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Ep. 9 OCR World Champion Ryan Atkins on the love of variety and adventure leading to world class performance

Endurance Icons

Ryan Atkins talks about how his love for adventure and variety in sport has allowed him to become world class at Obstacle Course Racing, Ultra Running, Cycling, Adventure Racing and more! He talks us through some of his epic feats at OCR Worlds, Eco Challenge Fiji and the Spartan Games. Ryan shares his pillars of performance of how he stays injury free and continues to improve his performances. 


10 Feb 2023

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Episode 140: Ryan Atkins

The Running Public

Ryan talking setbacks, training, racing mindset, mental toughness, and finding passion year after year? Sign us up!

1hr 49mins

21 Oct 2022

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Ryan Atkins UnFiltered

Obstacle Racing Media Podcast

Atkins' latest episode with us covers a myriad of topics including his future in the sport, how he feels Spartan Race is doing, what other sports he's excited to participate in, and much more. New obstacle racing discord Support Us On Patreon ORM YouTube Channel  Intro  Music – Paul B. Outro Music – Brian Revels Today’s show is sponsored by: Barbados Adventure Race – Have an awesome RaceCation on December 3rd in the Caribbean. 3K and 10K options. Code ORM for 10 percent off. Double Black Events – A brand new trail race experience with 3 unique hybrid running events. Listen to your favorite player.


14 Sep 2022

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Ryan Atkins

Papa Bear Hikes

Papa Bear welcomes Canadian Runner, climber, cyclist, OCR athlete, World Champion Ryan Atkins.  Tune in to be inspired! To follow Ryan Atkins, click below: Ryan Atkins (@ryanatkinsdiet) • Instagram photos and videos Ryan Atkins | FacebookLike and SUBSCRIBE TO: Martin Outside - YouTube*If you found this episode of Papa Bear Hikes entertaining, informative, and/or interesting please leave a review on Apple iTunesPapa Bear Hikes on Apple PodcastsAmazon.com: Switching Gears: Rediscovering the Meaning of Life, Love, and Happiness While Backpacking Vermont’s Long Trail eBook : Armitage, Martin: Kindle StorePlease consider supporting my work, so I can continue bringing you excellent content:https://www.patreon.com/papabearhikesMartin Armitage - Fundraising For American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (afsp.org)The Gaming BlenderCould you design a video game? We create a new randomised hypothetical game every episodeListen on: Apple PodcastsSpotifyGet outside, have fun and be safe!Martin Armitage, Host of the Papa Bear Hikes Podcasthttps://www.papabearhikes.com/https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/papa-bear-hikes/id1541491746https://www.instagram.com/papabearhikes01/


8 Jul 2022

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Ryan Atkins | OCR Champion, Multi-Sport Training Philosophy, Northeast FKT Scene


Ryan Atkins is a multi-endurance sport world champion athlete based in Sutton, Quebec.  Perhaps best known for his success in obstacle course racing, Ryan has also demonstrated incredible range with success on mountain biking circuits and the FKT scene in ultra trail running just to name a few other disciplines as well. Timestamps:(2:53) - being a full-time athlete, pros/cons, etc(22:28) - obstacle coursing racing discussion(31:00) - multi-sport training philosophy(45:25) - FKT scene discussion(54:10) - miscellaneous questions Links:Follow Ryan on InstagramFollow Ryan on StravaGet coached by Ryan Additional Episodes You May Enjoy:#75 - Andrew Drummond | Northeast Trail Running Scene, Pacing Scott Jurek on AT FKT, Running Content Creation#58 - Buzz Burrell | Modern FKT Movement, FKT.com Sale To Outside Mag, Trail Running Business#57 - Sarah Keyes | Northeast Trail Running Scene, Whiteface Mountain Races Directing, ITRA#45 - Golden Ticket Talks | Jeff Colt, Black Canyon 100K 3rd Place Male#12 - Jack Kuenzle | FKT Scene, Sponsored Trail Runners, Brand RelationshipsSupport the show


28 Jun 2022

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A Deep-Dive on Engineering Operations With Asana’s Ryan Atkins

The Engineering Enablement Podcast

In this episode Abi Noda speaks with Ryan Atkins, Asana’s Head of Engineering Operations. They talk about the role of EngOps and when it’s needed, founding an EngOps team, how these teams work in large companies, and more. 


