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32 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Miss Brooks. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Miss Brooks, often where they are interviewed.

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32 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Miss Brooks. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Miss Brooks, often where they are interviewed.

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BONUS - Take Me Out to the Ballgame (Jack Benny & Our Miss Brooks)

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In this week's bonus comedy show, we celebrate the return of baseball with a pair of shows featuring stars enjoying America's pastime. First, Jack Benny and his gang listen to the World Series (originally aired on October 10, 1948). Then, Eve Arden's Our Miss Brooks tries to come up with money for uniforms for the school's baseball team (originally aired on CBS on March 26, 1950).

Aug 05 2020 · 1hr 6mins
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BW - EP106: Summer Vacation with Our Miss Brooks (1948 - 1954)

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In Breaking Walls episode 106, we join Eve Arden at Madison High School and find out why we all love Our Miss Brooks.


• Who is Eunice Quedens?
• Eve the heroine with Elizabeth Arden cosmetics.
• Starting out in Hollywood
• Getting on the Radio
• Teaming with Danny Kaye, Jack Haley, and Jack Carson
• William Paley and his Packaged Program Initiative
• My Friend Irma and Two New Proposed Female-driven Situation Comedies
• Our Miss Booth—Not Happening
• Eve Arden, meet Connie Brooks
• Our Miss Brooks—The New Summer Hit
• Colgate Signs on in the Fall of 1948
• Cast Camaraderie
• Eve Arden—Radio’s Top Comedienne
• Miss Brooks Gains Traction
• Taking the Show into TV without Jeff Chandler
• Winding down the Radio Show
• Looking Ahead to September


The WallBreakers:
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The reading material used in today’s episode was:

On the Air — By John Dunning
Network Radio Ratings, 1932-53 — By Jim Ramsburg

As well as articles from the archives of Broadcasting Magazine, Radio Daily, and Radio Mirror.


On the interview front:

Eve Arden, Gale Gordon, Jack Haley and Gloria McMillan were with Chuck Schaden. Hear their full chats at SpeakingofRadio.com.

Eve Arden was also with John Dunning on July 25th, 1982 for 71KNUS

Mary Jane Croft was with SPERDVAC on March 14th, 1992. For more information, please go to SPERDVAC.com.

Shirley Booth was with Dick Cavett in 1971.

And Ozzie and Harriet Nelson were on Johnny Carson’s Tonight Show on November 18th, 1969.


Selected music featured in today’s episode was:

• It’s Been a Long Long Time — By The Harry James Band
• Easy Street — By June Christy
• Living Without You — By George Winston
• Hello Mary Lou — By Ricky Nelson


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The Fireside Mystery Theatre
A special thank you to Ted Davenport and Jerry Haendiges: two radio show collectors who helped supply material for this episode. They’re who the large retailers go to.

Ted’s got a Facebook group - https://www.facebook.com/otrteddavenport/
For Jerry, please visit http://otrsite.com/

I’d also like to thank Walden Hughes and John and Larry Gassman of SPERDVAC - http://sperdvac.com/


A Special Thank you to:
Tony Adams
Steven Allmon
Orson Orsen Chandler
Briana Isaac
Thomas M. Joyce
Ryan Kramer
Barry Nadler
Christian Neuhaus
Aimee Pavy


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Jul 28 2020 · 2hr 43mins

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Our Miss Brooks - Carelessness Code - July 17, 1949 - Situation Comedy

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Track intro has background material on the "Our Miss Brooks" series and identifies the characters and actors who played them. This show won Emmy awards and was on the air from 1948-57 (52-56 on television at the same time) Eve Arden was named Comedienne of the year in 1949. More "Our Miss Brooks" in "Comedy" Playlist.
Jul 24 2020 · 31mins
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Our Miss Brooks—04/09/1948 Audition Show with Shirley Booth

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On April 9th, 1948 actress Shirley Booth recorded an audition for a new show to be entitled, Our Miss Brooks. Booth turned the part down, feeling that the script wasn't funny enough.

