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Sujit Sharma, MD on the Philosophy of Gut Health

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Dr. Sujit Sharma is a Harvard-trained pediatric ER doctor in Atlanta, Georgia. He is the CEO at Chuice, an innovative food company, and a member of the board of directors of Georgia Organics. He is a researcher working on a manuscript about respiratory diseases. He is a father, a husband and a friend.In this conversation we talk about gut health - what it is, what can we do about it, what does the science say, what gaps still exist. Did you know we are completely outnumbered by creatures that live in and on us? At least 10 to in! Did you know that the diversity of plant in our diet is number one predictor of gut health? We also go beyond that - what are the bigger lessons we can draw? What are the principles and made our evolution possible? Things like tolerance, collaboration, diversity and inclusion have allowed us to be where we are today. It works on microbial level, as well as local, national and universal one.Tune in to learn more!https://chuice.comhttps://www.instagram.com/lovechuice/https://www.instagram.com/drsujitsharma/

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21 Oct 2020

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Episode 28: Dr Sujit Sharma of Chuice - Atlanta, GA. The New Chewable Juice Market. Healthy Food & Beverage for Wellness Seekers. Transitioning Brick & Mortar to E-Commerce. Reducing Expenses.


Episode 28: Dr. Sujit Sharma, the co-owner and CEO of Chuice in Atlanta, Georgia. The New Chewable Juice Market. Healthy Food & Beverage for Wellness Seekers. Transitioning Brick & Mortar to E-Commerce. Reducing Expenses. Hosted By: Deborah Michas (IG: @deborahmichas) & Justin Bizzarro (IG: @justinbizzarro) Episode Notes: 1) The health benefits of chewable juices and beverages. 2) Back to the basics; moving from bricks & mortar to e-commerce. 3) Healthy products are gaining market share and are continuing to grow to profits.  4) Being at a disadvantage financially can help you reassess your business, cut costs, and pivot to profitability. 5) Finding balance between being a Pediatric ER Doctor, the CEO of a beverage and food company, and spending quality time with family.   Website: www.chuice.com IG: @lovechuice Stay Tuned for Episode 29 on Friday, where we interview Deana Bibb, the owner and founder of Proper Pepper Pimento Cheese in Sandersville, Georgia.  Website: www.properpepper.com IG: @properpepper Stay Tuned for Episode 31 on Wednesday, where we interview Doyle Johnson, the owner and founder of Classic City Bee Co. in Athens, Georgia. Website: www.classiccitybee.com IG: @classiccitybee Free Podcast.  No Advertisements.  The stories of Food, Beverage and Nutrition Entrepreneurs and how their failures led to the successes in their lives and in their business.  What does the future have in store for the food, beverage, and nutrition entrepreneur? JUSTIN AND THE [FOOD] ENTREPRENEURS Email: justin.bizzarro@gmail.com Instagram: @justinandthefoodentrepreneurs ( #foodentrepreneurs ) All music is scored by host or royalty free. 

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27 Mar 2019

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Sujit Sharma, MD & CEO of Chuice, on Solving Health Crisis through Food Innovation

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Dr. Sujit Sharma is a Harvard-trained pediatric ER doctor in Atlanta, Georgia who is also the CEO at Chuice, an innovative food company, and a member of the board of directors of Georgia Organics. I met Dr. Sharma at Forward Food conference a few months ago where we clicked immediately as I asked away about his passion in food innovation after trying for the first time Chuice - the awkwardly delicious juicy super salad drink. After many conversations with Dr. Sharma what still stands out the most to me is his dedication to underpromise and overdeliver in everything he does. Dr. Sharma is a powerhouse of knowledge in microbiome, he is also limitlessly passionate about creating functional solutions for addressing the health-crisis in this country. The more I learn the more respect I have for this knowledgable, dedicated, passionate and hip doctor who I now consider a friend. If you have not tried it yet, please check out the website at Chuice.com to get an idea of what we are talking about. We talk about the current state of healthcare and childhood obesity, we discuss what constitutes a healthy microbiome, and dive in in the story, evolution and plans for this lifestyle brand that Chuice is quickly becoming. Tune in to learn more and follow Chuice and Dr. Sharma on social media. https://chuice.com https://www.instagram.com/lovechuice/ https://www.instagram.com/drsujitsharma/

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25 Mar 2019

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"Childhood Obesity, Food Advertising and Gut Health" with Sujit Sharma, MD and CEO of Chuice

The Whole Health Cure

Sujit Sharma is an Atlanta-based pediatric ER doctor and CEO of Chuice, the innovative JuicySuperSalad redefining convenient snacks. He holds a Bachelor’s in Philosophy from University of Michigan, received his medical degree and pediatric training at Wayne State University/Children's Hospital of Michigan, and served his three-year fellowship in Pediatric Emergency Medicine at Harvard Medical School/Boston Children's Hospital. He is currently Vice Section Chief at the department of Emergency Medicine, Children's Healthcare of Atlanta at Scottish Rite, and is on the Board of Directors for Georgia Organics where he’s the moderator for the Food As Medicine committee. When Sharma is not practicing medicine, he’s conducting medical research on respiratory viruses, cooking various worldly dishes, traveling with his wife and two children, and loves (theoretically) putting pen to paper to scribe Op-eds, including for CNN.com. In this conversation Dr. Sharma talks about striking current statistics of childhood obesity and its relation to food advertising and public policy. He draws a parallel with evolution of policies and behaviors around smoking. Dr. Sharma talks about the importance fiber, explains the difference in the benefits between smoothies, juices and Chuice; talks about the concept of gut health and what defines it. https://chuice.com https://chuice.com/blogs/news/how-we-advertise-food-as-bad-as-those-old-cigarette-ads


7 Mar 2019

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131: Dr. Sujit Sharma - Chewable Juice? A Super-Healthy and Completely New Way to Consume Your Veggies

Breaking Ordinary with Andy Petranek

Dr. Sujit Sharma is a Harvard-trained pediatric ER doctor in Atlanta, Georgia. Dr. Sharma is also the CEO at Chuice and a member of the board of directors of Georgia Organics, a non-profit organization committed to environmental stewardship, farmer prosperity and community health. Early in his career, Dr. Sharma admits he thought he had a ‘great appreciation’ of health and healthy living. But he realizes that he was wrong. For complete show notes, please click here to visit our website. My conversation with Sujit is one that could have gone on for hours. His experience in the world of pediatric ER medicine, working with hundreds of thousands of kids over the years, and seeing their health slowly decline offers a revealing look at the massive long-term health problem facing us today.  His product, Chuice, is really the first of it's kind... an entirely new category of edible, plant-based beverage. If he gets his way, Chuice will find it's way into all the mini-marts and convenience stores all over the US - offering a new, healthy and convenient option for people everywhere. We cover a lot of ground in the episode... hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

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10 Mar 2018