17 Jun 2022

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013. Ryan Atkins: Training Philosophy, Eating, & Fencing?

Woven Athlete Podcast

Series: "During is Endurance." "No matter how hard you try, you will almost never find the 'perfect training plan.' A good coach can help guide you towards that, but a great coach will give you the toolset needed to eventually guide yourself." - Ryan Atkins. Throughout this series, we dove into the topic of endurance and we got to hear from specialist and pros on the lessons learned and resources gained through their practice and experience. In this book-end episode, we have Pro Endurance Athlete and OCR World Champ Ryan Atkins sharing his knowledge and philosophy about what he's learned on the topic of endurance.    We had a great time learning from Ryan. He's been doing this for over a decade and what he has practiced has proved time and time again to work! The simple methods he's been following have been working! Ryan even shares about whether or not he would join the olympics if OCR was a part of the pentathlon. Fencing? Why Not!?  Connect with Ryan:  @ryanatkinsdiet Coaching and Training Program  Website: nox.coach Instagram: @nox.coach   Tools and Sponsors:  Glucose Monitor: @supersapieninc    @riverbendcbd, @Roka, @craftsportswearus, @livehuman, @honeystinger, @athleticbrewing.   --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/wovenathlete/support


31 May 2022

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OCR, Iditarod, Eco-Challenge & Pullups - Ryan Atkins

Consummate Athlete Podcast

Ryan Atkins is a world-class Consummate Athlete! Among his Palmares are the biggest events in Obstacle Course Racing (OCR), The Iditarod Fat Bike race, and Unicycle World Championships (to name a few!).  Download or find links in your favorite Podcast App (remember to rate and review!) https://directory.libsyn.com/shows/view/id/consummateathlete   This episode is brought to you by Athletic Greens - Visit athleticgreens.com/mollyh to receive your bonus of a free 1-year supply of Vitamin D and 5 Free Travel Packs   Show Notes Eco-Challenge on Amazon Prime with Ryan Atkins Everesting on Foot (running) Ryan Atkins Episode#5 with Ryan Atkins on Consummate Athlete   Links to Our Article Archive & Services: ConsummateAthlete.com   SUPPORT THE SHOW WHILE YOU SHOP:  https://amzn.to/3Aej4jl to shop amazon   Subscribe to our Newsletter ->  It’s free and brings the latest podcast, post and clinic/event information to you each Monday   Book a Call to Discuss Your Training - https://calendly.com/smartathlete   Books By Molly Hurford  https://amzn.to/3bOztkN   Get The Consummate Athlete Book - LINK Follow The Consummate Athlete on Twitter and Instagram and Facebook Follow Molly Hurford on Twitter and on Instagram Follow Peter Glassford Follow @PeterGlassford on Instagram and Twitter   Past guests Include: Stacy Sims, Stephen Seiler, Simon Marshall, Frank Overton, Dean Golich, Joe Friel, Marco Altini Katerina Nash, Geoff Kabush, Ellen Noble, Phil Gaimon, David Roche, Matt Fitzgerald, Dr. Marc Bubbs, Christopher McDougall, Rebecca Rusch, Kate Courtney, David Epstein and many more


17 May 2022

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Ryan Atkins and Graham Roberts


Ryan Atkins Spartan World Champion, Graham Roberts Human Behaviour Specialist Today's discussion includes Dogs, School Sports, Ryans First OCR, NOX Coach and the OCR retreat coming soon Checkout NOX coaching HERE Follow Ryan on Instagram HERE Follow Graham on Instagram HERE Check out our website for news and reviews  UK.OCR Follow UKOCR on Instagram UK.OCR (@uk.ocr) Join our Facebook group Obstacle course racing (UK.OCR) | Facebook Support our Producers on Patreon


31 Jan 2022

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Episode 188 - Ryan Atkins

The Nothing Is Wasted Podcast

Ryan Atkins started college like many others, full of plans, ambitions, and hopes for what he thought a successful life would look like. But all of that changed in an instant when an accident left Ryan paralyzed from the neck down. Finding himself thrust into what seemed like a hopeful situation, Ryan learned what faith truly means and found a deeper hope beyond this life. Ryan joins Davey to share some of his incredible story and what he’s learned from this journey.

1hr 1min

30 Sep 2021