When the part was later offered to Eve Arden, Arden agreed. The pilot script Arden later recorded is an edited version of this Booth audition.
Jul 23 2020 · 30mins
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BONUS - Summer School (Our Miss Brooks)

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School is back in session with the faculty and students of Madison High School in Our Miss Brooks. In this week's midweek bonus comedy show, Eve Arden, Gale Gordon, and Jeff Chandler star in two episodes of one of the funniest shows from the golden age of radio. We'll hear Connie Brooks' attempts to become head of the Madison English department (originally aired on CBS on January 23, 1949) and the school's efforts to close down on the hottest day of the year (originally aired on CBS on August 7, 1949).

Jun 10 2020 · 1hr 8mins
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Our Miss Brooks: The Tape Recorder—04/23/1950

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"... Well everyone knows that our school system out of necessity is a carefully budgeted operation and our Miss Brooks, who teaches English at Madison High School has some very definite ideas on the subject of economy."

The Sunday, April 23rd, 1950 episode of Our Miss Brooks aired on CBS. It starred Eve Arden and had a rating of 11.1.
Apr 23 2020 · 29mins
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WGN Radio Theatre #465:Our Miss Brooks, Night Beat, Casey, Crime Photographer, Duffy’s Tavern, Whitehall and Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar.

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Carl Amari and Lisa Wolf are bringing you five of the best hours from the Golden Age of Radio on the WGN Radio Theatre for April 18th, 2020. First up we have “Our Miss Brooks: The Frog” Starring: Eve Arden; (02-20-48). Next up is a classic episode from “Night Beat” titled “Number 13” Starring Frank Lovejoy; (03-06-50). Our third episode is: “Casey, Crime Photographer: Gentle Stranger” Starring: Staats Cottsworth; (04-24-47). Then we have “Duffy’s Tavern” w/ guest, Carol Landis and starring Ed Gardner; (04-11-44). Lastly, a classic episode from “Whitehall 1212” titled “Murder of Little Phillip Avery” Starring Wyllis Cooper; (01-27-52). And, in each hour we played each part of the 1955 five part series called “Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar: The Shepard Matter” Starring: Bob Bailey.

PT 1:


PT 2:

Apr 20 2020 ·
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BONUS - Keep Smiling (Jack Benny & Our Miss Brooks)

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After a few weeks of quarantine and social distancing, I could use a few laughs and I bet you could too. So enjoy a midweek comedy break with two of the radio era's funniest shows. Listen as Jack Benny opens a new season of his program (originally aired on NBC on September 29, 1946). Then, as Our Miss Brooks, Eve Arden tries to steer clear of Mr. Conklin's "carelessness code" (originally aired on CBS on July 17, 1949).

Mar 25 2020 · 1hr 9mins
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Our Miss Brooks - Mr Conklin's Blood Pressure - July 2, 1949 - Sitcom

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One of my favorite sitcoms both on radio and television was Madison High School's Connie Brooks... the English Teacher... Our Miss Brooks. This sitcom with an incredibly talented supporting cast of Richard Crenna, Gale Gordon, Jeff Chandler, Jane Morgan, Gloria McMillan, Leonard Smith, Mary Jane Croft, Isabel Randolph, and Minerva (Mrs. Davis's cat) made this show one of the most popular comedies on radio. It had a 9 year run on CBS from 1948-57. From 1952-56 it was adapted for television and lasted much longer in re-runs. More "Our Miss Brooks" in the "Comedy" playlist.
Mar 24 2020 · 30mins
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WGN Radio Theatre #460: Inner Sanctum Mystery, Our Miss Brooks, Escape, Favorite Story, Michael Shayne & The Unexpected

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Carl Amari and Lisa Wolf are bringing you five of the best hours from the Golden Age of Radio on the WGN Radio Theatre for March 14, 2020.  First up we have “Inner Sanctum Mystery: The Lonely Sleep” Starring: Karl Swenson; (09-25-45).  Next up is a classic episode “Our Miss Brooks: Head Of The English Dept”; (01-23-49). Our third episode is: “Escape: Man with The Steel Teeth” Starring: Jack Kruschen; (03-15-53). “Favorite Story: Jamie Freel” Starring: Ronald Colman; (04-15-47)) will be our fourth episode of the night. Our final episodes of the night will be “Michael Shayne, Detective: The Mary Noble Case” Starring: Wally Maher; (06-11-45) & “The Unexpected: Mirage” Starring: Barry Sullivan; (10-24-48).

Part 1:
Part 2:

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Mar 15 2020 ·