the marketplaces biggest brands such as Under Armour. In the show Alex talks about the importance of mindset, how word of mouth helped him scale his brand and how vital clarity is in order to hit big targets. Alex’s mission is to help the world get fitter and healthier and through meta-goals he’s strategically building millions of followers to make that happen. Get Alex’s #HomeFit Programme for just £0.99 https://www.alexcrockford.com/homefit1 Connect with Alex https://www.facebook.com/AlexCrockfordFitness Find out more info on Alex via https://www.alexcrockford.com/ - - - - - - - - - - Connect with James https://www.instagram.com/jamesburttofficial/ Read the latest blog https://medium.com/@ultimatepodcastgroup Join the Ultimate Podcast Community https://www.facebook.com/ultimatepodcasttraining/ Download James’ expert Podcast Guide bit.ly/powerfulpodcastkickstart Check out Ultimate Podcast Training https://www.ultimatepodcast.training/


9 Jun 2020

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3: #3 - Alex Crockford - 350k Instagram Followers and Why a Personal Brand Is So Important In The Fitness Game!

The 'Brand U' Podcast

Learn today what it means to have “Online Success” as we are joined by British influencer, fitness expert and Crock Fit Founder Alex Crockford. Jack, Chris and Alex discuss the characteristics of what makes a person successful online, how you can leverage Social Media to become an influencer, and how you can use multiple streams of online reach to scale an online business.KEY TAKEAWAYSOnline business has never been so accessible for everyone to get into now. Right now during Covid 19 we have seen a number of trainers turn online, going straight into selling to their audience, where the best angle you can take is to add value, build your brand before even thinking about selling/pitching to your audience. Consistency is absolutely everything. Showing up is the most important thing.BEST MOMENTS:“People will follow you for a long time before deciding to purchase from you”“You need to make sure as a creator you appear everywhere, create captions that are targeted to your audience.”“Think about your target market before posting randomly, you may post the same content, but make sure you are talking to the audience that is currently following you on that platforn.”ABOUT THE GUEST:Alex is a professional fitness model, entrepreneur and personal training expert. He is the creator and founder of #CROCKFIT - an online fitness platform that has motivated and transformed tens of thousands of people around the world. He has over 500k followers on social media (including his Instagram page which has over 349k followers) For almost 10 years Alex has made it his mission to give people every tool he has to achieve a better-balanced lifestyle. ABOUT THE HOST:Chris Taylor is a Social Media Expert, Trainer & Consultant with a history of building 2 x multi six figures businesses in just 18 months before he turned 24. Chris has over 33k followers on Instagram and has been able to leverage the platform to help generate over 1.3m leads & £850k in sales for himself and his customers.Jack Wicks is a Property Entrepreneur who has made a name for himself for being open and honest. He openly documents the good, the bad and the ugly of his entrepreneurial journey so far and understood really quickly the importance of getting his face out there to the world. Jack now runs multiple businesses in a number of different industries and leverages his personal brand to drive hundreds of leads a month into his businesses.“Be Visible, Being Consistent & Most Importantly Being YOU”.


23 May 2020

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Episode 2: Celebrity Model Alex Crockford Bares All

The West Chiropractic Podcast

We were very lucky to be joined by fitness celebrity Alex Crockford where he talks about how to stay fit at home, his best exercise technique and about his APP Crockfit https://www.instagram.com/alexcrockford/?hl=en https://www.alexcrockford.com/


1 May 2020

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Alex Crockford & Free Hugs

The Truth, The Gay Truth & Nothing But The Truth

This week, Matt & Ruby are joined by Alex Crockford; fitness bod, YouTuber and absolute physical specimen! Find out more about Matt's Tinder experiences (it's NOT good news but is DEFINITELY hilarious), hear about Ruby's trip to Prague and pick up a bunch of health & fitness tips from the creator of the #Crockfit app! Make sure you subscribe and leave a review! Follow Matt:T: @TheMattEversI: @ thematteversFollow Ruby:T: @Ruby_Murry_I: @Ruby_Murry_Photo by @owenvincentpho1Music by @RobJonesTV @ManorStudioESSX


4 Feb 2020

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#011 Alex Crockford aka @alexcrockford

Influence by Fitby

On this episode Fitby founder, George Lee, chats to fitness model & trainer, Alex Crockford aka @alexcrockford who remembers the day he realised he has influenced and the scary responsibility that comes with it. This is what motivates him every day to create considered and authentic content.   If you’re an influencer and would like to feature on our Podcast, or a brand looking to sponsor an episode, feel free to get in touch by emailing - team@fitby.agency   So listen on and get to know more about Alex.   ---  This episode is brought to you by Urban Jack.  Up your grooming game with Urban Jack’s award-winning natural skincare products for men. Get amazing, fuss free results while enjoying the benefits of healthyskin protected from the ageing effects of Urban Pollution.  Whether you’re looking for a closer shave, softer beard or a nourishing shower oil, Urban Jack has the answer. And because suicide is the biggest killer of men under 40, with every purchase Urban Jack will donate £0.20 to charities that support male mental health and wellbeing because looking great is also about feeling great.  Get 50% off using code FITBY50 at urbanjack.com Go grab life and enjoy the moments that really matter.


15 Nov 2019