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Gary Cooke talks to Rosemary Smith legendary rally car driver and all round trailblazer

Senior Times

Gary Cooke talks to legendary rally car driver and all round trailblazer Rosemary Smith. Rosemary Smith – A Remarkable Life In the Fast LaneIn an inspiring new podcast interview released by Senior Times, rally driver, Rosemary Smith, speaks about her life, career and her ongoing passion for life.Smith, such a glamour figure of the 1960s, remains an indomitable spirit, continuing to race in rally events and recently becoming the oldest person to drive a Formula One car – performing notably better than one Jeremy Clarkson.In a wide-ranging and candid interview with Senior Times’s Gary Cooke, Smith describes how she has coped with lockdown this year, her disappointments in marriage, teaching young people to drive and, of course, the incredible adventures of her global rallying career.“I knew women were bad drivers - but this is ridiculous!” was the verdict of stunned locals, as Rosemary describes it, when she refused to admit defeat and reversed 73 kilometres up the Khyber Pass in Afghanistan, as part of the London to Sydney Rally.Meanwhile, in the ‘skittery, humpy’ roads of Donegal, Smith confirms that her great friend and navigator, Pauline, actually sat on the wing of her car while they continued to race, before “she shot up in the air, hit the roof of the car and rolled down the road behind me”.Smith’s fear of failure and her determination to succeed continues to this day and is evident in the success that she describes when driving the Formula One car as an ambassador for Renault. Equally, Smith describes her disappointment that women drivers have not yet breached the male bastion of Formula One, in the same way that she broke down barriers of male chauvinism as a rally driver in Ireland and internationally.


16 Apr 2021

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Rosemary Smith

Des's Island Discs

Des's guest is motor racing legend Rosemary Smith whose career spanned more than fifty years.


1 Jul 2020

Similar People

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Ep 387 Sinéad O’Connor & Rosemary Smith

The Women's Podcast

In this episode, Róisín Ingle spoke to music legend Sinéad O’Connor, who is on lockdown at her home in Bray with members of her family including her sons and two grandchildren. Sinéad has just returned from the USA after her American tour was cancelled due to the pandemic. She spoke to Roisín from the cabin in her garden about corona beards, self isolation, her spiritual side and how music and Netflix are helping her in these strange times. Róisín also caught up with 82 year old Rosemary Smith. The former racing driver, Rosemary is taking social distancing in her stride, enjoying a glass of wine each evening in the garden with her neighbours. Also, Kathy Sheridan was on the line to tell us how she’s been getting on over the last week at home with her daughter in Kildare.


23 Mar 2020

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Rally driver Rosemary Smith on legendary races, competing with men and staying driven!


On this week's show our host Jenny Murphy is joined by legendary rally driver Rosemary Smith. At 81 years of age Rosemary tells us how she began her career as a navigator, how she defied the odds despite the scepticism and how she stays driven!


5 Aug 2019

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Rosemary Smith & Ann Ingle

Róisín Meets...

In the final episode of the Roisin Meets podcast, Roisin chats to her mum Ann Ingle and legendary Irish race car driver Rosemary Smith about the latter's biography, ghostwritten by Ann. Expect tales of rallying across continents, love affairs with the likes of Oliver Reed and why, in the depths of despair, Rosemary looked over the edge but decided to turn back and give life another shot. Stay tuned for details of Roisin Ingle's brand new podcast in 2019.


30 Nov 2018

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Rallying Royalty - Rosemary Smith and Patricia Denning

Off The Bench

Cliona Foley is joined by Rosemary Smith and Patricia Denning talk about their careers in motor racing


23 Nov 2018

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5: The Rosemary Smith Episode

The Gilded Thread

In episode five of The Gilded Thread, Irene speaks with rally-car driver, trailblazer and former dress-designer Rosemary Smith. Rosemary shares with Irene her memories of designing clothes from a very early age to dress her beloved dolls, how this love of creating led to her excelling at The Grafton Academy and ultimately opening her own Dublin design studio. She recalls how a chance encounter with a customer led to her first rally drive and how her style made her stand out from her competitors long before she was winning accolades for her driving.


21 Sep 2018

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#29 General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) with Rosemary Smith

The Next 100 Days Podcast

Rosemary Smith talks to us about the new EU data protection rules – General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)What should you do about data protection and GDPR now the UK has voted to exit the EU? We asked one of the UK’s leading experts in data protection, Rosemary Smith.Rosemary’s backgroundRosemary became involved in the lobby against restrictive data protection in Europe whilst working at the Periodical Publishers Association in the late eighties.She wrote the first guide to the 1984 Act for magazine publishers and served on the Advertising Association Data Protection Committee and the CAP Committee.Rosemary was later active in the British List Brokers Association and wrote guidance for members on privacy issues.  She served on the working party which drafted the list and database rules in the CAP code.She served on DMA's Governance Committee for eight years and was Chairman until 2008 overseeing lobbying activity, the Mailing, Telephone and Fax preference Services and the DMA Code of Practice.Rosemary was also a member of the DMA Board for 7 years and was DMA Chairman until October 2008.She is an active member of the FEDMA List Council.She has given presentations covering privacy, data protection and self-regulation to audiences in the UK, Europe, USA and Australia.Rosemary is co-author (with fellow Opt-4 Director, Jenny Moseley) of the book "New Data Protection Liabilities & Risks for Direct Marketers" published in September 2004.Rosemary is also Managing Director of data consultancy RSA Direct.What next for Data Protection, post Brexit? Will GDPR still apply?What advice can Rosemary give?It affects you if you handle any data from which an individual can be identified. So that includes B2B data too!Our existing Data Protection Act was created in ’95 and enacted in ’98, so the latest changes are all about bringing the law up to date.GDPR – General Data Protection Regulation – it was all going smoothly until the Brexit vote. The plan was for the GDPR to be implemented on 25 May 2018.The ICO, Information Commissioners Officer believe the UK needs to prove adequacy to trade with the EU. So UK data protection standards need to be equivalent to EU legislation. Rosemary suggests we could get a GDPR ‘lite’.The UK was a dove in the EU discussions. As opposed to Germany and Spain who were far more stringent.If you process data on people in the EU, then the EU data protection regulations will apply to you as the legislation has the extra territorial reach.So what are the BIG changes?GDPR has 2 overarching principles Transparency – all about making sure individuals know if you are collecting their data what you’ll do with their data, how long you’ll hold it. This places an emphasis on making your intentions clear on point of capture – Rosemary suggested that previous data protect statements were true examples of obfuscation by nature, they did not make it clear at all. Accountability – you have to account for what you are and aren’t doing with the data. How will you secure it, who has access it, will it be shared? Record keeping stuff.For marketing, the big issue is the definition of consent. Under the current legislation that can be done on implied consent, that is opt out. Consent to send communications.However, the new legislation makes the definition, it needs to be UNAMBIGUOUS?Rosemary says you need to be opting in customers. A shock to the system.The time is right to test statements. Opt-4, Rosemary’s company has done a lot of testing. She observes that although accept wisdom is that 70% of consumers will not opt-out, but only 30% of consumers will actively opt-in, by tweaking the wording, getting lots of reassurance into the statement, see our privacy policy, you can always unsubscribe, she can get MUCH higher rates than 30%.Balance of interest – is it in the legitimate interest of the organisation to send a communication?


29 Jul 2016